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(11:33 minutes) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.
About Book Editor &
Website Designer and Administrator ANN MILLS
Rose From 1982 to 1990 Ann Mills travelled with Dadaji on annual tours to India, England, Europe and the USA. She collected many books about Dadaji, and numerous personal accounts and letters, newspaper articles, videotapes, unpublished manuscripts, and tapes of Dadaji's conversations. These form the basis for her books and this website. All text represents what Dadaji said, faithfully reproduced during his living period.

In 1996 Ann Mills created the first Dadaji homepage and she further developed and administered two sites at and in the years since. The goal is to provide free information about Dadaji, including downloads of books, images, audio & video selections.

Remaining true to Dadaji's philosophy, all efforts related to the books were initially geared toward recovering costs, with no profit or power motives. Currently we provide gift copies of the book LOOK WITHIN and 4 CDs when web visitors email a request with mailing address. There is no organization, nor will there be.

Ann's background is in psychology, education and business. She is presently retired and living in Westport, Washington USA.

Dadaji & Ann Mills
Dadaji & Ann
You are my own and will stay with me. I want you, you must stay with me. I love you from the beginning. He loves you. --- Dadaji
Ann Mills & Dadaji
I never stop thinking of you even for a minute. What you think, I think also. Do you understand? You are naked before me. Your Self is my Self. I will never forget you in my life. --- Dadaji

Dada & Ann
I want to marry you. No less. From my heart, He loves you. Are you satisfied? You understand. My wife. --- Dadaji

Dadaji & Ann Mills
I want you. I love you. You are. I am always with you. Life, you are my life. I will love you forever. Ultimately you will be with me. --- Dadaji

Genesis of the Books & Website

Ann Mills In 1979 I first heard about Dadaji from a friend, and in 1982 met him at the airport in Bombay, India, when he arrived from Calcutta. Upon disembarking from the plane, someone placed a large, very lovely garland of flowers around Dadaji's neck.

I was standing in the back of the crowd of people who had come to greet him. He walked over to me and, with a beautiful smile, as our eyes met he took the garland off and placed it gently around my neck (see in photo at left). No words were spoken. None could describe the moment fully.

This very unexpected, intimate gesture was the beginning of many years of my travelling with Dada, at his request, a few times a year on his world tours. As I listened and watched, the mystery surrounding Dadaji compelled me to know more.

Dada refused offers of money and property, and any attempt to create an organization around him. Over and over again he said,

"I am nobody. God is within each and everybody."
Dadaji did not give lectures or write books, and because I was primarily interested in what Dadaji himself said, I was always on the lookout for information about him. Over twelve incredible years, I collected many books with articles written by people who met him. I also gathered newspaper articles, unpublished letters, personal accounts, and manuscripts, as well as video and audio tapes of conversations with Dadaji.

In June 1986, while travelling with Dada he said, "Write something." The result was the May 1987 publication of THE TRUTH WITHIN (out-of-print). That large volume was the main resource for LOOK WITHIN,, which is a compact, concise book of Dadaji's message...a lasting treasure of God's love for those in quest for Truth.

These books contain Dadaji's words which were gathered and faithfully reproduced during his living period. After writing and publishing THE TRUTH WITHIN, initially I refused money for books, however, Dadaji insisted to me that people pay for books saying: "Books cost money to print, why not charge for that expense?" Books were sold over the years, however now they are available for free download at the websites. And, used books about Dadaji are available at and occasionally at . There have been no profits from book distribution or the websites. I have not come close to breaking even on expenses. However, this is a work of my heart and my commitment to make Dadaji's message available will endure.

Dadaji Left: Ann Mills, Dadaji & his grandson Kumar, Calcutta 1986

Over the years traveling with Dadaji, and in years since, I have met so many people who never met him directly, yet I've seen their response to meeting Dada through the words of a friend, a relative, or a book...and now through this web as profoundly transformative and beautiful as meeting Dadaji in person.

This is testimony to the power of Truth to manifest itself through love in a most direct one's heart while living a natural life, having patience, and remembering God, casually yet sincerely as life unfolds.

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