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Dear Ann, The package you sent arrived and the postman handed it to me. After looking and listening to CD#1 on the PC (the first video and some of the music) words cannot describe the impact on my soul, so I'll just describe how I looked. Tears streaming down my cheeks, breathing fast, heart pounding, unable to speak. Thank you for making this precious copy of moments in time. More later, I cannot think properly. --- Ron Giffin, Montana USA

I visited your web site and I have to say that your words spoke to me. For years I've been trying to find the answers to my salvation and what life means. Your book is truly a piece of godly work. I find that when I'm lost in this world of confusion I read Dadaji words to guide me through a world that confuses me so. To read his work is truly a inner experience in which every soul in this world should experience. --- Mike Kellerman, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

(6:57 minutes) Bruce Kell, a meteorologist from Strathfield Australia details his experience in the Puja Room during Utsav 1975, Calcutta India. In 1977, Bruce Kell wrote to Dadaji referring to his Puja experience: I shall enclose a decorative plate which depicts the sort of vision of spiral nebulae which was given in vision through the grace of Sri Sri Satyanarayana. This vision was seen through the 'third eye' when seated alone in meditation in the Puja room, in Calcutta with Dadaji seated in another room and carrying on conversations with the party of people present on that occasion. If you have original despription of that event, then you will understand that first these nebulae would appear and then move towards me and then disappear in a kind of soundless explosion as they impinged upon me but their disappearance was accompanied by the smell of cordite, and explosive substance.


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Your pages are great. Very inspiring to read about Dadaji! --- Flemming A. Funch, creator of

Thank you for promoting this site... it is nice to know that the goodness of someone does indeed live on after they leave this world. --- Susan Laurent, Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

September 18, 2006 email to Ann Mills: Dear Ann, Thank you very much for your efforts. A dear friend emailed you requesting Dadaji's book LOOK WITHIN be sent to me. I've studied/practiced for 70 years. Wierd, aye, when all I had to do was look within. Thank you... very very much appreciated. God be with you. --- Leland Ross, Kimberley, BC CANADA

May 23, 2006 - review at of the book THE TRUTH WITHIN - A fascinating book about a truly, wonderfully fascinating man, Dadaji ("beloved Elder Brother") is one of the most beautiful spiritual figures ever to appear on this planet. Astonishing miracles surrounded him, yet he said he had nothing to do with them (everything is God's doing). His superb, informal teaching (he never gave formal lectures) was a simple, elegant and eloquent presentation of the highest level of parabhakti or abheda bhakti, Supreme, Nondual Devotion to the One Who Alone Is--God (Whom Dadaji designated as Sri Sri Satyanarayan, Absolute Truth personified, or transcendent God immanent within all creatures). He also castigated with wit and force all those pseudo-gurus and messiahs who chronically arise to exploit humanity's psychological vulnerability and yearning for God-realization. Anyone at all interested in mature, balanced, authentic spirituality simply must meet Dadaji. Now that he is without a physical body (he passed beyond in 1992), I can think of no finer introduction to Dadaji's splendid personality, his edifying counsels, and his (God's!) astonishing lila-miracles than Ann Mills' truly excellent book, *The Truth Within.* I have the 1987 first edition; i assume the more recent edition(s) have the same structure, including "What It's Like to Meet Dadaji," followed by 3 long sections of teachings, a fine biographical sketch, observations by various longtime friends (including film stars, nobel laureate scientists, et al., Indians, Westerners) of various facets of Dadaji's person and spiritual, but nonreligious ministry. There's a whole section on the truly amazing, wonderful, and often whimsical miracle experiences that surrounded Dadaji as well, the bi-locations, intense anomalous Divine fragrances, materializations, etc. A useful glossary and bibliography are included in the 1st edition and, i assume, in this edition as well. Read, enjoy, and awaken from the dream of "me"! --- Timothy Conway, Author of "Women of Power & Grace", and the forthcoming "India's Sages: Nondual Wisdom from the Heart of Freedom". Santa Barbara, California USA

Editor Ann Mills shares the teachings of Dadaji (d. 1992) in the book "LOOK WITHIN-Inspirations of Love," a compilation of newspaper articles, unpublished letters, manuscripts, video clips, and transcribed audio tapes about a man who believed that no guru can lead you to God. Amida Press succeeds at marketing the book here because they enrich the offering of the book (online download and ordering) with a biographical sketch, book reviews, personal accounts of Dadaji, and more. --- Magellan

A site bestowing love and light upon the Internet. Although I am familiar with the works of Dadaji, I found your site to be extremely insightful and a great tribute to Dadaji and his work. --- Twilight Award

A *very* nice site!! Good design and tasteful graphics and your information is presented well and easy to access, plus beautiful background music. A worthy enterprise! Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. --- Critical Mass

March 2006 email - Dear Ann, I saw Dadaji here in Portland Oregon in the 1980's, also I have met him in dreams. I got the package (of LOOK WITHIN book, CDs, etc) Tuesday afternoon, wow!!, It's fantastic, thanks. The package has ushered in a strong sense of Divine presense from within. How wonderfull and awesome! Again, Thanks and Thank you Dadaji. In his Truth, John Lisifka - Portland, Oregon USA

February 2006 email - I received the CDs and the books yesterday. Thank you for such a wonderful gift. I could not wait to read it. In fact i started reading them from the time i got home from my work. I had a wonderful experience of fragrance in my car, my son Advait 5 years old, was asking me about the nice fragrance we got in the car for quite sometime. --- Pramod Nair, Reykjavik, ICELAND

January 2006 email - In my dream dadaji apeard as a 25 years old strong man. he was dressed in white kurta, wth black, long hairs, and black eyes. because of the light that was shining, his skin was almost white. When I come to his room, he was sitting in a wooden chair, very relaxed. he asked me why have I come. "I come to enlighten me." He was laughig and said: "You want only words, but you afraid to live." At that moment His form change in Krishna, Jezus, and back to His original form. At the same time, my body start shaking. I was drag from one side of the room, to his chair. He was gone. – J. S. --- SLOVENIA

September 2005 email - Good to see dadaji on site with attractive and lively photos. I Him at calcutta in 1975 and attended some utsavas during navaratri. I have 31 years of old photo of sri satyanarayana which is in bad shape. Shall be thankful if any one helps me or guides me to get the fresh photo of the same. I am looking for photo of satyanarayana to download and take the colour printout. Recent past I am still awaiting the divine fragrance of the human lord. --- G.S.MANI, India

July 2005 email - What a beautiful gift you sent me, just hearing from you is a high as you always have brought me to Dada. You presented me with the opportunity to meet Dada in L.A. and the times in Portland, and then you helped me get to Calcutta to have those ever so special moments in HIS presence... NEVER NEVER to be forgotten.. those moments are part of my BEING. Graciously, thank you. I must share with you the profound miracle wrapped in your message and photos of Dadaji you sent to me. I was contemplating the need to replenish my Charanjal... I prayed and did a ceremony asking for Dada to tranform or grace the pure water added to some of HIS Blessed water that is ever so Fragrant and Divine. I asked for the Grace of God to transform this to the ever so SPECIAL Charanjal. At first I felt I had ruined some of what little I have left of HIS Charanjal. I left the project reflecting on what I had done and asked for. I felt deflated in some way... A few hours later, I went to my beautiful container that held this new experiment and OH MY was DadaJi's Fragrance...I can't tell you what JOY I felt. Later that day I get on my computer and there is your email with pictures of DADA and the most lovely note from you.. You are ALL WAYS connecting me to HIM... I have connection with Dada, always seems inhanced with your gifts to me by remembering HIM and your LOVE for us ALL. I am so greatful for you and your LOVE of DADA.. We are ONE in that. Take care and know how much you are appreciated and TRUELY a SISTER of HEART. --- Mo Stevenson, Hood River, OREGON USA

June 2005 - actually, i just came in contact with this site. but i wish u can send any free book, magazine or something to putv me through. though am gonna seachr thru bthe stuff soon. and i must commend its a good and educative site 4 spirituality and self development --- adetoro gbenga, NIGERIA

June 2005 - Very Nice. Thanks for such good website. God Bless you. I met Dadaji in Mumbai several times, those days at Abhi's house. --- S Kumar Shah, Mumbai, INDIA

May 2005 - I really thank you from the depth of my heart for passing on this truth of all of us through this website of yours. To me dadaji is no one else but birth of GOD in human form to give us the right answers, to show us the right path. What shoud I say, my life has completely changed now, I do my role happilly now as its given by no one but by HIM and I have full faith in him and I feel HE is with me. --- Anita Dahiya, AUSTRALIA

April 2005 - Thank you for sending the products I ordered promptly, and thanks for the pocket size pictures of Sri Satyanarayan. I've read the book 'Look Within' with keen interest. I just don't know why it took me so long wandering around searching for answers. Please, let me know when the book 'The truth within' is available. Could you also, please, let me know where I could obtain a large photo/poster of Sri Satyanarayan that I can use at home for my personal prayers. Thanks for all your effort to let the world know about Dadaji. I got to know that you have not broken even yet. Would it be acceptable to you if I could help out a little bit financially with my widows mite? Thanks again, F.O., London, ENGLAND

May 2004: Today, as I searched the Web for a simple summary of spiritual truth, I came upon the Dadaji material. "Remember Him, Do Your Duty, and Enjoy His Play" is about as simple as it gets. It is interesting that I read "Truth Within" several years ago and appreciated Dadaji and his simple truth then. Was it a coincidence that I came upon them again today? I think not. Thanks for the reminder! --- John Wilson, USA

December 14, 2003 - review at of the book THE TRUTH WITHIN - The Truth Within is a remarkable book about life, love, happiness, truth and God -- some of the most quintessential questions we face. Have you ever asked yourself the following questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? How do I find God? Then this book will surely help you answer those questions and more. The book is easy to follow and provides a wonderful journey with a most humble guide, that person being known as Dadaji (elder brother). Edited by Ann Mills, The Truth Within illustrates Dadaji's message; simply, that you don't need to retreat to the Himalayas and become an ascetic to realise God, nor do you have to become a vegetarian or practice meditation for hours on end to relish in His love -- God is within and so very near, all we have to do is remember Him. That's it! I particularly enjoyed reading this book as it covered numerous topics such as, life, truth, God, God's name, death, meditation, yoga, wealth, desire, attachment and detachment, the future, relationships, space & time, reality, and love. It also includes personal accounts and newspaper articles about Dadaji. Dadaji challenges notions of organised religions, priests, gurus, rituals, mantras, spiritual techniques, the New Age, and asks people to simply look within - it doesn't cost anything and you don't have to go to India, a temple, a mosque, a crazy cult, or church to do it!If you have been searching for answers, and have tried everything, you won't regret reading this book, as I think it will reveal to you that, in Dadaji's own words: "Truth is One. Almighty is One. Humanity is One. Religion is One. Language is One. God is within as Mahanam (God's Name) and available to you the moment you remember His Name, Gopal Govinda." --- "danm79"

Thank you so very much for sending "Truth Within" to me you are very kind. What a treasure this book is! I will enjoy it forever. I didn't realize that you were the editor, of the book too. Thank you for collecting and recording all of the wisdom Dadaji shared for the world. You'll never know all the lives you have touched and the fire you have ignited in the world by your efforts. God Bless. Thank you also for sending the video, rare footage I'm sure. I am thrilled to have it. I have seen just stills of Dadaji in books and on your site. Doesn't he make you smile to see his face??? What an honor for you to have known him Ann. To see and hear his voice on video is wonderful. You've done a fine job in editing and converting the film to Real Player format. You must listen closely to hear him, but that's a good thing isn't it? His words shouldn't be listened to in a casual manner. Thank you again Ann for your generous gift, Sande, Silver Dragon Studio, Illinois USA

May 2003: "The Truth Within" came to my attention while surfing on the internet. The name that caught my complete attention was Dada. As a child of about 3 years of age, like many other children, I had an invisible companion. I could see him, hear him, and he followed me about. He was a full-grown man, not another child. His name was Dada. Because of the English meaning of that word, I was ridiculed for seeing, talking with, or mentioning Dada since his name implied "baby talk". To me, he was more like a teacher, or protector. I wouldn't go anywhere (even in a car) without him. I would cry if anyone said he could not go with me. After reading much of the book, and having an experience last night with an odor which I cannot describe (except to say that it englufed my whole mind and being), it seems evident that Dada has returned. Many of my life's experiences, to this day, reflect the presence of Dada, his message, and his Truth. His book is truly an inspiration to the world today. My "eye" is re-awakening thanks to your page, the books, and Dada's help. After having a traumatic loss in 1997 of my former wife due to cancer, depression set in and the old human mind held forth. Since Dada's first contact with me as a small child, my life has been a long and eventful quest for spiritual truth. Bilocations, OBEs, healings, visions of the future, distant viewing, three death experiences, etc. It is so beautiful to be brought back to the source! Thanks again for your part in helping me and so many others. --- Ron Giffin, Billings Montana USA

wow. there is something charming, agreeable, and undeniably true about Dadaji's sayings/teachings. here is a man who truly loved life in all its forms, one of the few 'masters' i've read about thus far who does not insist on carving up life into a narrow view of holy/profane. thank you for creating this site, and for sharing Dadaji with the web-literate world. --- Grace, USA

April 2003: I met Dada years ago in Boulder, Colo. and have considered him a blessing in my life. --- Revonna, Colorado USA

thank you for sending me book-Look Within. I started readining it.You are luky women that you had the possibility to know Dadaji personaly, Man like him is born one of many millions or even miliard of people. The life of these people is very important for other people. I read your book about him. His ideas are interesting and I am surprised with no ego of this man. Man with his abilites could make very good business from them. and he had to be very strong not to make so. Thank you very much. Yours sincerely, Kamil Kriz, MD, CZEVCH REPUBLIC

My first visit and find it exactly where we all should be. With thanks, Peace be with you.
--- Email from Western Cape, South Africa

December 1999: Thank you for the books. First time I read THE TRUTH WITHIN was on the internet. That night the room was filled with His Fragrance. I had to get the books! Having read most of THE TRUTH WITHIN and FRAGRANCE OF THE HEART, I have only warmth in my heart, which was once very bitter. I'm only 20 years old, a full time university law and science student, but longing and searching for the Truth was something that I did more than my studies....since I was young I knew that my upbringing in the catholic church wasn't the way or what He was when I was 18 that I first came across your internet page, it was the most important and enlightening moment in my life...suprisingly it is two years later that I actually ordered the books...but i already had what i needed to know at that time, it was within. After reading the books I realise the truth really is within. As my life takes its ups and downs, it doesn't really get to me, it does to the point that as a human with emotions, life gets to you, however knowing he steers the ship in whatever situation i am in is a huge help.
--- Daniel Mammone, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

I am very impressed with the site you have in the Internet...the feelings are beautiful. I am an Argentinian who lives in Ottawa. I have been involved in different "quests" that did not bear fruit, either because my expectations were too high or because I was too excited about meeting with God. I wrote several articles about this in the past and sometimes I look at them and laugh, because God is not for sale or lease. When I got to your page I was impressed because to me Mother Meera was the only exponent of a concrete approach that did not involve acrobatics or vegetarianism. Reading about Dadaji was terrific and surprising. He as Mother, does not want an ashram or an organization and that means a lot to me. I hope sincerely that Dadaji can halp me and I am very excited waiting to smell His Fragance.
--- Adriana Hiebsch - Ottawa, CANADA

I really love your site!
--- Anita Halcyon ---

4/24/99 - Thank you.... I personally think your sight is amazing...
--- Sapna -

Mar 31, '99. Most informative and helpful - a great spiritual site - on the internet which completely moved me deeply - Such a great sage Dadaji -Thanks for placing such an enlightening site as a great service to the fellow travellers - Love,
--- Nikhil Dhawan -

March 25, 1999 by email to Ann Mills: I imagine that many thousands have probably put a link from their page to yours. I am one of them. At the bottom of a page in which I give my current opinions on various spiritual matters, I have included a small picture of Dadaji. Underneath I wrote "This man is Love itself. What more can I say? What more need be said?" Then I give the link to your page, with the words "Go to him".
--- Robin Smith & Charles Roe,

I have known and believed in Dadaji ever since I was a child. I remember him and his preachings in almost every thing that I do. He may not be physically present in this world but He is present in my heart and mind guiding me in every step. I would love to be informed about any events or information about Dadaji.
--- Rachana Bhattacharya, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

i don't speak very good englis, but i understan very good. i am reading my problem is write but i have good education. congratulations God send more love evry moment, becouse your page ist absoluty fantastic God blessing.
--- Conny Lewis, Morrilton, Arkansas USA

A Look Within: Here is a beautiful site. When I arrived I suddenly felt a great sense of peace. I am sure you will too.
--- Bill Donahue, Hidden Meanings at

How wonderful and inspiring!!! I made copies of almost all of it for my parents and friends! Thank you for your website. I will be back often.
--- Cheri Morris, Cantonment, Florida USA

RoseI was fortunate to meet Dadaji in Bombay, India 17 years ago, and then see him again when he visited Los Angeles a few years later. What a joy it was to find this website! I work as a graphic designer in San Francisco and find visiting your website, listening to the music, and just being in Dadaji's presence helps guide me through the day. A heartfelt thank you....In His Fragrance....
--- Cindy Blake,, San Francisco, California USA

August 25, 1998 by email to Ann Mills: "I had a couple of unique experiences reading The FRAGRANCE of the HEART. What happened when reading the book was that on two separate occasions, I was surrounded by a sweet floral aroma that had no basis in physical reality. I am a person who is very difficult to move off of baseline perceptions. It certainly was a pleasant (though unnerving) experience."
--- David Kwan-Kleber, Aloha, Oregon, USA

Thank you for your website. Happened to run into it a couple of weeks ago. It is so that what I started to read here was following what I had for months found around the Word and breathing and the role of Gurus on the Net and books and my own inner experience. This is quite amazing. I have been on this pilgrimage for many years, had strange experiences etc. I can only remember I have seen Dadaji's name once before in an Indian magazine about 20 years ago. Could be because it was not until now it was beneficial for me to read all this stuff. I guess so. Love,
--- Carsten Nielsen, Arden, DENMARK

I came across one of Dadaji's books in a used bookstore today. I was absolutely blown away by it, everything ringing true! I didn't buy the book for some reason; somehow I had the intuition that I shouldn't. For one thing, they (the used bookstore) wanted almost $20 for it. But beyond that, I seemed to sense that I didn't need to buy it, that Dada was telling me he would give me his teachings for free. This went against what my "mind" was telling me, but I decided to follow this intuition despite doubts that I'd ever see this book anywhere else. But when I got home, I checked the internet--and sure enough, here are Dadaji's teachings! I didn't expect this to occur at all . . . I'd like to receive whatever information you have to send me about Dadaji. Also, I'd much like to know if there are people in my area who meet to discuss Dadaji's teachings. I live in the San Francisco - Bay area. Sincerely,
--- Joe O'Leary, Kensington, California USA

RoseAugust 30 , 1998. For all of my life, I have felt a confusion as to my religious convictions. I have always been a believer in God, but I have never believed in any ways that are put forth by the various organized religions of this world. To put it simply... Their God was never My God. Now, I must tell you of my experience here today. First, I must tell you that before this morning, I had not heard of Dadaji... Or, if I had, I could not recall. I followed a link here from another website, and while waiting for the page to load, I suddenly smelled a beautiful fragrance! I had no idea what it could have been. Needless to say, this has been a very special experience for me! I have no doubt that I was "led" to this website today, for I know now, exactly, the path that my life will take from here. I feel that a tremendous load has been lifted, and I no longer have any questions about the reason for our existance here on earth! "Thank You," is not nearly enough. I want to clarify that I had not read anything about the fragrance at the time I noticed it. The web page had not yet fully loaded, and I was trying to figure out where this fragrance was coming from! It was a lovely smell...very strong, but lasting for only a few seconds. About 20 minutes later I read the page about frangrance. It was one of the most profound experiences that I have ever had.
--- Shirley Cunningham, Reno, Nevada USA

I have had the good fortune of meeting Dadaji in person on more than one occasion at his residence in Calcutta. Yes, he was, rather will always be the most wonderful person I have come across. Just felt beautifully nice to know that so many people know him. Yes, I do miss him. That is all I have to say. He was very attached to my mother. He would call her the Queen of Bhutan, as we were living in Bhutan the first time I was blessed to see him. Brings back so many memories. God bless you all.
--- Dhiraj Sapru, New Delhi INDIA

Very refreshing, enlightening, and fulfilling. I will be sure to visit time and time again.
--- Nancy J. Cullen, Columbus, Ohio USA

Thanks for sending the URL to your site. I looked through some of the information and found that I agree many of the things posted. As I have more time, I'll peruse more. The statement that "God is the Guru" struck me as an important truth and stated in a way that I would not have thought of on my own. Thanks!!
--- A. Christopher Earle, Snoqualmie, WA USA

Have enjoyed your wonderful website. Michael Bonny, Harmony Centre WebMaster, Yellow Springs, Ohio USA

RoseLOOK WITHIN is a fabulous compilation of Dada's sayings and I am grateful to you for editing this book. I find myself reading this book often and I am immersed with bliss, tranquility and traces of egolessness at those times. I have also started remembering Mahanam and that evokes similar feelings in me. I remember going to Utsav celebrations in Calcutta with my mother and grandmother since my childhood and had known Dada since then. Although I never the doubted the divine in him and was fond of him, I was on the whole somewhat skeptical of everything, and didn't take his words too seriously. Years went by like that and it was only in the summer of '96, during my visit to Calcutta, that I started feeling closer to Him than ever before, and in the time to come since then, I have offered myself in loving submission to Him. You'll be glad to know that my life has been happier since then. I got LOOK WITHIN a few months back and after reading it, all philosophical and theological confusions that I had vanished into thin air. My mind is at peace and never will I be impressed again by either argumentative/intellectual approaches or superstitious/symbolist approaches to the divine. My best wishes and regards,
--- Avijit Sarkar, Des Plaines, Illinois USA

RosePlease send as a gift, LOOK WITHIN, to my mother in Toledo, Ohio. Bill me only. I was so surprised to find on this website what I've felt within for so long. I've experienced guidance within, as well, and simply referred to that guidance as SPIRIT. It has to be that guidance that led me to this site. The person I am sending the gift to is my mother, who also feels as I. I am sure she will cherish this book. Thank you so much.
--- Delores J. Dean, St. Louis, Missouri USA

"Behold, the mermaid's nets are spreading, slowly threading pool to pool, pensive purpose 'neath man's din." Thank you for maintaining this site. Have been told that this soul was born into a family of bodhisattvas for the purpose of joining in the healing of this world. Have noticed a rare fragrance several times here in our tower, and know that I am surrounded by loving teachers and guides. Am walking the path between dark and light, enjoying the beauty and wonders of both, as I learn my role. The linking of minds will become necessary soon in order to help the planetary body known to the Egyptians as Set to achieve a stable orbit in this system. He is apologetic for his past effects on this our world. As the nexus of space-time which we are rapidly approaching, becomes distorted, a thinning of the walls between dimensions is occurring. Stable minds of great integrity will be required. This is why Dadaji's words are of great comfort, both full of vision and full of common sense. How much he applied them to himself, I do not know, but that he generates much love is obvious, just like Diana. May we all do as well, but remember this is a binary universe and it requires the balance, the acceptance of opposites, this particular Name Game.
--- Liz O'Driscoll

This is my first time ordering over the internet. It seems I might have stumbled onto to something healing and safe. Considering the timing, this itself could prove to be a miracle. I'll certainly be back again.
--- Elaine Crawford, Middletown, New York USA

I love the work you are doing.
--- Nancy Freier, Publisher of "The Inner Voice Magazine"

I've just visited your site and found it to be a wonderful place! So peaceful and inspiring...
--- David inVancouver Island, BC CANADA

This is a very intense and well thought out page. Endless paths to follow and hours of information, all in one site. This is a very advanced site, one of the most advanced I've seen. I recommend it to those of you who are learning enhanced. Keep track of the clock, though!
--- Michael Easton at

I'm reading Dada's book DESTINY WITH DADAJI, by Abhi Bhattacharya, (downloaded from the web site). It's very absorbing, and I'm enjoying it very much. I love to read about the Leelas of great beings.
--- Adrian Newington at "The Inner Journey" AUSTRALIA

I am really enjoying your site. I feel as if I have been led to this site. Thank you.
--- Angela Toeppner, Powassan, Ontario CANADA

RoseI am new to this web site. I literally stumbled onto it. From the first time I arrived, there was something about it that struck me so beautiful I was brought to tears. I have been searching for something in my spirit since I was a young girl approximately 14 years old. The first New Age book I read was by Edgar Cayce. I am now 39 years old and feel possibly I have finally stumbled across something real. I plan to go out and get the book LOOK WITHIN as soon as possible. And I will be back. Love & Light to all.
--- Elaine, Middletown, New York USA

Thank you for honoring me with an invitation to visit the inspiring site dedicated to obviously a person of worth and charisma (In the Greek sense, to possess the Light within). I enjoyed my visit to the site. I have bookmarked it. I will return. I thoroughly enjoyed the quotes and other material I came across.

I have had the pleasure of reading LOOK WITHIN. I like so many other seekers have read enough books to fill a small library, I have never read anything as profound or stated with such simple elegance as Dadaji's inspirations, truly leaves nothing to be said and nothing more to seek. These things I have come to Know instinctively from experiences, how marvelous it is to read and have these things confirmed by Dadaji. I have since ordered FRAGRANCE of the HEART and look forward to reading it also. I'm sorry I did not have the opportunity to meet Dadaji, strangely I have had several vivid dreams of him since I began reading LOOK WITHIN. I appreciate the efforts of Ann Mills, Peter Meyer-Dohm and others have made in relaying his message and their first hand accounts. LOOK WITHIN is the most excellent book I have ever read. Dadaji leaves nothing else to be said. Thank you for making it available.
--- Sande Nitti, Skokie, Illinois USA

RoseYour sight is perfect to link with my PeaceLinks page! I had an opportunity to spend a half hour or so looking through the site and I am so happy about it! I thought the thing about Dada's fragrance was very interesting. I have experienced a fragrance since 1981 during times of pain and difficulty. I had always thought it was a hallucination of some sort. The scent is always the same and matches the description of rose/sandlewood. Except in my case, I have known nothing of Dadaji until today. I find that my general spiritual beliefs do match his message! I wonder!
--- Ann Gertano

Thank you again for this wonderful site as well as the link you gave to my site, A Resource Directory Of Peace. I have been spending more time here today. It is as if I have always known Dadaji even though, consiously, I know I first heard of him only yesterday. I can't describe the way that I feel at this moment. Peace, Love and Joyous Expectations,
--- Ann Gertano

Fantastic Site! Very nice experience here in your pages, enjoyed all. I am an individual that strayed from God, my thoughts were not of Him but of myself. I have found a new inner peace and joy when I finally realized that I was without true love for not letting God into my thoughts and life. He is with me now and I now know that He never left my side. God Bless you and yours,
--- Steve Akers

This site is both beautiful and uplifting ~ I was blessed by a friend for being introduced to it and now feel I have found the way home. I wish you an abundance of Love and Light on your journey to the Heavens. May your love and trust be repaid a thousandfold.
--- Kathryn, Stockbury, Kent, ENGLAND

Thank you for the wonderful, touching, heartwarming book. God Bless You.
--- Maria Silva, Elmhurst, New York USA

Continued Light as you journey to the mountaintop. Your web site is True and Inspiring. Bless you always as your message brings seekers into the Light.
--- Sande Nitti, Skokie , Illinois USA

RoseIt was wonderful to see Dadaji on the Net. In fact I would like to confess I was foolish enough to think that he might not be there. After all it is by His Will that this wonderful phenomenon of Internet has evolved to bring the world together shed their ego and experience His Love. This October my father and mother and my sister had gone to Dadaji's Puja (in Calcutta). My mother was doubting whether the Puja would be the same without him being present physically. But no, everything was the same. In fact they got back bottle of Charanjal, that same Fragrance, and it reminded us that we could never be separated.
--- Rudrashekhar Das, New Delhi INDIA

Thank you very much for your web-site! Found it a couple of days ago and have been back many times. It is very beautiful and very well-maintained site, quite impressive. I had never heard of Dadaji but... he looks very familiar and so does the cover of the book, LOOK WITHIN. I ordered the book and eagerly await its arrival. In the meantime, I download, print out, and read pages from your web-site. Thank you for the opportunity.
--- David Poole , Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

I find Dadaji's philosophy invigorating and fresh. I'm sure a lot of us feel this inside.
--- Dwayne Sheffield at

I've been exploring your web page and I'm impressed. It's beautifully done. Upon exploring it and reading deeper into it, I'm fascinated. From what I have read I can see you have been through a beautiful and enlightening life experience. Experiences like yours should be shared and what an excellent way in which to do it. I wish you well."
--- Paul Jaeger, Cupertino, California USA

I just visited your site. I love it. Your graph truly speaks to the universality of this medium. Thanks for the treat. I must say that I did not order the book today. Look forward to getting it though. God Bless,
--- Aretha, Washington DC, USA

Just visited your web site. Just wonderful, full of light, love and inspiration.
--- Karen

We are very pleased to be linked with you, and we read our Dadaji books every day!
--- Shamona Re, Bondi Junction, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

Great Site, Wonderful Message. I will most certainly add your site as a link on my spiritual links page.
--- Richard Tucker, Hardeeville, South Carolina USA

The site is lovely!! I am enjoying the musical accompaniment to the text about this holy man.
--- Andrea J. McNeely, Chicago, Illinois USA

I thank you for the web is a very peaceful site...with a lot of info...I will have to come back and read...
--- Skywatch at

RoseDiscovering your website was an inspiration to me. Just the fact that it is mentioned 'Send no money now' gave me that Inner Feeling about You People. I have read and firmly believe that people who ask for money, pretending they will make you feel better, are just putting you on. I fully understand that you cannot give your books for free, but just the fact that you trust me, that I will pay you later, is a proof of trust and I respect that. Looking forward to reading your book LOOK WITHIN.
--- Richard Skelling, Toronto, Ontario CANADA

I have received the book LOOK WITHIN. This book is in the same line as my way of LIVING. There are New things that I have learned in this book MY GOD ALWAYS GUIDES ME TOWARDS THE THINGS I NEED. LOVE IS IT! WITHOUT LOVE, MY GOD, I am nothing, HOW TRUE.
--- Richard Skelling, Toronto, Ontario CANADA

A most inspiring website. I find myself experiencing waves of peace just reading Dadaji's writing.
--- Dennis Miller, Brookline, Massachusetts USA

I was feeling a little down and the words inspired and picked me up. Can't wait to read on. Thanks.
--- Darrell Bailey, Brooklyn, New York USA

Love it.
--- John Robertson, Holiday, Florida USA

Enjoyed your site very much. Thank you.
--- Linda McLean, Glendora, California USA

Nice site, and it is inspiring and helpful. Also offers much Truth. May the blessings be.
--- Jim at

RoseI took a quick look at your site today. I must go back!!! I notified the webmaster of our site to add a link to yours. He should have it up within this week. That was from a business perspective. On a personal level I just felt so happy at your site and want to go back and read ALL the pages. I was overcome by the most wonderful feeling while I was there. I had only experienced a similar feeling twice before and following that feeling I found the teachings that had the most impact on my life. I guess it would be maybe a call from within you might say? Needless to say I don't normally respond this way to a request for links. :-)) Blessings,
--- Nancy at

Thanks for linking us to your wonderful page of inspiration.
--- Raven at

When I viewed much of your site, it expressed much of what I believe. We are mind and emotion created to express ourselves and God in a physical body in this informal school called 'life'. We learn the lessons when we learn to look within for the answers and not to the stars or 'out there somewhere'. Thank you for contacting me. Your site is beautifully presented and opens doors to those still seeking 'out there'.
--- Clara Howard at

RoseI ordered the book on the spot! I am struck by the simplicity of the thoughts and presentation, and know that it will be of value. Once I have a chance to read the book, I may move the link to the recommended reading section at Innerspace. I look forward to receiving it. Have a wonderful, prosperous and peaceful week. Namaste.
--- Julia White at

I have enjoyed reading your items posted on your website. I have studied all forms of philosophy East and West (or at least most forms, movements, periods, etc.) in both academic and personal settings. So, I am a little familiar with the overall situations that are being talked about in these writings. I have, since the late 1960's, drawn a great deal of personal spiritual energy from the various 'Eastern' sources. But, I have never liked the whole 'guru' thing that became so popular in the U.S.A.--beginning in/with the late 1960's. This guru thing/fascination continues to this day in the 'New Age Movement'! So---it is really very nice to see this message coming from Dadaji. I want to read and know more! I am reminded of another Indian, Krishnamurti!" Best Wishes,
--- Charles Beardsley, Columbia, Maryland USA

I feel inspired by what I have read on the the Web page. I can't wait to receive my book.
--- Casi Cooper, Ann Arbor Michigan USA

Nice looking book!
--- Ralph Roberts, CEO at

Thank you for such a thoughtful, thought-provoking and beautifully done website and for the spiritual wisdom that you are 'putting out there'.
--- Frederic Wiedemann, PhD, Unifying Fields Foundation

I am so impressed with Dadaji's philosophy. I am looking forward to receiving the book. Like you said in your site, I didn't come across your page by accident. I do believe that is true. I can already feel Dadaji's presence with me, and I look forward to learning more. Best wishes and thank you so much for your fine work.
--- Carmen Colombo, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

I have been reading your website. It is very impressive and is true to the spirit of Dadaji's work. I hope you are able to get the book into the hands of millions. I would love to purchase a copy.
--- Walter Winrow, Coos Bay Oregon USA

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