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I like so many other seekers have read enough books to fill a small library, I have never read anything as profound or stated with such simple elegance as Dadaji's inspirations, truly leaves nothing to be said and nothing more to seek. These things I have come to Know instinctively from experiences, how marvelous it is to read and have these things confirmed by Dadaji. I'm sorry I did not have the opportunity to meet Dadaji, strangely I have had several vivid dreams of him since I began reading LOOK WITHIN. I appreciate the efforts of Ann Mills, Peter Meyer-Dohm and others have made in relaying his message and their first hand accounts. LOOK WITHIN is the most excellent book I have ever read. Dadaji leaves nothing else to be said.
--- Sande Nitti, Skokie, Illinois USA

(7:52 minutes) Excellent 1975 recording by Bruce Kell of Dadaji's song "Ramaiva Sharanam" being sung at Utsav in Calcutta.

Dadaji enjoying Indian meal prepared by
Roma Mukerjee in Portland Oregon 1985.

Health & Happiness

Worldly happiness might be defined as momentary joy and lasting contentment. It usually occurs as a side effect of pursuing other activities. Below are Dadaji's comments on 8 vital components of life that impact your health and happiness.

MAHANAM: Breathing

PHYSICAL: A Healthy Body

MENTAL: A Peaceful Mind

EMOTIONAL: Be of Good Cheer.


DIET & NUTRITION: Food for Life

ELIMINATION: Forgive & Forget

GOALS & REWARDS: A Path to Success

Dadaji, early morning walk
Los Angeles, California USA 1985
MAHANAM: Breathing
Dadaji reveals a way to remember and experience Mahanam to Judy Maltese, Long Beach, California USA. Judy said:

"As I was rising from sitting with Dadaji, he stopped me and asked how I was doing Mahanam (God's Name). Not if, but how. I demonstrated by chanting out loud, "Gopal Govinda, Gopal Govinda, Gopal Govinda," in rapid succession. He stopped me, shaking his head.

"Taking my hand, Dadaji placed it on his chest covering it with his own and holding it against his heart. Then, he inhaled "Gopal" deeply, held the breath for an instant, and exhaled "Govinda" down into his heart, long and slow, letting go completely. At the end of the breath, Dada paused for another instant and repeated it. Once again he intoned "Gopal" on the inhalation of breath, as if to bring the sound inward through the third eye. After a momentary pause, Dadaji demonstrated a downward sweep with his hand, bringing the exhalation of "Govinda" from the forehead to the heart, almost like a sigh. The pause at the end of the breath was a long, full void. He looked me directly in the eyes. "You follow?" I had followed! On the second "Gopal Govinda" I found myself mirroring him perfectly.

"One of the most profound experiences of Mahanam is the wonderful state of full surrender that occurs on the completion of the exhalation. Following that tota