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I like so many other seekers have read enough books to fill a small library, I have never read anything as profound or stated with such simple elegance as Dadaji's inspirations, truly leaves nothing to be said and nothing more to seek. These things I have come to Know instinctively from experiences, how marvelous it is to read and have these things confirmed by Dadaji. I'm sorry I did not have the opportunity to meet Dadaji, strangely I have had several vivid dreams of him since I began reading LOOK WITHIN. I appreciate the efforts of Ann Mills, Peter Meyer-Dohm and others have made in relaying his message and their first hand accounts. LOOK WITHIN is the most excellent book I have ever read. Dadaji leaves nothing else to be said.
--- Sande Nitti, Skokie, Illinois USA

(7:52 minutes) Excellent 1975 recording by Bruce Kell of Dadaji's song "Ramaiva Sharanam" being sung at Utsav in Calcutta.

Dadaji enjoying Indian meal prepared by
Roma Mukerjee in Portland Oregon 1985.

Health & Happiness

Worldly happiness might be defined as momentary joy and lasting contentment. It usually occurs as a side effect of pursuing other activities. Below are Dadaji's comments on 8 vital components of life that impact your health and happiness.

MAHANAM: Breathing

PHYSICAL: A Healthy Body

MENTAL: A Peaceful Mind

EMOTIONAL: Be of Good Cheer.


DIET & NUTRITION: Food for Life

ELIMINATION: Forgive & Forget

GOALS & REWARDS: A Path to Success

Dadaji, early morning walk
Los Angeles, California USA 1985
MAHANAM: Breathing
Dadaji reveals a way to remember and experience Mahanam to Judy Maltese, Long Beach, California USA. Judy said:

"As I was rising from sitting with Dadaji, he stopped me and asked how I was doing Mahanam (God's Name). Not if, but how. I demonstrated by chanting out loud, "Gopal Govinda, Gopal Govinda, Gopal Govinda," in rapid succession. He stopped me, shaking his head.

"Taking my hand, Dadaji placed it on his chest covering it with his own and holding it against his heart. Then, he inhaled "Gopal" deeply, held the breath for an instant, and exhaled "Govinda" down into his heart, long and slow, letting go completely. At the end of the breath, Dada paused for another instant and repeated it. Once again he intoned "Gopal" on the inhalation of breath, as if to bring the sound inward through the third eye. After a momentary pause, Dadaji demonstrated a downward sweep with his hand, bringing the exhalation of "Govinda" from the forehead to the heart, almost like a sigh. The pause at the end of the breath was a long, full void. He looked me directly in the eyes. "You follow?" I had followed! On the second "Gopal Govinda" I found myself mirroring him perfectly.

"One of the most profound experiences of Mahanam is the wonderful state of full surrender that occurs on the completion of the exhalation. Following that total surrender, the next inhalation is revitalizing and even exhilarating. The mind recedes, the body is relieved of all tension. Complete relaxation pervades, followed by a state of blissful transcendence."

NOTE: To read more of Dadaji's remarks about God's Name go to Mahanam

PHYSICAL: A Healthy Body
Dada 1985 Take care of your body, which is the channel for experiencing His Love. He only gives us physical form and mind.

Taking care of one's body is one kind of Puja (worship), caring for Him.

LEFT: Dadaji on his morning walk in Lake Gardens near his home in Calcutta, India. 1985

Only for performing the bodily duties has the riches of the body been given. Body is the Temple. If you do not respect it, will it not retaliate?

Body and Life bestowed on you by God are to be fully tasted and enjoyed. What a priceless treasure God has sent us with! This body is unreal and though unreal it has turned real because of Truth that accompanies it.

This body itself is Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life). Unconsciously and inevitably our bodies develop and decay in their own way.

We have come here to do all sorts of acting. We have come here as guests. I am here with this body. Just maintain the body. Nothing else. Body is not mine. I have taken that Ashram (body) as a temporary place to enjoy Him in the Maya also.

Do not shun the needs of the body. Satisfy the wants, but at the same time be aware of its triviality.

Feed your normal and natural desires otherwise they will revolt. Do not starve them, but do not do excess either. And, keep Him in mind, then you will be in His lap. Otherwise, Prakriti will not spare.

I consider all these complicated body postures (e.g. Yoga) ostentatious self-torture. It is not even a good technique of relaxation. Swimming is far more relaxing. Also, going for walks. Smoking cigarettes also relaxes.

Walking is the best exercise. Running is not good for the heart.

The senses have an essential role. Unless they are satisfied, we can hardly expect their cooperation in helping us to rise above this physical level of body consciousness. The senses may be suppressed for a time, but the time will come when they will take the inescapable revenge.

You are the worst criminal if you starve your senses. These are your guests, come to help you relish His Love and Bliss!

Neither resist, nor indulge.

Follow your desires. Do not force them into a special pattern.

Don't go against your nature. Let your inner drives lead your senses wherever they will. Be a passive spectator of the drama. No asceticism, no austerity, no penance, no physical calisthenics, no mechanical muttering of mystic syllables. All these are egotistic activities.

This body itself is Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life). Unconsciously and inevitably our bodies develop and decay in their own way.

After all, human body is perishable, decaying and has various problems. But, whatever He does is for a great cause, all for good.

EXERCISE: Dadaji did gentle stretches and then walked for about 20-30 minutes every morning and evening.

Prior to walking he did these stretches about 12 times each:
--- head rolling/neck stretching - front, back, then to each side
--- arm swinging - each arm in a full wide circle forward then backward
--- bending - leaning forward, leaning backward

It didn't matter where Dadaji was in the world, whether or not he had jet lag from weeks of traveling, it didn't matter whether he was familiar with the neighborhood or what the weather conditions were at the time, Dadaji walked daily. Dadaji even walked when he wasn't feeling very well. If for some reason he couldn't walk outside, he walked back and forth, and back and forth, inside the house where he was staying. He walked alone or with others. If people accompanied him, there was no talking during the walking. Occasionally he would hold hands with someone, but he was silent and focused on walking.

MENTAL: A Peaceful Mind
Mind and senses must be there when you have come with the body.

When we have come here, we have come with mind, senses, desires and attachments. We shall have to give something to them. If you stop everything, they will revolt.

Everything must be done in a natural way. Mind must follow its own nature. The mind has very little power. Any effort to control the mind makes it all the more restless. Let the mind follow its own course and remember Mahanam (God's Name within you).

When one is born with a body, the mind comes with all the senses and drives one forcibly, blinding the vision, so that one fails to assess things in the right perspective. One who undertakes all activities while remembering Guru or God, will be able to tolerate whatever blows are received in life; and, will find the senses and desires become friends, giving the feeling that they have all been beneficial. Otherwise, one would have been helpless in madness or grief.

When your heart is in love with Him and entwined with Him, why do you worry about your mind? When the time comes, He will control your mind. Now, let the mind be as it is.

The mind cannot see the things of the world by itself. It has always to depend upon the five senses and they present a babble of pictures to it. Then the laws of physical Nature impose diverse restrictions on the mind. Thus the entire spectacle, the world, is veiled from the mind. Where there is mind, there is meaning. The mind sees the pageantry of this world, but in fact it sees nothing. The mind itself is a penetration of opposites. It is the matrix of all polarization and contradiction.

Unless one is free from the covers of mind's compulsions (in relation to one's bodily and external attachments), one cannot come closer to Him, to the state of Vraja (Supreme), where physicalities don't exist. Covers of mind are hindrances to being in Vraja. So, those whom He Loves, He does not allow them to keep the covers of mind. Your duty is to keep patience only.

A person is the slave of mind, which is crammed with age-old Sanskaras (superstitions) through which the person acts and reacts.

It is the limited mind that constantly suffers from wants. Don't disturb the mind.

People generally tend to swing between two extremes. That is the result of action and reaction on the mental plane. You be with the Whole.

Mind itself is the bondage. Mind is unlimited in wants. Mind means wants. No question of subconscious mind. The whole body is full of mind's nature.

You cannot see because mind intervenes. What arises from the mind is a distortion of Truth.

Whatever you have received in life, take that as His Blessing or Grace and the road to Peace is opened.

If you have faith in Him, no problem. Good, bad, don't look after all these things. Don't go for judging! Because, is there any good? It may be opposite or not. Who is good? Who is bad? We do not know. The idea of sin or virtue, good or evil are only the creations of mind. They reflect the needs of society and therefore bear no value. Correct or not?

A person's mind runs like a horse. Every moment millions of thoughts rise and fall in the mind with tremendous restlessness. Again, when one's mind says, "Oh, Govinda," and takes His Sharan (remembrance), it gets calmed down and the heart gets filled with a unique sense of Love.

Rise above the mind and intellect. But how? Nature will do it. You put in effort and He will invariably confound you.

Mind must come in a natural, effortless, spontaneous way to Him.

By remembrance of Mahanam with loving submission, the bridle of the mind gets automatically controlled and the sense of happiness, sorrow, reputation, fame and defame automatically drop off, or slip out, even though its sting be present to begin with. Be with that Dearest Friend, then there is nothing to fear.

You have come for a few days, not forever. Why should you bother for anything?

How many days we can or do live is not important. How we lived or live is important. Keep it in mind.

A person has no authority to dictate to life because He is doing all in the universe. This body is He also. We have come with a hired body, so whatever He does, He does with His body and mind set by Him, for Him, to come to Him. A person has no choice. But, everything will not happen in a day. Wait. Be patient.

EMOTIONAL: Be of good cheer
Be of good cheer. You have nothing to get. Everything that is, is within. He is within, your Nearest and Dearest. In fact, He is you and your Existence is the way to Him.

Don't be obsessed with any wish. Shake off sadness.

Unhappiness is part of the ego. Beyond it, no such thing exists.

The smiles and frowns of life are His tokens of Love. Bear them with loving patience, you have to forsake nothing. Neither indulge, nor restrain.

Human beings born with body inevitably bring various types of destined sufferings. But, we aggravate them further by our mentality, intellects, thoughts, actions and reactions. If we analyze the misfortunes, it naturally comes to our mind to ask whether any way exists to avert or to get rid of them.

The only answer is that through all the afflictions of life, one can live in peace and happiness, when one can surrender all fears, thoughts, desires, and expectations of loss or gain to the Will of the Supreme Lord. It will be a great mistake to blame any particular person or make anybody responsible for the untoward situations which trouble us. All these are destined. What has to happen happens, and none can avert it.

But Guru, the Lord, is taking you through all these problems for your future welfare so that you may not fail to brave much greater misfortunes, blows or jolts in the future that are unknown to you. So, you are getting Him and keep peace. Accept this challenge gladly. Do your work with Him.

You have to fulfill the duties of the body. Has He sent us here to spend this life in practicing deprivation? In enjoyment, happiness, work, power, in everything, one has to be aware of Him.

He gives us jolts so that we can be ready to taste real happiness with Him, and to make us free of Maya of mind and attachments.

Take refuge in none but Him.

Human beings will enjoy three-fourths of life and one-fourth part they will suffer. But, we lose our patience and do not accept even that one-fourth part of sorrows given by Him. Patience is the highest penance.

So many varied problems and hindrances must come, otherwise people won't understand and realize how and why He is the best of all friends and companions. He is the Dearest One, Who keeps us protected in all calamities and adversities, which are unpredictable.

Happiness that is perceived by mind is only a diversion from the true path and it is only a temporary phase.

We think we will become happy by receiving so many things of life, but later we find it does not bring real happiness as expected. To safeguard against such recurrences of unhappy situations of life, the All-merciful Lord helps His Children to withstand the impact of unforeseen jolts. Remember Mahanam with full devotion. Whatever has to happen, will happen. Humans can do nothing, have no power of their own and cannot get things always according to their expectations. God bears the burden of those fortunate ones who depend on Him.

Love Him. Hazards will take care of themselves.

So resort to the Mahanam only. Be not bewildered in search of worldly pleasures or happiness.

Actually, we don't understand what real happiness tastes like, so we remain ever deprived of that taste. Our natural tendencies are to get involved in the cycle of births, deaths, and calamities.

Why feel despondent? You are so dear to me. We are born to undergo our individual destiny. One who makes that life splendorous in Divine Consciousness becomes a pilgrim to an Inner World and can happily bid adieu at last to this beautiful world. Within you there is a priceless wealth, your companion is Satyanarayan. The work to which you are devoted fully will fill your inner Self with that Divine Splendor. One who is fortunate to achieve it has to tolerate lots of humiliations and pains. You can assess it to a certain extent from my life. These afflictions are all superficial dust flakes that drop off, but do not touch the inside.

Be happy. Let Him enjoy His doings. No planning. Everything He will do.

Other than Love, what is? Nothing.

We have come here to make love to Him, to be bathed in His Love and to vibrate His Love through the actions that come our way.

Love is when you know only one thing, that is, I love you.

Love is the only answer to everything. Love is the Divine Itself. Drowned in His Love, then all will become One. You will be carried away by Supreme Joy, as if by flood waters.

The definition of a person is Love.

The love that has awakened in you to offer Him yourself in extreme earnestness does not come about with one's own wish. It does not come to Sadhus, Yogis, Sannyasis, in spite of all their adopted practices, methods, rituals, stresses, strains and efforts. Yogis don't get it by Yoga. Common people do not feel His Love due to superstitions, blind illusions of Maya or mind, and deep attachments in the world of individual surroundings.

Human love is based in self-interest. His Love is Something.

Mental love is worth nothing, for the mind is fickle. Today it is after one thing and tomorrow after another. But, His Love is Infinite.

If your eyes are not befogged, you will see the gleam of His Love everywhere. Love is the Essence of Truth. Submit to that resonant Love, be One with that Love and know thyself through it. You cannot know yourself but through the Love which is He.

Try to love Him. Try to love the public. Try to love those near to you. And, try to love yourself.

You are a role set by the Great Designer. Play your part well, alive to the fact that you do whatever He chooses you to do. He is the pilot of your life and you have come here at His Will to taste of His overflowing Love. Flow with the stream of life without attempting to stem its tide. You are One with Him, and yet separate so that you may Love-play with Him. You can miss this Supreme Relish only if ego is allowed to wallow in self-importance. So, merge yourself into His all engrossing Love.

Always He is chanting inside of you. That is His Love. That's why I tell you, Love is the only answer.

DIET & NUTRICIAN: Food for Life
Eat, drink, do everything, but remember Him, Who is inside the body. To move according to Nature is the only safe course. Do not go beyond the limitations of the body.

Enjoy moderately, with Him in view. You will be in His lap.

Environment is in the mind. Are desire, anger, etc., finished by becoming an ascetic, going to mountains, eating vegetarian food?

Everything has Jiva (Life Force). You can take meat, fish, vegetables, whatever you like. All are the same.

What do you say, food is only for the sake of the body. What is required for the body, that must be eaten. Know that whatever He has created on this earth is for the sustenance of the living creatures. Has He done all this for nothing? All these rules for eating and drinking are mere superstitions. There is no connection of eating and drinking with Him. For He is above and beyond all these things. And you talk of Rishis (seers)? They had such full vision and such complete knowledge that there is no comparison. Why would they take the trouble to indulge in all this hanky-panky? Those who already had perfection, where is the hurdle for them? Those who have no restrictions, their perplexity disappears.

Fasting is not good.

Is there anybody (spiritual guide) who can say, "Don't take this food. Don't take that food. You give me something (money) bimonthly." All bluff!

God does not fill, but instead takes away cravings for material and sensual needs.

Drinking a peg and a half (of alcoholic beverage) a day is okay.

God is within you. You don't need to seek Him. Fulfill your duties, do your work, and enjoy your days. Whiskey, cigarettes, love, as you like. Then you will feel within you what no Guru can sell you, the Living God, the True God, Who has created you and loves you.

ELIMINATION: Forgive & Forget
In the worldly life, full of stress and strain, the best medicine is to have patience. And, forgiveness is the highest virtue.

The one you become upset with is really your well-wisher. It will be wrong to assess a person by one momentary action. Generally that is the mistaken way one acts. One who is your friend and gives you so much affection you must not misunderstand, even if he or she becomes harsh with you. It may be that they are driven to the action by the pressure of mind, intellect, circumstances and surrounding events. It is always advisable if you can forgive and forget in case they have really done any wrong. I can understand if you are hurt very much. Most judgments of our mind are based on such trivial actions arising out of force of circumstances. We can make ourselves good human beings if we can adjust to all these events with patience and forgiveness. So, without putting further importance on these events in your mind, you should follow what I said and you will be peaceful. If you don't follow that, you may in your unguarded moment hurt someone else in the future (in reaction to events that have hurt you). Keep this in mind. Remember Him, everything will be all right.

Everybody is harsh and comments on Maya, calling it illusion of mind, which causes suffering. But this Maya makes us forget the unbearable blows of life's events, obliterates the impact of so many strains and humiliations of life, and we get energy to rise again with old memories brushed off. He alone has form; we are all formless. We have no eyes. Had we eyes, we could realize that what we see as having form is really formless.

One's family, father, mother, relatives, friends, etc., are created solely to give us the varied taste of His Love through them. Instead, we get too much attached to them, forget Him and suffer ultimately. It is like enjoying the outer husk of a coconut, the tasteless part, while overlooking the inner substance of the coconut which gives the real taste.

Don't forget His Will. He is doing everything. Just depend on Him, which you have received (Mahanam).

What do you know about what is bad and what is good? What you call bad one day, you call good the next day and visa versa. A person is so helpless. You can do nothing on your own. All this is mere mind function. How can you judge anyone? Think of a young woman, mother of a small child. She has no money or means of earning. The child is hungry and crying for food. The Lord has given her the child and also the heart of a mother. To feed the child, she sells her body. Would you call that bad? Who are you to judge? No, no, He does not see any faults of anyone. He is so merciful. He is only touched by inner love and devotion. A man may go to the brothel, but if he sees only the Lord, even there, and remembers Him with love, such a man is truly His devotee. Salutations to him!

You have the capacity to judge? Because when you are within mind, today you say, "I love her like anything. She is my life. I would sacrifice my life for her." After three days, some difference arises and you say, "She is notorious. She is the worst one in the world." So we do not know what is correct, what is incorrect. Don't bother for all that. Just do whatever He says, just do your duty and Name, because we do not know anything.

Self-confidence is the main thing. Without this a person cannot achieve anything, whether in earthly or in spiritual life. But you see, the one who has got self-confidence has also confidence in Self (Atman). He is always within you, do not worry. You will always feel His Presence, which will guide you.

Follow your own True Nature. Your Nature will lead you toward your goal.

Walk neither ahead of Him, nor behind Him. Walk in step with Him. Path and goal are the same in the end analysis.

Do not act as your own enemy.

When one feels, "I am helpless, my strength fails," He comes to hold the rudder. Being always in the midst of people with their selfishness, jealousy, and hatred, the mind is afflicted with pain. But, these afflictions are shaken off like dust through devotion and remembrance of Mahanam. This Divine Touch not only lays the golden path, it also makes the entire process of life extremely refined.

To live life successfully is a great challenge. Every moment in different activities of life we are enhancing our problems, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Results of such actions gradually become unbearable and fill our mind with despondency, a sense of insecurity and failure. Worldly affluence and wealth are of no help. Everyone faces this challenge individually, in his or her own individual capacity. But the one who can completely depend on the Guru or God residing in one's heart, will find that the Lord carries the burdens and eases all difficulties.

Patience is the highest of all penances in the world.

Patience (Dhairya) is to be practiced not by force, but by adjustment with the circumstances of natural life.

In the worldly life, full of stress and strain, the best medicine is to have patience. And, forgiveness is the highest virtue.

Keep patience and let God do the rest.

Go through your daily activities. Karma, whatever one does is Karma. Actions and reactions in the mind lead to one's activity. Let the fruit of action be decided and bestowed by Him because the result comes from Him.

You are a role set by the Great Designer. Play your part well, alive to the fact that you do whatever He chooses you to do. He is the pilot of your life and you have come here at His Will to taste of His overflowing Love. Flow with the stream of life without attempting to stem its tide. You are One with Him, and yet separate so that you may Love-play with Him. You can miss this Supreme Relish only if ego is allowed to wallow in self-importance. So, merge yourself into His all engrossing Love.

Your sincerity will take you to a natural living with Him, where any sense of poverty, wants, confusions and nervousness of mind have no place.

Only He is important. Let Him get your things done. Real character means to put God, Him, at the helm of one's affairs. No one should, under any circumstances, shun Him for any worldly interests. That is real strength of character, strength of mind.

Always He is chanting inside of you. That is His Love. That's why I tell you, Love is the only answer.

I must know first, who am I? Wherefrom I have come? What is my goal and duty?

Know the Supreme Self. Through Him you can know yourself easily and properly as a being in Him, not a being that is Himself.

You cannot know yourself but through the Love which is He.

You are free in your spiritual pursuit and need not depend on anyone for your goal to be realized.

Your Nature will lead you toward your goal.

What is the aim of education? The aim is to develop Self-inquiry. Who am I? Why did I take this body? Which path should I follow? What is my duty? We get so attached to our temporary worldly pleasures that we often deviate from the fundamental goal of our life. This attachment is the result of age long superstition. Real education frees one from the bondage of superstition. Education without spiritual aim is never perfect. The aim of flawless education is to make a person. The definition of a person is Love.

Numerous thoughts, problems, anxieties, worries, fears, etc., are there all the time to dislodge us from the goal of being with Him. One-fourth of our life is spent in these thoughts, problems, and worries. So Mahanam is the safety shield which definitely leads us to the fundamental goal. Do you know the reason? Nectar does the job of Nectar. Poison works like poison. So depend on Him when it has been your fortune to have once tasted that Nectar.

Without desire and proper planning you cannot address yourself to any work. And planning is for a goal. So, desire is at the heart of all work. But, once you start working and are engrossed in it, all sense of a fruitful result does not exist. But, it (desire) again as optimism or pessimism. If this can be shut out, then the work is unmotivated. It is unmotivated when you do your work under His felt Patronage and while keeping in view your original Home. To undertake work in such a spirit is called Dhyana (meditation); to be in the work is called Tapasya (penance); and, to complete the work without any sense of agency (self-interest) is Yajna (sacrifice). You must complete the Rajasuya (sacrifice of I-sense) by transcending mental modes and egoistic claims. And, you have to complete the Asva-Medha (let the senses run their course until they turn inward), too. But, that comes to pass only when you are Sunya-bhavita-bhavatma (a complete Void though full of Him). But, how to achieve that Purna Kumbha (fullness)? You have come here full to the brim with Him. All you need do is remember Him and you do your work.

No amount of Yoga, meditation, or austerity can lead you anywhere near the Truth. You cannot reach Supreme Wisdom through knowledge or by any other means. The only way to Truth is complete self-resignation and Divine Love. Your Existence is the way. In fact, no question of the way comes in at all. You have nothing to get, nothing to do, to achieve It (Truth). For, your Existence is your goal.

Walk neither ahead of Him, nor behind Him. Walk in step with Him. Path and goal are the same in the end analysis.

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