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LOOK WITHIN is absolutely beautiful, exquisite, classy, wonderful from cover to cover. It will appeal to everyone and anyone interested in Truth.
--- Patricia Fry, Ojai, California USA - author of "Quest for Truth"

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Inspirations of Love
by Dadaji
Ann Mills, editor
In compact format, this little volume packs a wealth of writing about and by the man known as Dadaji. Born to a well-to-do family in the early part of this century, he showed early evidence of unconventional spiritual inclinations. His message of the equality of all human life, love of God in and above all things, and acceptance and enjoyment of life's duties is well-covered in the many quotations. For those seeking goodness, peace, healing and clarity, LOOK WITHIN - Inspirations of Love provides some comfort.
National Review Network &
New Age Retailer

LOOK WITHIN - Inspirations of Love is a beautifully written, enlightening book. Reading Dadaji's book encourages me to look within to find the answers to many of the questions I have had throughout my spiritual journey. I start out my day by just opening the book and reading. The passage is always just what I need to ponder, and sometimes I have a hard time putting down LOOK WITHIN. I always feel peace and love after reading from it.

LOOK WITHIN is a wonderful, timeless gift. Customers and their friends and loved ones will open this book and read it time and time again and be filled with incredible peace and love.
Reviewer's Bookwatch
Enjoy an inspirational, spiritual book which crosses religious bordersand tells how to uncover personal values and live with them. The path to God is always of concern, but the nondenominational approach goes beyond simple rote recommendation to strike at the heart of social and spiritual concerns.

The Book Reader
Love is the message, and aiming at the heart is Dadaji's direction. A small volume filled with the width and breadth of a special godman who didn't perform or give lectures. By his nontraditional methods and his ridicule of traditional religions, this man of business and family is a welcome relief from institutional methods.
Metaphysical Reviews
This reviewer can do no greater service than to quote some of Dadaji's words of love and compassion as a tiny bit of the wonder of his insight and serenity.

On Truth: "Truth is One and Indivisible. Truth pervades the whole universe and Truth is within you, too."
About God: "He is steady, unchangeable, waveless, full of constant, desireless Love, Mercy, and Beauty. He is Truth. He is within you."
About your body: "In a person's body resides God. So the body is to be taken care of and treated as His Temple."

This reviewer highly recommends LOOK WITHIN an integral and beautiful work, to find betterment and enlightenment.

Book Paper
LOOK WITHIN...this collection of sayings is complemented by a rare personal interview, an autobiographical essay, and a meditative song.

The master addresses three essential facts of a fulfilling life in a simple directive: "Do your work, remember God, and enjoy."

India Worldwide Magazine
LOOK WITHIN - Inspirations of Love is the latest book published on this almost heretic godman who performed miracles and brushed then aside as "extraneous". He said, Do not accept me as your guru. God is in you. God alone is the Guru.
India West
Coming from his contrarian perspective, Dadaji serves a purpose in urging us to look beyond the physical presence of the guru, drawing us on to the highest repository of faith: God within. LOOK WITHIN - Inspirations of Love is a worthy addition to the library of books that have been issued since the mid-1960s...
India Currents Magazine
LOOK WITHIN - Inspirations of Love is a collection of sayings by Dadaji, the controversial spiritual teacher. He opposed organized religion and gurus...was against renunciation and self-denial, which he said enlarge ego...travelled at his own expense, refused donations. Many were drawn to him because of miracles said to occur in his presence...there was never any doubt about the power of his message.
IndZine Magazine
A collection of talks and private conversations, LOOK WITHIN is for people who want to know more about inner self, and find out about truth and love. Definitely recommended for people in search of God, the meaning of life, and eternal truth.


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