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For those seeking goodness, peace, healing and clarity, LOOK WITHIN provides some comfort.
--- NAPRA ReView

Thank you for LOOK WITHIN. I am 41 years old and have been searching for Truth since I was 5. This book makes a lot of sense to me. --- Joe Hamilton, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida USA

(11:33 minutes) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.

Dadaji: On Suffering

Dadaji did not lecture, give discourses, or write articles or books. The following quotes relating to the topic of human suffering were compiled by Ann Mills from:

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God or His Name is the sole strength in living against all odds and uncertainties. You ask why are some people poor, some rich, some in good health, some in distress? You think troubles come as a result of sin? What nonsense! It is all a role that one has to play for a limited span of time in this Divine Play.
If one is not at cross purposes with Him, one finds His manifestation in every happening. But, one has to bear with patience the onrush of the forces one has let loose. Yoke yourself unto Him and He will bear the brunt. The smiles and frowns of life are His tokens of love. Bear them with loving patience, you have to forsake nothing. Neither indulge, nor restrain.
Take refuge in none but Him. Dependence on Him makes one fearless. If you have devotion, you need fear nothing. Devotion is never devoid of strength.
Human beings will enjoy three-fourths of life and one-fourth they will suffer. But, we lose our patience and do not accept even that one-fourth of sorrows given by Him. So many varied problems and hindrances must come, otherwise people won't understand and realize how and why He is the best of all friends and companions. He is the Dearest One, who keeps us protected in all calamities and adversities, which are unpredictable.
Don't be obsessed with any wish. Shake off sadness. Unhappiness is part of the ego. Beyond it, no such thing exists.

You don't bother, I am bothering for you.

People falter in life and suffer by discarding Him. But, they can't do anything without Him. Have faith in Him, unflinching faith. Love Him. Hazards take care of themselves. Remembering and depending on Him make one fearless in life, whatever may happen.
That you have forgotten Truth (that God is within), is the root cause of your misery. He gives us jolts so that we can be ready to taste real happiness with Him, to make us free of maya, or mind and attachments.
A painful blow becomes bearable to a great extent by His remembrance. As He inflicts blows on you, so also He gives you the capacity for bearing the suffering. As one tolerates unbearable situations with patience, a time comes when He resolves all problems. Whenever you have tumults in mind, try to remember this very often. You can do this. The key is with Him. Truth wins. He is your shield. Destiny still comes but He eases the suffering. We do not know His Will, so we grieve over all He does, but He always does everything for the best. Do not worry. Never try to understand. Only accept as a gift whatever He gives, take it as His blessing. When one feels, "I am helpless, my strength fails", He comes to hold the rudder. Being always in the midst of people with their selfishness, jealousy and hatred, the mind is afflicted with pain. These afflictions are shaken off like dust through devotion and remembrance of God's Name within.
When you have the shelter of Satyanarayan (God within), He will test you in various ways. Your duty is not to get agitated when these sorts of events hurt you. There is a saying of Him, "Whoever seeks Me, I shall pull them down (put them in dire adversities). Even then, if they do not leave Me and still seek Me, I then become their humble servant." He, the Almighty, by His wish and touch takes away the worldly attractions gradually to bring one to a blissful, peaceful state. A person cannot realize this state on his or her own due to the intensity of illusory worldly desire. You do everything, see everything, listen to everything, but do not get so deeply involved as to invite sufferings through them. Of course, He will ensure this, you don't have to make any effort for it. Just keep Him in your remembrance.


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