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They look great, Ann! The video with the captions are priceless. --- Rudrashekhar Das, New Jersey USA

I am excited about seeing and hearing Dadaji and this is a really awesome thing you have done on the website, people will, as I am, be impressed with this chance and opportunity to see and hear him as he was. I must express my gratitude to you, just to hear his voice is remarkable! I am sure that his message will surely reach everyone in the world. --- Daniel Mammone, AUSTRALIA

I was tickled pink with the video replete with captions for the hard of hearing. Well done. --- Steve Loomes, AUSTRALIA

Dadaji's face makes a glum person relieved. He has a glow in his eyes as well and a great personality. Your website about Dadaji is very pleasant and heart soothing. I never looked into the spiritual side (due to work and work and looking after family responsibility) I confess. --- Madhukar Singam, Solapur, INDIA

wow. there is something charming, agreeable, and undeniably true about Dadaji's sayings/teachings. here is a man who truly loved life in all its forms, one of the few 'masters' i've read about thus far who does not insist on carving up life into a narrow view of holy/profane. thank you for creating this site, and for sharing Dadaji with the web-literate world. --- Grace



Rare Video of Dadaji

Dadaji refused to allow professional video tapes to be taken of him whether in private at home or in public while travelling throughout the world. Therefore, these rare video selections are clips taken from amateur quality tapes taken in the 1980's. VHS tapes were converted from to digital, edited, subtitled and formatted for web distribution.

Although the poor quality of the original video tapes is apparent in these clips, nevertheless you can get an idea of what it was like to visit Dadaji in a private home and listen to him talk casually with those who came to meet him.

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