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I'm reading Dada's book DESTINY WITH DADAJI, by Abhi Bhattacharya, (downloaded free from the web site). It's very absorbing, and I'm enjoying it very much. I love to read about the Leelas of great beings. --- Adrian Newington AUSTRALIA

(23:56 min) Side 1 of 1976 audio tape made by Abhi Bhattacharya. Includes introduction by Abhi and 1973 recording of Dadaji speaking in Madras, India.

(27:44 min) Continuation of Dadaji's comments on Side 2 of 1976 audio tape made by Abhi Bhattacharya includes: 1973 recording of Dadaji speaking in Madras, India; Abhi talking about Dadaji's philosophy; and, Dadaji's comments recorded on All India Radio in 1973.

Abhi & Dadaji

Abhi Bhattacharya & Dadaji
Boulder Colorado USA 1986
by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part IV
On Dadaji

For 20 years beginning in 1971, Abhi Bhattacharya, award winning and much beloved Indian film star, travelled with Dadaji on annual tours throughout India and the world. Abhi drafted a hand written manuscript which he asked Ann Mills to edit and provide for free at Dadaji's website. Download it in pdf file at DESTINY WITH DADAJI.

The following 8 letters from Abhi to Ann Mills, selected from scores of letters Abhi sent in 1987-88 give valuable insights into Truth via transcribed tape recordings of Dadaji, intimate glimpses of Abhi's personal transformation, and intriguing, often miraculous, experiences he and many others had with Dadaji.

4 Abhi's Letters to Ann
4 Abhi's Letters to Ann

Abhi & Dadaji Dear His Love Ann,
A close friend of mine came from Calcutta in 1970 and stayed in my house for three days. He talked about Dada and His manifestations. Instantly, I had in mind, feeling the greatest miracle, that He was God without knowing what is God.

At the end of 1970, I wrote to Dada, "People have forgotten God." Before seeing Him, I wrote to Him how my relations with Him as God would be. When Dada came to my house in Bombay in May 1971, I realized I met Him earlier in 1954 when I went to play a festival cricket match in Calcutta with Bengal film stars and stayed for two days.

I was a Bombay movie actor and first met Dadaji when He was known as Amiya Roy Chowdhury. He wore a moustache and was a most foppish elite of Bengal, a very rich man with fashionable cars. At that time He was living in the same house in Calcutta, but it has since been expanded. In 1954, I went to His house to arrange financing for a movie. He agreed to help and asked me to meet Him the next day. That next day never came, because my time was not ripe. Who could imagine we would be together after seventeen years, in 1971, in my Bombay house and I would be staying at His house in Calcutta and travelling with Him throughout the world?

Although I had not met him as Dadaji, I used to send a few distressed people to see Him in Calcutta. He sent me books. Fifteen days before His arrival in Bombay, Dadaji phoned and said, "I will come and stay with you." Thereafter Dada used to come with fifteen or twenty men and women from different states (in India) to my house in Bombay and they had remarkable experiences of Him in Dada. From the first time we met in 1971, I tape recorded everything Dadaji said amidst others. In seventeen years of listening, gradually my mind tuned with Him and could follow what He said. Today His talks come spontaneously into my mind. I am, for the most part, exclusively in my house only to talk on Dada to those who come or phone, or send me letters. I never thought of it. This is my destiny. However, still I am working in the movie world because the world cannot be discarded for spirituality. We have to do what is designed.

In the beginning all top movie stars and personalities came to Dadaji. Then the top editors, scientists, intellectuals, I called them and they came without questioning. As Dadaji said,

"I come when they (their minds) are to come, as they are dead without me. I am the Existence."
So, the whole world will come, one by one. Nobody knows what is Satyanarayan. It is All, the whole Creation, Nama, Life, Soul, and Prakriti's mind and body.

Dada was very playful in the early years. The men and women who came to Him in Bombay had so many extraordinary experiences with Dada as God, Satyanarayan, Mahanam. Dada used to give a lot of Mahanam and used to teach the "Ramaiva Sharanam" song He wrote for remembrance. I recorded it and have in the past few years sent copies to brothers and sisters in many places in the world. Top stars, singers, scientists and scholars came to Dadaji to get Mahanam and saw His manifestations. Many wrote articles about their experiences for six volumes titled "On Dadaji."

Top editors came and wrote newspaper articles which were later preserved in books. This Advent is the first time on earth; it is unprecedented in the history of humanity, that the One who brings Eternal Religion and Truth is written about during the time of His sojourn on earth. The messenger and message are not being interpreted by others and distorted after years have passed. Others who came before where not recorded in their lifetimes. These accurate accounts of Dadaji and His message of Truth will remain for civilizations to come.

In 1969 Roma Mukerjee came to Dadaji, as she was to help with correspondence and cook for Him while we travelled throughout the world. He started meeting with small gatherings of people in private homes in Orissa, then Uttar Pradesh, then Bombay in 1971, Bihar in 1972, Madras in 1973, and eventually throughout India. Dadaji revealed step by step, according to the movement of people's minds, because mind must be ready for His Call. From childhood He has been the same. He watched the minds, then revealed and opened Himself.

Love, Abhi

Dear loving Ann,

Once Dadaji said,

"This is the fourth time He has come. Five hundred years ago, He came as a family man and greatest scholar, but not with school learning. As Chaitanya Mahaprabhu He started 'Hare Ram, Hare Krishna' Nama for the world. Before that, some four or five thousand years ago in Dvapara Yuga, He also came in the Full State as Krishna Chaitanya, family name Nimai Misra, a family man but no children. Then (in 1860), He came as Ram Thakur, not with Prakriti, but told about Mahanam. But, everyone forgot Him and their advice. Mind superceded, not interfered."
Ram ThakurRam Thakur (left) said, "Next, Who will come, will fix up the world with Truth." So, Dadaji comes with and as Prakriti, too. Before these four, those who came in each civilization were not Full, as were Dvapara Krishna, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Ram Thakur and Dadaji. Currently, the One in the highest form made His Advent in Calcutta as Dadaji to prove everything is He, Creation is His. Dadaji says,
"World cannot be discarded to become spiritualist. We have to come to the world to do our destined works, Karmas, not to get He is already within. We have to do the work for which we are destined."
Dadaji, comes with all the creative forces of Nature, Prakriti, to implant Nama. None can avoid. Dadaji has no school education, yet teaches the world. Prakriti, His Law, will not spare the world of mind, until the last one is liberated. Our minds are blind and corrupted, and must be changed. This is why Dada moves alone all over the world selflessly, as none before Him has ever done. Prakriti will draw all to Dada and Nama; no escape until the last person comes. This is Dadaji. His Great Will waited since His birth, though He controls destiny, planets, weather, all life.

None can challenge Him or oppose Him. None can judge Dadaji and His Ways, who ever wants to judge is finished. Dada is not a person. Satyanarayan and Name cannot be seen, but Dada in form is more than form. Dadaji is always at Satyanarayan state and at the same time Mahanam state within. He descends to Krishna state of mind for His Leela, for tasting and enjoying the mind's love, when our minds seek Him.

Follow Him continuously because He establishes Truth and Mahanam. His message has to be accepted for the suffering of humanity. There is no other way. Dada, as Amiya Roy Chowdhury, displays mental and superficial family attachments to show us we can't discard worldly attachments to become spiritual. Everything is He; the world is His family. Nothing is ours. He says,

"Our body is hired, a rent to be paid, then thrown away."
Dadaji & Abhi I waited fifteen years to tell exactly what Dada is....Purusha, He, the One, ?and? Prakriti, the female, His Creative Power, Yogamaya. He, Himself, the One is many. Truth is One. In Him is All, so He sees the Eternity, sees Himself, as His Existence in All. That is why His Aroma is everywhere in the universe. His Fragrance manifests all the time, anywhere in the world. It's His Wish, a reminder of Truth. For the world of mind, Mahanam exists. Beyond Creation, there is no Mahanam. Dadaji combines All, but He is not mind and not attached. He is neutral. Gopal Govinda, Mahanam, connects the beyond mind Infinite with the finite world of mind and forms. This is the original Nama and was set in the beginning when the Creation took place, when humanity was one. In Creation He is "the One" moving us within as Mahanam. He is our life, our breathing. Without Him we die (in the worldly sense). He is within.

Below the heart region is Vrindavan existing as Nama. Satyanarayan is beyond Creation. Dada as Mahanam is within His parents, children, wife and including Himself. Truth is One. Forms and mind are for His multiplication, His Play. We don't exist. Eventually, by time-factor, all come to Him after so many births of mind. Whether anyone meets Dada or not is immaterial. He, Himself, is everyone. Buddha, Christ, Ramakrishna, Hazrat, Mohammed, all will be lost in the Dada movement for Truth. It is only a matter of time.

With Dada's Love, Abhi

Dear New Ann,

How was your return journey from Calcutta? How is the health now? When I found you so sick, I did feel for your travel alone. Dr. Mukerjee gave you medicines and Dadaji was telling, "Physicians cannot know what is actually troubling her inside." There must be something else. I told Dadaji, "You can easily make her better by your Divine Wish. Why not? At least to make the journey back to America safe. Next day you were fit enough.

Dadaji, as usual, does His work silently, suffers, does not tell what He does from within. You are okay now? My brother, Atin, is an example of how Dadaji showed He controls beings. Atin came from Calcutta to Bombay to have his back operated on. He was injured doing Yoga with a top teacher. A top executive, his company was paying all expenses. Although he had avoided Dadaji for ten months due to problems with his relatives, Dadaji was all the time talking to him from within, saying if he was operated on he would be crippled forever because the diagnosis was wrong. One day before the operation, Atin refused to have it on Dadaji's advice. It was not the spine according to Dadaji, who was in Calcutta at the time. In front of me in Bombay, Dadaji treated him from within by a series of continuous jerks which moved the nerves that were pinched between the bones. Atin returned to Calcutta healed. Are these miracles or Him?

Another time, my brother Atin was in the large hall where Dadaji stays in my house. There I have a large photo of Dadaji reclining on a divan. One day my brother said, "Look how Dada smokes." Atin lit a cigarette, put it to the lip of Dada's photo, and Dada smoked it continuously until the end of the cigarette.

So many things happen. Dada was talking and doing fun, sometimes scaring him and whatnot. He was talking from within, although Atin and Dada were staying away from each other, and Dada was amongst many other people talking normally. One time Atin was in Bombay and Dada was in Calcutta, but from within Atin, Dada said, "Abhi should give you Scotch whiskey." I didn't know that I had any in the house, but the next day I found a small bottle from an airplane flight you had given me long before and I had forgotten about. I gave it to Atin later, because Dada was constantly pressing for him to have it.

Dada ground on Atin from within saying, "Do this." "Do that." Atin was given a lot of diseases, pain now and then, and Dada was controlling it all to curb his excessive personal tendencies. Now Atin does not see Dadaji; does not need.

Dr. Mukerjee, one of Dadaji's physicians, was in his dispensary when a patient came for treatment. Dr. Mukerjee was about to give an injection when he heard Dadaji from within him saying, "Don't give." He still went to give the injection and again heard Dadaji with a louder voice, "Don't give!" Dr. Mukerjee stopped. The patient was taken to some other place and died. He was to die, and if he died after that injection, Dr. Mukerjee would have been held responsible. Dadaji, speaking to the doctor within, saved him. Later, when Dr. Mukerjee saw Dadaji passing in a car, he tried to tell Him, but Dada said, "I know."

When we returned from one tour abroad, Dadaji said about Dr. Mukerjee's wife, "She is not well." He told her, "Get yourself checked by a doctor." Mrs. Mukerjee had been in full charge of Dadaji's house while Boudi and their son, Abhijit, were travelling with us in America. Mrs. Mukerjee never bothered about her illness due to Dada's order to look after His home. She was immediately operated on by a top surgeon. It was found her appendix had burst, however, the burst particles were found separate, covered like in a package. When the appendix bursts, few can survive. The surgeon said, "It is beyond medical science how she survived."

So many extraordinary things happen to Dr. and Mrs. Mukerjee. One time, Dr. Lalit Pandit was present when all the water available in their home, including that stored in the water tank, became Charanjal. Dr. Saxena, Harley Street, London physician had a very rich patient from East Africa who was childless. Treatment failed. Ultimately, Dr. Saxena filled a syringe with Dadaji's Charanjal and injected the patient. Nine months later, Dr. Saxena received thanks for his patients newborn child.

Once Satyan Bose, a famous film director, was continuously hearing from others about Dadaji's manifestations. He got fed up. He refused to take Charanjal, he only wanted plain water to drink. But, wherever and whatever water he tried to drink became Charanjal.

Mr. Satyen Bose and Mrs. Ruby Bose have no children. They had a dog they loved like a child. After they met Dadaji, the dog became seriously ill. A physician was treating the dog. Dadaji, in Calcutta and knowing the dog was to die, kept Mrs. Bose humored by talking to her within so she would not break down at the dog's death. Dada knew her mental state and nature. The dog died, but just before death, Dada said within her, "Now the dog Baptu has already come to me. May be breathing for awhile." Dadaji's Aroma was there in death and Mrs. Bose was calm. After I reached her house, she said, "Can you imagine Baptu died and I am talking to you like this. Dada keeps me cool. Otherwise, as per my nature, the whole house would have been on a grieving rampage."

Love and His Love, Abhi

Dear Ann Mills, His Love,

Your last letter proves how Dada is correct in His message. Nobody has the right to control the mind because Prakriti is ever changeable, fickle in actions and reactions to whatever we faced and face. That is destiny, fixed, we cannot control. We think we are doing. NO. Not at all. Everything is He, Dada.

In the early years after I met Dada in 1971, I used to visit those who met Dada to know their reactions and experiences. So often I have seen how Dadaji molds destiny. One married couple brought their daughter and son to see Dada regularly for over fifteen years. They were always silent in His Presence. Dadaji liked them. Once He asked the mother, "Do you want to know anything?" "No," she replied. "About your daughter?" He asked. She said, "No." Nevertheless, Dada said, "Your daughter will go out of your house on her own, will marry someone not in your religion. But, she will come back again and later she will be married in the way as you want. It will not be a problem. It will be in a different city, people will forget." The mother did not believe Dadaji, could not imagine it of her beautiful, devoted daughter, who was a brilliant nuclear science student. Ultimately, it happened as Dada said.

One day the husband came and said, "My wife is not eating. She's crying all the time. She did not tell me what Dadaji told her. Now she tells me, when our daughter is gone." It is mind which brings a person's fixed, preordained destiny. From birth to the present, we have to meet specific people and pass through fixed experiences.

Dadaji says,

"Mark, all individual minds in the world are different. Even husband and wife, who sleep together, still think differently. This is mind's destiny, which He creates. Let mind work mind's way. Mind is blind, has no peace unless He comes."
There is no control of our mind, which is He also. So, all is One. He has become many with mind; eventually mind comes to Him.

In the case of this young daughter, it happened as Dada said. The parents phoned Dadaji. He said, "I told you. Now bring her somehow to your house and give the Satyanarayan locket to wear. She will come. Later she will stay with you, getting out of the previous marriage on her own. All will be safely executed." The locket is important only in that it means it is His Wish. The daughter came to meet Dada, returned home, remarried and now has two children blessed by Dadaji. He is the Creator of destiny. Nobody can change the predestined event, but Dada as Satyanarayan, with His manifesting power (Prakriti) could do what He said. It was His Wish, so with all.

Without mind, Creation is nil. In mind is all....thousands of mental, physical and emotional desires and wants in varying degrees with each person and all are destined, although destiny is unknown. All over the world, all are intermingled. Individual mind is changeable and people suffer with bodily love, and actions and reactions to create happiness one moment, the next moment unhappiness. Eventually comes the body's death. Only He remains, all else is temporary.

Dadaji says,

"No one should complain about one's destiny. It is there to happen; a person has no hand in it. Don't blame others."
Only patience and Mahanam are needed because He gives blows to hammer the ego. No use to think of the past and repent. You are going to be free of worldly influences and be free of wants and desires, losses and gains. It worked in me long ago. He did it as told in 1971.

Today it is clear that He worked from within, taking away mind's tendencies to free me to be with Him. When all desires are gone, ego gone, He remains. Dada from within and from outside removed all best friends and relatives (which they are not). He made me free to be alone. No attachments except Him. I never feel alone. Have no sense of wants; only to enjoy Him, Dada, within and outside, too. You are now coming to the point, "only Him."

Human love affairs of mind superficially looks fine, but ultimately upsets and uncertainties happen. Judge your own case. Everyone has to go through this. With Dada, unknown destiny fades out. He is there with you. None other can help you. Be happy. Let Him enjoy His doings. No planning. Everything He will do.

Be cheerful in His Love, Dada guides, Abhi

Dear Ann, the Queen of His Love,

One cannot control the mind because He has set it to come to Him. He controls His own created minds, but He is not mind. So we come and go and are not permanent. He is permanent.

To remember Him is a must. Remember Mahanam to reduce the effects of destiny and to improve life. Dadaji says,

"Name is the only path, there is no other way. Name and He are the same."
Dadaji comes to take out the mind's nature gradually in the course of time, in a natural way. No effort is required, but blows come to change one for the better. Then, He does the rest to bring the mind to Him. When mind comes to Him, He touches it and begins giving His Love. So, He relishes but Himself; only He exists, we don't. Only by mind's I-sense or ego, do we feel separate from Him. He does not separate, He exists only.

All living beings have to take human births with mind and consciousness to feel the urge of love for Him. No other beings can feel this, so human birth is the greatest of all births. When mind comes to His Love, then He relishes, not in the physical sense, not like a person loves. The whole world is a better world for His Love and the whole Creation is of His Love. This is what people have to learn now.

Dadaji says Mahanam is what He does from inside. No question of realization, no Yoga, no meditation....all are ego-based. Everything is He. Even in crows, animals, insects, etc., He is there as Life, as Mahanam. Humans are given consciousness, that's the difference. Actually, nothing exists without Mahanam.

In suffering or remembering Mahanam, realizations will come automatically. One cannot control desires of mind which He has given....ultimately to come to Him in is His choice. Mahanam is the Supreme Knowledge, not received by intellect. We forgot It in Maya, in births and desires of mind. He now comes to help us to Life from the Maya, from the blindness to hold Mahanam, to feel He is the Doer from inside (we are not). And, the Prarabdha (destined unfolding) of mind and body diminishes with lesser actions and reactions because now He holds us, as it is His Wish.

Dadaji has come as the Creator to explain Truth. People cannot explain because of limitations of mind and learned knowledge. Whatever He said in the earliest scriptures, none can interpret. Truth is One, formless and in all forms with Mahanam. One in two; two in One. Beyond mind, no Mahanam. Dada is beyond mind, Infinite, Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent, so He sees the Whole.

With love, Abhi

His dearest Fragrance, the Queen,

I received two earlier cards of yours. I always wait for your letters with your news. In the meantime, twice I had to go to Calcutta for a Bengali film. My role was of a most powerful saint, Maha Rishi Vishwamitra. He puts all sorts of obstacles to test a very famous King Harishchandra and his wife. The King and his wife gave up all to the saint to keep the King's word, Truth, and left the kingdom with their child. They suffered to the last point for Truth. Ultimately, Vishwamitra returns everything to him. Dadaji says this Vishwamitra was the only one who, being from a low caste (socially), became Brahmarshi, one who knew Truth, Brahman. Vishwamitra means friend of the world.

World famous Indian journalist, lecturer and ex-Member of Parliament Khushwant Singh wrote many editorials about his experiences with Dadaji. When he first came, Mr. Singh wrote: "I have no faith, faith is denial of reason." "Reason to me is Supreme."

Then he had Mahanam and wrote: "Message is delivered, 'Gopal Govinda.' But, it does not shake my disbelief in God."

Later he wrote: "Dadaji comes like a breath of fresh air. He displays occult powers which he disowns. He is a 'Godman' but vehemently denounces the cult of Gurus and Godmen by condemning them as charlatans who are misleading humanity. 'Expose them!' Dadaji exhorted me. 'And, if you can't do that, get them together through an invitation and let me disprove their pretensions'." This editorial continued: "When I called on Dadaji at the house of actor Abhi Bhattacharya, he placed his hand on my shoulders and made a tingling sensation run through my spine; my body exuded the Aroma of a thousand joss sticks. Then, in front of everyone, he plucked a wristwatch out of my chest. It was Seiko, made in Japan. Everyone examined it. Once on my wrist, Dadaji ran the palm of his hand over it and asked me to look at it again. The word Seiko vanished. Instead it bore my name (misspelt) and the name of the donor, Dadaji. He knew my weakness for whiskey. Out of nowhere appeared a bottle of Scotch, the like of which I have never seen. A white porcelain flask entitled, 'Dreamland Whiskey, Made in the Universe,' with my name printed at the base. Then a blank paper held in my hand was as suddenly covered with a message in red ink from Sri Sri Satyanarayan. I am baffled."

In another editorial Mr. Singh wrote: "'Dadaji, tell me why are people scared of dying and death?' Dadaji realizes I am talking about myself and looks perturbed: 'Aren't you in good health?' 'Only my mind is obsessed with death. Please help me to get over this morbid obsession.' He grabs me by my shoulders and draws me toward him almost knocking my turban off my head. With his fingers he traces patterns down my spinal cord and runs them through my beard. A shiver runs down my body and the Aroma of a thousand Agarbattis (incense sticks) envelops me. 'From now on you will not think of death,' he commands. I nod my head, touch his feet and take my leave. I thread my way through the throng of admirers, locate my sandals out of the hundreds of pairs and walk away with a jaunty step. Dadaji has made me Mukti (free) of death phobia. Now, in the evening I find myself writing about dying and death."

Actually, there is no death. At His Wish, mind may be infused in another body like a new house built over a demolished house. From Satyanarayan, Zero, human beings are created by Him out of Panchabhuta, the five elements of Nature. The body is His cover. Within, He exists as Soul or Atma, as Mahanam and breathing life. He is covered by the mind's I-sense or ego, whom we call human beings. To Dadaji there is no distance or time separating all beings. This is Truth, as Dadaji in human form tells us. He has no attachment to body and mind. He, Himself, is All, within All as Mahanam. He is doing everything, because He is within, holding the body; it is not ours.

When this "Abhi" is buried or destroyed, how can he further exist with the same identification in another world? Out of the body-mind-Soul complex, the Soul remains imperishable. Body is temporary cover of the Soul. Mind remains with the Soul and according to the desires of the individual mind and His Wish, it comes into another new body to create individual destiny for His Play. It is His World and who dies or not, does not affect Dada.

Death is when the mind is merged with Him. Our attachment to the body creates fears of death, therefore the I-sense is blind to see Life and Him. Seeking bodily pleasures brings the mental sufferings and happiness, in turn, as reactions to whatever we perceive with our senses. Minds attachment goes on and on. One has to finish mind's desires to become Zero, to be merged into Absolute Truth, Sri Sri Satyanarayan.

We think we suffer or feel happy. But no, in Him is the suffering. Dadaji takes so much suffering in His body for us and does not allow the second person to know or guess. From Australia, Bruce Kell phoned to Dada for Peter Phillips, who was in hospital with massive heart attack. Bruce was given Charanjal, Divine water, when he placed a glass of plain water near the phone and it turned to Charanjal. Then Peter had Charanjal, came out of hospital the next day. Physicians were puzzled.

Dadaji constantly suffers, as All-merciful, takes diseases of so many devotees all over the world. He becomes free, then again he is sick. Yet, He cannot have diseases because He is beyond mind. Nothing is after death or beyond this world, everything is here. It's a play of Eternity.

As Rabindranath Tagore wrote, "We have to pay off all debts of life in death. Since we are born to understand the hardest Truth of Love, that He prevails." Now, I can understand what Tagore meant for Dada and for Truth.

With Love and Joy, Abhi

My dear the Queen of Dadaji's Fragrance,

Your letters and cards are really the tie that continues to inspire me to write. You cannot be forgotten. What a choice of Dada, the HE, I am accustomed to write, think and speak about. Dada, Who cannot be properly fathomed or defined with the level of He or Him. People are accustomed to say, "He", without knowing What and Who is He. Still we are in darkness about God.

Dada said, "You people are the foolest of fools" limited by mind and intellect, limited in time and space. Dadaji says whatever people know about God and Life, Creation and death is all wrong. In the Upanisads, the earliest of scriptures, the sayings of God could not be interpreted by people's minds. So He is here to interpret Truth, which is more than the scriptures.

Because Dadaji is always in Absolute State, He can distinguish between mind and beyond. A person cannot. This is the first time, the world is hearing and experiencing beyond mind Truth in Dadaji. For the first time people will know that the universe, with limitless manifestations, is taking place due to the Creator, Satyanarayan, and human beings have nothing to do with it. Dadaji said,

"People of this Age are so lucky, can talk to Him, see Him. Never before. Those who are fortunate will come; all will come ultimately."
Dadaji's miracles and manifestations occurring in normal situations, while talking to us, require no effort. It is natural with Dada because the whole Creation is moving according to His Design; everything is happening in Him. Miracles, which none other can do, show His Supremacy. It's His Will, not temporary acquired powers of mind. Miracles happen to establish Truth or for His Love to devotees. They happen regardless of how Dada appears to us whether talking, angry, whatever state He is in, miracles happen. Dada simply says,
"It happens. Miracles. This is also extrinsic. Try and find Him."
Professor Bibhuti Sarkar was the earliest associate and writer of Dadaji. He searched for 45 years for spiritual satisfaction and was associated with the greatest scholars of his time. Once in 1974, he was in a hospital for a severe illness. He had a tremendous love to eat, therefore his mind was not free. Otherwise, Dr. Sarkar was all for Dada. He was on his deathbed and Dada wanted him to live for a few more days so he could be mentally free of the excessive love of eating and would not have to be born again. Whatever Dr. Sarkar wanted to eat, Dadaji advised his wife to give him. Dada secretly was paying money for this to Dr. Sarkar's wife as they had become financially weak. Just to prolong his life for a few days more beyond his fixed time, Dada secretly without anybody's notice, went to a dentist and had a healthy tooth pulled. Something of Prakriti has to be given to intervene in the law of Prakriti or to change it for a great cause (like His Delhi fall and severe two month illness in 1973). Otherwise, Prakriti cannot be changed because it is His Prakriti.

As for devotees illnesses, for those who deserve He takes illnesses of them without anybody's guessing. Again, it is a spontaneous happening. So many of His teeth are gone like by one. Dada's body would not have suffered if He did not have Love for us....Great Love.

Being self-centered due to mind's egoistic nature, a person cannot love as He loves. At the time Dr. Sarkar was in the hospital, I was sitting near Dadaji's cot in His bedroom. All of a sudden, Dada said, "Why, Professor Bibhuti Sarkar is here with me." Then Dadaji called Dr. Sen and others and said, "Professor Sarkar is dead." They all went to the hospital and I stayed with Dada. A phone call came confirming Dr. Sarkar was dead. Dada wanted Dr. Sarkar to stay a few more days to live to be desireless and have no more births, so Dada gave His tooth. But, according to His All-merciful Wish, death happened to eliminate Sarkar's pain.

I asked what would happen to Sarkar. Dadaji said, "He has to come once for a short while in the next birth. Of course he will be born to talk of Truth until he dies at the age of 30. His name will be Annada Roy."

There are so many facts like this I have recorded from the actual participants. Dadaji says,

"Dada gives up the (His) body. He is Eternal Life. He, as Existence, remains when the body fails."
Mind also comes to Him and with Him, but mind with the I-sense for a few minutes watches the body in Maya (with attachment), then remains with Dada, either to come in the next body or to merge. Only He knows.

Love, Abhi

Ann, the Fragrance of Dada,

Only Dada. No Him, no Satyanarayan, no Mahanam. Dadaji. Dada, Who establishes Truth. Although in human form of Satyanarayan and Mahanam, Dada as Supreme is the only rescue and shelter when a person is involved and involved, and utterly dismayed by worldly contacts, relations, and events, which only exist in limited time and space temporarily. You are saved, so are all who do not leave Dada under any circumstances.

I was in Calcutta for a day's movie schedule and few days with Dada. Your two letters were there with Dada when He asked me to reply. You are wonderful to write, "Dada tells me from within or directs where to go." That is enough. Your play is on the fiery level. All past had a meaning significant for Truth or His ways, so take it in that way. So, mind is neutral now, with His, Dada's Love, nothing else matters. You are right to hold Him only. You become His now.

He has come in human form of Dada to establish Truth, for His Leela, or Love Play. Can anyone move selflessly about the world as Dada moves on His own? No one can. Everywhere Dadaji goes He remains in a small room seeing a few people. Those who are wanted will come to Him, meet Him and experience Mahanam. Others may not, but to see Dadaji's photo or hear His name, is also effective. That is why it is important to include Dada's photo in news articles and books.

As I recorded in 1973, Dadaji said,

"Because Dada and Mahanam will be in books, I will become exclusive. Eventually people will only see Dada and that is enough to be graced by His Divine Cosmic form."
He enjoys His Leela and the message of Truth is delivered to the world.

One day in 1978, while riding in a car in New York, Dadaji said,

"A time will come when there is great destruction. The world is proceeding toward it gradually with tendencies of mind and nature. The same fate happens to civilizations at the end of each Yuga cycle before the new one starts with stabilized mind and with Truth identified with Dadaji. The last one was Dvapara Yuga. Before Buddha and Christ there were dark days. This present Kali Yuga is the worst Kali Yuga, the worst of all civilizations, and it ends at the height of science automatically. There are so many Ages that have come and gone, Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali are civilizations termed according to the nature of the mind during each age. Nature remains the same. Nama was present in all Ages, but now humans have become self-proclaimed 'Gurus' or 'Gods' and there are so many religious organizations and castes, which will be finished."
Today there are so many differences and divisions between people; Truth is lost. Whatever people know of life and God is completely distorted and misinterpreted. The Root of Creation, Life and Destiny has come in human form as Dadaji to be amongst us at the end of civilization. He has come to mold human minds, attuning them to be conscious of Truth within as Mahanam, Gopal Govinda, the existence of all.

Dadaji has no mind, but he shows physical and mental suffering which moves and molds the future of humanity gradually from virulent, destructive minds to be born in the next birth with Truth. Suffering doesn't end until He, "the One" in human form, comes with all the power of manifestation (Prakriti) as Dadaji.

This (late 1980's onward) is the worst part, the height of suffering. People will wail and wail. War, natural calamities, diseases, and destruction are in Dadaji's wish to fix up humanity in proper shape; to remove all differences of religion and realize Truth is One and the whole Creation is His. Humanity cannot do it. See what happens.

In deference to Truth, He has accelerated the inexorable Laws of Nature, Prakriti and mind to revolt. Increasingly people will realize in three years time (1989, 1990, 1991) and thereafter. Read the news coverage. Nature revolts, climates change. Human minds are unpredictable and will destroy each other over differences of religion and power. People will finish themselves by fighting against one another, ultimately to come to the Truth. Diseases are accelerated. Dadaji says nobody knows why diseases take place one after another. Physicians fail, falling victim to diseases themselves. Diseases may be cured, but then comes another.

All human calculations will be upset gradually to establish that humans can do nothing. Humans are helpless in His Creation. Ultimately, everyone will come to realize it is He that matters. He is the only Eternal Religion.

This is a gradual process, Dadaji says, blows cannot be given all at one time, for one must feel them. A time will come when the Laws of Nature (Prakriti) will spare nothing. It does not spare Him also, because it is also His; He is both. When the Law of Nature is acute, virulent, and destruction sets in, Dadaji will leave (Dada died on June 7, 1992). Prakriti will do the rest, as the world of Nature is also His. The rest follows to completion.

One cannot imagine the fate of Creation. Dadaji said, "Only remedy is somehow remember me. If you don't, does not matter. I am Prakriti and He." So much of the population with corrupted minds have to be finished for a new civilization of Truth. Now Truth has been lost in the movement of mind's ignorance, greediness, selfishness. Power loving people are devoid of Love and Truth, and must come to realize God and humanity are inseparable.

Thereafter, no differences of religion will exist. These are recorded mandates of Dada for the future, the doings of His Law of Prakriti for Truth. She (Prakriti) does not spare anyone unless mind accepts Him and lives life normally with Him. Prakriti gives everything to enjoy, provided one takes care of Him. Otherwise, Prakriti does not spare, She is merciless.

To guard us, Dadaji as Satyanarayan, says for the good of future civilizations,

"Feed your normal and natural desires otherwise they will revolt. Do not starve them, but do not do excess either. And, keep Him in mind, then you will be in His lap. Otherwise, Prakriti will not spare."
It is the Law of His Creation, which He does not interfere with except to establish Truth.

In 1973, in Calcutta, while I was alone with Dadaji at His house, I asked, "Tell me frankly, in the future will Dadaji as Nama stay?" Dadaji said, "'I' is ego. 'I' cannot say. You, Abhi, can say, 'yes'."

I asked, "But, why has He not come as Rama or Krishna, why as Dadaji?" Dadaji said,

"Without Dadaji who will teach Love? Rama or Krishna is Eternal and cannot express to guide. So He, in form as Dada, has come to bestow Love, and with Prakriti to mold life. Now it is a question of time. The seed is sown, then the tree grows, it flowers and fruit is there to eat. It cannot be done in a day."
This is Dadaji, Satyanarayan, without limitations. He is silent and patient; but in front of people Dadaji, as a man and brother, smokes cigarettes, drinks tea, shows concern for His family and shows feelings like laughing and impatience. All to show worldliness and one adapted to character of mind. But, as Satyanarayan, Creator of life and destiny knowing the whole Eternity, nothing escapes His vision. He shows the highest patience to tolerate our faults. Dadaji knows all but does not allow it to be known, saying,
"I don't know anything."
He does not care who comes or does not come (to see him or read about him), it does not matter to Him, because He is the Existence, Life, and Destiny, and, all minds will come to Him today or tomorrow. Mind starts from Him and finishes in Him receiving His Love. This is the purpose of Creation, so a person cannot do anything. He is the Creation Itself.

All who meet Dada have no power to resist His Call. It is His wish from within. This is Dada. I have lived so many years since my birth in Bangladesh village. Who knew a movie star would move with Dada to the present state of mind to write about Truth, about Dadaji? He has a cause for it. He being within, made my mind exclusive, unaware, gradually, He detached the mind from external and surrounding influences (Prakriti). Actions and reactions are gone. Sense of wants, demands, too, are gone.

Abhi & Dadaji Imagine how I could write this now and keep all recordings and records on Dadaji. I am His choice, which I never dreamed, as I wanted to be in movie acting. Now nothing is there except His works and talks, and some movie acting, also created by Him. He guides and looks after me.

Only He can take away our mental involvements. Then we can be peaceful with stabilized mind. Analyze all who meet Him. Eventually, that is the outcome of Dadaji's Cosmic Divine Form. So, remembering Him is a must. Of course, we can't even remember Him unless He makes it so, which He has been doing.

Dada has come to remove the cover of Maya, mind and ego, to help us feel the Oneness. There are hundreds of audio cassettes out of which I took information to write to you. Dada spoke in Bengali, Hindi, English, etc. As Omniscient, He can speak any language whenever He feels necessary, including Urdu, Arabic, Sanskrit, and the earliest of languages.

I felt like writing to you as if Dadaji guides from within. You are chosen one for Truth.

With love and best wishes,

Part IV, continued

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