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I remember going to Utsav celebrations in Calcutta since my childhood and had known Dada since then. Although I never the doubted the divine in him and was fond of him, I was on the whole somewhat skeptical of everything, and didn't take his words too seriously. Years went by like that and it was only in the summer of '96, during my visit to Calcutta, that I started feeling closer to Him than ever before, and in the time to come since then, I have offered myself in loving submission to Him. You'll be glad to know that my life has been happier since then. --- Avijit Sarkar, Des Plaines, Illinois USA

Ramaiva Sharanam
written & composed by Dadaji
Dadaji at son's wedding Calcutta India 1985

"Your Dadaji, Amiya Roy Chowdhury, says do not try to test the Supreme Being. Do not try to understand Him with the help of your mind or intellect. Ever follow the Truth. Then, and then only, you are in communion with Him."

by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part IV
On Dadaji

1 A Biographical Sketch (Links to different page, use back button to return here.)

2 Dadaji on Dadaji

3 Dadaji's Tape Recorded Comments

4 Abhi's Letters to Ann (Links to different page)

5 Twenty Years with Shri Dadaji - by Roma Melrose, Boulder, Colorado USA

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2 Dadaji on Dadaji
This section includes Dadaji's revealing
comments on Dadaji. They were compiled from
conversations, tape recordings, letters and previous publications.

Dadaji is no individual. Where all limitation evaporates, the Truth Absolute is manifested in the form of Dadaji for the redemption of humanity, which is wallowing in the quagmire of finitude and want.

Dadaji is the complete repudiation of ego. He is no person. The Will Supreme therefore displays an endless variety of fantastic miracles through him to iron out all atheism.

Sri Rama would address others as "Apne" (Oh, mine!), for all are His own. But Dada says, "Thou" and never "Apne" to anyone, for he is shorn of egoism through and through.

I am no Godman, no Guru, no Sadhu. I have no Religion, Temple or Ashram. I am an ordinary family man running a toy shop in Calcutta.

I am a family man. I have two children, grandchildren and a wife. I have a toy shop in New Market (Calcutta, India). From the time of my boyhood, I love Him. Because I know that other than Him, I am nobody. God is Govinda. He is everything. You can say God is Dadaji. Dadaji is God. I am full of Him. He is chanting in your heart 24 hours, inside of us, making love to us as Mahanam. Because you are breathing, talking, doing, you know He is within you. Sometimes I hear that chanting He is doing. He is always with me, with that Mahanam that He does inside of us. I don't know what He does but so many people saw that Mahanam, but not with these eyes.

Boudi LEFT: Dadaji & his wife Boudi in Disneyland, California USA 1979

Have you noticed your Boudi? How she is simple, like a child. Full of Love within, beyond the afflictions of wants and demands.

Your Boudi has withstood extreme hardships all her life with great patience unfathomable by anyone, all for the cause of Truth and for him (Dadaji).

People have seen how Dada, Boudi and his children have suffered so much but had patience. Dadaji shows how one should accept or face life patiently.

All my relations and in-laws said, "He is a fool, he's a madman, he cannot do anything." Only Father says no. He (Dadaji) is not at all educated. All my relations are the highest educated and respected. Eventually, they all bow down before Dadaji.

This one is and is not at once a householder.

From my boyhood, Dadaji is Something.

In this Dadaji there is a Dadaji in you, in me and in all beings Omnipresent, at the Root of the vibration of Life.

In this state, He is in infinite worlds simultaneously.

He (Dadaji) has multiple manifestations simultaneously in different places.

Each and everybody is He, so I can't be separated from anybody.

I find only One, all else is naught.

Other than Him, I am nobody.

Grace comes directly from Him. Your Dada also has no role in this matter. Dada is just another person like you all.

He does not dispense anything like Grace. Rather, He comes along with it.

Here your Dadaji is nobody. Try to follow that Truth.

He can do whatever He likes. I cannot say I am Guru, God, or anything. I cannot give you anything, I cannot take from you anything. I have got no right.

The Shrine of all Shrines resides within my heart. His Reality is closest to me and none else can be closer.

I am everything. I don't claim any Religion. Religion is One. All over the universe is my Temple.

Dadaji LEFT: Words mysteriously appeared when photo of Dadaji was developed

I exist as long as you exist. I am your Existence.

Dadaji is in open manifestation with you all the time.

When this Divine Being takes form, the Will of the Almighty alone acts. In a second all the universe, in your language, can be traveled, even what happens anywhere can be seen. Also it can be known what will happen and what has happened can be told (by Dadaji).

In that State, nothing can be compared or valued. Everything can happen at the signal of a finger, by the Will of the Almighty. He is Benevolent. These things are a matter of realization. It is impossible to explain this in words. The spiritual body rounds the endless universe in a second and knows everything in a moment too. Everything is there, again, nothing is there. That state of condition is full as well as void.

I am always with you. Though physically present near you, I may be also present somewhere else.

He (Dadaji) is verily in the realm of Nature and yet he is not in it. But, he has to abide by the Laws of Nature. Disease and decrepitude will assail him.

I am giving myself away without anybody's knowledge.

Rasa and beauty are not for him (Dadaji); the cup of sorrow is his elixir. I am shouting (telling about Truth), and you people are wondering as to what I am after. This is not shouting, to be sure, it is weeping.

I have left myself in the grave yard.

Those who take the dust of the feet (touch Dadaji's feet) have mind. But, he (Dadaji) whom they bow to has none of it, so disease is easily transferred to him.

They are decorating me (giving garlands of flowers), but whom indeed? That's Him. This decoration is calculated to please the devotee.

I shall always be with you. You are always with me.

There is no distance between you and me. He can extend His Love from any distance.

I am in you. You are in me. Do not forget that. We can't be separated.

I am with you always, whether you like it or not.

You will not get a better friend (Dadaji) in this world.

There is no escape from Him (Satyanarayan). Either Truth or Kali (destruction). Others will not get this opportunity.

Even he (Dadaji) also is impelled by desire while coming here. Otherwise, he cannot come. The Will Supreme is the desire. In fact, He has no body. He neither comes, nor goes.

Be with your experiences. This man (Dadaji) should not intrude upon them. He is an outsider, though expert in eavesdropping.

Whatever He (as Dadaji) says is the Veda (highest, infallible religious doctrine).

Do not ask any questions of him (Dadaji). I do not know. I do not say anything. It is only He Who speaks.

Whatever He says, there is none in the world can challenge.

How do you analyze him? Touch, Fragrance of limbs, impartial outlook and incisive look! Not that he is gazing that way, he is Plenitude without any gap. No demand. He has come along with stocks (provision). This (Dadaji) is a manifestation of the Infinite.

He has been thrust here with all provisions. The program was to reduce to submission Sadhus (holy persons), Sannyasis (renunciates) and Pundits (intellectuals).

Most people think He works directly. Actually, He works indirectly.

I will beat you! He strips one of all vestures (through, as Dadaji calls it, beatings), so one cannot even be an instrument.

Whomever will befriend him (Dadaji) in his or her suffering (beatings) of Prarabdha will surely go to Satyaloka (Bhuma, Infinite).

I will kill you! What is killing? Nothing but shedding off egoism.

This one (Dadaji) stays not where there is no character, no equanimity, no evaporation of egoism.

He has neither any will, nor its reverse. He has profound Love only. Still, that He has come here through the Will Supreme is apt to deliver countless Jivas (individuals). There was no plan of mass contact.

Right from his boyhood, your Dada has been hammering on this so-called Gurudom (God business). This is sheer landlord's business, making five-star hotels. If I know Truth, then how will I be able to become a Guru? I am then you and you are me. Where does Guru come in?

I went to the Himalayas as a young boy. I told these people, "Why are you people doing Jap Tap (Name repetition and austerities)? What's the use? That is nothing. All false. Go, marry, because you have got desires. Give up this Jap Tap. Go and work." Because from my childhood, I know Something.

This person (Dadaji), met a number of Yogis and Sadhus doing Jap Tap in mountain caves. He asked them, "Where is the Guru? Why have you left your home? The world is created by the Almighty. Why do you leave His world? Is He found only here?"

Happiness? To whom do you speak of happiness? For long thirty years he (Dadaji) used to sleep on the floor of a small room in a mosque.

All the topmost saints in the world come to Dadaji. Dadaji is an innocent, illiterate. He does not know the A B C D of anything. It does not matter. It is His Wish.

This Dada is afraid of nobody. Let anyone who wants come and challenge Him face-to-face.

You bring any saint before Him (as Dadaji) for two minutes time. Satya Sai, Rajneesh, Muktananda, Krishnamurti, so many topmost saints have come before Him. All bow down before the Supreme.

If anybody wants to challenge Dada or can convince him that this one (Dada) is wrong, then Dada is to be his disciple. Dada is true or let them be true. There is no compromise between these two.

You have misgivings (about Mahanam and Dadaji)? No matter. Well, stand it (your misgivings), and what you have got (Mahanam) remember, then it's all right.

I don't know Gita. I don't know Bhagavad. I am not a literate man. I don't know English, Bengali, or anything. But whatever, I am telling, I am telling, telling. And, I don't know what I'm telling. I am not bothered. That is not my business. I cannot give you anything, I cannot take from you anything. I am not a Guru, not a saint, not a Yogi Baba. Have you understood or not? Let any Guru, saint, Yogi Baba come before Him for two minutes. They will know who is Dadaji, Who is He. They will have to take that Diksha (revelation of Name) from Almighty. That is an open challenge for the world. Any Baba, Yogi, saint can come.

Whatever this is (Mahanam)....Absolute. Whatever someone gives another in the ear, that is a bluff. I am not a Guru, I am an Elder Brother.

History has never recorded such an Advent. And, it never will have such an Advent again. What He says is absolutely flawless. None has any power to find fault with His words.

He knows everything. There may occur some confusion in recollection. That is why whenever He (Dadaji) talks of any person, he appears in front of Him.

So, I tell you one thing. How can anybody be Guru or God? Because I don't like all these things, you may kill me. I don't bother for that. About Him, whatever you tell must be from Him. If in the mind you are saying anything, it is all bluff for the purpose of money, house, this, that.

I can die or whatever it is, but in the Name of Him.

I don't know anything. I cannot say anything. I cannot tell anything. Sometime, it is His Wish what He does. It is His Wish what Dadaji does.

Who is He? He is not Dadaji. Dadaji is a most ordinary illiterate.

Even though your Dada has never read anything, still this one knows something. Don't you believe it? Tell me, from which Veda shall I quote right now? Surely, if it is His Wish. Who am I? I am merely a person like you. I am the same as you.

This One (Dadaji) knows but nothing. Despite that, He can know anything at will.

I am nobody here.

My job is not to perform miracles. I have to convey the Almighty's Truth.

He (Dadaji) is a helpless man. He is not a saint, Yogi, or anything. He is most ordinary, just like you people. That is why He is telling, he is Elder Brother. That is Dadaji, Elder Brother. He never claims that he is a saint, Yogi or anything. So Diksha (revelation of Mahanam) is only given by the Almighty. A person cannot do anything. A person has no right.

Dadaji cannot do anything. That is why I am telling, don't believe Dadaji also. Just you believe as Elder Brother. Instrument? Dadaji is not an instrument also. But, It (Mahanam) is being done. It is a question of time factor. Other than time, you cannot reach Him. Why are you looking after this body (Dadaji)? He cannot do anything. He has got no right. He has got no power, just like you. It is a question of time, so It (Mahanam) is being done.

I tell you, whenever I will feel that I am doing, then and there He is far. Have you understood? He cannot go for that. Man (Dadaji) has not come here. He is that God, Who is doing that thing (Mahanam), that is the only Truth. You can love me as Brother. Hypnotism cannot write on paper (like Mahanam appears on blank paper in Dadaji's presence). This writing Power is called true Diksha (revelation of Truth). That is for inner sight, not outer sight.

His manifestations (Dadaji's appearances) do not conform to any set program or time schedule. If He chooses to be in Germany in June, wafting this tiny dot along, it isquite all right.

If Dadaji comes, even at the eleventh hour, there will be a n ame crossed (removed from waiting list for air reservations on a fully booked flight). That is, for His arrangements in the U.S. or anywhere.

He is going for His Work (abroad). Nothing can stop His Work.

I never go to places for lecture. I go to particular houses where people come.

Do you know the significance of Dadaji's letters? When his letter is written, the vibration or touch of him that is ever present in beyond mind state, reaches the recipient in advance, to be followed by the rhythm of words. Words are only for the world, which is the kingdom of mind. Human beings proceed with language and words to reach or contact the state of beyond mind. But, it is beyond human efforts, for with the mind they are limited in time and space, while he (Dadaji) is beyond mind. So no time and space limit him, and his vibration (Mahanam) is ever present in all forms.

I am not a God. I am not a saint. I am not a Sadhu, Yogi, or anything. If it is His Wish, it will be OK.

He (Satyanarayan) alone knows what he (Dadaji) is doing.

He is with me. This is the manifestation of Truth.

He(Dadaji) can pledge it under signature, that the Eternal One will appear and transport you to Bhuma (Infinite).

We have come to another's House. We must leave it someday. He (Dadaji), whom you find in front of you, will come and take you off.

Dadaji does not perform any miracles. Sometimes these happen. Dadaji is not interested in them, nor does he want to know why these happen and how.

He is that touchstone with whose touch an individual person is turned to gold. That is, the touched becomes free of all blemishes.

You should not trust even this man (Dadaji). He may be a hypocrite, a charlatan or a liar. He cannot do anything at his own will. Everything is done by Him. If He desires to do anything, well and good. If He doesn't, in that case it makes no difference. Nothing affects this human body.

Look here! None but a debauchee, knave and swindler can deliver Truth. He (Dadaji) makes no difference between wine and water. Truth brooks no craftiness.

Yes, he is a cheat, a swindler, a hypocrite. Nobody other than such can deliver you the Truth. If occasion demands it, he will not hesitate to tell a thousand and one lies to see Truth established. Mundane truth and falsity are cobwebs of the mind. They have no value to Him.

He does not know anything. Do not believe Him (Dadaji) also. He is nothing.

If anyone inquires about me, tell them straight away that you don't know me. Do not reveal anything about me.

All that he has been asking you is to know Him. Have that path (Mahanam) to know Him. This (Dadaji) is not a Guru. The Almighty Himself is your Guru.

This is a useless body. Why do you want my autograph? You have this picture of Sri Satyanarayan instead of my photograph.

Please don't kiss my feet, they are no Lotus Feet. No one should kiss the feet of another person.

Please do not take me for your Guru. That is my request. God is in all of us, He is in you also. You have to search Him out, and you can discover God yourself. God is everywhere.

A spiritual leader, what do you mean by that? How can I say that I am a teacher? I am moving everywhere (traveling around the world), I don't know why.

I want to tell you, do not accept me as your Guru. God is in you and you will have to find Him yourself. Do not seek an instrument for it.

Dadaji Listen, Dada has no anger against anybody. He is only concerned that these persons (Gurus, priests) are offering a wrong thing to our honest and innocent people. And, why make a (business) deal while speaking about Him?

Dadaji does not hate anyone. He is only interested whether they are bluff or not. Over 95% of people are bogus. They come (to meet Dadaji) not for Him, but for self-interest and opportunism.

He (Dadaji) can turn into a Maha-bhairava (mighty terror) in His form as Kala (appearing as an individual with ego). Lightning may strike down. You must guard yourself against one thing, may you not do fraudulent use of Him.

In any circumstances, do not bluff Him.

There are so many people who told me they would give me an Ashram. All over the universe is my Ashram. No need for all these things. Why should I go for buildings? For what? All the universe is mine. Ashram is also one kind of cheat. Correct or not? In the Name of Him, we have no right to take anything. Is there anybody who can challenge that in the world?

Does one who considers the whole universe as his (Dadaji's) home need a small property?

Institution, I don't need. Why should I be collecting money to build a palace? I am not hankering after anything.

I may be poor man, but I am the richest.

A person has got no power. He is everything. I am not a big man, but I am the biggest, the richest. It is His function. He is doing all this.

Whether anybody comes or not (to meet Dadaji), I do not bother. He cannot. I am laughing. All these things are farce. How can I give you the bluff? We are so helpless. Now as we are talking, just now one person is dead, in a fraction of a second. Correct? A person cannot do anything, has no power. Nothing, other than Him within.

Let them say anything they like. I know all that is being said. But, even that is in the Divine Pattern.

They say people are deserting him (Dadaji). The prerogative of desertion is His only. There has been much teaching. Now, he will slowly desert all.

His work is finished. Now all over the world, everyone will know who is Dadaji. All saints, Sadhus, priests and Gurus are finished.

Do not get attached to this physical body (pointing to himself). What you have received (Mahanam), stick to it. He always envelops us. Once He has held us, it is impossible to leave Him. He is our Dearest of all.

Don't worry for my health. So long as there is a body, it is bound by its nature to be afflicted. No human beings can escape this, in spite of all Yoga or practice of austerities. Rituals can't get us out of body's inevitable sufferings. Dadaji shows how one must patiently go through the ordeals.

(This refers to when Dadaji had acute jaundice in 1972.) They (Ram, Mahaprabhu, Krishna) are saying, "If you Will it, it (jaundice) becomes all right." But, he (Dadaji) is dragging forward time (the cataclysmic ravages of time). Where can he throw it off? (Dadaji has to suffer it to pay the price to Prakriti so certain world cataclysms won't occur).

If one comes (here) in full blaze of consciousness, one can well observe the course of events. But, if one comes with swooned consciousness, one is in Bhavantara (emotional abandon), in that case, nothing does one observe. Never has He come in such full blaze of consciousness. If you can relish His Prema, that's all.

According to the contract agreed upon with Him (when Dadaji entered this world), there is no matter of disease. But, now he (Dadaji) is screening the sun, then he is warding off cataclysm. Due to repeat performances of these (interventions to ward off cataclysms) disease comes. Twenty-five minutes of continuous Dhyana Yoga will help evaporate this body. The Dhyana (meditation) people speak about is bogus.

This one (Dadaji) is not subject to alternation or resolution and vacillation. He is beyond modalities. When I say, "Jai Rama," I do not mean Sri Ram Thakur. I mean Him, Who is the Solace of Prana (Life).

Nobody knows what is Satyanarayan, what is Dada.

Dadaji will never offer himself as (human) Guru. But beyond the body of this Dadaji, there is a Dadaji seated within the hearts of all beings as Life Eternal, Prana, Energy, Destiny. The All-pervading, Limitless, No-body Infinite. If your body does not exist or is discarded, then you don't exist. Then you are One with this Dadaji, the inseparable Existence. That is Satyanarayan and the only Guru.

Dada is Guru (Satyanarayan).

I have invoked my body from Nature. But, nobody knows Govinda, the final cause of all causes, is in this body. Which, pray, do you call Truth? We are seeing (in Dadaji) what is not.

People of this age are so fortunate, can talk to Him (Dadaji), listen to Him and be in His Presence direct....the Root of Creation, Life and Destiny.

When He (Satyanarayan) descends from the state of Bhuma (Infinite), He can descend up to the state of Krishna. But others also accompany Him and Prakriti too. Bhuma is unmanifest, still in a sense, it is manifest. It is indescribable. It is not inert, but It is beyond mind. It opens up into Infinity.

What need have I to go beyond savoring Rasa (Divine Love), for no feeling persists there, no dichotomy of "I and you." Who cherishes the mission, does the work himself. Why do I go in for playing the agent? He, however, has neither any sense of subjecthood, nor any title to credit. Even beyond that, he (Dadaji) is not even an instrument.

Dadaji LEFT: Dadaji at Abhi Bhattacharya's Delphin House, Bombay India 1971

You do not know to Whom you are talking.

I have come here to indulge in the Play of Love to the womenfolk (humanity).

Dadaji's Love pertains not to the individual.

I Love. Love is Something. Cannot express. He is something more than Love. He cannot express, He cannot explain.

Everybody says, "You are, you are." Dadaji is Dadaji.

Each and everything is Dadaji. Before, not now. Now is Something.

I am the He. I am the Brahma (Essence of Existence).

The whole world is mine. All is set for Truth. Nothing matters. Fight amongst yourselves and finish. Everything is in me.

I am not bothered for anything, because I am....I am.

Dadaji. He's He Himself.

Dadaji or no Dadaji, it is He, the Satyanarayan in Creation as Gopal Govinda that does all.

3 Dadaji's Tape Recorded Comments

From 1971 until Dadaji died in 1992, Abhi Bhattacharya traveled with Dadaji
throughout India and the world. With Abhi's permission, I include the following
letter he sent in 1988. It gives very valuable insights into Truth.

Dear Ann, the dear loving zephyr that brings His Fragrance to human race,

I have posted two letters, today something strikes me. I am translating from Dadaji's Bengali sayings in a cassette regarding His Satyanarayan state in November 1971, Calcutta. I unknowingly recorded amongst Professor B. Sarcar, Dr. N. Sen, one Yoga expert and a few others. I have finished all copying from the cassettes, word by word, such a difficult task, but a treasure.

Dadaji LEFT: Abhi in back of Dadaji holding microphone for audiotape in Madras India 1973

Dada said: "Why a person comes? A person is born with Him (married, inseparable). Desires are all in the mind for manifestations, for individual destiny of a person (mind). So, no choice of our own to dictate to life. We come and go with I-sense, for a limited period, then go. No body is permanent. When He (Dada) is gone from the body, where do I go? It means, I give up the body, but I remain still."

Dadaji was continuously saying "He" , but, while talking to so many in this context, all of a sudden He says, "I", "Where do I go?" Because I tape recorded it, I heard it clearly later in Bombay. I got it; otherwise, I would have missed it and forgotten it. So the tape recording caught Him, that He is the Life, Existence. Later, I told Dada what was on the tape recording and He said, "Don't tell now." However, now, in 1988, for this book, the time has come.

From the cassettes Dadaji said, "When we are born, three or four days before the child takes birth, milk is created in the breasts of the mother for the child. Who created? For whom? All Me! He created it, because He is born. Parents think there will be liabilities to look after the children. So, it is destiny of Himself. Parents don't give destiny. Children have their own destiny. Nobody can stop the desires with mind's compulsions and intensity which create unknown destiny fixed by Him, which none can change."

I write to scientists all over the world with Dadaji's Law of Creation, which He calls Prakriti. A blind force works tremendously in creation like a cow eats grass, gives milk to her calves, she herself does not drink; and from that milk unlimited products are created over which no control is there. So, Dadaji says, "You cannot control the mind, no authority is given to a person. It will automatically slow down in time with sufferings. When no other way to be relieved of the tortured mind and body, He or His Name has to come in mind."

This is that state for humanity, when the Supreme Being, Absolute Truth in human form with Mahanam in Creation, has come to liberate the mind. So, He is All-merciful, as people are helpless all over. After all, people all over the world are the same. In India, people know Name but could not know or hold the Nama's importance because Prakriti and mind is so powerfully overwhelming for seeking pleasures with mind's involvements as per the nature of civilization (blindness to Truth, human Gurus misleading others, religious institutions of business). Now is the period when Dadaji comes with all the Creative Forces of Prakriti, Mahanam and beyond mind Satyanarayan, all embodied. About this, Dada says, "People cannot have any conception that this type of Advent could take place in civilization; first time on earth. Whatever people have known about life and God are all wrong, all distorted and misinterpreted."

All this I write as a prelude to understand what I translate now from the Bengali that Dadaji spoke in my tape recorded cassette. It struck me now to write to you, time factor; it's very difficult to grasp Dada's beyond mind talks with limited mind. Dadaji spoke from Satyanarayan state, to the few learned scholars present. They were all dumbfounded. He spoke in earliest Sanskrit language which is not found in any scriptures. He describes Himself, in His State of Satyanarayan, Absolute Truth, which is beyond Life, beyond vibration, waveless, no intelligence, no feelings, no I-sense, beyond mind, Infinite State, void, and at the same time in creation of mind. He sees Himself in all, as His Existence. He is One, so He says "He" in reference to Himself.

In Creation, He comes as "Gopal Govinda," Mahanam, breathing existence of His own forms within covers of mind. This is Maya, due to which we think ourselves "I," separated. Maya involves our minds and we suffer eventually, but Maya engages our interest in something else and helps us to forget suffering also. Maya is also He. Mahanam is in Creation. One's Mahanam is below the heart, the real Vrindavan, where He exists untouched. From here the breathing starts, nobody knows it; He breathes, we breathe. Beyond all is Truth.

I recorded Dadaji saying the following:

"Do you know how is He? What is He? What type? What should be His signs, qualities?

"He has a touch of Love which one can feel. His Vibration transcends, elevates; which a person cannot do. He is neutral, formless and in all forms, but does not interfere. He bears all, does not complain. In front, as Elder Brother, He guides. Yogis, ascetics get acquired temporary power, which can be a plus, then minus as it is mental; but, they cannot go beyond limitation because of mind's I-sense. They also become victim to these acquired powers and practices; wants still remain. But, He is Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent....not conditioned, no mind, no practice, beyond happiness and unhappiness, no feelings, no plans.

"He, Dadaji, has Fragrance, which is All-pervading, no gap in the universe. He proves this by manifesting His Fragrance throughout the universe, indicating His Presence to His innumerable devoted brothers and sisters, even to those who have not seen Him. This happens spontaneously, whether He is sleeping or in conversations with many in His Presence. He knows all the minds of humanity.

"What more? His Vision is inward vision. People with worldly eyes think of His worldly eyes, as if He is seeing me, or seeing him or her, like a person sees, but this is not true. His Vision isalways inward. He can see the entire existence, no barriers in the universe.

"What more? He is Full. Nothing is out of Him. Beyond limitations of mind, no gap in the universe, no time and space, so none can escape His Vision. None can bluff Him. He has no demand because He is Full. He has nothing to give also. We are born with what we have. He is born in Him. Everything is His Manifestation.

"He has no anger, does not blame or curse, is All-blissful, All-merciful, has no inauspicious thoughts. Even if you curse Him, it is of no value to Him, no importance, because He is All-merciful. No question of vice or sin, good or bad. Nothing effects Him because He is beyond mind, Infinite. He cannot think ill of anybody or anything. With all these qualifications, Who exists within is He.

"Not for any time He can give anything, nor can He take anything from you. All others are giving you something and taking something from you. Yogis, human Gurus, Sadhus, ascetics are giving you something, whispering some Mantras in your ear and you are paying back in exchange. They give you some worldly things, in ego saying, "I am a King, give me tax." Both (giving and taking) are Maya of Prakriti or worldly interests. This (giving) is also Maya, that (taking) is also Maya. I am out of these. You are existing with Him, you have come with Him. What further shall I give now? You have come, are born with all requirements. You have already, with Him, received whatever you are to receive. Could you not find any difference of what He (Dadaji) says and others say? With all these qualifications is He.

"He has no sense of wants, nor any demands, is natural, is beyond mind's compulsions and necessities. He remains natural in Beyond. Loss or gain does not affect Him. Effortless, He is beyond action and reaction. He is beyond all Maya, the worldly aspects of mind's behaviors; but, at the same time remains within, unattached, covering all, All-embracing. Even in prostitutes He is within, but not with mind's function which creates the profession by mind. He is beyond, untouched.

"Everything, whatever happened, was all predestined. It was to happen, so it has happened due to the forces of Prakriti. Nobody has power to change or avert. That is destiny of mind attracted to its own body, over which a person has no control; that is, again, Prakriti. A person is not doing anything. He is within, unattached. His Creative Power, Prakriti, as if His handling agent, creates and keeps us blind due to Maya. When at this time He comes as Dada, along with Prakriti, His Manifesting Power, with His Wish He can take away or remove the force of Yogamaya or mind's innumerable involvements, because He has covered Himself with Maya for His Manifestation. Only He can take way our involvements. Then we can be peaceful, can have stabilized mind."

These things Dada said. So, just be with Him as far as possible, to get rid of the clutches of Prakriti and to reduce suffering. And, do your duty; not to indulge in personal excesses; be natural, living with Him in view.

This is the commandment for the civilizations ahead to be tuned with Satyanarayan Dadaji. This is a mortal world, nothing is fulfilled by mind. Prakriti does not spare. Prakriti gives place, fortunes, etc., but, He must be carried in this world of mind. So, He says, "Do fill your natural needs and be with Him. You will be in His Lap."

Love to you,


5 Twenty Years with Shri Dadaji
I came, I saw, I loved, I served, and made my exit
by Roma Mukerjee Melrose
Boulder, Colorado USA

I met Shri Dadaji in the year 1967 in my homeland Calcutta, India. I had no interest is guru's, yogi's and saints, in fact I disliked and distrusted them. I would never have met Shri Dadaji if I hadn't accidentally met him while I was visiting the home of one of my college friends. It was love at first sight, such a dear man, sparkling with personality, bubbling with humor and life. Instantly I decided to dedicate my life and service to his cause. The Truth Absolute.

Dadaji LEFT: Dadaji, Roma Mukerjee in Houston Texas USA 1986

Over the years I came to accompany Shri Dadaji on many of his tours about India and around the world. I was in charge of his correspondence and since he required a special diet I also cooked for him. Mainly three of us traveled together, Shri Dadaji, Mr. Abhi Bhattacharya, a film star from Bombay, and myself. Our travels took us to the United States, many places in Europe and over most of India.

I do not think it possible for me to write anything new about Shri Dadaji. I have been very close to him all these twenty years, Shri Dadaji is all divine love. He is so simple that he is all the more difficult to understand. It is easier to love him than try to understand him, to lead one's self to a willing suspension of disbelief rather than to judge him. During the course of my association with Shri Dadaji I had the chance on many occasions to witness the miracles, but they never held any special interest for me; all the places we visited and all the people we met, even these did not have any special attraction for me. The thing that appealed to me most was the person Shri Dadaji. He is such a loving man a miracle in itself, very attractive, with a magnetic smile.

His philosophy "Truth is one, language is one, mankind is one" is so very simple, but it is also very subtle and very difficult to understand. It is much easier and much safer to feel Shri Dadaji's philosophy, to live it, rather than to try and understand it or analyze it.

It is never dull, being around Shri Dadaji. He loves to keep people off balance. For example if a person comes to him who is very sure of their own self importance it is likely that Shri Dadaji will totally ignore them while showering all his attention on some lowly humble individual till this humble individual is made just miserable and uncomfortable with all the special attention and praise. The next instant the situation can be totally reversed. There does not seem to be any pattern or special reason to his actions, it is as if it is all to satisfy some special weird sense of humor. As another example: There was a couple who were coming to see Shri Dadaji, they were having some difficulties getting along with one another, the wife was very jealous, and always accused the man of seeing other women.

On one day the man came alone to see Shri Dadaji, the next day the woman came to see him, Shri Dadaji asked the woman "Who was the beautiful woman who came with your husband yesterday?" The following day the man came running to Shri Dadaji asking "Why did you say these things to my wife yesterday, you have put me in great trouble at home!" Shri Dadaji answered "I wanted you to come and see me today." That was all Shri Dadaji would say on the subject to him. After the man left, still in great distress, Shri Dadaji seemed exceptionally pleased with himself. A few days later the man came again to see Shri Dadaji, and told him that his wife had apologized to him and would try to be less jealous.

His Leela (divine play) is beyond human understanding. In my case, I have been caught up in it for at least the last twenty years, maybe longer. When I was in college and became of marrying age, my parents made several attempts at arranging a marriage for me. I successfully foiled all their plans, wanting to pick my own husband if I ever decided to marry at all. After I met Shri Dadaji all thoughts of ever marrying left me completely. My service to Shri Dadaji was very time consuming, I was writing as many as 50 letters a week for him, traveling between two and three months a year with him, and keeping a full time employment at the Reserve Bank of India, which just covered my traveling expenses. There was no time in my life for a husband or family, I didn't even feel that I was missing anything. This went on for almost twenty years. Even Shri Dadaji wouldn't dare to try to arrange a marriage for me. He knew that that was the one thing he could do that could drive me away from him. Then suddenly during the summer of 1987 while traveling in the United States everything changed for me. I suddenly found myself thinking of marriage, of changing my life, and of a man who has been coming to see Shri Dadaji for the last eight years.

Dadaji LEFT: Tom Melrose & Dadaji, Boulder Colorado USA 1985

Mr Thomas O Melrose has been close to Shri Dadaji, coming to see Shri Dadaji on our visits to the United States and also coming to India several times. We had spent time in his home in Colorado, on several occasions during our tours. I knew that Mr. Melrose had been looking for an Indian wife for may years, I had even made suggestions on several occasions of possible wives for him. But it was not possible to make any arrangements for him because of cultural differences between the United States and India. When we arrived in Los Angeles, and were staying with Haresh Jambusaria, a very successful Immigration Lawyer, Mr. Melrose came to visit Shri Dadaji. I asked two friends of mine Ann Mills and Judy Maltese to approach Mr. Melrose with the idea of a marriage to me.

Dadaji LEFT: Dadaji, Roma Mukerjee Melrose & Dadaji's grandson (right)in Calcutta India 1989

Mr. Melrose was very surprised at first, then he quickly agreed. In 1988 I returned to the United States without telling anyone except my parents and my Godfather (Mr. G. T. Kamdar of Bombay) and we were married. In July 1988 we visited Shri Dadaji and received his enthusiastic blessings. How it was possible for me to completely change my mind about marriage, leave my family, my work, and my close association with Shri Dadaji, I will never understand, but I feel it must have been His will and His sense of humor. I am very happy in my new life, I have no regrets, and still Shri Dadaji is with me every day of my life, even if I can only see him occasionally now.

Your sister in Shri Dadaji's love,
Mrs. Roma Mukherji Melrose --- Boulder, Colorado USA

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