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I would like to thank you at Amida Press for the excellent service offered at your web site. I normally go to book stores to preview a book prior to purchase and had never considered the internet. Not only am I impressed with the prompt response time to my e-mails, but also the book LOOK WITHIN exceeds my expectations!! This book is a must for those seeking spiritual guidance and inner peace. --- M. Himmons, West Hills, California USA

I have enthusiastically read DADAJI's book LOOK WITHIN in your website. His short but astoundingly enlightening messages are a sheer delight! If there is such a thing as a comprehensive crash course on cosmic consciousness, this is it! --- Joesel C. Goingo, MSPH, PhD (Cand) Philippines


ISBN 0-942687-01-9
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Inspirations of Love
by Dadaji, edited by Ann Mills

LOOK WITHIN is a beautifully written, enlightening book. Reading Dadaji's book encourages me to look within to find the answers to many of the questions I have had throughout my spiritual journey. I start out my day by just opening the book and reading. The passage is always just what I need to ponder, and sometimes I have a hard time putting down LOOK WITHIN. I always feel peace and love after reading from it...a wonderful, timeless read time and time again and be filled with incredible peace and love.--- Joy Schultz - National Review Network

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Read LOOK WITHIN (2nd Edition) online and free download of one complete pdf file (1.5 MB)

Leia "Olhar Para Dentro" em Português.
Muito obrigado a Mauro Falleiros no Brasil por sua ajuda espécie em traduzir o livro de Dadaji.
Read LOOK WITHIN in Portuguese online and free download of one complete pdf file

Zip File (95MB) with hundreds of photos of Dadaji from 1940s to 1990s.

Early black/white photos given to Ann Mills by Abhi Bhattacharya and Dadaji. Photos from 1983-1990 taken by Ann Mills during her visits and travels with Dadaji.

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ISBN 0-942687-02-7 (out of print)
Library of Congress
Catalog Card Number: 88-71322

I read THE TRUTH WITHIN with chill bumps, warm feelings, tears, joy and love. I met Dadaji in Los Angeles in November 1987. Such a beautiful experience. I have never felt so much love. When I walked into his bedroom to meet him for the first time, His Aroma was present and I knew it was the same Fragrance I first experienced during a seminar in Hilton Head, North Carolina, over one year before. --- N. Estes, Texas, USA

by Dadaji, edited by Ann Mills

The most comprehensive book ever written about Dadaji and his message of Truth. Read Dadaji's comments about vital topics such as: life, Truth, God, God's Name, death, meditation, yoga, wealth, desire, attachment & detachment, the future, relationships, space & time, reality, and love. Also includes personal accounts & newspaper articles about Dadaji, a biography, extensive glossary of Sanskrit terms, miracles occurring in Dadaji's presence, and much more.

Read THE TRUTH WITHIN (3rd Ed) online and free download of one complete pdf file (10.11 MB)

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THE TRUTH WITHIN - 1st Edition paperback book
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Slovenia Read and download Slovenian language translation of THE TRUTH WITHIN.

Translation courtesy of Jure Suštariè pictured below with one of his inspired paintings.

DADAJI - navdihi ljubezni
Uredila Ann Mills
V slovenščino prevedel Nara Petrovič
Komentarji bralcev knjige Notranja resnica (The Truth Within), glavnega vira za to knjigo

There are so many Gurus, and all of them are hankering after the same thing – Your dependence. They are blind, and blind people are following them. By force (tapasya, japa, celibacy) they want to attain God. But can you force someone to love you? Dadaji wants you to depend on your Self. To be your own person, full of love, that emanates from Your heart. This can be done only in a natural way, without force. The only Guru is your Self, your life. The words in this book are the voice of the soul, inviting your mind on a date. So your inner man (soul), woman (mind) and children (senses) can become one happy family, living in His house (body). It is nice that this book is on the webpage for all Slovenia people. --- Jure Suštariè

Destiny with Dadaji
by Abhi Bhattacharya

For 20 years beginning in 1971, Abhi Bhattacharya (1921-1993), award winning and beloved Indian film star, traveled with Dadaji on annual tours throughout India and the world. His manuscript "Destiny with Dadaji" relates his intimate experiences and includes transcribed audio tapes of Dadaji speaking on a wide variety of topics. Abhi's writing is unparalleled in its honesty, innocence and simplicity. The authenticity of his experience with Dadaji comes through in his rich, uninhibited style. Abhi wrote spontaneously as words flowed without trying to conform to any book formula. He wrote from the heart and his love for Dadaji will embrace you and expand your own intimacy with Dadaji. Abhi gave me his handwritten manuscript in 1989. At his request I edited his writing and while maintaining his unique style. No effort was made to rewrite Abhi's book into a slick, polished account. Abhi died before his book could be published. He gave me permission to make his book available. Providing you with Abhi's remarkable book "Destiny with Dadaji" online is an honor and a privilege. --- Ann Mills, Westport, Washington USA 2006

Read "Destiny with Dadaji" online and free download of one complete pdf file (6.15 MB)

Abhi Bhattacharya & Dadaji
Boulder Colorado USA 1986



1st Edition, Printed in India - 1998
2nd Edition, Westport WA, USA 2014
(online only)
Read or download 2nd Edition 3.4 MB PDF file

The Supernatural Extravaganza

by Dr. Nani Lal Sen, M.A., D. Litt.

Dr. Nani Lal Sen was Head of the Department of Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy, Rabindrabharati University, Kolkata, India; he was once the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Rabindrabharati University, Kolkata, India. His publications include: "A Critique of Theories of Viparyaya"; "Dadaji Provaaca" in Bengali in 4 parts; innumerable long and short articles on Dada, published in his own name and other names. He also completed an yet-to-be-published English translation of Nagarjuna's "Madhyamika Kaarika" with Candrakirti's Prasanna-pada Vritti. With Dr. Sen's permission we are honored to provide you with this book to read online and download to enjoy in the years to come.

Ten Articles
by Amiya Roy Chowdhury (Dadaji)
1st Edition by Dr. Nanilal Sen 1989
2nd Edition by Ann Mills 2006

Photo left: Dr Nanilal Sen, Ann Mills, Dadaji in Calcutta 1988

Read online or download PDF file.


by Atulananda Chakrabarti
1st Edition 1975 (out-of-print)


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ON DADAJI - Volumes I - VI

On Dadaji - Vol I 1st Ed., Calcutta, India 1971.
On Dadaji - Vol I 2nd Ed., La Center WA, USA 2006. (photos added)

On Dadaji - Vol II 1st Ed., Calcutta, India 1971.

On Dadaji - Vol III 1st Ed., Bhavnagar, India 1973. Revised 2nd Ed. 1984.

On Dadaji - Vol IV 1st Ed., Bhavnagar, India 1978. Revised 2nd Ed. 1985.

On Dadaji - Vol V 1st Ed., Bhavnagar, India 1982.

On Dadaji - Vol VI 1st Ed., Calcutta, India 1970. 2nd Ed., Bhavnagar, India 1983.
On Dadaji - Vol VI 2nd Ed., La Center, Washington USA 2006.

Read online or free pdf downloads of Dadaji materials:

"Dadaji: A Bhakti U.G.?" The Zoo Fence, Nancy's Page
"Divine Play is Intrinsically Bipolar" by Dadaji. September 2014 article in the Times of India newspaper.
"When I Die Where Will I Go?" by Dadaji. June 7, 2013 article in the Times of India newspaper.
"Where To After Death?" by Dadaji. January 13, 2013 article in the Times of India newspaper.
Dadaji - Alice O. Howell
Gurus, Godmen and Good People - Khushwant Singh (Introduction only)
At the Lotus Feet of Shri Dadaji - Dr Om P. Puri
Dadaji the Supreme Scientist - Dr Dhirubhai N. Naik
Introduction to Dadaji - Abhi Bhattacharya
Dadaji Ebook - Ayan Chaudhuri
Dadaji Speaks - A self-interlocution - Harindranath Chattopadhyaya
Fragrance of the Heart - Dr Peter Meyer-Dohm
Dadaji Upanisad
Song of Truth - Dadaji
His Fragrance English Edition
তাঁর সুগন্ধ দাদাজীর ১০৮-টি বাণী His Fragrance - Bengali Edition

Française Maximes de Dadaji

বাঙ্গালী Dadaji Probach - Prothom Uchchas 1 Sankalok (Dadaji's Words - First Excitement) - Collector: Dr Nani Lal Sen
বাঙ্গালী Dadaji Probach - Ditiov Uchchas 2 Sankalok - (Dadaji's Words - Second Excitement) Collector: Dr Nani Lal Sen. "Every Door Itself Opened, Every Lamp Itself Lit"

Deutsch Duft - Dr Peter Meyer-Dohm

Veda Vani Part I - Sri Ram Thakur
Veda Vani Part II - Sri Ram Thakur
Veda Vani Part III - Sri Ram Thakur

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Beyond Dilemma - A Memoir - Dr Donald Maclean

3,000 Years of Love - David Loye. See pages 164-167.

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