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Rare Audio of Dadaji

The audio selections below were captured, edited and formatted for web streaming media distribution using 1970's & 1980's original amateur audio tapes. The audio tapes were made by Indian film star Abhi Bhattacharya from Bombay, India, by Bruce Kell, meteorologist, from Strathfield, Australia, and Ann Mills from USA.

(23:56 min) Side 1 of 1976 audio tape made by Abhi Bhattacharya. Includes introduction by Abhi and 1973 recording of Dadaji speaking in Madras, India.

27:44 min) Continuation of Dadaji's comments on Side 2 of 1976 audio tape made by Abhi Bhattacharya includes: 1973 recording of Dadaji speaking in Madras, India; Abhi talking about Dadaji's philosophy; and, Dadaji's comments recorded on All India Radio in 1973.

(11:33 min) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.

(6:57 min) Bruce Kell, a meteorologist from Strathfield Australia details his experience in the Puja Room during Utsav 1975, Calcutta India. In 1977, Bruce Kell wrote to Dadaji referring to his Puja experience:

"I shall enclose a decorative plate which depicts the sort of vision of spiral nebulae which was given in vision through the grace of Sri Sri Satyanarayana. This vision was seen through the 'third eye' when seated alone in meditation in the Puja room, in Calcutta with Dadaji seated in another room and carrying on conversations with the party of people present on that occasion. If you have original despription of that event, then you will understand that first these nebulae would appear and then move towards me and then disappear in a kind of soundless explosion as they impinged upon me but their disappearance was accompanied by the smell of cordite, and explosive substance."

(7:52 min) Excellent 1975 recording by Bruce Kell of Dadaji's song "Ramaiva Sharanam" being sung at Utsav in Calcutta. Music score & lyrics.

(18:20 min) Only recorded interview with Dadaji. Made at the Grand Hotel in Calcutta, India, by Maco Stewart of NBC television in 1979. Introduction by famous Indian film star, Abhi Bhattacharya. Listen to audio recording and also read transcription of Dadaji's interview.

(23:18 min) 1982 audio of Dadaji talking casually to a small group of people. Recording by Ann Mills


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