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LOOK WITHIN - Inspirations of Love is the latest book published on this almost heretic godman who performed miracles and brushed then aside as 'extraneous'. Dadaji said, Do not accept me as your guru. God is in you. God alone is the Guru. --- India Worldwide Magazine

(6:57 minutes) Bruce Kell, a meteorologist from Strathfield Australia details his experience in the Puja Room during Utsav 1975, Calcutta India.


by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part VII
Extraordinary Experiences

4 He is Everywhere - Bi-location & Multi-location

A Visit from Dadaji, by Paul W, engineer

Read numerous documented accounts of Dadaji's astonishing bi-location and multi-location appearances. Several times in 1969 and 1970, Dadaji said to Dr B Sarkar, "Check up by telephoning that I am present in Dr Maitra's home, and I am also present at Mukerji's home, and I am also present at Ghosh's home." It was thus observed and confirmed on many occasions that Dadaji was simultaneously present at a number of different places. Asked about this, Dadaji laughed and said, "Such things do happen, don't they?"

4 He is Everywhere

Dr Erlender Haraldsson & Dr Karlis Osis of the American Society for Psychical Research document Dadaji's bilocation

The book "Leaving the Body", by D. Scott Rogo, (pp. 80-81) includes this passage documenting Dada's bi-location. Dr. Karlis Osis of the American Society for Psychical Research and Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, a psychologist from the University of Rekjavik in Iceland, visited India in the early 1970's hoping to document the feats of the great Gurus.

They heard astounding stories of miraculous bilocations and were able personally to investigate two such reports. The first concerns Satya Sai Baba, southern India's most celebrated Guru and alleged wonder-worker. While attempting to document his purported miracles, the two psychologists heard that on one occasion in 1965 Sai Baba had been "seen" in the city of Manjeree in Kerala, while at the same time holding company with some of his followers at his Ashram miles away.

Ram Mohan Rao, director of a technical school in Manjeree, claimed that Sai Baba had suddenly appeared on his doorstep, stayed with him and his house guests for quite some time, and then departed. Osis and Haraldsson were eventually able to locate eight witnesses who had been present at Rao's home when Sai Baba appeared. They were also able to document the fact that Sai Baba was at his Ashram at the same time.

The case weakened, however, by the fact that none of the witnesses at Rao's home had ever met Sai Baba before his unexpected visit. They recognized him only through pictures they later saw; so the visitor could have been an imposter posing as the Guru.

A more evidential report concerns Dadaji, a lesser known holy man who formerly was a prominent singer and businessman. Osis and Haraldsson were eager to investigate Dadaji after hearing the following story.

RoseEarly in 1970, Dadaji was visiting some people in Allahabad, a city 400 miles from his home, when he suddenly announced that he was going to the prayer room of the house. When he emerged some time later, he said that he had been in Calcutta and claimed to have visited the home of a devotee's sister-in-law. He urged the group to contact the woman and verify his story.

His followers did so and found that, at the same time he had secluded himself in their own prayer room, he had indeed been seen in Calcutta. The woman's family related how Dadaji had initially materialized in the room of their daughter, who was herself one of his followers. She recognized him immediately, which shocked and surprised her no end.

His sudden and initially transparent appearance caused her to scream, which alerted the rest of the family of his arrival. His figure was seen by several of the family, including the head of the household, who had been a total skeptic until he saw the mysterious figure sitting in the girl's room.

Osis and Haraldsson tracked down several witnesses to the case, including Dadaji's hosts in Allahabad and the family in Calcutta. All the evidence was mutually corroborative.

NOTE: When Dr. Karlis Osis came to Calcutta, he had Dadaji experiences in the form of Satyanarayan appearing in the Grand Hotel where Dr. Osis was relaxing at noontime. He also experienced Mahanam and Dadaji's Aroma in several places when he did not expect it, and later in America also. Dr. Osis had another experience in Dadaji's house in Calcutta, when he received a watch from nowhere, manifested by Dada, and it was then transformed when Dadaji, with the touch of his finger, erased the name under the glass and another name appeared, "Satyanarayan & Co." with Dadaji's name.

Woman hears about Dadaji, he appears
One woman who had never met Dadaji related an experience that happened in 1970, the night after her husband Mr. H.N.D. Mahapatra experienced Mahanam in the presence of Dadaji. In a dream she saw a very handsome man with a radiating figure, along with a supernatural figure standing along side her bed blessing her. A mystic Aroma enveloped her. The next morning when she got up and took a glass of water, she experienced the same Aroma emanating from the water. Later, upon meeting him she recognized in her dream she had experienced Dadaji, His Fragrance, and Satyanarayan.
Dadaji appears in a dream
One night in 1970, Dadaji appeared to Mrs. B.K. Mokerjee in a dream. She had heard of Dadaji from her sister in Calcutta, but had not met Him. Dadaji appeared in her dream and asked her to receive Mahanam. After some weeks passed, Mrs. Mokerjee came to Calcutta and met Dadaji in person. He appeared exactly the same as he had in her dream. When she told Dadaji about her experience, Dadaji said, "You are Blessed."
Kali image changes to image of Dadaji
On the day following receiving Mahanam in the presence of Dadaji, a man was sitting with his wife in front of the image of Goddess Kali for their daily worship. The woman observed in the picture of the Goddess, a divinely graceful person blessing her with His hand raised. She asked her husband to look and he was stunned by the sight, saying, "That is Dadaji." The next moment the figure of Satyanarayan appeared in their view. A little later the figure changed to that of Vishnu, then the figure of Kali returned.
Dadaji appears to husband & wife simultaneously in 2 locations
One day while Dadaji was walking in London with Mr. Parvitar Singh and some others, Dadaji told them to wait and he walked to the top of a nearby knoll. He stood there alone for some time, then without explaining anything rejoined them to continue their walk. When they returned, Mrs. Singh told how Dadaji had come alone to the house and after a brief visit and conversation left. It was confirmed that this visit coincided with the time Dadaji was observed to be standing on the knoll during the morning walk.
Dadaji in India appears in USA
Although Dadaji was in Calcutta and Mrs. B.G.N. Patel was in Columbus, Ohio, USA, one day in 1977, she saw him appear in a bright light with his enchanting smile on his radiant face. As she tried to offer Pranam, Dadaji placed his hand on her back and told her that the One she was searching for resides in her heart.

Again about two weeks later, late one afternoon while Mrs. Patel was sitting on her bed remembering Mahanam, Dadaji appeared to her in radiant light. Dadaji placed her grandson on her lap and asked her, "Are you worrying about him?" She had in fact been worrying oppressively. She tried to touch Dadaji's feet, but he disappeared gradually into dimming light. When she looked at her grandson he was smiling at her and the room was full of Dadaji's Fragrance. A few days later after mailing a letter to Dadaji she returned to the house and found Dadaji's Aroma emanating out of her grandson's head.

Dadaji guides in crisis
One of Dadaji's physicians, Dr. Mukerjee, is a heart patient. One morning he lit the gas stove and was putting a pan of water to boil. While he was setting the pan on the burner, he felt a horrible pain surge in his chest. Immediately everything was dark in front of his eyes and he was nearly going to fall on the hot stove. All was absolutely dark, he couldn't see anything, he couldn't feel anything.

Then Dr. Mukerjee heard Dadaji's voice distinctly saying, "Remember the Mahanam. Say it! Say Gopal Govinda, say Gopal Govinda!" Somehow he uttered Gopal Govinda and the darkness left. He could again see and the pain was gone. Later that day he went to visit Dadaji. Dadaji said, "Is it OK? Am I always with you?"


Dadaji telephones 32 people without using phone
One day in 1970, Dr. S.K. Bose was present at Mr. Das Gupta's house where Dadaji was visiting. Dadaji placed his hand on Dr. Bose's head and remained silent for one or two minutes. Then, Dadaji said, "With 32 persons I have talked over the phone in the meantime. You can ring back and verify." Among the 32 people Dadaji mentioned, Dr. Bose's wife was one. Dr. Bose dialed her and similarly phoned the other brothers and sisters who all confirmed they had talked with Dadaji at exactly that time.

Dadaji appears to console & protect
In 1970, Mr. Sachin Roy Choudhury, went on a business trip during which he encountered ill treatment from an officer. He was feeling small and in his mind complained to Dadaji about what was happening to him. Immediately, Mr. Choudhury saw Dadaji standing just behind the irate officer. Dadaji consoled him with the words, "Go ahead, I am with you. Why should you feel like that?" The effect was instant. The officer changed his behavior and Mr. Choudhury was able to complete his business without further difficulty.
Dadaji in Calcutta, shows up in Los Angeles Court Room
In Los Angeles in 1977, Usha Raja, a woman fully devoted to Dadaji and his message of Truth, was involved in the initial stages of a court case. In 1978, when Dadaji came to Los Angeles, she told him about the case and that her lawyer said it was a very weak case. Dadaji didn't say anything until the next day when he said, "Don't bother about your case. It will be okay. And, you will win the case."

Again, in July 1979, when Dadaji came to Los Angeles, Usha told him that her case would be heard in court in August. Her lawyer was ready to proceed. Dadaji said, "Usha, I think time is not yet. It's going to be another one and one half years." So she went and told her attorney that she believed in Dadaji, who said it would be one and a half years.

The attorney laughed and said that he was already on a beeper, which meant her case would proceed as soon as a date was available within a week. So they waited, and the day the case was to start they received a letter from the high court saying the case would not be heard. It took another one and a half years.

RoseThroughout the years the case was pending, Usha's attorney kept insisting it was very weak. Concerned, she called Dadaji in Calcutta and told him the case was weak. Dadaji said, "Don't worry. I am with you."

In 1980, when Dadaji came to Los Angeles, he said, "Another two months and your case is going to be on." She told her lawyer. He started laughing and said, "I think it's a matter of time and it's going to be after another year."

Immediately after two months the court date was set. The day the court case began, when Usha opened the door and entered the court room, she saw Dadaji sitting up on the judge's chair. He was laughing. She started laughing and her lawyer asked why. She replied, " I can see my Dadaji in the court room." So he thought that she was lacking upstairs and started laughing at her.

The first day of trial was not very satisfactory. At five o'clock when she went for a cup of coffee with her lawyer, he said, "Usha, why don't you call your Dadaji and find out what's going to happen?" When she went home later, she called Dadaji. He said, "You don't bother, I am bothering for you."

The trial went on for five days and every time Usha opened the door to the court room, Dadaji was there to welcome her, telling her to sit down and overseeing the testimony. Every day Usha saw Dadaji in the court room he was wearing a different colored Lungi.

On the fifth day of the trial, Usha smelled so much of Dadaji's Aroma in the court room. Again, she saw Dadaji appearing in the court room. This time he was wearing an orange Lungi, a lovely lotus was under him, with water shimmering around and stars above. A extraordinarily beautiful vision. He had a big stomach at that time, his cheeks were rosey red, and he was laughing.

Usha started feeling so good and getting strength. He said, "Today it's done." At lunchtime, Usha asked her lawyer if it was the final day and he replied, "No, we have to wait for the jury to deliberate." He wondered how she happened to ask and she told him that Dadaji appeared to her in the court room that morning and said it was done today.

The lawyer thought she was crazy. At two o'clock when the court session started, the judge dismissed the jury saying the case would be settled. At three-thirty, in the judge's chambers a settlement was reached.

Only then did Usha's lawyer finally believe Dadaji and he told the judge, "Before anything happened in this case, she has already told me step by step what's going to happen. She just told me today at twelve o'clock this would be the settlement day. She believes in a guy from Calcutta and she calls him Dadaji. She has his picture with her."

The lawyer and judge saw the picture of Dadaji and bowed their respects. They insisted whenever Dadaji came to the states they wanted to see him. Usha Raja won the case and she called Dadaji to tell him. He just laughed and laughed.

A Visit from Dadaji
by Paul W
Vancouver, Washington USA

RoseHe came to visit me in the night
During his visit I was filled with a love so overwhelming and so very beautiful it brought tears of happiness to my eyes. I now feel so honored. At first it seemed just like any other dream. I was there with my two fundamentalist Christian brothers and saw Dadaji in the background. I think my two brothers were trying to keep me from going to talk with Dadaji, because in their world, he is very much a hoax.

I ignored this feeling from them, and went to speak with Dadaji. I walked up to him and said hello and shook his hand. After he acknowledged me, I moved a bit to his left and put my right arm around him in a hug. I believe he reached for me with his right hand and held my arm during this time.

I was immediately overcome with powerful sense of an extremely beautiful love. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. It happened immediately as I was giving him a hug. It was so overwhelmingly beautiful and so real that I'll always remember and cherish the experience. I also felt a vague sense of relief, possibly because I had put my two brothers and their views of religion behind me and did what I knew was right.

Later, we took Dadaji shopping to two different stores. Events beyond this point began to fade. I believe we took him to a drug store first and then to another store. I don't remember anything after this.

The next day I told someone about the experience. In the telling an immense feeling of a very beautiful love again brought tears of happiness to my eyes. Dadaji had earlier told Ann Mills that when someone seems to see him in a "dream", what is really happening is that he has come to visit this person. After learning this, I was even more overwhelmed and the feeling of a great honor came to settle on me. Wow! Dadaji had come to visit me in the night!

I had wanted to meet Dadaji for years, and felt sad that I never had the chance to meet him in person. I knew and loved him through Ann's books and her talking to me about him and the experiences they shared. Ann also noted that she would often take Dadaji shopping when he came to Portland. She took him to buy Aramis aftershave cologne and ......

Now, as I write this, I feel awestruck and complete. He really came to visit me in the night! It was the evening of August 29, 1998.

My View of Dadaji's Message
Love is the heart, the very essence of our relationship with God. We very deeply feel His love for us and our love for Him. When you look within yourself to truly understand who and what you are, this is what you feel. In all of this world's relationships with God, all the various religions of this world, this Love is the common denominator. And, it is the only thing they share.

A Simple Recipe
In speaking of this great Love and how we are to live, Dadaji says: "Just remember Him, do your duty, and enjoy!"

This is the recipe for our lives. It lovingly and concisely spells out EVERYTHING we need to do. What joy and simplicity and elegance, it portrays. How simple and beautiful it is. "Just remember Him." To begin with, remember God and feel his all-encompassing Love for you. In return you will feel an all-powerful love for Him.

"Do your duty." Again a simple statement to do the work you were put on this earth to do. Whatever your occupation, do it to the best of your ability. That is what He asks.

"Enjoy." Enjoy your life and your time here on this earth, through the good times and the bad. Enjoy and find your strength in God.

Dadaji on Dadaji
What does this man, Dadaji say about himself? Does he claim to be God and the deliverer of mankind? On this subject, Dadaji says

"I am no guru. I have no religion. I am an ordinary family man with a wife, two children, and grandchildren. I have a toy shop in Calcutta."

"From the time of my boyhood, I love Him [God], because I know that, other than Him, I am nobody. God is the tranquil bliss of existence [Govinda]. He is everything. I am full of Him. I am Dadaji, your elder brother."

So now we see that Dadaji absolutely lays no claim to being God, or even a guru. He says he is nothing and it is all God within him, not him as a person. He is the messenger who shows us an elegant, simple way to be with God.

He is an ordinary family man with a job, who is full of God. He has such a strong love for God, that he says he is FULL of Him. Imagine that! Being full of God, who is the tranquil bliss of existence. How lovely, really Lovely.

Organized Religion
Should you belong to an organized religion, and if so, which one? Again let's listen to what Dadaji has to say about it.

"God is not religious. He cares not for Christians, Jews, Budhists, Muslims, Sikhs, or Hindus. He loves and blesses the atheist also * why the temples, churches, and ashrams? No scriptures call for them. They are the work business of people, exploiters. Don't make a business out of God."

Wow! This is really dramatic! God is not religious! He does not reside within an organized religion. He resides in your heart giving His Love to us and realizing our love for Him. He also does not care what religion you are a part of or even if you are an atheist. He still Loves and blesses you!

And then, since God is not with any organized religion, there is no reason for these religions except for business purposes. Exploiting you and selling you religion for a price. How terrible a business this is. Actually exploiting people and SELLING them religion for lotsa money, when God gives his Love for FREE. You donÍ´ have to do anything. Just remember Him and feel and cherish His Love.

This also means that no rituals and religious practices are required. No reason to paint your face with ashes or alter your diet or dress to follow religious rules. Such things are just a way to trap you within a religion and make you a regular customer of that business.

So it really comes down to what we can read in the bible, "God is Love". That's it, the heart of our relationship with God and all we need. Just cherish this Love and know that He is always there for you, no matter what you do. He Loves you!

Part VII, continued

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