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I want to thank you from my heart for sharing Dadaji's life. It is very refreshing to receive validation of my beliefs, in his life. I too visited India a few years ago to discover that there was a price for their spirituality. I haven't been able to follow any Master of religion this life time as all I see is money and big egos. This always leads to control - greed! Thank you again for your effort of love to share your journey.
--- Richard Mott, Pagosa Springs, Colorado USA

(11:33 minutes) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.


by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part VII
Extraordinary Experiences

5 Manifestations of Dadaji's Message Read personal accounts of manifestations of written messages about Truth associated with Dadaji. When asked about these events, Dadaji said:

Out of nothing, nothing comes. Everything is there in its proper place in that universe. It is just the factor of time. Objects exist as such in space, which you do not know. They (miracles) are meant to turn one's mind from a non-religious to a religious path.
5 Manifestations of Dadaji's Message

In 1971, when Mr. G.D. Hazra sought a message from him, Dadaji said, "The Lord blesses and it is the Lord only that leads and guides people." Dadaji asked him to prostrate before a picture of Sri Sri Satyanarayan and hold blank pieces of paper as he repeated the Lord's Name ten times. After a minute or two, he found a message in English, beautifully handwritten on the paper in red ink.

In 1972 Dadaji came to Mr. R. Goenka's residence to perform Satyanarayan Puja. At the end of the Puja when a message was wanted, Dadaji asked for a plain sheet of paper. When eight pages were given to him, Dadaji blew his breath over the pages and immediately handed back the eight pages on which a message had appeared in English written in red ink.

One day in 1973, Dr. J.B. Bhattacharya approached Dadaji to find a solution to some obstinate questions noted down on a piece of paper and kept in his portfolio. Dadaji, without caring to know about Dr. Bhattacharya's questions, led him to an outer room where the man, holding blank pieces of paper against the floor with his hands, lay prostrate before a picture of Sri Sri Satyanarayan. Two or three minutes elapsed and he found three pages of answers to the questions written in red ink on the paper he had been holding. The language in which the answer was couched, shined with clarity and precision.

Prior to the publishing of Volume III of "On Dadaji" in 1973, the editor, Dr. D. Chattopadhyay asked Dadaji for his message. Dada asked for a blank piece of paper and holding it remained silent for a few minutes. The following message (BELOW) appeared written in red ink.

A Message of Truth manifested by Dadaji

How fortunate are people! Why, Maya itself is their fortune, their treasure trove. No, not the ill conceived Maya of the illusionist. Maya is manifestation, and all manifestation is Self-expression of Ananda. Maya is the protocol of the Infinite in its joyous spate (outburst) into finitude. The invariable constant of the entire pageantry of manifest existence, it is the brick and mortar of the circorama the world is. It is the necessary bill of exchange for the concretisation, individuation of the Infinite.

It is Maya that gives form to the amorphous, defines the indefinable and sustains the self-identity of all discrete existence. It is your hidden treasure, unacknowledged, though inalienable and ineffable. If you deny it, you deny yourself and that impetuous denial reaffirms it unfailingly. Your earthly sojourn is not to expiate for any original sin.

The world is not a purgatory, a vagrancy home. You came here not as a convict. You came here as an explorer, a conqueror, trailing down the avalanche of joy on the bedrock of tranquil Existence, Self-poised.

This Treasure Island displays before you the Vrindavan Leela (Divine Love Play), the bi-polarity of attraction and distraction....the attraction of the basal essence of all Existence (i.e. Mahanam within), and the distraction of passive Nature....of which you came here to drink deep. The mind merged as a mirror, a transfixing apparatus of the Infinite with its principle of limitation, of heterogenisation of time and space. In fact, the mind is self-asserting joy of the Infinite. The functional potency of the mind is Maya. Where there is no mind, there is no manifestation, no felt Consciousness. The mind and Maya are, therefore, necessary in order that you may relish the Rasa (taste) of Vrindavan Leela.

Your child may tell you some day, "Papa, I hate the children's swimming pool. Why, it is a bondage. I must go to the lake." Would you agree? You have to use specks (eye glasses). You might take it into your head to throw them off and exclaim, "It's all Maya. Others have nothing to do with it." Would you look saner for that? The newly wedded bride has been inducted into the father-in-law's house. She has to conform to the norms of discipline of the house in order that she may have any title to the company of her husband or else her very existence will be in jeopardy. But, the child grows into an adult and the children's pool is not; the normal sight is restored and the specks are shelved; and the bride grows into a housewife and the husband is at her beck and call without any formality.

What you call Maya is then the mode of your enjoying potency, the principle of your growing maturity, of your progressive realization of the joy of life through the antinomies (fundamental contradiction of two apparently equally valid principles, i.e. good and evil) of the Lord's Love-rapport with you. Maya then, is of a piece with you....your be-all and end-all. You are in her motherly lap in life and death. It is your cradle, your springboard, your coffin. If you deny her you deny me (Satyanarayan; God within) too, for she is my inalienable potency, my mode of Self-expression, which is in no wise exotic to my ineluctable (unavoidable, inevitable, unchangeable) Nature. The moment you try to reject her, she turns into nescience (ignorance), the deluding potency, a stifling hallucination, the greatest blasphemy one can conceive of.

In reality however, she (Maya) is your Mother, the principle of manifestation. While I, as Father, am the principle of conservation. She is my Eternal Grace unto you. But, you have disgraced her and are wallowing in the stagnant pool of sundered phenomenality, defeating my design for having you to drink of Vrajarasa (the taste of Supreme Love).

Be then of good cheer amidst the encompassing flow of my Grace. What need you reject of the world? What need you restrain? Don't you disgrace me by restraining your senses? Don't you ostracize me by observing fasts and other austerity of body and mind? Why should you at all care for Yamas (in the Veda, Gods of Death where the departed dwell) and Niyamas (mind/thought control)? Be in a state of nature, finding my Grace all about you.

Work and duty are beckoning at you. Brave them, embrace them and be with them without any egotism and consequent sense of success or failure. If all is Grace, have they any meaning, any pertinence? If you make me an other, you shut out my Grace and find fault with everything about you, including myself. But, I am your Nearest and Dearest. I am that I am. I am your essence.

My Grace is your enveloping Mother and I as fortitude and equanimity am your Father. Make a bridal of we two in your life. And, at long last you will awaken to the Consciousness that we are but One inseparable Integer.

I, myself, am the Maya. The entire world is me. What then do you care for any Guru? You don't require any, for He is within you as Mahanama (Name of God). And, no human being can ever be a Guru.

Shake off all mental obsessions and trappings and be with me in the Eternal dance of ecstatic Existence. I cannot be achieved. I am your residual Consciousness in deep slumber, which is inextricably woven into your being.

Dadaji is Truth and Love personified. If you look upon Him as a person, you miss Him. The Infinite is in rapturous manifestation beyond all dimensions through Him, the greatest vehicle of the Divinity the world has ever witnessed. Not to see Him, but to be seen by Him is the profoundest Grace human life on earth can conceive of.

Omiyam Brahma Tadvanam. (The Supreme is to be worshipped with love.) Sri Sri Satyanarayan

Part VII, continued

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