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Thank you for your website. Happened to run into it a couple of weeks ago. It is so that what I started to read here was following what I had for months found around the Word and breathing and the role of Gurus on the Net and books and my own inner experience. This is quite amazing. I have been on this pilgrimage for many years, had strange experiences etc. I can only remember I have seen Dadaji's name once before in an Indian magazine about 20 years ago. Could be because it was not until now it was beneficial for me to read all this stuff. I guess so. Love, --- Carsten Nielsen, Arden, DENMARK

(7:52 minutes) Excellent 1975 recording by Bruce Kell of Dadaji's song "Ramaiva Sharanam" being sung at Utsav in Calcutta. Music score & lyrics

by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part VII
Extraordinary Experiences

6 Extraordinary Materializations Dadaji manifested a wide variety of objects including bottles of whiskey, cartons of cigarettes, gold watches, lockets, trees, fruit, pens, cloth, gold chains, etc.

And...that was just he beginning. Read about marigolds turned to roses, water turned to whiskey, orange juice tuned to coffee, silver lockets turned to gold, and jewelry engraved at the touch of Dadaji's finger.

Left: Calcutta 1973 - Dadaji materialized plate with Satyanarayan image during Utsav Celebration. When asked how materializations happen Dadaji said, Don't give your Dada any credit. He has nothing to do with it. It all happens at the Will of the Almighty. I believe these sort of events (miracles) cannot satisfy you. You have an inner life, an urge and quest for the Eternal Truth. Am I wrong? You see, I have not read much, I do not know any scripture. You believe me what I say.

6 Extraordinary Materializations

Silver Locket materialized by Dadaji in Calcutta,
later given as a gift in Australia, turns into gold...
as described by Bruce Kell in this letter to Dadaji

Strathfield, Australia
26th August 1976

Beloved Sri Dadaji,

What a surprise I received when Brian McLeod called on me today and gave me your personal message and told me about his visit to Dadaji. He also told me of the Elder Brother ceremony and he handed to me a medallion of "Inner Truth" (Satyanarayan) which had been materialized for me.

It was exciting to be able to speak to Brian McLeod about his visit to Dadaji because I could relive those happy days of my visit to Dadaji last year. Brian is a very practical fellow, so I gave him a framed picture of Sri Sri Satyanarayan because I had one available. The picture is a very large one.

I immediately placed the medallion on a chain around my neck and I noted that the medallion was silver in color. However, I have just taken the chain from around my neck and I have just taken another look at the medallion and it is now changing into gold. What does this mean? How is this possible?

You can see how excited I am because of the mistakes I am making in my spelling and typing. In fact, if I were asked originally, I would have said the medallion could have been fairly dull silver in color, more like aluminum, nickel or pewter.

I have just taken another look at the medallion and yes, it is no longer that dull silver in color but it is changing into shiny gold. What a surprise! What can I say? Is it a miracle? Whatever it may be, and I mean whatever it may be to scientists or theologians or to psychologists or to metallurgists, to me it is a blessing from the "Truth within", from Sri Sri Satyanarayan. May God be praised.

So here I am in Sydney, thousands of miles from Calcutta, and you have kindly sent me a personal message through dear Brian McLeod. This was a message in words, but it has now become a solid message which I shall always remember because of the medallion of "Truth within" which changed from dull silver color to shiny gold.

Sri Sri Satyanarayan is always present, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Salutations and felicitations.


Silver locket to Gold
During one informal gathering, Dadaji picked up an ashtray and said, " Is it possible to transform an object like this into another object according to science?" A physicist present said, no, not according to any known physical means. Later that evening, Dadaji materialized on his bare palm a silver locket. After he examined it, Dadaji touched it again and the silver transformed into gold.
Laquer into silver into gold
In 1972 Dadaji asked Mr. R.N. Goenka whether he would like to receive a present from Him. Mr. Goenka agreed and Dadaji produced from nowhere a locket made of a lacquered finish. Dadaji then appeared to have second thoughts and said, "He should give you a silver locket." And, with a touch of his finger turned the locket into silver. Even this appeared not good enough and Dadaji then said, "You should have a good locket." By his touch the locket turned into gold and with another touch of Dadaji's finger Mr. Goenka's name was engraved on the back.
Grabs package from nowhere
One day as physics professor Dr. Lalit Pandit was about to leave, Dadaji took him out on the balcony and said, "The Lord will give you a present, will you take it?" Dr. Pandit naturally agreed. Dadaji stretched out his hand into the air outside of the balcony window and instantly brought it back and handed the professor a large package continuing a fine cloth material for a suit to be made. Upon returning home Dr. Pandit's wife told him she had just recently seen that particular type of cloth and had a strong desire to make him a suit.
2 Marigolds into 2 Roses
In 1970 while visiting Mr. Ghosh in Lucknow, India, a man offered Dadaji two marigold flowers. Dadaji received them and returned the flowers, which were instantly converted into two roses.

Tree from a handful of earth
An eminent scientist was overwhelmed when Dadaji produced a tree out of a handful of earth and asked him to taste the fruit from it.

Tea becomes sweet nectar
In 1972 Dadaji was having tea and he asked Mr. K.L. Gambhier what the would like to have, tea or some drink. The gentleman politely informed Dadaji that he had already taken tea. Dadaji had been stirring the half-fullcup of tea with a spoon, his fingers passing over the brim of the cup. Suddenly Dadaji extended the cup to the man and asked him to drink it. To his utter surprise, it was a thick milk of sweet and highly flavored Nectar. The lady of the house was also surprised, as she herself had served Dadaji Darjeeling tea with the usual two drops of milk.

Dadaji manifests watch (below) for Kulwant Singh
Hot tea to cold scotch, to orange juice, to coffee,
& cigarettes appear

One afternoon in 1970 while taking his customary afternoon tea at his home Dadaji said, "I would like to have a drink. Can't this tea be made into liquor?" Saying this, Dadaji covered the cup with the saucer. After a few moments, the hot tea was converted into cold scotch whiskey.

Dada asked, "Is there any difference between tea and wine?" All those present tasted it. When the cup was empty, the hostess washed the cup with water, then tasted the water which had become sweet, fragrant Charanjal. On the same occasion, Dadaji changed a cup of tea into orange juice and another cup of tea into coffee. After awhile Dadaji manifested out of nowhere a package of foreign brand State Express 555 cigarettes for Mr. B.K. Mokherjee.

Poured water, becomes liquor
One Sunday morning in 1970, Dr. B. Sarkar and a number of people were gathered at Dadaji's house in Calcutta. They were discussing miraculous cures by a famous saint in Benares that had happened in 1943. The saint was known to produce certain things by some invisible power.

Dadaji, laughing at hearing this, got up from the bed and brought a mug full of water from the bathroom and started pouring it into a glass. The water transformed into a strong alcoholic liquor and the room became full of the aroma of the liquor mingled with the lovely Fragrance of Dadaji. Dada offered a sip of the liquor to everyone present. (Dadaji is known to have been in Benares in 1943-1944.)

Rolex appears, Dada's touch engraves dial under glass
On one occasion in 1973, Dadaji went to the residence of the Governor of Madras, Mr. K.K. Shah. Before a distinguished gathering Dadaji explained the difference between miracles performed by Yoga and those which take place by the Will of Sri Sri Satyanarayan. He took off his upper garments and out of nowhere materialized a Rolex watch in his bare palm. Dadaji presented it to Mr. Shah.

Dadaji then rubbed his finger on the glass and immediately the name of Sri Sri Satyanarayan was inscribed under the glass on the dial. He asked for the name of the Governor and by a similar touch Mr. Shah's name and the name Dadaji were instantly inscribed on the back of the watch.

Watch appears, brand name under glass changed by Dada's touch
In 1984 a skeptical American journalist, Ms. Jan Mitchell, came to interview Dadaji for a major Oregon newspaper. In the course of the interview, Dadaji said,"He wants you to have something." Then he started rubbing the top of her head, until within moments a gold watch appeared. "How does this happen?" Dadaji asked her.

Before she could reply, Dadaji asked, "What kind of watch is it?" She looked at the dial and read a Swiss brand name. Dadaji said, "Anybody can do that, some kind of magic." Dadaji took the watch back and rubbed the watch glass once with his finger. He handed the watch back to her, saying, "This is from Satyanarayan. What does it say?" The reporter read the words, "Made in Dreamland, Sri Sri Satyanarayan," inscribed on the dial under the watch glass.

Watch manifested, inscribed; Locket & chain appear under woman's blouse
In 1978, Dr. and Mrs. William Klein from Washington DC, USA, had the opportunity to meet Dadaji in New Delhi, India. Dadaji was reclining informally on a bed as those gathered sat on the carpet in front of him. After some informal conversation lasting almost an hour, Dadaji sat up and asked Dr. and Mrs. Klein and Dr. R.L. Dutta to stay with him and sent the remaining visitors to wait in an adjoining room.

Dadaji pointed to a large framed picture of Sri Sri Satyanarayan and said, "For Him nothing is impossible!" He then gestured toward the window and the three of them saw it grow darker outside. It had been a clear sunny day in Bombay. Another gesture from Dadaji and they witnessed rain falling on one side of the compound outside and bright sunshine on the other.

As Dr. Klein thought in his mind this could be a coincidence, Dadaji materialized a gold watch on his bare palm, while he was almost completely naked. After Dr. Klein had put the watch on his wrist, the original brand name on the dial disappeared and there appeared instead, "Sri Sri Satyanarayana, Made in the Universe."

On the chain Mrs. Klein was wearing under her blouse there appeared a golden locket embossed with a picture of Sri Sri Satyanarayan. Then, upon their asking, Dr. and Mrs. Klein received Mahanam and were engulfed by the Divine Aroma that constantly emanates from Dadaji's body.

Shawl manifests; Dada's touch embroiders; Pen appears, then engraved at Dada's touch
One day in 1973 Dadaji said to Dr. Gopinath Kabiraj, "For the sake of the Great Will, this meeting was arranged and this is the settled fact. Do you want to see Surya Bijnan (Science of the Sun)? Here it is." A shawl came out of nowhere into Dadaji's hands and he wrapped it around Dr. Kabiraj, telling him to use it always.

Then Dadaji looked at the corner of the shawl and said with his usual smile, "Let there be the name, Baba."; At once it was found to suit the color, his name was embroidered on the edge of the shawl. "Don't give your Dada any credit. He has nothing to do with it. It all happens at the Will of the Almighty."

Dadaji then asked Dr. Kabiraj, "Perhaps you would like to possess a Parker pen." Forthwith, touching the shawl the man had received the day before, Dadaji produced a Parker pen and gave it to him. "Use this pen, it is for you." Someone else said, "He likes Parker '51 more than any other Parker pen."

Dadaji smiled his mysterious smile, took the pen back, rolled it between his fingers and it was transformed into a Parker '51. But, it did not end there. Dadaji took the pen back once more and rolled it again all over between his fingers and Dr. Kabiraj's name appeared clearly embossed on it. Dadaji said, "Don't give me any credit. I have nothing to do with it. It all happens at the Will of the Almighty."

Silver locket manifests, changed into gold
In 1971 when a Mr. Gosh came to meet him, Dadaji said, "Do you want to see where He resides?" Dada placed his hand on Mr. Gosh's chest over his shirt, and instantly brought out an oval-shaped silver locket about three inches in diameter. The image of the bust of Satyanarayan was on the locket.

After everyone present had examined it, Dadaji said, "Can it not be turned to gold?" No sooner had his fingers touched the locket than it was turned to gold, smaller in size and the portrait of Satyanarayan was a full-figure image.

Dadaji then said, "Let your name be inscribed." Instantly, at the touch of his fingers the following words were clearly inscribed, "To Tarun Kumar Gosh. Dadaji." Ghosh said, "My name is Tarun Kanti." The inscription immediately changed from Kumar to Kanti.

Silver locket appears, turns gold at Dada's touch
After the occasion of a Satyanarayan Puja in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Nair, as Dadaji emerged from the Puja room, His Fragrance enveloped everyone in the room where a small group of people were gathered. Mrs. Nair came to Dadaji and offered her Pranam (greeting of respect). Dadaji withdrew his hand after blessing her and then held his open palm before her.

On it appeared a silver, oval-shaped locket with the picture of Sri Sri Satyanarayan printed on one side, the other side being smooth and concave. After several people had a close look at the locket, Dadaji asked for it back.

At the touch of his hand the silver locket was transformed into gold. Again the locket went around for inspection. Dadaji again took the locket back and asked if the lady wanted her name on the locket, to which Mrs. Nair readily agreed. He held his thumb on the concave side of the locket for a few seconds and gave it back to her.

Everybody present saw her name newly engraved on the locket. "Wouldn't you like to wear it on your neck?" Dadaji asked. And out of nothingness he produced a golden chain for her.

Dadaji's touch completes manuscript
In 1970 a very old gentleman Mr. R. Patnaik, upon hearing about the arrival of Dadaji in Bhubaneswar in Orissa, India, came to pay his regards. He had completed writing six volumes of the Ramayana, but could not complete the last portion of the seventh one due to a paralytic condition of his wrist. Mr. Patnaik expressed a desire to receive Dadaji's Blessings so that he could complete it, and he had brought the incomplete manuscript with him.

Dadaji sympathetically asked for the manuscript, took it in his hands and placed his fingers at the place where the writing stopped. Immediately Dadaji's Fragrance filled the atmosphere, everybody noticing it and feeling the change in the room's environment. Dadaji then returned the book to the gentleman and asked him to open the last page. Mr. Patnaik found that his cherished ideas and thoughts were written in his own handwriting and language with the same ink as the original manuscript and the remaining volume had been completed.

Water to wine, cake from nowhere, foreign cigarettes appear
The editor of a major newspaper in Lucknow, Mr. S.N. Ghose, came to meet Dadaji as a skeptical reporter in 1970. He was witness to the following events. Dadaji converted a glass of tap water into wine and those gathered tasted it. He brought an unusually large cake of sweetmeat from nothingness in the twinkling of an eye, and it was distributed to be eaten by all present. Mr. Ghose took a piece of the cake home and three days later it was still fresh as before.

Dadaji presented him with a package of foreign brand cigarettes unavailable in India, manifesting it from nowhere. Dadaji said, "I believe these sort of events cannot satisfy you. You have an inner life, an urge and quest for the Eternal Truth. Am I wrong? You see, I have not read much, I do not know any scripture. You believe me what I say."

Dadaji went on to quote eloquently and fluently, verse after verse, from scriptures, sometimes unknown, and interpreting them in a completely new way. Mr. Ghose became convinced of Truth when he received Mahanam in the presence of Dadaji. Yet, Dadaji reminded him, "I am nobody. I am your Elder Brother only."

Dada manifests a pen
Journalist Mr. C.S. Pandit came to meet Dadaji and write an objective account. After a brief introduction, Dadaji surprised him, with the top half of his body bare and the lower half covered with a Lungi, Dadaji suddenly touched the journalist's chest with his fingers and in his bare palm instantly materialized a beautiful pen.

Dadaji said simply, "It is not a miracle. It is a manifestation of the Blessing of Sri Sri Satyanarayan in this form."

Gold locket appears
Dadaji asked the wife of a scientist to come forward. He stretched out his hand and touched the outside of her blouse just above her breast bone. No one could see anything happen. But, when Dadaji asked her to pull out the chain which she was wearing around her neck under her blouse, she was visibly amazed to find a locket on it.

All present saw that the locket bore the familiar portrait of Sri Sri Satyanarayan. The woman admitted she had only been wearing the chain. "How does your science explain this?" Dadaji asked.

Part VII, continued

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