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October 2, 1996. Dear Ann, A few months ago a friend was kind enough to introduce me to Dadaji. What a wonderful, incredible journey this has become. I was fortunate enough to experience Dadaji's fragrance twice. Once when starting his book, LOOK WITHIN, and once when seeing Satyanarayan's picture the first time. I can only thank you for sharing this book with me.
Sincerely, Rita Bishop, San Rafael, California USA

(11:33 minutes) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.

by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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10 Satyanarayan Comes for His Own

Sri Sri Satyanarayan Portrait

In 1965, a group of people came to Dadaji and one of them said, "You say that 'God is in everything and everyone'." Dadaji replied, "That is correct." They protested, "That is not possible, only you can do miracles. We want to take your photo." Actually, they wanted to prove that Dadaji would give his photo for worship and that he was a guru.

Dadaji said, "Bring the photographer, I don't mind. But there is one condition. The first photo, you can do whatever you like with can pray, offer flowers, and do as you like. But the rest of the pictures, you will treat them as photos of one of your family."

They were very happy to have succeeded in their ulterior purpose, and the photographer took pictures of Dadaji sitting on a small table in his home. The photo session took fifteen minutes because the photographer had difficulty with his flash equipment.

Dadaji Satyanarayan
Dadaji ------------------------> Sri Sri Satyanarayan

The film was developed. After viewing the prints, the people hurried back to Dadaji. Showing him the first picture they exclaimed, "This is not you!" "You don't have a beard and you weren't wearing those clothes." "How did this happen?" The rest of the pictures taken that day were clear images of Dadaji.

Dadaji said, "That I don't know, but remember your promise. I said you can do anything you like with the first photo."

Someone asked, "Who is this?" Dadaji replied, "This is Sri Satyanarayan, the image of divine Truth within everything and everybody. Remember Dadaji's photos are not for worship. No mortal human being can be a Guru. God is the Guru."

Later, referring to the image in the photo, Dadaji said, "The manifestation of Truth within consciousness has been personified in the image of Satyanarayan. This brings Truth within the reach of human conception."

NOTE: Sri means holy, graceful, auspicious, revered; Satya means Truth, that which exists; Narayan means the source and support of all beings, God in the created image of a person. Need help with Sanskrit? Glossary

No images of Dadaji were ever available.
Dadaji only gave Satyanarayan posters (left),
wallet cards (above), & lockets (right).

by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part VII

Satyanarayan Comes for His Own

In 1972, Mr. Narain Paramananda of Patna, India, was dying of cancer after having recently received Mahanam in the presence of Dadaji. He did not display a touch of sorrow, a word of lament, a thought for the future of his family, or consolation for his old parents. He spent every moment singing God's Name and reciting the Mahanam with his eyes fixed on the picture of Sri Sri Satyanarayan. He did not like any interruption and was irritated when he was asked to take fruit juice. To him each moment was too precious to miss the Name of God. The last breath went with the Nam, his mouth sending it out and remaining open after the last utterance. The sweet Aroma of Dadaji's Fragrance emanated from Mr. Paramananda's body as Sri Satyanarayan, Himself, came to receive the Soul of His Own.

Dadaji at that hour was in the midst of a group of admirers. At about the time Mr. Paramananda was dying, he was giving that silent, detached look into the beyond. After a few minutes, at the exact time he died, Dadaji suddenly uttered, "Well, he has left this world."

After the death of an old doctor known to Dadaji for many years, Dadaji told the widow and her eldest son that elaborate religious rituals were meaningless and at best a picnic in the name of the departed. He told them to sit in a specially prepared, empty room on two small square carpets on the floor before a large portrait of Sri Sri Satyanarayan. Full plates of specially prepared foods were placed in front of the portrait. Dadaji told them to close their eyes and remember Mahanam. They were left in the room alone and the door was bolted shut. All visitors were gathered in adjoining room with Dadaji, who was reclining on a divan.

After about fifteen minutes, Dadaji asked a physics professor to unlock the room and examine what had occurred. He found the room was full of Dadaji's Fragrance, the floor was wet and sprinkled with fragrant water, the picture of Satyanarayan was dripping with aromatic honey-like Nectar, and the plates of food had been partly eaten and distinct finger marks were obvious. Dadaji asked, "Can a person do all this? It is He, Who is all, but you do not see!"

Dadaji giving card with Satyanarayan's picture, 1986 Chandigarh, India
Part I, continued


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