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I am of a curious nature, so I yearned for a book like THE TRUTH WITHIN that revealed Dadaji's message. However, this book is not for reading -- rather to be consumed by its message. --- C. Detloff, Portland, Oregon, USA

(11:33 minutes) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.

by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part I
Remember Him

Dadaji said: Simply remember Him as you
go about your work, immersed
in the life of this world.

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1 Truth is One 4 God is Within as Mahanam 7 Religion is One
2 Almighty is One 5 His Fragrance Beckons You 8 God is the Guru
3 Look Within 6 Pathways to Truth: God's Name & Love 9 L anguage is One
1 Truth is One

Truth is One. The difference is only in appearance. We must reorient our views and values of ideas and thoughts, and thereby change our angle of vision about the Truth and its Manifestation.

Truth expressed is Truth expired. Truth can only be lived as mere Existence and never be as existent. To understand is to stand apart from It. To realize, is to fancy as real what is unreal.

Truth cannot be expressed, but only lived.

Truth harbors no injunctions, inhibitions or taboos.

Truth is negation of all fancied possession.

Truth is extremely elusive. Too much attachment for material objects and It gives you the slip.

Truth manifests through genuine hearts.

Love is the Essence of Truth.

Truth is One and Indivisible. Truth pervades the whole universe and It is within you too. There is no vacuum. The phenomenal world is a manifestation of Truth.

What is going on within your Self, that is Truth.

Nothing is to be shunned or assumed to have the Truth.

Truth is outside the reach of the mind.

Who will reveal Truth except Truth Itself?

Truth manifests Itself.

Truth is Existence. But, not inert existence of dead matter. Truth is living Existence. It is Existence as Vital Principle, though at the rock bottom even beyond that.

Existence expresses Itself as Consciousness and Consciousness manifests Itself as Joy. That is the description of the basal Reality. This may be otherwise described in the inverse order as Self-Love, Consciousness as Identity and simple Vital Impulse respectively. The world is the Manifestation of that superabundant Self-Love, that overflowing Joy. He is All-Love.

Can He do without loving all of us? He is the world, its flora, fauna, and humanity. We are all His better halves, turned worse wholes through the knavery of our ego. We are in fact He Himself. It is the Supreme Will as the Vital Spasm that ushers in the Primal I, the Big I, and the world show. This Big I branches off into individuated small i's. This small i is not real, the Big I is the only Reality. So this He is the Big I. The small i is a reality in so far as it participates willfully in the play of the Big I. But, the mind has sundered itself from the Big I, trying to usurp His Empire. That is our malady, the malady of the finitude of individuation. The malady of weighing anchor from the Nativity and as a result being storm-tossed in the uncharted ocean of endless want. But really speaking, we have no want. We are full to the brim. We are the Big I. Can He keep us in want?

Our only duty is to submit to Him in trust and Love, and to do our mundane duties devotedly, without any sense of agency. Why you, I, or not even he (Dadaji) is an agent. It is His Joy that is the Real Agent. He resides in all of us as the Big I, in the form of the two sounds of Mahanam, ringing within us around the clock. When the two sounds coalesce into One, we are not as individuals. That is the philosophy of Truth, of the world, and of ourselves.

One Laksya (aim, goal), one thought, that is Truth. He is unfragmented. He is limitless. Even being unfragmented and limitless, He has entangled Himself into the limited. That indeed is His Leela (Divine Play) and His Joyous Manifestation. Manifest and unmanifest, both are together One.

One cannot make or unmake Truth. It dawns upon you and gets hold of your entire being. How can you leave Him behind? Your sense of leaving Him is rooted in Him. One who has this feeling can never leave Him.

People generally forget that to conceive of Truth in one's own image is to deceive oneself. Truth can't be achieved, Truth can only be lived. He is in you and you are in Him. It is our duty to let His Truth and Love be manifested through us.

The manifestation of Truth within the Divine Consciousness, or Universal Consciousness, has been personified in the image of Sri Satyanarayan. This brings Truth within the reach of human conception, and It is then known as God, Paramatma, Iswara, Allah, and so on.

Satyanarayan is nobody. He is no body. He is only a symbol of Truth.

This is a reminder to you of your duty in establishing Truth. Truth is Self-manifested and the more you will follow Him, the more you will get peace and tranquillity. Truth is your only companion in this life and even beyond this. A person with limited intellect and senses boasts for whatnot without remembering that one's exit from this mortal body is inescapable. As your Dadaji, my only advice to you all is, just try to spread this simple Eternal Truth among the afflicted humanity. A person can do nothing. This much effort only we can make and the rest will be done by Sri Sri Satyanarayan.

2 Almighty is One

Almighty is not a conception. He is a Reality. He controls everything.

The word Bhagawan (Absolute Lord) or Divine Being is Reality, or Universal Bliss. It is the abstract idea of Zero, One, and Brahma (Divine Essence of Existence).

The Absolute is not bound by any condition.

All is Absolute, everyone, everything! Only by your fragmented vision you see parts.

Nobody knows who is He. It is not a symbol, not a deity, but Truth, the Self. The question of difference in faith does not arise at all. He is the pivotal point of this Creation. He is the vitality of our Life Force.

He is the Source, the Energy, the Life.

There is only One Substance, and It is constantly changing form. This is He or the Divine, without name or form, yet containing all name and form.

He is steady, unchangeable, waveless, full of constant, desireless Love, Mercy and Beauty. He is Truth.

He is Satyanarayan, the Absolute Truth (Satya) and the basal resort of all (Nara means person; Ayan is support). He is the symbol of community of all Religion.

Satyanarayan transcends all Leela (Divine Play), but He is all sport.

Satyanarayan transcends the worldly plane, even the Krishna state. Here All is not, yet All is. Infinite is infinitude. I and thou are merged in One. Even pure devotion and Love is not.

He is neither one, nor many. How can I describe in words what He is? He cannot be realized by your own efforts.

He has nothing to do with any hard and fast rule.

He is the Truth. He is within you. Other than Him, you cannot do anything.

He is everywhere, horizontally and vertically too. That is to say, He is around.

He is in All and All are in Him.

He is Ever-steady, All-merciful. He helps and guides those who follow Him in His Sharan (remembrance). Dependence upon people is unnecessary.

He is such a loving Father! Just you see, leave things to Him for a moment. He asks nothing of you. He sees no faults. For Him there is no virtue or vice. He is so easily satisfied by your just remembering Him once!

He resides in the heart of each living being. One has only to search Him within.

He is such a Lover!

He is both within and without, giving you Life and loving you constantly.

He is in everything, everywhere. He is endless. He stays in every entity, pervading the entire universe. He is with him (Dadaji), in him.

He is my own and is with me. He is my Nature. How can I then get Him? He is Himself, and I ,too, am He.

He, Himself, resides in each and every human being, even in every particle of the universe.

He is never in contact with anybody, yet He encompasses all.

Guru never dies. He is Immortal and Eternal. He has no birth, death, decay nor even bondage. He is not static, but is a dynamic Force.

Don't forget His Will. He is doing everything. Just depend on Him, which you have received (Mahanam).

He is certainly chanting the Name around the clock.

What do you care if you do everything through Him? He is at once in virtue and vice, in piety and impiety. He alone can enjoy in the truest sense of the term.

He is your Nearest and Dearest.

He is close to our breathing, nearer than our hands and feet. He is everywhere and everything.

He is doing (everything, giving life) 24 hours a day but we are in darkness. We do not know.

Everybody is God. Each and everything is God. Other than God, there is nothing. All over the universe, thousands of universes, it is all His Creation.

He is Ever-present, Eternal and All-embracing.

Above all, He is All-blissful, All-merciful. Human beings may run away from Him, not want Him, still He is always with them, ever helpful.

3 Look Within

I must know first, who am I? Wherefrom I have come? What is my goal and duty?

Know the Supreme Self. Through Him you can know yourself easily and properly as a being in Him, not a being that is Himself.

You cannot know yourself but through the Love which is He.

You are yourself the Creation of Truth, in fact One with Truth. Let Truth be manifested in you in full blaze of Love and Wisdom.

The devotee, devotion and the Divinity are one continuum.

Don't you believe in your Existence? What makes you live, move and have your being? That is the Soul, and the Soul is God. That which exists when you are lost in sound sleep is the Soul, the Life Principle, God. Your mind, the architect of science and other relative truths, is the ?empiric, finite soul, the matrix of all frames of reference; its finitude is self-secreted and self-imposed. Once your mental being, your ego, is merged in the Infinite Existence, the Soul, you recapture the Absolute Vision, which is your birthright.

We have come to this world as so many brimful jars, Purna Kumbha. You are full of Him. You are purified by bathing in this inner fullness of Him, not by any outside ritual.

God is not a person. Person cannot be God.

Everybody is God. Everything is within. He's also within.

Always remember, Supreme is within. In that case, you are also Supreme.

Know thyself and realize the Self. Remove all obstacles which stand on the way to realization. Only then will your own greatness appear to your intellect. It will then be realized that each existence is inseparably connected with the Truth.

You ask why we have to be separated from Him. But, where is the separation? First tell me that. He exists in our very breath. Then how can we say He is separate from us? If He separates from us, only the body will remain, or rather the corpse.

He is within. He sees Himself, but through our eyes. But, they're His eyes actually.

If you are something, each and everybody is the same.

All are Children of Supreme Bliss. Atma (Soul) is One in all beings.

Father is One. We have come from Him, from the Oneness. Then what is the difference between you and me? Nothing.

Everything, everywhere is He. So what is the difference? How can you be separated? Is it possible?

He is always within you. Do not worry.

We should first ask ourselves: If I am He, then who will attain whom? He is within me.

You are pregnant with Him, and immaculately of course.

Drop the word I. It is but One entity polarized into I and you. All this (world) belongs to the Mother (Prakriti, physical Nature).

A Jiva (individual) can never be Satyanarayan (Supreme Creator of Truth).

Hold fast to Him, neither you nor I exist.

Who are you? You are no body.

You do not know scriptures, nor history. You have no education. When you have forgotten Him, you have neither character, nor perspective. He alone knows everything.

We have got no eye also. We never see anything. We are all blind. That's why he (Dadaji) says, we have eyes but we are all blind. That's why we cannot realize Him, cannot find Him. Don't bother for Him. Carry on, do your duty. Duty is the first thing. And, you are within me.

Everybody is He. And, everything is being done by Him through you.

A person has no power, because the body is not one's own. Life is One. Atma (Soul, Self) is One in all beings.

Your Self is my Self.

A person has no authority to dictate to Life.

Actually, a person can do nothing. Ultimately all bow down before Him.

Self-confidence is the main thing. Without this a person cannot achieve anything, whether in earthly or in spiritual life. But you see, the one who has got self-confidence has also confidence in Self (Atman). Theists and atheists, both appear to me the same. You may say that you have no faith in God. This is called confidence in Self. If you take God as a Word, then you are God, I am God, everybody is God. Again, if you take the special qualifications (Gunas) and special Power of God, then I must say, all these are in everybody also.

An individual is a helpless being.

You are Purna Kumbha (full of Him). Let this Consciousness dawn upon you from within.

You are your own Guru.

Truth is universal, existential. All manifestation is Mother (physical Nature). You have been baptized even before your birth. You have only got back your patrimony. Remember your roots (family, country), but not apart from Him. He is the Root to be sure. Don't fight shy of your natural environment. Don't defy His decree.

He is in All. All is in Him. Live, but live in tune with Him. Live beyond the realm of mind. Don't live in wants, fears, hopes. Live in Swabhava (natural state of being in tune with God), in your Real Self, which is the only Truth.

Only remember Him and do whatever you do in the Name of Him. That is enough. All right, nothing can touch you.

Luckily for you, the window has opened itself. The genial sunshine of His Will is all about. But, you must put off the shutters and blinds. But then again, you cannot do it. Be like a log of wood in the stream of His Will. Love life, love work, love duty. Be of good cheer. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Resurrection and Eucharist are your birthright. Nobody can dole it out to you. The Son of Man is verily working around the clock within you to that end.

Remember, I am in you.

So long as He is with you, you are. You are nothing other than Him. You have got no right to do anything. Just give up everything on Him. A person cannot do anything.

Be of good cheer. You have nothing to get. Everything that is, is within. He is within you and is your Nearest and Dearest. In fact, He is you and your Existence is the way to Him.

It's all right. You'll understand who is you, what you are. You are Something. From inside (Dada pointing to his heart), automatically you'll know. You just read this book (referring to "The Truth Within"). And, take that Mahamantra (God's Name), that Mahanam (Gopal Govinda).

4 God is Within as Mahanam

God is within, in the deep recesses of our heart, in the form of the two sounds of Mahanam (Great Name). Mahanam is at the root of our respiration and all vibrations of the world are Mahanam. One sound, Gopal, appraises you of the Supreme; the other sound, Govinda, of the Beyond. This Mahanam is our real Self, the Guru.

The human mind is only the pragmatic self which cuts into pieces the Integral Existence that is Mahanam, and therefore exhibits multiplicity. We have to be wedded to Mahanam before we can get entry into this world. This is the real Diksha (initiation into Self), but since we have forgotten It an earthly Diksha in the form of visualizing the Mahanam happens to remind us. No earthly Guru can initiate a person or, in other words, give Diksha. It (Mahanam) is spontaneously manifested as and when It chooses.

The Divine Will, which is the outward manifestation of Sri Satyanarayan, is the sole Creative and Sustaining Principle in this universe. As Divine Power, or Energy, It (Mahanam) is revealed to our senses in various forms. It is the Shabdabrahman (Shabda means sound, Brahma refers to God, the Essence of Existence) of Vedanta, the Vac (primal Sound as the matrix of Creation) of Rigveda, and the Word of the Bible. Each of these terms is misleading if taken in the literal sense. In It's true import, It (Mahanam) is identical with Truth.

By Diksha (initiation) you realize Him. Genuine Diksha means revelation. You must see what is going on within your Self. That is Truth.

This Mahanam is the be-all and end-all of your Life, of all Existence. The matrix of all multiplicity, Mahanam is the Eternal Refuge of all Existence. The two sounds epitomize the bipolarity of our Life here in the world.

Wedded to this Mahanam, which is being chanted of Itself around the clock in the vacuous region of the heart, we have come into this world, which is an overflowing of the Joy of Infinite Existence. Existence, Consciousness, Joy...this is the order of progressive manifestation of the Infinite. In Existence as Existence, the two sounds are in perfect identity. That is Satyanarayan, the symbol of basal Truth. The Mahanam is His Joyous Manifestation.

Submit to Mahanam in Love and brave the world. Do your work with Him as the Agent. Have patience with the vicissitudes of life which are tokens of His Infinite Love. Don't restrain, don't indulge. Be natural, shorn of all inhibitions. Religion is nothing divorced from life. Work is worship when the sole frame of reference is the Soul, the vibrant Mahanam.

No one can come into this world without the two sounds of Mahanam vibrating within. Locked in wedlock to It, each one comes here and forgets It outright. The Mahanam vibrates within the vacuous region of the heart, which is the place of repose of all respiration unruffled by any mental modes. This Mahanam is Prana (Life). Gopal Govinda is the warp and woof of your Existence. The respiratory function is set into motion by It's spontaneous vibration. If you closely follow the track of respiration you may be led to a rediscovery of the vibration of Mahanam. A misunderstanding of this situation paved the way for progressively monstrous physical and mental gymnastics in the name of Yoga and Tantra.

Other than Name, there is nothing. Name is the Supreme Authority. Name is the Guru. Name is God. Name is Almighty and Truth. No need of going to anybody, going anywhere. You have come full of Him. Why do you bother running after all these things (religious places and practices)? He is the Father. He is 24 hours inside of us, giving us Life. So carry on, do your duty (remember Him) and do your work.

It is Mahanam that is the Supreme Power, nothing else.

Name is Truth.

Remember Mahanam with love and complete self-surrender. That is the only way. He is far out of reach of the clever and merely learned. By no means can you get Him through ritual. Only through love!

For sustaining us and sustaining the entire paraphernalia of Nature, He is ever chanting the Mahanam.

Everybody is born with Mahanam within. But, with birth one forgets it, forgets one's True Nature, Divine Nature.

His Name is your own being. You are His Temple.

We have come here with the sound of Mahanam chiming within us continuously around the clock. That is the Guru, our Beloved. The ego shuts It out from us, hence, we cannot perceive or hear It. But, we can have Mahanam from Him for the mere asking. A human being has no role in it.

Your Mahanam, Mahamantra (Great Name of the Supreme Creator), is within you. It has been vibrating within your heart since your birth. You and you alone can find it. No outsider, other than yourself, can reveal it to you. The point of stasis of respiration is the domain of Name.

When one sits before Sri Sri Satyanarayan for Mahanam, one sees his or her own Self. It is a direct communion between the seeker and Self. Dadaji stands here as witness. The waves of the vibration are chanted in a resonant voice through the ears of the seeker, then are reflected in words communicating the Eternal form of the Mahanam for a moment. This is real Diksha (Self-initiation of Name) or Darshan (seeing Supreme Creator). As soon as the veil of ego, and not Maya (Divine Creative Power), evolves in the mind of the seeker It (Mahanam) disappears.

Many seekers of Truth confuse my action at the time of their seeking Mahanam from Sri Sri Satyanarayan. I am nobody there. My role is that of a witness. The seeker sees the Mahanam, which is the Name of Self, dwelling in the seeker's heart and constantly chanting the Mahanam. The resonant sound of Mahanam is heard by the seeker at the time of revelation. This Mahanam reminds the seeker that he or she was born with the Mahanam, but has forgotten it due to ego.

One who has received initiation (Diksha) of Divine Name has to pay honorarium for it. Savory recollection is the honorarium. It is verily the avidity to turn oneself into Vrindavan (playground of love). The mind in the state of Manjari (like a budding seed) tastes the Rasa (relishing the Divine Love) of Govinda (God within). That is what is meant by residence in Vrindavan.

The region of repose of respiration within the body, which is Void, is the place wherefrom out of Void emerges Name. Therein lie Vrindavan and Govinda. It has no contact with the body inasmuch as it transcends mind. The concentrated mind is Buddhi (Absolute, discriminative, intuitive). This state is possible only when one goes beyond mind or when one reaches the Void. I am kissing myself, kissing kiss itself. The mind flowers into a sheaf (Manjari), the intelligence grows transparent (conscious), and the elan vital (life force) becomes Joy.

Do not be thoughtful over the Mahanam you have received. It is Itself the Absolute Truth.

Repeat the Name. Keep thinking about Him and the rest will be taken care of. Don't think of me. Think of God.

Even Name exists not. It is all Void.

Mahamantra, which is eternally going on in the Soul, can only come from momentary union with the Soul.

Anyone can receive this Nam, or Mahanam, from Him direct.

The Self plays the dual role, that of the Guru and the disciple at the same time. It becomes identified at the moment of receiving the Mahanam, when the Self becomes the Guru and shows His own Name to the seeker, who is the eternal disciple.

Come near me. Take Mahanam. Now you have realized.

It (Mahanam) is not written. It is your own. Dadaji has no connection with that. Dadaji cannot do anything. That is why I am telling, don't believe Dadaji also. Just you believe him as Elder Brother.

Did I utter anything into your ear? The Mahanam that came to you has always been ringing in your Soul. You have heard your own Mantra. You are your own Guru. I am no Guru, simply a Brother.

Those who have received Mahanam, will be delivered even in this birth. But, in some cases one might be born again for five or seven or ten years. Those who have slipped off, will suffer an enormously intensified Prarabdha (destined unfolding maturation process). You will find them raising alarms, however they will be delivered.

In this matter (Mahanam) Dada has no credit or authority. He showers His Mercy just like that. He is ever wakeful. Sri Krishna himself and Mahaprabhu gave Mahanam in this manner in every age. Did they ever call themselves Guru?

Nam (Supreme Name) alone is Real. Everything else is unreal. Nam is chanted in Prana (Life). The tongue is useless here.

It is futile to compare a Mantra given by so-called (human) Guru and the Mahanam you have received from Sri Sri Satyanarayan. Diksha means to see. You have seen your Mahanam. It comes from within you. Your Dada is mere witness. The reason of your Mahanam being secret is It is fully yours. In Inner World, He, Who is thousands of times your own and lovable, and whose Darshan for once only is more that sufficient in life, must be non-expressive.

The sincerity and depth of Love seated in your heart gets more deepened and purified by the revelation and touch of Mahanam. His Name and He are the same.

Submit to Satyanarayan, the Supreme Consciousness. Disengage yourself from your ego. Let your I (ego) abdicate in favor of Him and you are blessed with the sound and vision of that Mahanam through His Infinite Grace.

Complete surrender in love to Mahanam, which is the warp and woof of our Existence, is the only way.

The individual has nothing else to do except call to mind that Mahanam.

Do nothing, but practice remembering and adhering to Nam.

Keep on remembering Mahanam, the Name of the Lord, the seed that has been sown in your heart. It is a wonderful key that makes every door open of its own accord.

5 His Fragrance Beckons You

A certain region is replete with Fragrance. Have the urge to go there.

Fragrance is the real Vanshi Dhwani (sound of Lord Krishna's flute calling all to Him). The sound of His flute is His Fragrance. It is All-pervasive.

The prankful exhibits (miracles) that are manifested here may be extraneous, but when one gets Aroma (Dadaji's Fragrance) at a distance of 1000 miles, is that, too, extraneous? That is manifestation of Will Supreme.

When Mahanam becomes manifest, the Name Himself becomes manifest and the entire body becomes a fragrant oblation.

Dada's body Fragrance is indeed the Vanshi (flute) of Sri Krishna Bhagwan Himself. Can the flute be heard at a great distance? It is the body Fragrance that reminds one of Him.


Charanjal has often been misinterpreted. It is for the purpose of elevating the surface plane of our mental world. It is His direct Divine touch, to help us unfold to realization.

NOTE: Charanjal refers to pure water which becomes transformed by Dadaji's gaze, his touch or his wish. Regardless of where Dadaji is in the world, at His Wish, plain water turns fragrant and translucent white. Occurring under a wide variety of circumstances, Charanjal is known for it's healing properties, its sweet and mysterious reminder of Dadaji and Truth, and the transformation of consciousness it gradually brings about.

6 Pathways to Truth: God's Name and Love

Nam and Prema (Divine Love) are the only way to Him. And that way, too, is your Existence.

He is standing on the way with outstretched arms. You just turn toward Him, you will see that He is awaiting you a hundred thousand times more anxiously than you. Is there any end to His patience? But, we are all fools. Our egos are destroying us.

Put your devotion or Love to the Absolute and find Him through your Self.

Divine Name is the only path.

The remembrance of Him amidst your work is an act of love. So love is the path to Truth. This insures integrity of character and purity of conduct.

Remembering Him is the only path.

To know Truth, there must be intense yearning, sincerity and right conduct. How far can one get It (Truth) through the mind and intellect? It is the mind and intellect that has created all the confusion. At the time of arrival in the mother's womb, He has already made arrangements for the milk for us in the mother's breasts. Just think about that. How merciful He is. He has revealed Truth to us, even before our birth. We do not see that we have taken birth with Truth. There is nothing new. And, Truth never goes away. Then, how can one make It anew? It is already there.

He is always within you, do not worry. You will always feel His Presence, which will guide you.

Don't you worry. Your Travel Agent will guide you unerringly, for you have resigned yourself to Him. He has tightened His arms around you only for your safe anchorage. Do not look back. Be an onlooker through His specks, seated as you are in His lap always.

You are free in your spiritual pursuit and need not depend on anyone for your goal to be realized.

Your experiences with Truth are working within you to find spontaneous expression in time. Don't be in a hurry. Let It come when It chooses, as an outpouring of your heart. Only, do not slam the doors against It. Rather be waiting like the Ramayana Savari for Its beatific event.

Your Nature will lead you toward your goal.

We are moving and talking. So long as we are moving and talking, there is some Power within. No need of going anywhere. He is within. No question of realization. Try to catch Him, what He is doing inside. After that, no need of anything.

For one who gets the taste or touch of His Love, none can stop his or her progress in the blissful path.

Follow your own True Nature.

Our heart is the true pilgrimage. Due to ignorance and superstition we run from place to place in search of Him.

What is the aim of education? The aim is to develop Self-inquiry. Who am I? Why did I take this body? Which path should I follow? What is my duty? We get so attached to our temporary worldly pleasures that we often deviate from the fundamental goal of our life. This attachment is the result of age long superstition. Real education frees one from the bondage of superstition. Education without spiritual aim is never perfect. The aim of flawless education is to make a person. The definition of a person is Love.

Why should you go anywhere for Him? Why should you go to the Himalayas, or other places? You come here (to this world), be careful about that. You come here for certain work. You will have to do it. You are a guest. Just stay here and enjoy yourself. Enjoy Him also and go back. That's enough.

The Absolute Himself will show you the way.

There is no escape from Him. Nam will do the needful. All else is abortive action.

Dadaji has nothing to do with Darwinian evolution. Nor does He advocate any process, any climbing stairs. If Reality is One, no such segmentation and stratification is possible. In fact, He is realizing Himself through you, me and everybody.

His immensity is lived in a twinkle of supernal Light. We do not need borders. We induct them to suit our thought habits. Let not your intuition be self-delusion. At a moment of emotional upsurge or stress the mind is off its wonted rails (habitual patterns), is in a fluid state and seems to intuit Truth. The upsurge minus its contributory cause is quite all right. But, we can seldom shake it off. In other words, Truth is negation, not intellectual of course, of all fancied possession. It is stark nudity. That is why we are to witness ourselves being Void in order that He may manifest His Fullness within us.

We glibly talk of transcending. What will you transcend? Can you transcend your body and yet remain a lump of flesh and blood? Let us negotiate the matter from another standpoint. A snake isfuriously darting toward you. What will you do? You have fear. You have a sense of aggression and the urge for self-protection. Will you fancy the snake being He, Himself, and start embracing it? This is fashionable mysticism turned to lunacy, a sheer hypocrisy.

You go on searching for Him by counting beads and meditating with closed eyes. You can never have Him, not in countless million births, if you follow these practices.

Look, by doing all this jiggery pokery (Mantras, beads, self-denial, sacrifice, prayer, meditation, etc.), we have become completely confounded and have lost the way. We have to go to Shyambazar, but we are walking toward Diamond Harbor (referring to two opposite locations in Calcutta). Shall we ever reach Shyambazar if we take the wrong road? It is the same story in the world of Religion. The path in fact, He has shown. What you have received directly from Him (Mahanam), keep doing that. Know that to be truly the one and only path. That way alone is liberation, realization, and salvation.

Those who have taken resort in Satyanarayan may fearlessly walk over any holy place, over any image of deity. For they have no sense of agency.

Why not turn your face to know Him residing within you all? See how easy and natural the path is.

Complete self-surrender to the Absolute with the help of Mahanam is the only path for Mukti (liberation), Prapti (realization) and Uddhara (salvation).

Your mode of understanding is self-defeating. So long as I (ego) persists, He is not. When He is, I am not.

Search out the Inner Soul from behind the veil of self-consciousness.

You are your own pathfinder.

You, yourself, are Narayan (supported by the Supreme within).

Walk neither ahead of Him, nor behind Him. Walk in step with Him. Path and goal are the same in the end analysis.

No amount of Yoga, meditation, or austerity can lead you anywhere near the Truth. You cannot reach Supreme Wisdom through knowledge or by any other means. The only way to Truth is complete self-resignation and Divine Love. Your Existence is the way. In fact, no question of the way comes in at all. You have nothing to get, nothing to do, to achieve It (Truth). For, your Existence is your goal.

7 Religion is One

Religion, more appropriately Dharma, is an exercise in the search for Truth. True Dharma is the irresistible will to commune with the Divine Force within.

In remembering God and realizing His Love there is no room for mental and physical acrobatics. Give up all outer appearances of religious attitudes to realize Him. He decides the right time for an elevation to higher states. Do not force anything, let it all happen naturally.

Religion is One. Dharma is co-terminus with Existence. Giving a secluded niche for Dharma apart from the mainstream of Existence ushers in a religion that is formal, denominational and dogmatic. An ivory tower is carved out. The question of good and bad looms before one's scanning mind, and intellectual and ethical theories are piled up. The person in the ivory tower, a recluse, an escapist, may well argue that his or her sole concern is self-culture; and, that social work having as it does no spiritual bearing is an anathema.

An escapism in the opposite direction comes in the form of philanthropic activities. Both take life in fragments, idolize suffering in one way or another, and fall apart from the mainstream of life. There is one Integral Existence through all. Every bit of work is worship, philanthropic work not excepted. Relief work, if pursued without any sense of ego and without injury to the mainstream of one's life, need not be profane.

Original Religion was Sanatan Dharma (Eternal Religion). That is the thing. Don't bother for Him, He is within you. He is your Father. He is chanting 24 hours within us. So carry on, do your business.

Work is one's own Dharma.

Don't set your Sundays apart from your week days. Don't divorce life from Religion. Your Existence itself is the way to Him. No physical or mental acrobatics can lead you to Him. How can you get the Absolute? You live It.

What goes on in the name of Religion is all bunk. It's a fraud and hoax perpetrated by the so-called religious heads who have vested interests in all this bluff.

What is the meaning of Religion? Even today we have no clear conception on this subject. In trying to understand Religion by watching the conduct of priests, we have lost everything. They are the spies of Kali. They do business in the name of Religion! They are the ones responsible for religious differences. All your Gurus are included in this bunch. You know they practice business, not Religion.

Dharma is doing Dharma. That is, Existence is holding Existence. If that is the real meaning, then since it is the Soul that is holding us, that Soul must be known. That indeed, is Religion. And for that do you have to go into exile? Do you have to read a list of names of gods, put on Tilak (sandal paste mark on the forehead), rub ashes? Why do you have to practice deceptions like putting on saffron robes?

He is our very own! To love the Nearest and Dearest of our life, do we have to smear ourselves with powders and snows? Nothing whatever is required! Only through complete self-surrender to Him is everything achieved. That indeed is Dharma (Religion).

Again, is Religion a matter of hanky-panky? Taking opium, hashish, pot, drugs, alcohol? Do take these if you like to, my dear, but why all this in the name of Religion? Religion remains a million miles away from all this.

All worldly religion is superstition.

Kali, Durga and the like (gods and goddesses), are all at bottom One.

Go about doing everything while remembering Him. That is all that is needed. And, remain vigilant all the time that you don't fall prey to any superstitions. Societies and nations get overturned and along with them are overturned the rules and regulations. But, superstitions cannot be removed or thrown off easily. Beware of superstitions at all times.

Superstition does not die even with the death of the phantom. For thousands of years, all kinds of superstitions have entered not eat this, do not eat that, Tuesday, Saturday, Friday, and what not! On top of that, thirty-three crores (330 million) gods and goddesses, thousands of types of Mantras (mystical formulas), thousands of ways of worship. Beware of all these. And, beware of Gurus who claim to have the keys to Him. There is only one Guru, Who is inside everyone, in all creatures, pervading the whole universe, the whole Creation.

Who cares to know the Truth? Everybody seems to be busy with false superstitions leaving aside Reality.

What is Dharma (Religion)? That you are unable to understand. In the name of Religion, you practice non-Religion. Dressed up as Gurus you sit in Maths, Ashrams, and temples and deceive people. What kind of relationship is there between Guru (human spiritual teacher) and Shishya (disciple)? Depending on how much wealth the devotee has, he or she receives the corresponding degree of attention and prestige. If the cow eats good grass and gets good fodder it will give a good quantity of milk, and so it must be given good quality grass. In the same way, the degree of devotion is judged from how much wealth is expanded in constructing temples with expensive marble and decorating them with lots of gold and silver. This is indeed what we call "religion". You get milk by expending wealth, isn't that the idea? What kind of religion is that?

On top of that, who is Brahmin, Kayastha, Vaidya, Mlechha, (various castes) etc.? Is this the kind of birth data that has to be given to get God? What sort of business is this? Please explain to me. Whatare you doing? It's as if I have gone to hell myself and on top of it, sent others also to hell, as if I have fallen into a ditch and have pushed ten other persons also into it. That is what you do these days with your practice of Guru business.

Actually, there is no Dharma or Adharma (Religion or non-Religion), no virtue or vice. There is only action and reaction.

Tradition is a social concept. Tradition changes but not the Eternal Truth. People have shrouded the Truth with traditions of penance, renunciation, physical and mental methods, rituals and recitals of scriptures. The Absolute is not found by any of these prescriptions. Nor does He divide humanity into sects and castes, holy people and sinners. He is the same in every individual. We have to live normally in the world and not reject it.

All Dharmas are being harmonized.

There is no individual Dharma (Religion). The only Religion is Love, which becomes manifest as one remembers Mahanam.

8 God is the Guru

Sri Satyanarayan within you is your only Guru (Supreme Guide). He is within you. The Mahamantra (Great Name of God) comes from within you. He alone can reveal Mahanam to you. The Lord residing within you is the only Guru.

Priesthood and Gurubad (Guru business) can never lead one to the domain of purification where the Divine dwells within. Flawless perfection can only be possible when the Divine Creator appears before us, and not through any media or interpreter.

Your real Guru lies within you to embrace you and guide you to your final destination, to the realization of your True Nature which is Divine and Blissful. You do not require any human being as Guru for Self-realization. Your Self or God alone is Guru.

His Grace is already present toward His creatures! How can a body-bound person be Guru? Body decays. Does Guru ever decay? Guru is All-pervading. As the Holder of the body, residing in the body, He is the one and only Guru.

Who is Guru? What does one gain if the (human) Guru whispers a Mantra in your ear? A human being can never supply the Mantra to know the Truth and get acquainted with Him. What is the use of coming to such a fake Guru? Know the Truth, hold on to Him and be established with It. This was the message of Sri Ram Thakur (1860-1949) who was then alive, and at that time there was no activity of this person (Dadaji). This one (Dada) has been putting the question: For whom shall a person count the beads? One has to woo one's Nearest, one's own Being. How does another person come in there? He is favoring us forever with His Grace. The Mahanam is constantly ringing in our hearts. Only the unawakened do not hear it.

Anyone who tells you they can take you to God, is simply not telling the Truth. No person can be a Guru. Every person has a Guru inside.

Don't run after a Guru, run after knowing your Self. Therein lies the whole secret. You have immense power. Use it to awaken from that great slumber.

Guru? Everybody is Guru. Only Prana (Life) is Guru. He is everywhere and He is for all. So, don't believe that man (Dadaji) also. Because He is within this body also, within mind this man (Dadaji) is talking. So don't believe anybody, other than Him. Only He can guide. He can do whatever He likes.

No human Guru, no guide, can help you to know Him. The Lord is within you. Complete surrender to Him, with remembrance of Mahanam in abiding Love, can alone lead you to Him.

The mortal being can never be a Guru by any means. God Himself is the only Guru.

What is Guru? Guru actually refers to teaching. But, today Guru has become big business and wealthy institutions. Real Guru is Him. In any circumstances, he (Dadaji) cannot give you anything and he cannot accept anything. If he accepts anything, then he is a business.

Who is He? That is the question. If you are really a lover of Him, you have no need of monetary business for Him.

One does not get Him by donning deception. Putting on deceptive garb (saffron robes, priest collars, etc.) means self-deception. Through the help of the garb, I show to others what I am not. That is why the conduct of priests and Gurus is so deadly injurious as to be beyond comparison. They are all the spies of Kali. Do you understand what these worldly Gurus are? Actually, the one who questions, as well as the one who answers, both are one and the same Being.

The Almighty is as anxious to have you, as you are to have Him. Do not bother with an external guide. You have only to search Him within.

Guru? Who is Guru? If I am Guru, then you are Guru. Everyone is Guru. This Guru business is a disastrous affair. If I am myself blind, then how can I show the path to another blind person? If my own affairs are not in order, how can I show the way to others? If I know Him, can I then become a Guru? No, for then I will see myself present in everyone. What a strange business. Who is the Guru? What you see around of Gurudom, that is merely a trade.

The human being cannot be Guru. Guru is deathless and Eternal.

Do not run after Gurus, Yogis, priests. Look within instead. Then He alone will appear to exist.

All these so-called and self-styled Bhagawans (Lords), Maharishis (sages), Babas (holy fathers), and Gurus are bluffing innocent people to make money.

Don't be misled by all these charlatans who pass off as Bhagawans and Jagadgurus (God of the world). How can mortals, on whose carrion vultures will peck, be God?

No human being can ever be a Guru. The Guru is within you as the Mahanam...the basal stuff of your Existence. If you are a Guru, why not I? We are all limitations, fragmentation of Truth. But, the Guru is unlimited, Integral Truth. You and I die, the Guru never dies. The self-styled Gurus, Mahants (religious leaders) and Bhagawans are making a business out of God. The worst criminals, these scourges of human society should be stamped out forthwith.

He, Who at all times sees Himself in everyone, how can He become a Guru? How can there be a difference between man and woman for Him? All are He!

Person cannot be Guru. At the time of birth we have come with the Guru. At the same time we have come with Mahanam, Diksha, and whatever It (Truth) is.

Who will teach? Who will guide? Is there anybody who can guide or give Mantra? Yogis, saints? Nobody. If anyone realizes Him, they cannot utter or give Mantra by mouth to anyone! They cannot utter the words, "I am Guru," because the Supreme is everybody, everywhere. How is it possible to say I am Guru, you are disciple? I am within you. That's enough. Have you understood?

Dada is not your Guru. The Lord residing within you is the only Guru.

Everything is His. Everything has the same Power. If one person is Guru or saint, each person is the same.

God alone is the Guru. The moment one poses as an agent, everything is lost.

You must guard yourself against one thing. You cannot do fraudulent use of Him.

It is rabid materialism to take a human being for Guru. You are all idiots.

This cult of the Guru is a fraud perpetrated by vested interests. This stigma on our Eternal Religion must be abolished forthwith. What outlandish and preposterous practices in the Name of Truth!

Expose them (Gurus)! And if you can't do that, get them together and let your Dada disprove their pretensions.

All these Yogis, saints, Sadhus, Godmen, Gurus, this, that. All, each and every one are bluff, full of bluff. Their only interest is to collect money and make institutions.

No human being with finite knowledge and perfection can be Guru. How can finite lead to Infinite, darkness to Light, or ignorance to Wisdom? It is the expression of ego that makes a person boast to be Guru.

Guru is all business exploitation.

A mortal being cannot initiate another. There cannot be an intermediary between God and a person.

No agent or intermediary is needed by a person to commune with the Lord, the Absolute, Who is within each person. He alone can grant Diksha (initiation).

Anybody who realizes Him, cannot utter the words, "I will guide you." Because those who realize, they look and see everybody is God, everywhere is God. They cannot utter the words, "I am a Guru." They cannot behave like that. Have you understood?

Don't believe any person. If you believe (Dadaji pointing to himself), then....success. If not,

A teacher or professor of your worldly language can be spoken of, but how can there be a Guru? By setting up Ashram (religious community) and Math (monastic institution), one indulges in a kind of business only.

The Self plays a dual role, that of the Guru and the disciple at the same time.

You are your Guru and you are your disciple. Other than this, nobody can be Guru.

Real Guru is Immortal and Eternal Truth, our own Self or God. Guru is all the time with us. He never leaves. How can He leave? He is the very Eternal Source of our Life, our Existence.

Make Him the Guru and you will find that He Himself will take you safely to the shore through the stream of life, tiding over all storms by holding the oar Himself.

Whenever there is a movement to uproot the age-old Sanskaras (superstitions), there are always great agitation?s against it. Nothing to worry about. As He creates dangers, so He also lays the path of Peace.

No person can be a Guru. Each person has the Guru within, Who is God. Don't look to Gurus, Yogis, Babas and saints. Look within. No person can initiate you into God. This is all humbugism and exploitation. As soon as someone says, "I am the Guru, I am the doer," that person is an egotist. When those who sell God realize Him, they are out of business.

By Guru is meant Nam (Supreme Name). It is Nam, Who is Guru. With Guru it is complete Bliss. Nam means Omniscience. Where Nam is firmly established and is constantly attended, an appetite for Nam comes from the faithful recital of Nam and that is happiness Eternal.

The place where Nam is set is called Vrindavan, a solitary Abode. Nothing but that Abode attracts heavenly excellence and grandeur. None is dearer than Husband, the Lord. So, God is described as the Lord. And the Nam you have received is God. In this world, without Nam nothing of Nature endures. Only Nam lasts. The relation with Guru (Absolute) is of happiness with love serene. Both disciple and Teacher (Soul within human heart and the Absolute) commingle with Love, with Ecstasy, with Eternal Attraction and then merge into One.

Life and all other substances which appear are but manifestations of God. While the human Soul and the Absolute commingle with each other, the debt of the world is cleared. That is, constant practice of Love with Nam, Who is none else but the Absolute, leads to Supreme Knowledge or Reality. And this Knowledge alone expels all other superficial knowledge and takes one to the Bliss Eternal.

9 Language is One

Language is One. Truth is One.

Language. As long as we are talking, we are in mind. That is called language. There are so many languages. Other than mind, beyond mind, there is no language, only Diksha (revelation of Name).

All declaration or announcement is sound only when it is dictated by the inner voice of Truth.

When that sound starts, that is He. That is the first thing.

His Love is the only language.

Sound or Word is the manifestation of the Will. When this feeling was introduced, then derivation of words and language had not fully developed. But, the language starts from its Origin. Thus, at the time of very ancient period, observing the moon, sun, rain, cyclones, thunder, earthquakes and various events in Nature, the primitive people tried to worship them, thinking them as different deities.

Gradually, when people tried to learn by developing their knowledge and struggling against the forces of Nature, when they knew practically the art of the cause and the effect of rain, storm and cyclone, then they did not worship them as deities. In that respect, human beings have become the master of Nature, not completely, but to some extent.

In a similar way, when word and sound are manifested in the form of language, by the desire and will of the mind, then we say that word or sound is something like Brahma (God, the Creator). And of course, it is one hundred percent right, the sayings of the Rishis (seers) that the Creator of this universe is a Poet and His Creation is His Poem. Now we have progressed much on this point.

Prior to sound of a word, a Great Power functions. That Great Power is that Great Will. So also with psychic phenomena, that is also the Supreme Power. But, you see with this spiritual body one cannot continue for a long time, because the physical body cannot absorb that Power. So, that is why the Divine gets pleasure in creating human beings for His Play. This is His great pleasure. Thoughts possess no personal stamp. They are the product of the human race. Philosophy means a system of thoughts, a creation of the mental plane.

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