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I am so impressed with Dadaji's philosophy. I am looking forward to receiving the book. Like you said in your site, I didn't come across your page by accident. I do believe that is true. I can already feel Dadaji's presence with me, and I look forward to learning more. Best wishes and thank you so much for your fine work. --- Carmen Colombo, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

(11:33 minutes) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.


When asked about miracles, Dadaji said:

"The Divine performs all these (miracles), not I. But, I warn you all, do not take miracles to be anything but external happenings. They are extraneous. Once you have faith in Him, you must forget about miracles and go beyond them in order to reach the only Guru, the Self within you."

by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part VII
Extraordinary Experiences

9 Miraculous Healing

Read first hand accounts of people who felt the healing power of Dadaji's wish. Included are healings of: cancer, heart problems, fevers, boils, paralysis, serious pregnancy problems, etc. At the end you will find two reassuring accounts of death experiences.

9 Miraculous Healing

When Dadaji visited Portland, Oregon in USA, he stayed in the home of Doris Anderson. In 1985, just before Dadaji was to come, Mrs. Anderson developed skin cancer on her face. Doctors were attempting to treat it conventionally, but it was extremely painful and growing rapidly. They said she would have to have surgery.

When Dadaji heard about it, he laughed out loud and told her not to bother about it. Wondering whether or not Dadaji understood her and still feeling concerned, she once again explained the situation. This time Dadaji told her, "Bring a bottle of pure water." Mrs. Anderson brought a bottle of plain water and gave it to Dadaji. As he held it in his hand for a few minutes it turned milky and fragrant (Charanjal). He told her, "Take one drop each day and don't bother."

She took one drop of water and within a few days the cancer began to heal remarkably fast. A few more days and it was gone entirely and has not returned.

Medicine Manifested
One day in 1969 at his house, Dadaji extended his hand and produced from nowhere a bottle of tonic medicine. The next moment, Dadaji told Dr. B. Sarkar, "Is there something in your pocket? Just take a look." Upon putting his hand in his pocket, Dr. Sarkar discovered a medium sized bottle of medicine. Dadaji merely said, "It's okay. Take a spoonful daily of what you have received."

Painful Boil
In 1974 one day the son of a Dr. Lalit Pandit was suffering with a very large and painful boil on his thigh. Dadaji called the boy to come to him and he gently moved his finger around the boil. Within hours the boil subsided and disappeared.

A very devoted lady joined a group sitting around casually visiting with Dadaji. Her eyes were shining with love for him, although she visibly tried to suppress signs of acute pain in her knees that she had been patiently bearing for more than two years.

Dadaji blessed her as usual with an embrace and told a doctor of medicine present, "Look how much I am suffering, my daughter here has such pain. Please take her to the next room and examine her knees." The doctor came back after sometime and reported the lady had a kind of arthritis for which medical science has no cure.

The doctor said, "She has to live with it. Only your Grace can do something for her." Dadaji told her, "Oh, my girl, I feel something. You know how the Father suffers when his daughter is in pain." The lady began crying tears of love.

Dadaji continued, "Your Love itself will make your trouble go away gradually. It can go away instantly if you want, but I think it is better to keep some of the pain and let it go slowly. You see, to bear Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life) with patience is the greatest virtue, the greatest penance. Prarabdha must be dissipated by bearing it."

As the lady was bowing to Dadaji to take her leave, suddenly Dadaji got up and gently moved his hands along her legs. The next time she came, she was eighty percent over her trouble and she seemed to glow with inner love.

One day in 1973 at the home of Abhi Bhattacharya in Bombay, a woman deeply devoted to Dadaji named Mrs. Lahiri was sitting before him. Her facial expression revealed nervousness, confusion and discomfort for she was running a high temperature and had not been feeling well for some time. After a few moments of silence, Dadaji put his empty hand on her heart, withdrew it producing a capsule from nowhere and asked her to swallow it. After Mrs. Lahiri's son sang a beautiful devotional song, Dadaji felt the temperature of her body and asked the son and husband to do so. The fever was gone, and her face beamed with a smile, as she said, "I feel all right."

Smashed Finger
One day in 1969 a group of people accompanying Dadaji were getting into a car. Dr. B. Sarkar, who was accompanying them, got his fingers smashed shut in the car door. Upon releasing his fingers from the door, Dr. Sarkar was in unbearable pain and someone ran to fetch ice. Dadaji said, "Searchingfurther will not do!" He touched Dr. Sarkar's fingers and the pain vanished. On Dadaji's hand there appeared a black mark, but he remained indifferent.

After Death
After the death of an old doctor known to Dadaji for many years, Dadaji told the widow and her eldest son that elaborate religious rituals were meaningless and at best a picnic in the name of the departed. He told them to sit in a specially prepared, empty room on two small square carpets on the floor before a large portrait of Sri Sri Satyanarayan.

Full plates of specially prepared foods were placed in front of the portrait. Dadaji told them to close their eyes and remember Mahanam. They were left in the room alone and the door was bolted shut. All visitors were gathered in adjoining room with Dadaji, who was reclining on a divan.

After about fifteen minutes, Dadaji asked a physics professor to unlock the room and examine what had occurred. He found the room was full of Dadaji's Fragrance, the floor was wet and sprinkled with fragrant water, the picture of Satyanarayan was dripping with aromatic honey-like Nectar, and the plates of food had been partly eaten and distinct finger marks were obvious.

Dadaji asked, "Can a person do all this? It is He, Who is all, but you do not see!"

Back Injury
In 1986, Steve Davis, who had come to see Dadaji each summer for many years in Portland, Oregon, had developed severe back problems as a result of an earlier motorcycle accident. The pain had become so extreme the doctors advised him to stop working. However, he owned his own company and it was financially imperative that he continue to work or his business would fail. When Mr. Davis came to see Dadaji he did not tell Dadaji any of these problems, feeling fortunate to be in Dadaji's presence. However, Dadaji called Mr. Davis into his room and in private looked at his body as if it were transparent. After a few seconds, Dadaji lightly touched his back in a few places, again looked intently at Mr. Davis' body and touched him lightly again and told him to go and not to worry. Within hours the pain was considerably reduced and within days he was working a full schedule without any pain or difficulty at all.

High Fever
One morning Dr. Lalit Pandit, a physics professor from Bombay, visited Dadaji. A few days previous the professor had suffered and extremely high fever and a doctor had been summoned in the middle of the night. When he arrived at Dadaji's house, the professor found Dadaji sipping a cup of tea. Dadaji welcomed him with a knowing smile, shook the half-full cup of tea a little and handed it to him. It was no longer tea, but a sweet fragrant liquid. Within a few hours all remaining weakness had disappeared and Dr. Pandit was perfectly fit.

Ointment by Phone
One day in 1970 Dadaji was talking to Mrs. B. Sarkar by phone and he told her to put out her hand next to her phone receiver and a tube of medicinal ointment appeared in her hand.

Healing Water
In 1970 Mrs. K.C. Neogi called Dadaji saying her husband was not feeling well. Dadaji told her to bring a cup full of water near the telephone. Then he asked, "Do you get the Fragrance from the cup?" She replied, yes, as the water had turned into fragrant Charanjal. Dadaji instructed, "Give him this water to drink and also apply some on his forehead." By the next day the man had fully recovered.

Heart Pain
Dadaji lit a cigarette and just then the telephone rang. Before answering, he told the group of people, "This call is from London, from the wife of Dr. Kumar." The woman, herself a physician, was frantic with worry as she explained to Dadaji, her husband was suffering from acute heart pain and several members of the distinguished fraternity of Harley Street physicians had come to examine him and suspected a severe heart attack.

Dadaji smiled and said, "Why do you worry? All of you doctors are fools. There is nothing wrong with his heart. It is only some wind pumping against the heart that is causing the pain. Just give him some Charanjal and phone me after half an hour."

In exactly half an hour, Mrs. Kumar phoned again to say that the pain had disappeared. Dadaji laughed and told her, "The doctor is a beautiful girl, married to Him. So, a wish arose in Him that took care of him." Two days later the doctor himself called Dadaji from London. He was in a panic as specialists had examined him and suspected stomach cancer.

Dadaji shouted into the phone, "All you doctors are such utter fools! He says there is no cancer, not even an ulcer. You get all the tests done and phone tomorrow." The next day the call came to say the stomach was fine and the doctor was again in perfect health. Dadaji was so playful during all this, enjoying His Leela like a child.

Stabbing Chest Pain
Mr. A.K. Sarkar testified Dadaji's presence saved his life at a critical moment. One day in 1977, while at a meeting he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his chest. It knocked the breath out of him and he was on the verge of collapse, when he seized a glass of water nearby him. The water was suddenly transformed into a liquid of the sweetest Fragrance (Charanjal). He drank it and the pain gradually subsided, as if someone were lifting a heavy weight off his chest.

A few months later Mr. Sarkar was admitted to a hospital for a lengthy checkup. On the day he was to be discharged, his condition suddenly deteriorated and he suffered a severe heart attack. Doctors were in attendance, the prognosis was dim and all relatives were informed the man was dying. The man later related he perceived his Spirit was out of his body, a bit confused. A flood of Light enveloped him and Dadaji was there pushing him back into his body.

At Death
In 1972, Mr. Narain Paramananda of Patna, India, was dying of cancer after having recently received Mahanam in the presence of Dadaji. He did not display a touch of sorrow, a word of lament, a thought for the future of his family, or consolation for his old parents.

He spent every moment singing God's Name and reciting the Mahanam with his eyes fixed on the picture of Sri Sri Satyanarayan. He did not like any interruption and was irritated when he was asked to take fruit juice. To him each moment was too precious to miss the Name of God. The last breath went with the Nam, his mouth sending it out and remaining open after the last utterance.

The sweet Aroma of Dadaji's Fragrance emanated from Mr. Paramananda's body as Sri Satyanarayan, Himself, came to receive the Soul of His Own.

Dadaji at that hour was in the midst of a group of admirers. At about the time Mr. Paramananda was dying, he was giving that silent, detached look into the beyond. After a few minutes, at the exact time he died, Dadaji suddenly uttered, "Well, he has left this world."

High Risk Pregnancy
A young woman close to Dadaji was in the last days of her pregnancy when she was informed by her physician the unfortunate news that her baby was dead. The best doctors in Calcutta were called to examine her, and all agreed that there was no hope because there were no life signs from the fetus.

The worried woman called Dadaji and he emphatically told her, "No, not possible. The child is fine, leave it." All the doctors continued to warn her that if the dead fetus were not removed immediately, she would also die. All tests continued to show no life signs and the doctors refused to take responsibility if she did not follow their advice.

Dadaji told the doctors, "No, in 72 hours she will have a baby boy and everything will be perfect. You doctors don't know anything. The baby is resting. You don't see anything. Everything is okay." Exactly as Dadaji said, 72 hours later the young woman delivered a perfectly healthy baby boy.

One day in 1970 Dadaji warned Dr. M.K. Maitra, "My wife (referring to the physician's wife) will soon be attacked with paralysis. Be watchful and don't forget to report to me when she has the attack. Otherwise, it will have a very serious repercussion." On the fateful day, Dr. Maitra was away on an urgent call when he received a message that his wife had been attacked by paralysis of the legs. He tried to phone another physician but somehow the call rang through to Dadaji, who instructed him to come to his house immediately.

Together Dadaji and the physician went to attend Mrs. Maitra. Dadaji entered the paralyzed woman's room and asked for a glass of water. He then put drops of water on her legs, sprinkled the rest of the water on all sides of the room, closed the doors and windows and left the woman alone.

After about half an hour, Dadaji proposed to the family they should look and see what the woman was doing. Upon opening the door, they found the room was filled with His Fragrance. Dadaji asked the woman how she was feeling. She said, "For about half an hour you gave slow massage to my legs and now I am completely cured. " Dadaji said, "I was not in your room. I was with the rest of the family members for the past half hour."

Stomach Pains
One night physicist Dr. Lalit Pandit of Bombay was awakened with severe stomach pains. While he was tossing around in bed, he was engulfed with Dadaji's Fragrance and saw a beautiful blue light on the ceiling of the bedroom. He enjoyed the extraordinary experience for about half an hour. The pain having vanished, he then fell fast asleep. The next day when he went to visit, Dadaji asked him, "How do you feel now?" He continued to say he himself had a most uncomfortable night. "See His ways. One man becomes all right and another becomes ill!"

Terminal Diagnosis
One day in 1970, Mr. U.P. Basu, a famous lawyer in Calcutta, was calling every five to ten minutes at the residence where Dadaji was expected to arrive any moment. Upon his arrival, Dadaji was informed and he called the attorney who told Dadaji that his only daughter, Manju, was about to die. Medical science could do nothing and he asked Dadaji to save her.

Dadaji instructed Mr. Basu, "Quickly, bring a cup of water near the telephone receiver. See if you are getting the Aroma." Mr. Basu replied, "Yes, an extraordinarily strong Fragrance." Dadaji advised, "Apply it on your daughter's tongue, eyes and chest. Phone me back after ten minutes."

Dadaji appeared silent and serious, his dark eyes staring into the beyond. Then he said, "The Staff of Death is standing right here. Can't you see? Standing right in front of us. He, Ram, is also present."

Then Dadaji telephoned the attorney to inquire about the girl's condition and was told there had been forty percent improvement, but the danger was still not over. Dadaji once again assumed his Self-absorbed state, staring straight ahead with unblinking eyes. "Look," Dadaji said, "there was no more time left. The girl had been saved from the blows of one disease, but right at the next moment another disease was attacking her. Her blood pressure shot up tremendously. The Staff of Death was standing there. Leaving the body and going to her was strenuous, on account of leaving it thus in front of everybody here."

A phone call came saying the girl was again near death. Dadaji told Mr. Basu, "Put your hand against the receiver. Have you got something? Go, rub it on the girl's tongue. Beware, don't tell it to anyone!" Then Dadaji said, "Have you started giving oxygen? She will sleep now. There is no need for any more medicines. Tell the doctor to take her blood pressure." The blood pressure was reported at 160/120. Dadaji angrily said, "Go, see properly!"

Then Dadaji asked a doctor sitting there with him what the proper blood pressure would be for the girl. The doctor said 128/80 would be best. Dadaji said, "It shall be so!" After a short time, the doctor attending the girl reported her blood pressure had come down to 128/80.

Dadaji laughed and said, "This also happens." Slowly Dadaji's feet lost their customary pink color and started turning bluish. The next day, Dadaji was unwell. He said that this time he had to suffer.

Dadaji told that one other time at Benares upon seeing a person's dead body being taken, suddenly there arose in Him the Wish that this cannot happen. He asked the people carrying the body to the cremation grounds, "What are you doing? Put down the body and see." They saw that the man had not died, but was breathing. Dadaji said with a smile, "But, at that time nothing happened to this one (meaning himself) for pushing away the Staff of Death. This time however, it did take some hold. I shall have to lose a couple of teeth this time."

Automobile Accident
One morning when Gautam Mukerjee, then a young college student, and his mother went to Dadaji's house, they found he was fast asleep. He had asked everyone not to disturb him. It was very unusual for Dadaji to be sleeping at that time of the morning, as it was around 9:30 a.m.

A lot of people were gathered downstairs in his house waiting for Dadaji. At last he came down at 11:00 a.m. looking very tired. Dada called one man, who was a well-known scholar, to come near and asked, "How is it that I was sitting....all of a sudden I find I am not there? Perhaps you people would say that I am asleep. I told people that I was asleep. How does this happen and why does this happen, I don't know. Can you explain it?"

Dadaji then looked at Gautam's mother, the wife of Dr. Mukerjee, Dadaji's physician, and said, "Today you are going to become a widow." He then looked away and said, "If you leave everything to Him, He has to come to your rescue. You need not even call Him because the surrender is so great. It has become His responsibility then to come to your rescue."

The casual talking continued for some time, then at five minutes before noon, Dadaji called Gautam and asked him to offer Pranam. As soon as the young man did Pranam to Dadaji and was returning to his place in the room, Dadaji said to a scholar sitting near him, "There's a saying in Bengali, it is said that Krishna himself said, those who have faith in me I give them a lot of trouble. I give them endless trouble. In spite of that if they have faith in me, I am their slave. I am not only their slave, but a slave of their slaves."

MukerjeeDadaji paused, indicated Mrs. Mukerjee and her son, and said, "This is the family for whom this is applicable. I am the slave of their slaves. Understand?" The scholar was puzzled because Dadaji was talking this way and because it was highly unusual for Dadaji to ask someone to come and offer Pranam.

Dadaji continued, "You want the answer? The answer is coming." Immediately Dr. Mukerjee arrived. As he entered the room the doctor appeared very black, as if someone had poured black ink over him.

LEFT: Gautam Mukerjee & his father Dr. Mukerjee, Calcutta 1986

For weeks prior to this day, Dadaji used to tell the doctor's wife and son to send the doctor to see him. When Dr. Mukerjee arrived at Dadaji's house, Dada would shut the door in his face or he would give him a solid scolding, asking him why he would dare to come into his house. The doctor used to go home to his wife and son feeling like crying and ask, "Why do you play the fool with me? Dadaji dragged me in front of everyone gathered and scolded me so strongly." He felt very badly about it, yet it happened again and again. Dadaji would not speak a kind word to the doctor.

However, when Dr. Mukerjee arrived this day, Dadaji called him and made him sit in front of him. He hugged him and while he was hugging him, Dadaji said, "I have given you a lot of trouble. I have hurt you mentally a lot during the last two weeks. But, you understand why? First you go and meet Boudi (Dadaji's wife), because your Boudi is very anxious. She's waiting for you." As soon as Boudi saw the doctor, she jumped up and said, "You are alive! Today as soon as I got up, your Dada called me and said, 'Today the doctor is to die. Doctor should die today. Let us see what happens.' And, I have not even been able to cook. Now I'll go cook. You are alive, nothing happened."

Then the doctor brought Boudi to the room where Dadaji was, and in front of everybody he told what had happened to him that morning while he was riding in his car on a very busy road in Calcutta. Dr. Mukerjee explained that as he was crossing an intersection, the brakes failed on a tram that was coming straight toward him at full-speed. The tram crashed into his car and after dragging it a considerable distance, it somehow seemed to toss it ahead and crash into the car again and dragged it still further.

Dr. Mukerjee said he could feel somebody holding him tightly in the center of the back seat of the car. As the car was hit and dragged and thrown about, his body did not move as someone was holding him so tightly. By all accounts he should have been crushed or thrown out of the car. At least, he should have been thrown about the inside of the car, but he didn't move at all. He could feel very distinctly he was sitting on someone's lap and he knew Dadaji was holding him as the car was completely crushed around him.

When the vehicles came to a halt, the doctor got out without a scratch on his body and started treating his driver. A photographer acquaintance who witnessed the accident came over and said, "You are here?" The doctor said, "Yes, this is my car and driver." The photographer said, "It's impossible. I have seen it myself, it is impossible to survive this."

The driver was taken to the hospital. When the doctor finished relating what had happened, Dadaji smiled and said simply, "Is the driver still there?" The doctor left Dadaji's house and went to the hospital to see about him. Mrs. Mukerjee and her son went home and when they arrived the maid said, "Didn't you meet the driver?" Puzzled, Mrs. Mukerjee asked, "When did the driver come here?" The maid replied, "He came here half an hour ago to meet you. He's perfectly hail and hearty."

When they all got together later, it was determined that at the time Dadaji had asked, "Is the driver still there?" the driver regained his senses and was feeling so well that he immediately left the hospital.

Part VII, continued

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