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I have known and believed in Dadaji ever since I was a child. I remember him and his preachings in almost every thing that I do. He may not be physically present in this world but He is present in my heart and mind guiding me in every step. --- Rachana Bhattacharya, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

(23:56 min) Side 1 of 1976 audio tape made by Abhi Bhattacharya. Includes introduction by Abhi and 1973 recording of Dadaji speaking in Madras, India.

(27:44 min) Continuation of Dadaji's comments on Side 2 of 1976 audio tape made by Abhi Bhattacharya includes: 1973 recording of Dadaji speaking in Madras, India; Abhi talking about Dadaji's philosophy; and, Dadaji's comments recorded on All India Radio in 1973.

Your site is beautiful, and Dadaji's message sings in my heart. In joy, Steven Ings

The Heart of
Dadaji's Message

Key Points of Dadaji's message:

  • It's Revolutionary
  • It's Simple
  • It's Practical
  • It's Liberating
  • It Makes Sense
  • Dadaji: No Guru, No Money
  • No Organization, No Successor
  • One Dada
  • Dadaji


    Dadaji's philosophy strikes a death blow to organized religions. Religious institutions the world over have become big moneymaking businesses exploiting innocent people and promoting divisiveness that often leads to conflict and war.

    Dadaji loudly denounced and challenged all those who claimed to be intermediaries to God and Truth, including Gurus, priests, Swamis, saints, and ministers.

    Dadaji emphatically said you don't need self-proclaimed spiritual guides, who live in luxury at the expense of their followers.

    Dadaji did not support or encourage religious rituals, worship, prayer, penance, meditation, offerings or sacrifice. He said God is not to be approached by mental or physical practices and cannot be found by visiting temples, mosques, churches, holy shrines or places of power.

    Holding one in each hand, Dadaji used a cigarette box and a box of matches to show the relationship between God and human beings in this world. He moved the boxes toward each other and just at the moment they would touch, he drew them apart, then together, again apart and so on.

    Just so is a person drawn toward Truth, then pulled away by desires and attachments, to and fro, back and forth impulsively, thereby creating the story of our lives. This becomes dynamic when we remember Him in all our movements. The mind then becomes yoked to Him and the movement continues blending and merging one's being with Him. The Truth (match box) and mind (cigarette box) are within each of us.

    Dadaji said, "We are all two in one." When the two sounds of Mahanam, Gopal Govinda, coalesce, we are off (die). So life in this world is the back and forth movement in Vrindavan Leela (playground where one can relish the taste of His Love).

    It makes Sense
    Truth takes on its original meaning. Ideas and concepts about the source and purpose of life that have been misinterpreted and abused are clarified. Dadaji said, Truth cannot be expressed, learned or realized, it can only be lived and experienced. Dadaji's message resonates in our hearts. The essence of Dadaji is Love.

    By remembering Mahanam (God's Name) with love as you live and work naturally you are one with God, you realize and feel His Presence, and you enjoy His Love in a deeply personal way. This is worship.

    Peace of mind, trust and faith evolve with remembrance of Mahanam. With Mahanam confidence and strength grows and you are able to face life's challenges and difficulties with patience and equanimity.

    Remembrance of Mahanam, without selfish intent, as you go about the duties of living while leaving the results to Him is true meditation.

    With remembrance of Mahanam your ego surrenders naturally to Him. This is renunciation.

    Mahanam permeates the world and as such is His ever present Grace to us. Inner revelation and even the remembrance of Mahanam happen according to His Will. All we have to do is to want Him sincerely and try to love and remember Him. Mahanam leads naturally to deliverance, salvation, liberation and realization.

    Dadaji said,"Just do your work, remember Him and leave everything to Him." This is the way to Truth. And in this way, Truth is your Existence and Truth manifests Itself.

    Truth is One. Almighty is One. Humanity is One. Religion is One. Language is One. God is within as Mahanam (God's Name) and available to you the moment you remember His Name, Gopal Govinda.

    You fulfill your life purpose by living a natural life, doing your work and enjoying everything and everyone as His Creation.

    The relationship between the physical and the spiritual is so close that it is impossible to enjoy one without the other.

    God is in you and all around you. Your Nearest and Dearest, He is chanting Mahanam (God's Name) within you 24 hours a day, giving you life.

    There is nothing to do and no place to go to realize God. He is in everyone, everything and every place. You can do nothing. You are helpless. Whatever happens to you in this physical world is subject to Divine Will. The Supreme Creator is doing everything and without Him even the smallest particles in this universe have no power.

    Initially the idea that you can do nothing and have no power may be the most difficult to accept. But, upon realizing it and becoming totally dependent on God, you are free to do your best, enjoy yourself and leave the results to Him.

    No Guru, No Money
    Dadaji was a householder with a family, wife, children and grandchildren. He led a natural, unassuming and simple life. Yet, Dadaji possessed Infinite Supreme Wisdom far beyond the reach of the human mind and intellect. He is Supreme Love Incarnate. Dadaji lovingly reminds you of the Oneness of Truth with His Divine Fragrance.

    Dadaji refused gifts and money, allowed no followers or organization, and emphatically declared he was not a Guru, guide, religious leader or teacher of any kind. He said, "I'm nobody." He is Dadaji, Elder Brother to all.

    No Organization, No Successor
    Dadaji said, "Anyone who thinks he's anybody is full of ego." Dadaji has no disciples, students or followers. And, very important to remember, Dadaji has not appointed anyone to succeed him, to assume his role, or to perform a particular mission after he's gone. Beware of anyone who declares he/she is specially instructed or ordained by Dadaji to do his work since he died on June 7, 1992.

    How can there be a second Dada? Truth, our Guru, our Guide, our Dada is within each and every one of us. Truth reveals itself naturally, gradually, step by step. Inevitably, minds come to Truth, because that's the way the Almighty designed it.

    Truth manifests Itself. Truth spreads throughout the world as we remember God naturally. Dadaji awakens us to to the Truth within. Dadaji's Love, Divine Fragrance and His revelations of Truth within as Mahanam usher in the Golden Age of Truth.

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