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I had an opportunity to spend a half hour or so looking through the site and I am so happy about it! I thought the thing about Dada's fragrance was very interesting. I have experienced a fragrance since 1981 during times of pain and difficulty. I had always thought it was a hallucination of some sort. The scent is always the same and matches the description of rose/sandlewood. Except in my case, I have known nothing of Dadaji until today. I find that my general spiritual beliefs do match his message! I wonder! --- Ann Gertano

(6:57 minutes) Bruce Kell, a meteorologist from Strathfield Australia details his experience in the Puja Room during Utsav 1975, Calcutta India.


"Only the Divine Will manifests of Its own to make us aware of our true Divine Nature."

2 His Divine Fragrance & Nectar

3 Charanjal

by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part VII
Extraordinary Experiences

Dadaji's Divine Fragrance & Nectar

One of the most mystifying and loving experiences people all around the world have after meeting or hearing about Dadaji (1906-1992) is Divine Fragrance. About Divine Fragrance, Dadaji said:
He, Dadaji, has Fragrance, which is All-pervading, no gap in the universe. He proves this by manifesting His Fragrance throughout the universe, indicating His Presence to His innumerable devoted brothers and sisters, even to those who have not seen Him. This happens spontaneously, whether He is sleeping or in conversations with many in His Presence. He knows all the minds of humanity.
Dadaji's Fragrance is difficult to describe although unmistakeable when you experience it. Some say it hints of roses and sandalwood. This happens not only to those who met Dadaji, but to those who hear about him from others, read about him in books, or meet Dadaji through this web site. Powerful in its impact, Divine Fragrance usually comes and goes quickly leaving you to wonder at the experience (and often try to rationalize it as something else!). At times it appears as honey-like fragrant Nectar or fragrant water. Charanjal refers to pure water which becomes transformed to translucent, fragrant, sweet tasting water by Dadaji's wish. Charanjal is known for its tranformative and healing effects. Divine Fragrance and Charanjal occur in all parts of the world, in every imaginable circumstance. Read personal accounts of those who experience Dadaji's Divine Fragrance, fragrant Nectar and fragrant water, Charanjal.
July 2013, Victoria, Australia ......And one day my friend Meeradas offered me a magical link to this man Dadaji : It was to be a link that changed my life. Shortly after Meeredas told his friend Peter Meyer Dohm about my situation and Peter graciously sent me his book about his time with Dadaji called Fragrance of the Heart. One day when I sat reading the book in a supermarket car park, the most sweet and uplifting fragrance filled my car. At first I tried to dismiss it as perfume from a lady 30 meters away but then I realised that it was coming from inside teh car. Dadaji was speaking to me as he had thousands of others. Dadaji's message is simple : We are all God, He speaks to us 24/7 from within, there is nothing to do, only to feel his presence and his love. Somehow this message (or at least the way that Dadaji said it) hit me when I was most amendable to it and most in need of it. ..... Bright Garlick

Longmont, Colorado USA
Dear Ann,
The rose Fragrance Dada used to give in the 1965 through the 1970's when I met him first at a friend's house in Calcutta. I still remember after all these years. It is beautiful. You deserve all this as his gift. --- Roma Mukerjee Melrose

San Rafael, California USA
Date: October 2, 1996
Dear Ann,
A few months ago a friend was kind enough to introduce me to Dadaji. What a wonderful, incredible journey this has become. I was fortunate enough to experience Dadaji's fragrance twice. Once when starting his book, LOOK WITHIN, and once when seeing Satyanarayan's picture the first time. I can only thank you for sharing this book with me.
--- Sincerely, Rita Bishop

Coffs Harbour, AUSTRALIA
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 19:14:31 +1100
Dear Ann,
I gave a copy of LOOK WITHIN to a lady the other day, Wilhelmina Ashenhurst. I know you would like her, she is a fifty two year statuesque dignified mother of five who is a yoga teacher. She rang me excitedly a few days later to tell me when she peeled the plastic covering she smelt his fragrance. She said "I didn't know what the smell was, I smelt the plastic and it wasn't that, and then I smelt the book and it wasn't that. It wasn't till I read some of the book that I realised what had happened." I asked her to write to you. Isn't that great? He is with is always and finds friends for us! --- Sincerely, Steve Loomes

2 His Divine Fragrance & Nectar

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
December 1999: Thank you for the books. First time I read THE TRUTH WITHIN was on the internet. That night the room was filled with His Fragrance. I had to get the books! --- Daniel Mammone

New Delhi INDIA
April 1997: It was wonderful to see Dadaji on the Net. In fact I would like to confess I was foolish enough to think that he might not be there. After all it is by His Will that this wonderful phenomenon of Internet has evolved to bring the world together shed their ego and experience His Love. This October my father and mother and my sister had gone to Dadaji's Puja (in Calcutta). My mother was doubting whether the Puja would be the same without him being present physically. But no, everything was the same. In fact they got back bottle of Charanjal, that same Fragrance, and it reminded us that we could never be separated. --- Rudrashekhar Das

Reno, Nevada, USA August 30 , 1998: For all of my life, I have felt a confusion as to my religious convictions. I have always been a believer in God, but I have never believed in any ways that are put forth by the various organized religions of this world. To put it simply... Their God was never My God. Now, I must tell you of my experience here today. First, I must tell you that before this morning, I had not heard of Dadaji... Or, if I had, I could not recall. I followed a link here from another website, and while waiting for the page to load, I suddenly smelled a beautiful fragrance! I had no idea what it could have been. Needless to say, this has been a very special experience for me! I have no doubt that I was "led" to this website today, for I know now, exactly, the path that my life will take from here. I feel that a tremendous load has been lifted, and I no longer have any questions about the reason for our existance here on earth! "Thank You," is not nearly enough. I want to clarify that I had not read anything about the fragrance at the time I noticed it. The web page had not yet fully loaded, and I was trying to figure out where this fragrance was coming from! It was a lovely smell...very strong, but lasting for only a few seconds. About 20 minutes later I read the page about frangrance. It was one of the most profound experiences that I have ever had. --- Shirley Cunningham
Mountain View, California USA, August 1996 The Fragrance is a magic that often happens when I least expect it. I'm not able to bring it about by wishing for it, even though I've tried several times. Guess it comes when He knows I need it most. Its aroma is difficult to describe. Perhaps a combination of a lavender rose and jasmine with an incense-like intensity describes it best for me. It is always extremely uplifting and its effect stays with me for days. Wish it would stay forever, and in some sense I guess it does in my heart. I sense that it is very strong for only a brief period of time. I find all of this even more magical because my sense of smell is limited - my allergies often have my nose and throat quite congested. But when it's there it is undeniably strong and real. Last time it happened was a few months back. I was in our bathroom brushing my teeth. Our bathroom is a small enclosed space with little chance of an outdoor aroma wafting through. Besides the Fragrance is distinctive from any natural aroma and, for me, lasts only briefly. Seems to come and go much faster than natural aromas. --- Paul Konig

Brussels, Belgium
Dadaji was staying in Mr. Dipu Bhadra's house on his visit to Brussels, Belgium, in the summer of 1983. Before Dadaji left for London, Mr. Bhadra asked Dadaji to leave him a sign. After Dadaji returned to London and the next morning when Mr. Bhadra woke up, Dadaji's Fragrance was very strong in his bedroom. Looking around, he discovered a drop of Dadaji's fragrant honey-like Nectar on the bed frame above his head.

Calcutta, India
During a visit to Dadaji, Dr S K Bose asked, "What is Karan Deha?" Dadaji told him to smell any part of his body. The man found that different parts of Dadaji's body were emitting different Fragrances. The whole room then became full of Dadaji's Fragrance.
Los Angeles, California USA
On many occasions in 1985 and 1986, during her long one and a half hour commute to work through heavy Los Angeles traffic, Judy Maltese would turn on either the air conditioning or the heater, and her car would fill with Dadaji's Fragrance or Dada's Aroma of roses. She would be overwhelmed by the feeling of Dadaji's presence, although she was in California and he was in India.
Calcutta, India
During one evening gathering in Dadaji's home in Calcutta, many long distance phone calls were coming from Australia, Europe, England and various parts of India. Each time the phone would ring, Dadaji would tell everyone the name of the caller and where the call originated. Then he would ask someone to pick up the phone and verify the information. During a conversation with someone in Bombay, Dadaji motioned for Dr. Lalit Pandit who was present to come near to him. He then touched the receiver with his finger and immediately the professor heard the caller excitedly saying, "Dadaji, the phone receiver is emitting the aroma of your Fragrance!"
Denver, Colorado USA
In 1985, when Dadaji arrived at the Airport in Denver, Colorado, USA, Tom Melrose presented him with a red begonia flower in a glass vase. Dadaji offered it around to those present, who all naturally smelled the large blossom expecting an equally beautiful scent. However, the flower had no aroma. The vase was returned to Dadaji, he passed his fingers a few inches above the flower. On one of the petals appeared a drop of Nectar that emitted Dada's Fragrance. Saying nothing, Dadaji simply smiled and handed the vase around so all could enjoy it. Throughout the visit to Colorado the flower and fragrance remained fresh and strong. Everyone who came to see Dadaji enjoyed it, especially the children.
Bombay, India
On another occasion Dr. Pandit and his wife were extremely honored that Dadaji agreed to have lunch in their home while he was visiting Bombay in 1974. About three hours before he actually arrived, their house became filled with His Fragrance. It was particularly strong in their bedroom, where they kept the large framed portrait of Satyanarayan and two small pictures of Dadaji. They found the picture of Satyanarayan was profusely dripping with thick, red, honey-like fragrant Nectar. A pearl-like drop of the sweetly aromatic Nectar also appeared on a picture of Dadaji. After many years the Nectar on the pictures remains strong with His Fragrance.
Calcutta, India
Dadaji was talking with a small group of people gathered in his room in his house in Calcutta one evening in 1972. Due to power failure they were visiting by candlelight. Dadaji touched the candle flame a few times then let physicist Dr. Lalit Pandit smell his fingers. Each time there was a different fragrant Aroma. Dadaji told him to smell different parts of his body and the physicist found a different Fragrance at each spot. Dadaji said, "That is the real Vanshi Dhwani (sound of the Divine flute of Krishna calling people to Him)."
Rockford, Illinois USA
A physician from Rockford, Illinois, who met Dadaji after reading the first edition of the book "THE TRUTH WITHIN", wrote of his experience. "There is something I want to share with you. Early in the morning of June 27, 1988, I awoke suddenly from a very colorful dream, and right away became aware of a deep, rich Aroma and I felt a presence of Dadaji, although I did not see him. I sat up in bed wide awake and enjoying the experience. This lasted fifteen minutes, but I stayed awake a long time."
Portland, Oregon USA
In 1984 in Portland, Oregon, at the home of Doris Anderson, Ann Mills was talking on the phone with someone who called to inquire about Dadaji's forthcoming visit to Portland, Oregon, USA Dadaji was then in London. While she was talking, she noticed the strong aroma of Dadaji's Fragrance. After the phone call, she looked around to find the source. and quickly discovered three large spots of strongly aromatic Nectar had appeared on a Tibetan carpet hanging on a wall in the room. The fragrant Nectar spots remain strong, even after many years.
Rome, Italy
In 1973, a small group of people were together informally chatting with Dadaji. Many of them noticed his hand twitching slightly. He called Mrs. Pandit, wife of a physics professor, to come and asked her to extend her hands to receive a gift from the Lord. With a very slow motion, keeping his open palm clearly in everyone's sight, Dadaji brought his palm in touch with the woman's hands and instantly appeared a small sea shell medallion engraved with the picture of Sri Sri Satyanarayan mounted in a delicate gold setting. Dadaji told her to wear it while her husband was away on a business trip abroad. Before Dr. Pandit departed, he went to see Dadaji, who told him, "The Lord will be with you all along."

When he landed at the Rome Airport, he had some time between flights and he got a cup of coffee. As he sat down to drink it, Dr. Pandit remembered Dadaji's parting words and immediately was engulfed by Dadaji's Fragrance. He later learned that at that very time, Dadaji was telling his wife and others present with him in Bombay, that he was seeing the professor sitting in the Rome Airport enjoying a cup of coffee.

Calcutta, India
One young man from Calcutta, Gautam Mukerjee, son of Dadaji's physician, was given a beautiful bunch of roses. He told his mother, "We will not put them in water. We will put them in the refrigerator and tomorrow offer them to Dadaji." Gautam used to go directly to Dadaji's house each day after his college classes, so he asked his mother to take the roses to Dadaji when she went the next day. But, she forgot to take them and was feeling very guilty. When the young man came to Dadaji's house directly from college and asked his mother about the roses, she explained she had forgotten them and he said, "Never mind." Still, she was feeling very guilty for not bringing the roses. All of a sudden, just where mother and son were sitting and in that place only, the strong Aroma of roses lingered. Dadaji looked at them both and said, "Doctor's wife and doctor's son, is it OK? The thing you have offered, and I have taken it. OK? Pleased? Do not be unhappy."
Los Angeles, California USA
In 1986, Ann Mills and a friend were shopping in a large department store in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Ann went over to a perfume counter and smelled a sampler perfume. It smelled like Dadaji's Fragrance (Dadaji was in Calcutta). She asked her friend to smell the bottle of perfume and both agreed it was Dada's Fragrance. They checked the other bottles of this perfume called "Iris," and all smelled like Dadaji's Fragrance. Ann bought two bottles, gave one to her friend and intended to send the other bottle to Kathy Kapps. That night when she arrived home, Ann opened the bottle of perfume with the wonderful anticipation of smelling His Fragrance, only to find it was the scent of "Iris." She opened the bottle for Kathy and it had the Iris scent, too. She called her friend, who checked her bottle of perfume and found it was also the common scent of Iris.
Hood River, Oregon USA
In 1982, Ann Mills was going to bed late one night in her home in Hood River, Oregon. Feeling somewhat lonely, she was thinking a lot about Dadaji, who was then in Calcutta. When she entered her bedroom, the strong aroma of His Fragrance filled the room. She looked around the room and found many drops of fragrant Nectar along the edge of a cotton bed cover (Dadaji had never physically visited her home). For years the nectar remains a strongly fragrant, sweet reminder of Dadaji's presence.
Aloha, Oregon, USA
August 25, 1998 by email to Ann Mills: "I had a couple of unique experiences reading "The Fragrance of the Heart". What happened when reading the book was that on two separate occasions, I was surrounded by a sweet floral aroma that had no basis in physical reality. I am a person who is very difficult to move off of baseline perceptions. It certainly was a pleasant (though unnerving) experience. I consider it a blessing to have found Dadaji through the web."
--- David Kwan-Kleber
Calcutta, India
One day Dadaji asked a university professor to bring a bottle filled with boiled water for his son. The bottle was brought within a half hour. Dadaji took the sealed bottle in his hand and gazed at it for a few seconds. A thick cylinder of white coloration appeared at the center of the water in the still sealed bottle. This Dadaji allowed to diffuse, and then he gave the bottle to the professor, who was asked by Dadaji to open the bottle and smell the water. The professor found it to be pleasantly aromatic. Then Dadaji asked him to smell the water again. The smell had distinctly changed to another sweet Fragrance.
3 Charanjal

Calcutta, India
One man brought a tightly capped bottle filled with plain water and handed it to Dadaji. Taking the bottle in his hands, Dadaji gazed at the contents. A line of white turbidity gradually spread in the water from one end of the bottle to the other. Dadaji rotated the bottle slightly in his hands, two or three times, and every time fresh whiteness appeared in the water. Dadaji then returned the bottle to the man and asked him to remove the cap and inspect the water, which he discovered had acquired a sweet Aroma and taste. "How does your science explain this (Charanjal)?" Dadaji asked. "Can human mind comprehend everything?"

Calcutta, India
One day in 1972, Mrs. Jayaprakash Narayan brought a bottle of pure water to Dadaji. He placed it before the picture of Sri Satyanarayan for a few moments and then took it into his hands. The plain, clear water started changing its transparency in Dadaji's hands until it became opaque milky white. When she opened the bottle, the water had turned to Charanjal. It tasted sweet and very fragrant.

Calcutta, India
One day Dadaji asked a university professor to bring a bottle filled with boiled water for his son. The bottle was brought within a half hour. Dadaji took the sealed bottle in his hand and gazed at it for a few seconds. A thick cylinder of white coloration appeared at the center of the water in the still sealed bottle. This Dadaji allowed to diffuse, and then he gave the bottle to the professor, who was asked by Dadaji to open the bottle and smell the water. The professor found it to be pleasantly aromatic. Then Dadaji asked him to smell the water again. The smell had distinctly changed to another sweet Fragrance.

Delhi, India
In 1984, Ann Mills was visiting Delhi and was in her hotel room alone. She was thinking it was unusual because no one in the whole world knew where she was at that moment. Becoming suddenly quite thirsty, she poured a glass of water from a pitcher on the table in her room. Taking a drink, she discovered it was Dadaji's fragrant Charanjal. Being extremely thirsty she drank it all despite its extremely strong Aroma. The pitcher being empty, she rang for room service and requested the pitcher be filled. It was returned full of water and she poured another glass which was plain water. The next morning, pouring a glass of water from the same pitcher, she discovered it was again Charanjal.

Odell, Oregon USA
In 1986, Mrs. Linda Wright was telling her friend, Mo Stevenson about meeting Dadaji and her experience of Mahanam and the fragrant Charanjal water Dadaji had given to her. She explained that she used a only a drop each day as Dadaji had instructed, and when the water became low she simply added pure water to the bottle and it transformed into strongly fragrant Charanjal. Being quite interested in Dadaji, Mo asked if she might have some of the Charanjal. Linda took a clean bottle and poured some Charanjal into it and as she handed it to Mo they both immediately noticed that the new bottle of Charanjal had a distinctly different sweet Aroma and taste.

Calcutta INDIA Mr. Gautam Mukerjee tells about his experience:
There was a dog, a stray dog of course, that used to stay only near our office in Calcutta, and we used to give him food regularly. One day when we arrived at the office, we found the dog was paralyzed. He couldn't move and he was crying out in pain. Because the dog had been living there near the office for nearly two years, we all used to love him.

My boss who thought himself to be quite above the rest of us was there. And as soon as he saw the dog, he looked at me and said, "You have somebody called Dadaji or something. I have heard you talk of some water that can cure even the dead. Dadaji can even bring back the dead to life."

I replied, "Yes, that is true. That's true, but it is not for all." My boss said, "OK if your Dadaji as you say is everywhere, why doesn't your Dadaji come and cure this dog? You love this dog. I love this dog" I said, "See this is no ground for judging, this is not the way of judging Dadaji. Dadaji has not come here for doing these things, restoring life or doing these things. This doesn't prove he is God or he is not God, or he is something beyond mind or he is within mind. This is nothing. Still, I believe that Dadaji is here. And the water need not always be fragrant to be Charanjal. I believe even plain water, that is also Charanjal because this is also Dada's creation. Anyway, I'll try it."

So in front of everybody, about twenty office people were there, I took a glass of water and I just remembered Dadaji, and I gave the dog some of it to drink. He was feeling thirsty. I think he was lying there for a long time without food or water. The dog drank that water and I sprinkled that water on his legs.

It was a matter of only two minutes and the dog all of a sudden tried to get up, and succeeded in standing up. He was trembling a bit, but he stood there. I sprinkled this water once again and the dog all of a sudden stretched his legs out. I clapped my hands once and the dog just behaved very playfully, very happily. He ran back and forth, came to me and licked my toes, jumped up on me and looked very grateful. My boss was so baffled. Dadaji was not physically present there and the water was not fragrant, not Charanjal as such. But, the dog was cured.

Part VII, continued

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