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Fantastic Site! Very nice experience here in your pages, enjoyed all. I am an individual that strayed from God, my thoughts were not of Him but of myself. I have found a new inner peace and joy when I finally realized that I was without true love for not letting God into my thoughts and life. He is with me now and I now know that He never left my side. God Bless you and yours, --- Steve Akers

(11:33 minutes) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.

Life's 6 Deepest Questions

Who am I? Where did I come from?
Why am I here? What am I to do?
How can I find God? When I die where will I go?
How can I find God?

Dadaji God is within you. You don't need to seek Him. Be of good cheer. You have nothing to get. Everything that is, is within. God is within you and is your nearest and dearest. In fact, He is you and your existence is the way to Him.

God's Name (Mahanam) is within you. It has been vibrating within your heart since your birth. You and you alone can find it. The point of stasis of respiration is the domain of Name.

Divine Name is the only path. Name and Love is the only way to Him. And that way too is your existence. The remembrance of Him amidst your work is an act of love. So love is the path to Truth. Remembering Him is the only path.
Other than Name there is nothing. Name is the Supreme. Name is the Guru. Name is God. Name is Almighty and Truth. No need of going to anybody, going anywhere. You have come full of Him. Why do you bother running after all these things (religious activities). He is the Father. He is 24 hours inside of us, giving us life. So carry on, do your duty (remember God) and do your work.
To know Truth there must be intense yearning, sincerity and right conduct (remembering God with love during your activities). One cannot get Truth with the mind and intellect. Mind and intellect have created all the confusion. He has revealed Truth to us even before our birth. We have taken birth with Truth. Truth never goes away. It is already there.
No agency or intermediary is needed to commune with the Lord, the Absolute, Who is within each person. The only Guru is Supreme Consciousness. He is within you, along with Mahanam, since your birth. You are your own Guru and you are your disciple. He always within you, do not worry. You will always feel His Presence which will guide you.
We are moving and talking. So long as we are moving and talking there is some Power within. No need of going anywhere. God is within. No question of realization. Try to catch Him, what he is doing inside. After that, no need of anything.
God is available here and how, anywhere and everywhere. The God you are searching for resides in your heart. Religion is nothing divorced from life. No asceticism, no austerity, no penance, no physical restrictions, no mechanical mutterings of mystic syllables. All these are egotistic activities. Your inner fullness can dawn only when your ego is fleeced off. Only then are you in the wantless state.
Choose your center of coordinates properly. If your consciousness has its center of coordinates in Him, all manifestation and non-manifestation appear as your own Self. Only one existence is perceived. But if you do not reside in Him, if your center of coordinates is in energy, variously known as Maya (God's creative force) or Prakriti (physical nature), you conceive yourself as a separate entity divided by the walls of body, concrete matter and ego.
Whatever is, is within. But that does not cut off the outside world. Whatever is within must also be there in the outside before you. The cycle must be completed, otherwise you will suffer from a cleavage in consciousness. People whose minds are void of all but God have such inner and outer experiences.
Mahanam (God's Name) comes from deep within a person's consciousness. Its two rhythmic sounds manifest the bipolarity of human existence. The sounds harmonize the duality between human beings and God. When we walk daily with the conscious companionship of the dearest, the nearest Supreme Soul, then only is our inner Divine Consciousness awakened.
God is within you. You don't need to seek Him. Fulfill your duties, do your work, and enjoy your days. Take care of your body which is the channel for experiencing His Love. Remain in a natural state of attunement with God abjuring all sense of want to feel His presence everywhere, to feel He is the agent of all your actions, to feel and visualize Him, and Him only, as one integral existence, and through such loving submission unite with Him.

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