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September 14, 1998: I was fortunate to meet Dadaji in Bombay, India 17 years ago, and then see him again when he visited Los Angeles a few years later. What a joy it was to find this website! I work as a graphic designer in San Francisco and find visiting your website, listening to the music, and just being in Dadaji's presence helps guide me through the day. A heartfelt thank you....In His Fragrance....Cindy Blake,, San Francisco, California USA

(11:33 minutes) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.

Life's 6 Deepest Questions

Who am I? Where did I come from?
Why am I here? What am I to do?
How can I find God? When I die where will I go?
What am I to do?

Dadaji Be like a log of wood in the stream of His Will. Love life, love work, love duty. Be of good cheer. Only remember God and do whatever you do in the name of Him. That is enough. One who can fully relish and utilize the present, without worrying about present, past and future, he or she really enjoys the state of Vraja, His supreme Love. The essential thing about life is to see it and enjoy it as Leela (God's Play). Follow your desires. Do not force them into a special pattern. Eat, drink, do everything, but remember God, Who is inside the body. To move according to nature is the only safe course. Do not go beyond the limitations of the body. If you do not respect it, will it not retaliate? Go about doing everything while remembering Him, that is all that is needed.
What then are we to do? We have to brave the world, bear Prarabdha (unavoidable evolutionary process of one's life) with fortitude, and do our respective activities without any sense of ego.
Carry on, do your duty. Duty is the first thing. Submit to Mahanam (God's Name within) in love and brave the world. Have patience with the vicissitudes of life which are tokens of His infinite Love. Don't restrain, don't indulge. Be natural, shorn of all inhibitions.

Bear destiny or fate with patience. No restraint, no effort is necessary for Him. Relish His Love and taste the world of nature, with passive remembrance of Mahanam.

By doing our duties which come from His Will we relish His Love and Bliss. You do and enjoy everything as you like but remember Him. You will see nothing will effect you. Try to act your role in the drama on this stage of the world perfectly.
Evaporation of ego, loving submission to Mahanam and braving the world of reality as His bounteous expression is your duty. The duty of all human beings is to carry out all activities of life with Him in view. Remember Him. That is enough, more than enough.

World cannot be discarded to become spiritualist. We have to come to the world to do our destined works, Karmas, not to get He is already within. We have to do the work for which we are destined.

A vast field of activities is before you. Enjoy them with Him. Everything has jiva (life force). You can take meat, fish, vegetables whatever you like. All are the same. Fasting is not good. Don't go against your nature. Let your senses and mind do any manner of antics. Let your inner drives lead your senses wherever they will. Be a passive spectator of the drama.
You have nothing else to do except call to mind that Mahanam (God's Name within). Do nothing but practice remembering and adhering to Name. Repeat the Name. Keep thinking about Him and the rest will be taken care of. Think of God. Keep on remembering Mahanam, the seed that has been sown in your heart. It is a wonderful key that makes every door open of its own accord.
Do not shun the needs of the body. With birth we invited and came with certain desires, lusts, passions and greed. We cannot exist a moment without their help. The senses have an essential role. You shall have to give something to them. If you stop everything, they will revolt. When the senses are pleased they will accompany you. Your senses will turn inward in time and will become the internal ladder to help you climb to the plane of Divine Consciousness.
Live, but live in tune with Him. Live beyond the realm of mind. Don't live in wants, fears, hopes. Live in swabhava (natural state of being in tune with God), in your real Self, which is the only Truth. Be of good cheer and enjoy! If you fail to enjoy yourself here how dare you expect it after death.
Nobody knows how destiny works until the end of life. Try to live every day of your life in such a way that in the end you have the consolation that you have successfully utilized all the days and years with the gifts of body, mind and Prana (life breath) bestowed by God on you.
Do your duty (remember God), do your work, and enjoy your days. Whiskey, cigarettes, you like. Then you will feel within you what no one can sell you, the living God, the true God, Who has created you and loves you.


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