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Dear Ann, It is hard to believe it is almost 3 years since I first met you and you told me briefly about Dadaji. I must confess my doubts concerning Him in the beginning. During this span of time Dadaji has quietly found a front row seat, smack in the middle of my heart. At first my little selfish mind was prone to believe maybe this teacher, or whatever he is, will give me a magic key to the stage door of life's play. Like many, I was convinced that someone or something out-there-somewhere had the combination to the inner doors of my being. Somewhere deep within I now know and accept the simple fact, that the true temple doors have no locks, only imagined chains of fear and doubt. One can march around one's own temple, screaming for God, or quietly open the door, come to the alter of the heart and share communion. This is where, I think, Dadaji waits. --- J. Axelrod, Delaware USA

(11:33 minutes) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.

by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part II
Do Your Duty

"You do and enjoy everything as you like, but your only duty is to remember Him. You will see, nothing will affect you. Try to act your role in the drama on this stage of the world perfectly."

22 Your Only Duty is to Remember Him

23 Remember Him Amidst Your Work

24 Attachment & Detachment

25 Worldly Wealth is Temporary

26 Put God at the Helm


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22 Your Only Duty is to Remember Him

Do all the worldly affairs honestly and sincerely. Your only duty is not to forget Him. Always remember Him. That is, be in communion with Him.

What then are we to do? We have to brave the world, bear Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life) with fortitude and do our respective duties without any sense of ego. No restraint, no effort is necessary for Him. We have to be stripped of all mental obsessions and be naked. We have to be decked in the wedding robe of Love Infinite, caring not for the vagaries of mind. We have to be in a state of Swabhava (natural state of attunement with God) abjuring all sense of want, to feel His Presence everywhere. To feel that He is the Agent of all our actions, to feel and visualize Him, and Him only, as One Integral Existence and through loving submission unite with Him. In short, to relish His Rasa (tasting His Love) in the Rasa (tasting) of Nature (physical world) is our only duty. So, passive remembrance of the Mahanam through all vicissitudes of our life is our only duty. Real renunciation or Sannyas, is to be shorn of ego and to be in Swabhava. We are all Purna Kumbhas (full of Him). To install this Consciousness in our empiric being is the only necessity.

Duty of all human beings is to carry out all activities of life with Him in view.

Evaporation of ego, loving submission to Mahanam, and braving the world of Reality as His bounteous Expression is your duty.

Do your duties. But don't be worried over your burden. Let your burden be the burden of His music of manifestation.

Whatever it is, do your duty. I am within you. I am chanting 24 hours within you. Don't bother for anything, only do your duty.

Only do your duty, that cannot be avoided, the rest leave to Him.

Whatever you do and remember Him, it will be all right. Whatever you do in the Name of Him, then you will feel or tomorrow.

Your Only Duty is to Remember Him.

23 Remember Him Amidst Your Work

The remembrance of Him amidst your work is an act of love. So, love is the path to Truth. This insures integrity of character and purity of conduct.

Be in His Work most devotedly. Your work is His Work.

Work itself is God, if it works of itself and you are a passive spectator. Just perform the duties with which you are entrusted faithfully, accepting His Will. Don't worry, for worry makes you the doer. Penance (work) is necessary for Existence in this world, but not for Him. Remember Mahanam casually in the midst of your daily life. The rest, leave to Him, the Doer.

He, Who has destined you in your penance (work), is all the time with you. As long as you are in His Sharan (remembrance), He is there with you.

The concentration and sincerity with which you do your work is the only Tapasya, the hardest of penances. No meditation will ever be able to reach that plane of Truth, unless it is channeled through work. Just be aware of the fact that you are the instrument. The real Doer is the Almighty ?Himself.

You have come here for certain work. You shall have to do it. Afterward, you shall have to go to your permanent House. By remembering Him, you realize Him. That is true work.

Every bit of work is worship. But, the moment any kind of work grips your consciousness as the one thing indispensable and it stems the tide of your life, it is invested with the multiple nuances and drives of your ego and lacks spirituality.

Let not your work bring in its wake an endless cycle of work. Rather, be with Him. Work belongs to Him. But your duty, you must not evade.

Suppose you are going to work, mind function exists. When you start that work, you go beyond the mind.

Do submit to your within, Mahanam. Isolation or a crowded hour makes no difference with Him. You grow ascetic and try to create an ivory tower around you if you try to avoid your duties. You should not be enchained by the work effort even. Let work grow into your life as your duties. Let work, work itself out through you.

We have come here to do a particular work. How will it go on unless we do that?

Work is one's own Dharma (Religion).

Devote yourself to your domestic duties.

The individual can at best put in effort (for work), regardless of the result.

We fail to realize how hectic work may be embalmed with rest, how we can work without doing anything and its reverse. We are enchained by our blind habits, our multiform idolatry.

Work itself is sacrifice.

Work is penance, indeed. The only penance is to brave the outrages of Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life).

Just try to love Him and do your duty. Duty is the first thing. Duty is Karma, work.

Your one hand is held by Him and the other one is left free for your daily actions. So go ahead, no need for worry. Dadaji is always with you.

Go through your daily activities. Karma, whatever one does is Karma. Actions and reactions in the mind lead to one's activity. Let the fruit of action be decided and bestowed by Him because the result comes from Him.

Your responsibility is to perform your actions (Karmas) with full sincerity and honesty.

You must do Karma. There is no other way out without Karma. There is no knowledge without Karma. You are seeing, hearing, eating something....all this is Karma, and this Karma is knowledge.

Actions performed as offering to Him, the Guru, the Parameshwar (Absolute Lord of Lords), bloom fully with His Glory. They do not reach fullness of expression as long as there is mind, intelligence, and pros and cons about their results.

He gets moved by our constant remembrance of Nam. With His Touch your works will be All-blissful, All-joyful. Sadhus (holy people) and Yogis want to attain this state by efforts, rituals, meditations and austerities, but doing such things they cannot get His Love, a real joyful state. A person gets it only by the natural process of living.

One cannot undertake any work without a pragmatic end in view. So, with attachment one has to do one's work, although without any desire for the results. No sooner has the work been finished,

then the attachment evaporates. That should be the mental attitude.

24 Attachment & Detachment

Can anybody work without attachment? On the contrary, one has to work with full attachment, but if that be with full awareness of Him, then it is detached. If you work with contemplation of the House you have left behind, then that is work with detachment.

Without attachment nothing great can be achieved in the world, no great creation is possible. In Bengali language we call it Asakti. The word attachment is mostly misunderstood. In its application there can be a difference of hell and heaven. Behind great works of art is the driving force of this attachment or love of Creation that brings about union of the artist and the created art into one identity. The union generates new forms of Creation.

The interpretation of attachment to work as told in the Gita (scripture) is self-contradictory. If there is no expectation for the result of the action or effort to create, then that action cannot bloom in fullness, nor can it be an object for offering to the Lord because that detached action cannot have Life put into it. The work done with complete concentration, when one is deeply lost in action and concentrating on the work, when the action and the actor become One and the sense of the individual self is forgotten, this becomes true meditation and penance.

Prior to beginning a work you feel jolts of conflicts, concern for the right or wrong approach to the best composing of your actions. But, when you are engrossed with concentration in your work, do you remember to consider the results of your actions? The aim or target is that the work should be beautiful in all respects. Let it be an offering to Him, the Lord. This attachment is called Love.

You people do not realize the real meaning of the word unattached. You cannot do any work without attachment. You must do your work with devotion. Suppose I have a business. If I do not think about it, it will fail.

Without desire and proper planning you cannot address yourself to any work. And planning is for a goal. So, desire is at the heart of all work. But, once you start working and are engrossed in it, all sense of a fruitful result does not exist. But, it (desire) again as optimism or pessimism. If this can be shut out, then the work is unmotivated. It is unmotivated when you do your work under His felt Patronage and while keeping in view your original Home. To undertake work in such a spirit is called Dhyana (meditation); to be in the work is called Tapasya (penance); and, to complete the work without any sense of agency (self-interest) is Yajna (sacrifice). You must complete the Rajasuya (sacrifice of I-sense) by transcending mental modes and egoistic claims. And, you have to complete the Asva-Medha (let the senses run their course until they turn inward), too. But, that comes to pass only when you are Sunya-bhavita-bhavatma (a complete Void though full of Him). But, how to achieve that Purna Kumbha (fullness)? You have come here full to the brim with Him. All you need do is remember Him and you do your work.

God is the real Doer of all actions.

The greatest tragedy of humanity is this: Everyone in the world thinks he or she is doing everything. But, the richest or poorest cries in sorrows, laughs in happiness, and ultimately nothing remains. Because of mind and body attachments we think we exist, but actually only He exists.

After the aspirant realizes the great Truth that one is not the doer of anything and puts oneself in God's hands, one is neither haunted by the idea of sin, nor takes any pride in virtuous deeds.

You and in fact the entire humanity are inseparably yoked with Him for Eternity. But, due to the compulsions of varied worldly activities, we are involved in temporary bondage of attachments and forget that tie or yoke with Him.

One does not suffer from want if one is flawless (desireless). What else is better than detached Joy?

25 Worldly Wealth is Temporary

Worldly Truth is negation of all fancied possession.

You need not be overexcited in profit or be depressed in loss. Both are His gifts. So, go ahead in His Sharan (remembrance).

We think we will become happy by receiving so many things of life, but later we find it does not bring real happiness as expected. To safeguard against such recurrences of unhappy situations of life, the All-merciful Lord helps His Children to withstand the impact of unforeseen jolts. Remember Mahanam with full devotion. Whatever has to happen, will happen. Humans can do nothing, have no power of their own and cannot get things always according to their expectations. God bears the burden of those fortunate ones who depend on Him.

We are constantly occupied with money matters and thinking this and that. When do we think of Him? That's why I say all these Gurus of yours are all parasitic weeds.

There are endless materials in Nature for our enjoyment, but we have turned them into objects of greed and aspiration. This is the cause of schism between people everywhere.

Greed and love for power are to be conquered.

Whatever you get (in this world) is transitory mundane merchandise and egoistic tapestry that goes off in no time. Take Him as the Doer,and do whatever comes your way with perfect planning, motivation and execution. Leave the thought of outcome to Him, you can really do nothing.

Your hopes and aspirations in life are not in your hands.

Don't worry, the Lord will take charge of your board and lodge and other comforts. Leave everything to Him and you will have the best arrangements possible.

We have come here to do all sorts of acting. We have come here as guests. I am here with this body. I am doing luxury, I am taking this and that. And another person is here with a body. He is doing his duty, going to his work. He is getting 2 rupees (20 cents), I am getting 2 Laksa (200,000 rupees or $20,000). What is that? That is for acting. After a certain time, I shall have to go to my House, my own House, my permanent House.

Whatever you have received in life, take that as His Blessing or Grace and the road to Peace is opened.

The temporal and temporary assets have no value except in this material world. They are at best a fitting phantom of a transitory day. In fact, they are a distraction from the path to Eternal Joy, Peace and Bliss.

To live life successfully is a great challenge. Every moment in different activities of life we are enhancing our problems, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Results of such actions gradually become unbearable and fill our mind with despondency, a sense of insecurity and failure. Worldly affluence and wealth are of no help. Every one faces this challenge individually, in his or her own individual capacity. But, the one who can completely depend on the Guru or God residing in one's heart, will find that the Lord carries the burdens and eases all difficulties.

You ask then, why are some poor, some rich, some in good health and some in distress? You think troubles come as a result of sin? What nonsense! It is all a role that one has to play for a limited span of time in this Divine Play. Nobody can change the destiny. Have patience! Just remember Him once, then you see, you will enjoy His Love no matter what the situation.

She is a good, he is bad. He is rich, she is a poor. It's temporary. That's His Leela. Leela means play, His Play. You need not concern yourself about these things.

People are shrouded by the darkness of obsessions. You are after trade and commerce. Let you grab property. Let you have import and export. But, how will you get Truth? Only take refuge in Him. He is everything.

Your sincerity will take you to a natural living with Him, where any sense of poverty, wants, confusions and nervousness of mind have no place.

Human beings are born in the body with Him, from His blissful World, to get real Ananda (Supreme Bliss) by the taste of His Love in this mortal and illusory world. But, our superstitious human involvement?s and irresponsible attitude toward Him, in ignorance, do not allow us to come near to Him or to feel His Love for which we get the rare human birth. We ignore Him in pursuit of worldly, deceitful pleasures, profits and attachments, which please now and depress the very next moment.

How much pain does He endure on account of your miseries. He sent us here to taste His Rasa, to be immersed in His Love. You do all the duties of the world while living a natural life, and there will be no want. His pain will not stop if you live in a state of negation of Him.

The safety-locket of Him you have tied in your heart will make your journey of life smooth. Wealth, fame, learning, love or lack of love will not bother you if you have tasted the Love of that Immortal He.

Big (important, wealthy) man, small man....same.

No question of poor or rich. It does not matter. Nobody is rich, other than those who love Him.

It's better to be rich in God, than to be rich in business.

26 Put God at the Helm

Only He is important. Let Him get your things done.

What is wanted is for us to do our duties keeping Him in mind. What is wanted is proper perspective and character.

Without Prema (Divine Love) there is no character. All are to be called bad characters until they keep company of the only One (Satyanarayan) having integrity of character.

All that really matters is one's character....not one's wealth or eminence in society. His (Dadaji's) job is to guide people to build their character. He (Dadaji) has nothing to give but the Mahanam.

Character means proper perspective. Harmonize character and proper perspective.

The inner and outer experiences must be the same or else it is hysteria, self-hypnosis or hypocrisy.

There is no difference between stealing from somebody and letting somebody steal from you. No difference between taking advantage of someone and letting someone take advantage of you. Beware of both.

One must have integrity of character, but not in the physical sense. We have certainly to obey sundry laws and regulations of the Lord of the world into which we have sojourned.

If you can relish His Prema (Divine Love), that is all. Whether you have proper perspective or not is not a matter for consideration.

Real character means to put God, Him, at the helm of one's affairs. No one should, under any circumstances, shun Him for any worldly interests. That is real strength of character, strength of mind.

Part II, continued

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