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September 14, 1998: I was fortunate to meet Dadaji in Bombay, India 17 years ago, and then see him again when he visited Los Angeles a few years later. What a joy it was to find this website! I work as a graphic designer in San Francisco and find visiting your website, listening to the music, and just being in Dadaji's presence helps guide me through the day. A heartfelt thank you....In His Fragrance....Cindy Blake,, San Francisco, California USA

Ramaiva Sharanam
written & composed by Dadaji
by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part II
Do Your Duty

"You do and enjoy everything as you like, but your only duty is to remember Him. You will see, nothing will affect you. Try to act your role in the drama on this stage of the world perfectly."

30 Physical Nature: He Appears as Many

31 The World: Playground of the Almighty

32 Space & Time Exist Only in your Mind

33 Reality is One

34 We're Acting in His Divine Play


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30 Physical Nature: He Appears as Many

Have no fear. The entire paraphernalia of Nature is the Creation of the Supreme Being, the All-pervading Truth. For the relish of His Divine Play, He has appeared as many in the mirror of the mind. All activities here are of this world, scientific study not excepted. Far from being shunned, they are to be fully participated in and enjoyed. The Divine Play is intrinsically bipolar, having positive and negative, ups and downs, good and bad, etc. Oscillations between them provide the basis for all the creative possibilities of this Play. When the Play is over, the two poles coalesce into mere Existence, all existents having disappeared.

See how material science keeps changing from Age to Age. What is at one time established as true, gets overthrown sometime later. Don't you know Nature moves at a furious rate? There is no beginning or end of this movement. It is Eternal.

His Science is the ruling factor over Nature. When Nature is manifested, it follows laws. You talk about Sattva (essence), Raja (energy), Tama (mass), and so on. But, your Dada says that the thing is One. The difference lies only in the stages of manifestation. Where there are Gunas, the real (essence, energy, mass), not as the word refers to personal qualities (goodness, activity, passivity), there is matter and vice versa. Actually, the two are not separate.

Think about it, He has made certain rules and regulations for the sake of His Creation. In this Creation, just as calamities appear, to find a way out of them He has provided the means. Fire burns a person to ashes. Again, deriving energy from the same fire, such big factories and ships are run. Fire is present in both these situations, one of annihilation and the other of creation. In the same manner, as we see troubles and bondage in God's Creation, so also we see that He has made the means of attaining safety and liberation. When you take on a body then, in the realm of Nature, the power of Yogamaya (Divine Creative Force) is bound to create restrictions and obstacles in the course of life for individuals, families, societies and even for nations.

When the world is hit by storms, rains, cyclones, you may think, why does Nature behave in an unnatural way? Of course, Nature has a tendency to grow restless, but is it a breach of law? In your words, good and evil, auspicious and ominous, all these are mere states of mind.

Calcutta is hotter than Bombay, but it does not matter. One gets accustomed. There is no question of tolerance or forbearance. Actually, we get seasoned when we realize that one Supreme Truth pervades the universe, manifesting in different colors, forms, tastes, and also different weather conditions.

There are endless materials in Nature for our enjoyment, but we have turned them into objects of greed and aspiration.

When one does not live life in a natural manner, then a conflict develops between Nature and the existing mode of life. That person, by walking on the wrong path invites calamity.

Certainly there is a chain of action and reaction. Is it not? If I discard the Prakriti (physical Nature), why should she come (submit in love) to me? Nature can certainly be controlled with Love.

When you are in the domain of Nature, you have to acquiesce in Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life).

Faith proves itself, much as science proves physical facts. Spiritual and physical Nature obey their own laws, which meet at a point. For the Mind-maker and the World-maker are the same Supreme Being. He has physical or cosmic laws, and also moral and mental laws. These work in different ways, but converge at a point, however distant it may be. Apparent contradictions resolve at a far end.

31 The World: Playground of the Almighty

The world is not an illusion. It is the Vrindavan Leela of the Supreme (playground to relish His Divine Play of Love). Nothing is to be shunned or assumed to have the Truth. For you are all the while in It (Mahanam). That you have forgotten It, is the root cause of your misery.

Don't be a fashionable mystic. The world is real. Of course, with Him as the Reality.

The world is real and is in no way a dungeon, a purgatory, or a prison house. We have come here to taste the blissful rapture of His Manifestation. By doing our duties which come from His Will, we relish His Love and Bliss.

Father (Brahman) is Manifestation, Mother is Brahmamayi (of a piece with Brahman). Creation started with them.

Why not accept the saying of the Sruti (Vedas, scriptures), "God in His Supreme playfulness, by mere resolve, has been inclined to create the worlds and they were created forthwith."

Vrindavan Leela (playground of Divine Love) cannot be displayed anywhere else except in this world.

No, no! The world is not non-existent. The reason is that only on this earth have human beings the right to savor His Taste and on no other planet. Even gods do not have that right. That being so, how can the world be illusory? Whatever you may call it, Maya or Yogamaya, it also has an Existence. Nothing is without Existence. It also is a manifestation of the Supreme Energy. But, the strength to make progress on the path of emancipation, realization and salvation out of the hold of this Maya, is also given by Him.

The spiritual world is a Reality and not a figment of imagination.

The Substance is One. You talk about materialism, spiritualism, etc. Try to change your angle of vision. Then everything will be clear. Just imagine the Origin of this universe, dive deep into the fundamental. This universe as we find it today, is the result of a long process of steady evolution. You proceed from the general to the particular. Your efforts will be successful only when you will be able to realize that Absolute Truth. There is a stage even before the sound. But ultimately, the general and the particular become identical. He, Who knows the underlying fact, is the Supreme Controller of all Power and Wisdom. Here the question of attainment (Siddhi) or observing austerities is irrelevant.

Nobody can challenge him (Dadaji), not only in this world. I tell you one thing, whatever he is seeing here, there are so many worlds....same thing. All temporary, everything is temporary.

Don't trust the world. But, it will be all right. I am always with you.

All the worlds are mutually exclusive. How can one go from one to another? All the worlds are interrelated. So if there be unrest in the earth, that will invade the regions like the heavens also.

Cycles (Ages) are measured by the consciousness of animal nature turned into self-consciousness by humanity. The world is an organic whole. Even a plant or a fly is our Gurubhai (relation in Truth, having God within).

The solar system can be penetrated in a moment's thought. By His Supreme Will, by which crores (ten millions) of universes get created, cannot it become possible to go around the Infinite Space in an instant? Science is able to create space vehicles and go to the moon. It can also go to the other planets. You know, people have in fact gone there in earlier times also. In the past, there were fast space vehicles. People have been to the interplanetary space. There is nothing new in this.

These kinds of planes (Unidentified Flying Objects, UFO's) were there before. Now also, they are there on other planets. On those planets their speed is forty to fifty thousand miles an hour in soundless conditions. They can rise straight upward without the need of runways, somewhat like helicopters. What you cannot see, you disbelieve. But, what is the extent of your seeing ability? If a person comes and stands close in front of your eyes, you will not be able to see the face properly. And again, on going very far away you are unable to see it properly. Sight is such that only if the person is neither too far, nor too near can the face be seen properly. Still further, whatever you see is seen shrouded by Yogamaya (Divine Creative Power). Falling under the influence of Yogamaya, one gets deprived of the enjoyment of His Taste.

It is Mahajnana (Supreme Knowledge) that flows along encircling the countless worlds.

Manifestation of God, Himself, is the universe. In your language, that Supreme is the Poet and this universe is His Poem or Song. Tune alone does not express full feeling. Similarly, poetry alone cannot enrich fully without music. Actually, there is no difference between flower and bud.

32 Space & Time Exist Only in your Mind

The world is an escapable Reality. Space and time each have infinite dimensions. Every segment of space is present in every other segment. Can't this place be Bombay or Benares? Every split second also is present in every other second. So, space and time are both ubiquitous (everywhere simultaneously). In fact, time is a ceaseless duration and space an unfettered expanse. So an elsewhere and elsewhen reality appears as here and now. The Prarabdha (destined evolutionary process) of space and time is supervened (when a miracle occurs).

Matter is One. Indistinguishable, it wears different looks on different occasions. There is no dichotomy of matter and spirit. They are one Integer, that is the Sole Reality. It is the autocratic Will of Satyanarayan (Supreme Creator of Truth), the ultimate Reality, that is actualized in the form of miracles.

The new year of the calendar is a human creation. In mind is the space-time complex, but He is beyond time and space. Calendar time is just repetition of time, fixed by the human mind. The mind gets fullness of right vision or Enlightenment when, while being in this body, it becomes conscious of Him. Then, that moment is mind's new year, a new birth of Light.

In that state, one loses the boastful I-sense in one's activities and even if the senses and desires drive the mind, the bridle is held by the Lord Himself, or the Nam, so that one cannot go astray. Humans take the human form from Him to realize this Truth, the only real enjoyment. But, they never bother to get at this Truth of life. Nobody feels grateful that He, Who is All-merciful, continuously showers His Grace on His created beings. He always waits to relieve.

Does space exist? Space and time exist only in your mind. There is no limit to space. The world is only a small speck. He, Who is Truth, is beyond space and time. Humanity is limited by mind in space and time.

It is a most difficult task not to think of past, present and future. Whomever can get rid of this thought cannot be pulled down by punishments or blows. Intriguing time cannot put him or her down. A person nurses recollections of the past, thinks for the future security, but does not take care of the present and throws away its gifts. But, the one who can fully relish and utilize the present, without worrying about present, past and future, he or she really enjoys the state of Vraja (the Supreme), His Love.

33 Reality is One

Reality is One. He is All-pervading. Other than Him, there is nothing. Whatever you see, all that is an illusion. That illusion is created due to the influence of Yogamaya (Divine Creative Manifesting Power).

Unity is Real, diversity is unreal.

Nam (Supreme Name) alone is Real. Everything else is unreal. Nam is chanted in Prana (Life). The tongue is useless here.

Is there any vacuum? It is verily One continuous whole. It is like rings.

All in Reality is One Substance, isn't it? Change your angle of vision. Recognize the real Truth. Overwhelmed by Yogamaya, we have become deviated from Truth.

A person comes only to see jugglery. As if this (world) is a show for entertainment. Manush (man) sees only Fanush (balloon)! No one wishes to see the real Substance. When the ego evaporates, then one finds Bliss within oneself. This is the ultimate statement of Vedanta (sacred doctrine). This is the monistic feeling (view that Reality is One). The feeling of Oneness has been turned into the cult of monism. By talking of world (Jagat), illusion (Maya), untruth (Mithya), etc., Truth has been excluded from monistic feeling. This is one-sided thought, not the feeling of Oneness at all.

We sometimes use the word Maya, which is the cause of forgetfulness. We do not know the exact meaning of Maya, yet we use the term often in its narrow sense. It is very unfortunate, apart from being incorrect.

Everybody is harsh and comments on Maya, calling it illusion of mind, which causes suffering. But this Maya makes us forget the unbearable blows of life's events, obliterates the impact of so many strains and humiliations of life, and we get energy to rise again with old memories brushed off. He alone has form; we are all formless. We have no eyes. Had we eyes, we could realize that what we see as having form is really formless.

Oh, how fortunate people are! Maya itself is their fortune.

Without Maya, no Creation.

Afflicted by desire and staying without the practice of devoted love with complete surrender, people following Jap Tap (Name repetition and penance) get entangled in their desire and develop the ego. They become confined to the deep abyss of Maya or illusion. From this Maya they fall victims to many temptations, imaginings and speculations, which lead them to the waves of good and evil, arguments and dissertations, and they are pushed hither and thither, without finding the Anchor (Truth within).

So know this, their pursuit of happiness is beset with misery awaiting them. This world (then) becomes to the mortal beings a way leading to the cycle of destruction. The state which is mixed up with a particular part of the way receives the consequent suffering. It is the duty of mortals to get rid of that suffering. One should learn to get out of such sufferings by (inner) offering (of) Tulasi leaves, that is, one should bear these compulsions with patience. When suffering ends, one finds Ecstasy in everything. That is Swabhava (natural state of attunement with God). It is the ego which condemns one to the temporary abode (world). Do nothing but practice remembering and adhering to Nam.

You forget everything by Maya.

The Avatars (Incarnations of God) in your language, also do not find release from the power of Yogamaya. Even Sri Krishna on several occasions was overwhelmed at Kurukshetra and had to call up Sudarshan Chakra (Power of Divine Love). To fall away from the Self-fixed State is to be overwhelmed. Yogamaya will obstruct Him only then. In the state of Samadhi (deep meditation), to use your language, only body awareness, no knowledge at all remains. Then, in that Self-centered state, He is freed from the influence of Yogamaya. But again, when He comes back into this phenomenal world, right then, He has to come under Yogamayas influence to some extent. Whenever He calls up the Sudarshan Chakra, it occurs in the world of duality only.

Have you understood what I am saying? Staying in the state of Non-duality (Oneness), who will kill whom? This question does not even arise. This question appears only in the world of duality. However, don't you make a mistake. Who is Himself All-in-All, he (Dadaji) never falls under the influence of Yogamaya!

Worldly attachments and the play of Maya are very strong. So, in consequence come innumerable problems. Unseen, unpredictable, unbearable events of life cause burdens and bondage, full of sufferings and miseries. Your intensity of devotion for Him is there, now leave the rest to Him.

Constant practice of love with Nam, Who is none else but the Absolute, leads to Supreme Knowledge or Reality.

Darkness, light, all is One Substance. As soon as a person puts one's foot into the trap of the mind and intellect, Yogamaya (Creative Power of God) throws one into perplexity by showing light and darkness. What is darkness? And, what is light? Having these eyes isn't it possible to see in darkness even? What do you say? We want strength, the strength to see, be there darkness or be there light. Both are equal. Again, all this is also nothing, all extraneous. Everything changes form. Light turns into darkness and darkness into light.

You see the fire burning the match stick. If fire did not exist, could it be manifested in this manner? Does the match stick manifest the fire? You have seen that there is no more fire when the match stick has been burned out. As soon as the match stick was lit there was fire, and again the fire went out as soon as the stick was burned out. What happened here? In a place where there are no match sticks, is there no fire in that place? You speak of an aid (match stick for fire to burn). Yes, at first there is a need for it. But, one who is familiar with the Root of fire knows it even without this aid.

Look, we do not understand anything. We are sunk in an atmosphere of blind superstition. How can one blind person lead another? Dadaji does not understand either light or darkness. Both light and dark come from one Source. He is above All.

Everyone comes holding on to the Root (Mahanam), for it is the Root that holds everyone. Who is there without the Root? All are bound up with the Root, Yogamaya also. It is manifested by His Power only. On knowing the Power of the Root, all differences such as saying the world is illusory or Brahma is true, do not remain. All is illusory and again all is true, I am saying in your language, otherwise, you will understand it all upside down. There is no birth, there is no death. Everything goes on changing form in the stream of Eternity. Time and Eternity become One at one stage. Is He void or is He full? Both are the same seeing from this side, and that side, and again neither. Have you understood?

It is beyond expression, beyond description. With ego, you describe Him in so many ways as full, as void. On becoming One with that Supreme Joy, does there remain any awareness of all this difference of fullness or void? Aware or unaware, He is beyond all these. Trees have no awareness, the same is the case with animals. Humans understand, but to what extent? The endless, limitless, unfragmented Being is beyond intelligence, isn't it?

34 We're Acting in His Divine Play

This whole life is His Vraja Leela (Divine Play). We have come to enjoy His Play, remember Him with Love, and remain in Swabhava (a natural state, attuned with God).

It is not a journey, it is a Play of the Almighty. A Play, too, is a part and parcel of His Manifestation. He is a Poet, we are His Composition. This is exactly the relation between the Creator and His Creation.

We have come here to taste His superabundant Rasa. Vrindavan Leela can never be manifest anywhere else except in this world. It is a stage, where we are to enact our respective roles for a stipulated period of time.

He is present in both the region of Leela and the one beyond that.

This time of the body is temporary. We are actors and we are paid according to our performance.

For the relish of His Divine Play, He has appeared as many in the mirror of the mind. All activities here are of this world, scientific study not excepted. Far from being shunned, they are to be fully participated in and enjoyed. The Divine Play is intrinsically bipolar, having positive and negative, ups and downs, good and bad, etc. Oscillations between them provide the basis for all the creative possibilities of this Play. When the Play is over, the two poles coalesce into mere Existence, all existents having disappeared.

You have come here to have a taste of His Vraja Leela which this world displays. Vraja Leela is symbolized by copulation, moving to and fro between the opposite poles like a pendulum, the characteristic of duality and mental function. When you are at rest which is symbolized by orgasm, that is beyond Vraja, beyond Krishna. This finally leads you to Satyanarayan or Bhuma (Infinite), which is a state of undifferentiated Existence.

Play your part well in the Vraja Leela (His Supreme Play), shaking off desires and obsessions. Be always in a state of Swabhava (natural state of Oneness with Him), free from all sense of want.

Our duty is to watch His Leela as passive witnesses.

A person can do effort, but no authority is given to dictate to life.

Mukti, what is there in Mukti (liberation)? The essential thing about life is to see it and enjoy it as Leela. You understand that, don't you?

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