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I've been exploring your web page and I'm impressed. It's beautifully done. Upon exploring it and reading deeper into it, I'm fascinated. From what I have read I can see you have been through a beautiful and enlightening life experience. Experiences like yours should be shared and what an excellent way in which to do it. I wish you well.
--- Paul Jaeger, Cupertino, California USA

Ramaiva Sharanam
written & composed by Dadaji
Dadaji enjoying a Cola at his son's wedding in 1985, Calcutta India

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by Dadaji
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Part III
Enjoy Life with Him

"A vast field of activities is before you. Enjoy them with Him. How many days we can or do live is not important. How we lived or live is important."

37 Your Destiny is Truth

38 Human Birth, a Rare Gift

39 Life is Eternal

40 Betrothed to Him, You Relish His Love

41 Surrender Yourself in Full Faith

42 Mahanam Alone Brings Peace

37 Your Destiny is Truth

Destiny is Satyanarayan (Supreme Truth). Do not worry.

You may work out your plan, but His plan may be otherwise, though only apparently. For He manifests Himself not to destroy, not to checkmate, but tofulfill. Amidst universal flux, His Will alone is indeterminably active all the while. The flux around is static in its determinate conventional gyrating.

Gradually it will be realized by the aspirants as to how all events and circumstances, great and small, within and without, have been subtly planned and brought about by the Infinite Wisdom to work out the imperfection and work in the Perfection, and to carry out the natural process of bringing out harmony with the Eternal Source of our Life, the Self.

Everything is predestined.

Your only duty is to bear destiny or fate with patience.

Whatever He has destined for humanity, good or bad, is for a great cause. He is Ever-merciful.

Bear with calm fortitude your Prarabdha (destined unfolding of all aspects of life). Otherwise, how can you immolate (destroy, sacrifice) the beast in you? This is the only penance that is of any avail. To renounce the world, to rein the senses, to practice austerities, are nothing but egoistic self-aggrandizement.

Prarabdha initiates Prarabdha. Prarabdha is intensified by prayer.

When you are in the domain of Nature, you have to acquiesce in Prarabdha.

Prarabdha must have its course.

The Guru will lead you through the deserts of Prarabdha. Don't you be anxious on that score.

Prarabdha cannot be fleeced off without the emergence of Love.

So, resort to the Mahanam and become wide awake in the atmosphere of Love Divine to get rid of the fetters of fate.

If you love Him, Prarabdha withers away, and then He takes you to Vraja (Supreme State).

He strips one of all vestures so one cannot even be an instrument.

Addiction to His Love will minimize slowly the vehemence of Prarabdha. One has to bear with fortitude the inrush of Prarabdha. This is the esoteric Truth.

Unless and until one's Prarabdha is full, until one is merged with Him, one's mind will have to come back, will have to again take a body in this world.

Nobody knows how destiny works until the end of life. Try to live every day of your life in such a way, that in the end you have the consolation that you have successfully utilized all the days and years with the gifts of body, mind and Prana (Life) bestowed by God on you.

He is the destiny.

38 Human Birth, a Rare Gift

This human birth is the rarest of all births. So try to live this life keeping Him in view.

In the body's birth, how many changes take place right from the embryonic stage in the mother's womb, right up to the arrival on the earth? This is the course of Nature. Why only for a person's body? All living creatures undergo such changes until a stage when they come to a stop. After that starts the body's decay and the ultimate decay is the body's death. And He, Who comes to light in the body in the embryonic stage in the mother's womb, that Being (Atma or Soul) remains unchanging, always in one state, even when the body keeps undergoing changes. The growth or decay of the body causes no loss or gain to Him.

Dadaji The hand that rocks your cradle is All-Love and is at the Nativity of all Existence.

Don't you worry. The Master will take Life upon your corpse and will do the needful.

It is the birth that is painful. The fetus raises a frantic alarm during the last one month. Death is (compared to that) of no concern.

Of course, in some sense it is mechanical because a newborn baby cannot grow into a full-fledged person in a moment miraculously. He or she must grow through a process and this process is also called Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life). Prarabdha means you have to undergo some predestined process both physically and mentally. Remember even Nature has no hand in it. So do not be afraid of Prarabdha, or of its turns. Self is above and beyond all these.

Can you believe in your Self and your Existence? Can you deny it?

His Love cannot escape the cycles of births and deaths full of miseries.

Often we hear that birth is the result of the actions and reactions of our previous life and there is a continuity of birth and death until it is relieved of the bondage. Hence our sufferings also continue until the end of bondage. That the sufferings are the results of the bygone births is a wrong conception, because it is not only the individual who suffers but the society and even the state suffers as well.

Now the society or the state has no bygone births. Then why should they suffer? The fact is that when an individual first appears in the womb of the mother, matter forms instantly. At that stage mind lies in a state of inertia. But remember, mind and matter are nothing but One. With their gradual manifestation the differences in them are identified. From that state the individual is in the domain of Nature (Prakriti) and a series of phenomena determine his or her every development. Sometimes it seems mechanical.

This body itself is Prarabdha. It is not the result of bygone births, which is nothing but a creation of the priests and Gurus for the achievement of mundane gains in their respective professions. Unconsciously and inevitably our bodies develop and decay in their own way.

Being born with a human body in this world is itself destiny. One who has a taste for His Love wants to be born again and again with a human body, because this taste of His Love cannot be possible other than in this human birth.

Try to know your birth, why you have come here and what is your purpose. The Almighty has never created us for suffering or bondage or agony. Rather, He suffers for us that when we are born, we forget His Purpose. The ego is the root cause of our sufferings and bondage. Complete surrender to Him is the only way to get rid of ego and then to know one's purpose, which is to enjoy this Play of the Divine. Then we understand what is birth.

39 Life is Eternal

The Substance is One and that alone is the Eternal Substance. There is no vanishing, no destruction of it. It is the Supreme Integral Existence. We are the Eternal Substance of that unfragmented Supreme Being. You say a person dies. Where does a man like this one (Dadaji points to himself) go? That's it, there is only one place. Still one's death you think a person has gone somewhere. But, one does not go anywhere. It is under the influence of body consciousness that one thinks in this manner. And for this reason, fear of death makes one feel as if a person goes somewhere on dying. What is the nature of death is a matter we do not understand.

If you know what death is, then you can know what you call life and afterlife, isn't it? He is not born, then what is death to Him? Speak about the body. That body takes birth, in your language. What is correct then? You are unable to see, that is why you are bewildered. Being deluded through inability to understand, is it proper for us to show disbelief?

When we are unable to understand the meaning of a calculation or a poem, we do not express disbelief or contempt toward them. In the same way, in the spiritual world such phenomena take place that we can by no means understand, yet we cannot deny the phenomena. It is in our nature to make comments on matters whose importance it is not easy for us to accept. Many applications of science are within our reach. After the inventions of the radio and television, even though we may not understand these means of hearing and seeing distant things, still we have no hesitation in accepting that it is possible to do so. But, we try to belittle what takes place in the spiritual world, especially in this age of the slogan, "Religion is the opium of the people."

There is something called death, as you people call it. But, it is He who leaves the body, and He doesn't go anywhere. His vibration stops in the body. But, until the individual mind function is over, the mind remains dissatisfied and unless and until this mind is fully satisfied, it will continue to come into this world. People who were together come together again.

In the vacuous region of the heart, which is the Infinite within, two sounds are constantly sounding. When these two sounds go off, the mind shrinks and a person dies. When the mind can resort to another body, it buds forth again. When those two sounds of Mahanam stop, it is death. Then the mind shrinks and the person is merged in pervasive Existence.

Individuals have no Existence of their own because exit from their mortal body is inescapable.

Human beings get crippled in life with so many ups and downs, shocks and jolts, still they do not care to remember Him. Right up to the time of death they carry the burden of hopes and desires, becoming victim of the miseries of repeated births and deaths and unavoidable destiny.

You have come for a few days, not forever. Why should you bother for anything?

Life has no death. Life is Eternal. What you call death or end of life is actually a phase and is concerned only with the body. Body consists of matters which dissolve in time to their original form. But Self has no dissolution.

One has no right to put a violent end to one's own life. Live the normal term of life doing your work, without coveting the wealth of others and enjoying Him.

You need not hunt after death. Try and understand the Origin. If you can reach and grasp the Root, then you will understand the branches. Life is the Play of the Divine and the birth is His Music. Death is a cessation, more precisely a condition or phase. He who has created us has done so for His necessity.

Life is like a Jalebi (Indian delicacy, made in a three inch circular design, open in the center, with a seemingly endless narrow tube of dough that circles back over itself again and again. The resulting shape appears initially haphazard and confused, but upon closer inspection is carefully created and orderly. Dipped in a thick sugar syrup, it is sweet beyond sweet.).

That which holds the body will return to It's own Abode when It leaves the body. And the reality of the mortals is then merged in that Eternal and Continuous Life Force which never moves from or to any place.

A person (Supreme within) cannot die. The body is mortal, but He is not. He is chanting within you 24 hours a day. When that body is off That (Life) is not off. The mind is caught by Him.

When He leaves the body, He does not go anywhere. And we, a bunch of fools, do all kinds of funeral ceremonies for His benefit! What crazy twaddle you utter. He is in fact All-blissful. Is it possible to do anything for His good through such ceremonies and reciting of incantations? Performing funeral rites is just a business. When Atma (Soul) leaves the body, in your language, only Vivek (Conscience) remains with Him. Then Conscience itself says, why, having received such human life has one remained deprived of the enjoyment of the taste of the Supreme? Conscience alone reminds one of the indwelling Atma. Reciting the incantations of the funeral rites however, cannot touch that Conscience in the least bit. Try to understand the matter. Who is to perform the funeral rights? For whom do we perform these rites? Such rites are only for mercenary interest. We have gotten bound up by a disastrous superstition.

When a person is born, one day he or she must leave the body. The question may arise whether one can prolong keeping the body for two hundred years or four hundred years, but the fact remains that a body must die one day.

But, the real thing is that nobody goes elsewhere, only the body changes and transforms while the Soul (Atma) exists. Everything exists in this universe. As you cannot see while the Soul leaves the body, you say it goes away. But there is no space or scope for going beyond this universe. When people visit America or some other continent, you receive information in regards to their whereabouts and you know they are there. Similarly, the one who has the power to see can say when anybody leaves the body, that the Soul is there. This body must go. It is a mere appearance. You really see nothing.

Today I will tell you one very secret thing. One who knows the way of the preparation of the body constituting Panchabhuta (air, fire, water, earth, ether), the five elements in your language, and as Shastra (scripture) says, knows that these five elements transform and change their forms. For instance, the combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen forms water. Again, under certain conditions Oxygen and Hydrogen separate and go to their former conditions. If we say they vanish, it is not correct. The word transformation or change is more correct.

The most secret mystery is the attachment or, so to say Maya for the body. This is the vital point. We have no attachment for water or Oxygen or Hydrogen, so we do not feel much about their change or transformation as we know their position. We feel sorry for the death of mother, father or son, whomever they may be, because of this attachment.

Now you try to understand what is death. Death is nothing but change or transformation of the body. Once you understand what is death, you can realize what a mistake we make when we perform the so-called traditional Sradh (funeral rites) ceremony. There are various kinds of rules and regulations in the Shastra regarding Sradh. That is to say, the Brahmin or the priest, ascertaining the financial position of the party, that is, how much one is inclined to spend, advises likewise. But, the meaning of Sradh which we perform is absolutely wrong. The deceased for whom we perform Sradh receives nothing. The verses we chant at the time of Sradh, the deceased does not understand this even. The ritualism in the scriptures is all meaningless and full of falsehood. Nobody knows anything. This is nothing, absolutely nothing but the business or trade of the priests. A jungle of superstition misguides us and takes us far from Truth.

Try to understand the Origin. If you can catch hold of the Root, then you will understand the branches.

By chanting Mantras, making prayers or blessings for the dead person, how far can we help them or how much may they be benefited by doing all these things? It is very difficult to get rid of such centuries long cherished traditions which have infused not only into this society, but also into the remote corners of humanity.

Action and reaction hold the stage. When the reaction gathers magnitude, one cries for succor (help). Then comes death. But the reaction persists and that leads to rebirth.

Reincarnation? What do you mean by that? When we give up the body, then and there the mind is caught by Him. After that, it is a question of time, maybe just now, maybe one day, maybe few years, you come back in a different body.

How many days we can or do live is not important. How we lived or live is important. Keep it in mind.

We have come to another's House. We must leave it someday. He (Dadaji), whom you find in front of you, will come and take you off.

40 Betrothed to Him, You Relish His Love

It is from the state of Divine Love that he (Dadaji) says, "Will you marry me?" You must understand. Can there be marriage with the body? Marriage means being united with Him, Who resides in the body. There is difference between man and woman at the body level, but is there any difference with Him?

Marriage is union with Him. Worldly marriage is to live out the destined attachment together.

Is there any male in this world? He (Dadaji) only sees females. Prakriti (physical Nature) itself is feminine. So how can anyone in Her realm be a male? There is only one Supreme Male, Purusha, and He is the Lord unconditioned by Nature. So, marriage reallymeans the co-joining of those in this world of Nature with the Lord (Husband) wi thin. That is Love. Have you understood? Can a body make love to another body? When the Lord within throws off the body, it is hurried to a crematorium.

What do you mean by marry? Do you mean to say you marry her, she marries you? That is nothing. That is a temporary thing.

In the worldly plane, husband and wife are very near and dear to each other. In inner world He, Who is thousands of times your own and lovable and whose Darshan (vision of the Supreme) for once only is more than sufficient in life, must be non-expressive (left unspoken).

He is the only Husband.

It is the mind that marries.

What is marriage? The mind is but a woman. When the mind becomes Manjari (like a blossoming flower), then starts the relish of Rasa (Taste of Divine Love) between the two female friends. This one (Dadaji) also becomes a female friend. This relish of Rasa is marriage.

He (Dadaji) likes to be in the company of lovely dames. He can't do without them. He talks to them, fondles them and even kisses them. He asks them, "Will you marry me?" How do you take it? Do you think you are male? No, no. You are all women. The mind is female and the Soul is the only Male. He is in Eternal Amour (love) with females. The basic Truth of Cosmology empowers me to woo the womenfolk. Do you agree?

Marry me, won't you? Do you realize the import of marriage? To receive Mahanam is to be locked in bridal with that Nearest and Dearest.

Wedded to Him, you reach a Divine Orgasm united with your True Nature. His secret footprints, His secret Fragrance, His secret music follow in your heart everywhere you go. God is the sound of your heartbeat, making love to you 24 hours a day.

Marry me, would you? Do you think you are men? You are all women. Mind, the Nature around which is mind created, is the female. The Supreme alone is Male. We have come here to make love to Him, to be bathed in His Love and to vibrate His Love through the actions that come our way. Drain your self (ego) off to Him. Be stripped of all the vestments of obsession. He will clothe you in a wedding robe of Love and make you Full. He is your Dearest. He is you, your Self. No effort, no austerity, no external agency is necessary to get Him. That is all commercialism.

When we come into this world, we come with Him in wedlock. That is true marriage. As long as He (Husband) is within, the question of becoming a widow, Sati (chaste) or Sahamaran (dying with one's husband), appears meaningless. This is true at the death of any person, not to speak of women only. For in the world, we are all females and He alone is Purusha (Supreme Male). As soon as He (Atman or Soul) leaves the body, the individual ceases. Without Him, the individual becomes a widow and has to court Sati. Thus, widowhood and Sati go together.

Married to me (Him), you are everywhere present.

Your actions betrothed to Him, will elevate you to a state of inexplicable Ecstasy, into the world of Truth.

41 Surrender Yourself in Full Faith

Try to keep faith in Him, Who is the Source, the Energy, the Life.

If you leave everything to Him, He has to come to your rescue. You need not even call Him, because the surrender is so great. It has become His responsibility then to come to your rescue.

Those who depend on God with full faith none can make them small or harm them. Go ahead with this firm faith.

Love Him, surrender yourself to Him and the moment you surrender your entire existence to Him, He will be the pilot of your life and will take the vehicle to safe landing.

What is needed (to realize Truth)? Time factor, submission, no intelligence, no mind....nothing.

Just you try to surrender.

One has to be in Him. Self-resignation and to brave Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life) with fortitude are the only requisites.

Surrender and you are transported to a plane beyond virtue and vice. Virtue and vice are subject to the mind.

Complete surrender to Supreme Being leads to emancipation, realization, and salvation.

Surrender your unknowing to the Knowing.

You must be naked before Him.

The surrender must be perfect and complete. The heart must be purified of all desires.

Self-realization is not possible in its fullest and truest sense through any other means except perfect and absolute self-surrender.

The individual ego is the root cause of all trouble and the greatest obstacle. Ego must be overcome by complete surrender to Him.

Submission to Him only matters. But, you cannot submit; it will come when it will come. You have only to watch and wait, with Him in your heart, while doing your duties that come your way in a matter of course. He loves you all the while. Remember this.

A person has no authority to dictate to life because He is doing all in the universe. This body is He also. We have come with a hired body, so whatever He does, He does with His body and mind set by Him, for Him, to come to Him. A person has no choice. But, everything will not happen in a day. Wait. Be patient.

Perfect and absolute self-surrender to God, and a constant desireless or choiceless awareness of Him charged with single-minded devotion and reliance, is the only perfect or real Yoga. Since then God within us takes over the entire responsibility for our lives, works in His own Divine and Infallible way and Captains the ship of our life to its final destiny, realization of our True Nature.

42 Mahanam Alone Brings Peace

Nothing to worry about. As He creates dangers, so He also lays the path of peace.

Leave everything to Him and there will be peace.

The love of humanity and desire to serve all will bring blissful peace to our hearts.

Whatever you have received in life, take that as His Blessings or Grace, and the road to peace is opened.

Value everything in the context of peace and the Bliss will come automatically. You will then inhale the Divine Grace and you will hear the music of your heart, Mahanam.

Through all the afflictions of life one can live in peace and happiness when one can surrender all fears, thoughts, desires and expectations of loss or gain to the Will of the Supreme Lord.

The more you will follow Him, the more you will get peace and tranquility.

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