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I remember going to Utsav celebrations in Calcutta since my childhood and had known Dada since then. Although I never the doubted the divine in him and was fond of him, I was on the whole somewhat skeptical of everything, and didn't take his words too seriously. Years went by like that and it was only in the summer of '96, during my visit to Calcutta, that I started feeling closer to Him than ever before, and in the time to come since then, I have offered myself in loving submission to Him. You'll be glad to know that my life has been happier since then. --- Avijit Sarkar, Des Plaines, Illinois USA

(11:33 minutes) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.

by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part V
Dadaji On His Own

"He, Who is beyond all bondage and mind, keeps His eyes on His Own persons. He guides them from within and without. So go ahead, fearless in all activities of your life.."

Dadaji on His Own


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Dadaji on His Own

This section includes Dadaji's revealing
comments about those who come to him. They were compiled from
conversations, tape recordings, letters and previous publications.

Dadaji's Love for his own persons is very sacred, secret and silent. Even the next person cannot know it, nor has one the right to know it. This Love is so deep, opposite to the worldly love which is "out of sight, out of mind." His Love is perpetual and to it no barrier or distance can be a hindrance. His Love gets ever more stretched. It grows and grows for them who love Him. This Love though apparently coming from one with physical form (Dadaji), is not from the body one sees. It suffers no fickleness and is not temporary, unlike the character and love of humanbeings. His Love is Eternal. The entire Creation is out of His Love. He is steady, unchangeable and has no expectations. It is present as the Eternal sound of Name, that holds the body as Life Force. He exists for Love and in Love and nothing else other than Love. Individuals cannot feel due to ego or blindness of the illusions of mind. He gives indications of His Love, only patience is required to feel it. You will feel it in all your actions and you will feel His Guidance, too. He is your Nearest and Dearest. Actually it is for the taste of this Love that human beings are created and come into this world.

Dadaji LEFT: Dadaji in Boulder Colorado USA 1985

The worldly life which a person leads is covered by pretensions, hypocrisy and illusory, undependable nature. This cover of falsehood and pretensions, devoid of Love, has become truth to a person's nature. A few fortunates try their utmost to come out of this cover of mind or falsehood. The Guru Almighty comes to hold them, to elevate them to the genuine natural state of Love, Affection and Bliss, where He exists as the Husband, Father, Son, Friend, and, at the same time, Dadaji. This contact happens at destined time to those who are destined as His Own.

They (Dada's own) will come to me when it is necessary.

Dadaji has not saffron robes, nor Jata (matted hair). He is amongst you all as simple and natural as Elder Brother. If one is his own, one will accept him as Supreme in his natural state of living, looking like a man.

The love which you have for Dadaji is not for the physical form.

Dadaji is beyond form. If one's love is fixed on Dadaji's human physical form or body, then expectations, exchanges, reactions, depressions occur. Ultimately recession and separation will come to stop the flow.

As you have met him (Dadaji) direct and you have received His Grace, you have nothing to worry about. He is with you to guide you to the right path, leave it to Him.

I'll never betray you.

I never stop thinking of you, even for a moment.

You are naked before me.

You have walked with Him and have embraced each other. Why not walk with Him all through your life? And why not like the Biblical Elisha or Enoch walk into Him at the end? Are you not consecrated to that end?

Dadaji LEFT: Dadaji in Portland Oregon USA 1987

It is wrong if one thinks one's life is fulfilled just by getting His Divine contact. The Lamp that has been kindled by Him in you or anyone, so many crooked and narrow minded people will come to blow off or dampen. In the beginning you will have confusions and conflicts within yourself. Then your relatives, friends and others from all directions will try to get you floating in worldly pleasures. They judge others by body, physical form and cannot see the inner Self beyond body. Being slave to their own minds' pleasures and excitements in one moment, the next moment they wail and cry in deep despair with life's sorrows and ups and downs. You have to be amongst them to taste the variety of life. Otherwise, like Sadhus and Yogis you will become an escapist, running away from natural stages of life, scared of men and women around you. Your integrity lies in your keeping control and balance, and practicing tolerance and forgiveness. This will prove that even though you live amongst this sort of men and women who are slaves of mind, you are different from them. This control and balance cannot and does not come through austerity or hard practices. It comes by His Sharan (remembrance of Him). His Touch, the Consciousness of His Being within, becomes firm, helping us to face worldly jolts, ups and downs.

Dadaji LEFT: Dadaji in Boulder Colorado USA 1985

Just consider the phenomenon of people assembling here (to meet Dadaji) with avidity. It is not love, it transcends love. For love gives scope to mental function. When you have once met him (Dadaji), be certain He has fixed up your destination as designed by Him. What is blissful will be there for you. He has been holding your hand. You don't have to worry. Very few can have this fortune.

He can make love only to those naked ones (divested of ego and mental obsessions), whom he (Dadaji) has brought along with himself.

When the path has been discovered, why should He go along alone? He will take all along in His Company.

So, it is good for you to re-member your Self through the imperious onslaught of Truth, to dive deep into the shining sea of Bhagavatam (that which pertains to God). Let your habitat be His habitat and you will start listening from within to the words of the beloved Gitagovinda (Song of God). You are a Gopi (one whose mind is filled with God alone) right from your birth. That is the state of your patrimony or should I say alimony?

Dadaji never looks back, only moves on. But, to move with him is difficult. Certain rulings of his have to be accepted for right living smoothly.

Those who come here (to Dadaji) to grind their own ax cannot stay on for more than two to three years.

You and all who have met him (Dadaji), have found a natural Love in the worldly atmosphere and now have been opened fully by his touch for receiving Immortal Bliss.

For Dadaji it is difficult to keep his body or to be in his body, the human form, unless his own destined people come. Though they seem to be staying in far away places, they are with him day and night in an inseparable state or union because he is beyond body and mind. His body will fall off, unless he comes with a little bit of mind to move amongst his own destined receptacles. When He (Satyanarayan) comes in human form (as Dadaji), He brings His own destined people to talk to.

You know, you are so very close to me, that a letter is only a formality. Many a tete-a-tete goes on between us. Since there is no distance between you and me, what remains?

You are always in my sight. Dadaji's destiny is such, he is to carry everybody's grievances and all responsibilities of the universe. As you are always internally linked with Him, external storms and stresses will not affect you.

When I can see you, then I am happy.

Those who are my own are always with me. Whatever happens to them, happens for their good. Maybe sometime their load of sufferings is very heavy. Know it to be certain, it is manifestations of His Supreme Grace. You are so dear to Him, in contrast to those who throughout their life remain slaves to their minds and desires. Due to their ego and self-importance, they do not even once remember Him, nor can they love Him. From the very beginning of your life, He has kept you close to Him (without your knowing), so He controls your destiny.

You will not come back. For you this is the last birth. You don't have to come back. And, He will come to fetch you. He will come and take you directly to Him. Unless and until one's Prarabdha is full, until one is merged with Him, one's mind will have to come back, will have to again take a body in this world. But, you don't bother, if He comes come back again in this form, He willbring you along. Until then, you don't have to bother for anything.

Excellent! You are excellent! Nice! You are nice.

I will never forget you in my life.

What you think, I think also. Do you understand?

Your Self is my Self.

You are my heart. That is Absolute.

So long as He is with you, you are. You are nothing other than Him. You have got no right to do anything. Just give up everything on Him. A person cannot do anything.

So long as you are, I am with you. You are.

Life. You are my life. So long as you are with me, I am all right. As long as you are here I am okay.

I want you. You must stay with me.

I love you from the beginning. From my heart, He loves you. Everybody loves you.

He loves you. I want to marry you. No less. Are you satisfied? You understand? My wife. You are my wife.

I will love you forever. You are my own and you will stay with me. You must stay with me.

I love you all. You are my life.

Ultimately, you will be with me.

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