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(6:57 minutes) Bruce Kell, a meteorologist from Strathfield Australia details his experience in the Puja Room during Utsav 1975, Calcutta India. In 1977, Bruce Kell wrote to Dadaji referring to his Puja experience: "I shall enclose a decorative plate which depicts the sort of vision of spiral nebulae which was given in vision through the grace of Sri Sri Satyanarayana. This vision was seen through the 'third eye' when seated alone in meditation in the Puja room, in Calcutta with Dadaji seated in another room and carrying on conversations with the party of people present on that occasion. If you have original despription of that event, then you will understand that first these nebulae would appear and then move towards me and then disappear in a kind of soundless explosion as they impinged upon me but their disappearance was accompanied by the smell of cordite, and explosive substance."
by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part IV
On Dadaji

13 Dr Eugene N. Kovelenko
Nobel Laureate

14 Henry Miller, writer

15 Dr S. Radhakrishnan
President, Republic of India

16 J. Krishnamurti
spiritual teacher

13 Dadaji: The Limitless Nobody
by Dr. Eugene N. Kovalenko, Nobel Laureate
Long Beach, California USA

This article appeared in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, July 29, 1980.

The family of humanity is divided today as never before in known history. There are conflicts galore all around. The tremendous achievements of science and technology, for all the promise they hold, are more often put to use for intensifying conflicts. The human heart yearns for peace, the human mind succeeds in producing more turmoil. In this situation, self-styled Gurus, Babas, Swamis, Maharishis and Bhagawans have a field day exploiting others in the name of God.

A perfect setting, this, for the appearance of the true redeemer. He has taken the form of the universal Elder Brother, Dadaji, to remind all people of their common ancestry. To demolish the exploiters, he proclaims and proves,

"All humanity is One, all language is One, and Truth is One!"
Dadaji assures us that no mental or physical acts, no prohibitions, no esoteric rituals, no superstitious beliefs or practices are needed to lead us to a realization of Truth. By personal example, he shows how one is to participate in normal life. As Mr. Amiya Roy Chowdhury, he lives the life of a householder in Calcutta, supporting his wife and family by running a small toy shop. Anyone who approaches him in simplicity is gathered in his loving arms as a younger brother or sister. There are no barriers of caste, community, religion, sex or nationality with him. Divine Love is what he exudes for all, without exception.

The Supreme Will displays all manner of stupendous miracles through Dadaji to draw the attention of humanity to his message. In the presence of Dadaji, a seeker sees Mahanam appear on a blank piece of paper in ones native language, then disappear, while also hearing It chanted from within. This proves Dadaji's assertion that the Lord resides within us and is our Guru.

There are a growing number of testimonies by responsible people from all walks of life and from all over the world, including distinguished scientists, vouching for the authenticity of Dadaji's miracles. These take place spontaneously and not for the asking. Dadaji claims no authorship for these, always emphasizing that Satyanarayan, Truth Supreme, is the only Source of these happenings. And in fact, the Source of all of that we experience in His Creation. The purpose of miracles is to instill faith in the Supreme Being, incomprehensible to mind and intellect.
The world of Nature is the world of mind. It is His Creation as Divine Play. It is in the nature of the mind to produce the fragmented vision of the One Reality. Thus, we have individuals, things, concepts of space and time as the arena on which the endless interactions and transformations take place. It is in the mind world that all duality appears, good and bad, positive and negative, ups and downs, etc. When there is no mind, all meaning disappears. With the evaporation of the individual mental identity, the ego, pure Existence shines forth as Absolute Truth. Then, all limitations vanish automatically;no time, no space, no individual entities or concepts remain.

Dadaji is showing humanity the path whereby a change in the angle of vision comes about enabling us to see the world as a Divine Play. Our duty is to play well our part, living a natural life. This is the only true offering. We have to bear our destiny with patience. This is the only penance. We have to let go of the only burden we carry in the form of the undue importance we attach to our ego. This is true renunciation. We have to submit to the Lord's Will and remember Him with love and self-surrender. This, Dadaji exhorts us, is the only way to Him.

In Dadaji we come face to face with complete egolessness. He is identified with Truth. No limitations exist for him. What we call miracles are, thus, no miracles to him. Dadaji can therefore truly be dubbed, "The Limitless Nobody!"

Dadaji sometimes conducts a ceremony of Truth called Satyanarayan Puja. Satyanarayan, the Truth personified, is the sole creative and sustaining principle perceptible in this universe as Divine Power or Energy.

To witness the supernatural phenomena,the elite, including educators, physicians, scientists, politicians, etc. gathered yesterday in the presence of Dadaji and received Mahanam, the Name of the Lord, from within. The Satyanarayan Puja happened simultaneously in a closed room in the houses of Dr. C. Khetani in Los Angeles, and in the residence of Dr. Albert in New York City, and at the home of Dr. William Jones in Washington, DC Dadaji was all along seated outside amongst the visitors, but simultaneously his presence was felt in these three widely separated locations in the United States.

When the Puja began, the floor of the closed room was dry, but after the phenomenal worship it was wet with fragrant water. The coconut water in a container in front of the Satyanarayan portrait was congealed into a thick condensed milk-like pudding. And, a glass of plain water had acquired a sweet aroma and taste. A honey-like, aromatic Nectar was dripping from the glass covered portrait of Satyanarayan.

To be precise, at this critical period in history, Dadaji, the Supreme Consciousness in human form, is moving about selflessly amongst us to bring home to our feeling consciousness that the transcendent alone is Truth, the asylum where the individual soul rests in utmost confidence, peace and harmony. So, the Eternal Truth, let us obey Thee alone. Truth transforms the mind for peaceful living and universal family awareness, which is the Eternal Religion.

14 Dadaji: The Great Designer
by Henry Miller
Big Sur, California, USA
This article appeared in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, July 28, 1979.

Word is the means of creation in me as a writer. It expands and overflows in a joyous spate. A whole pageantry of characters are thus born. Moralists may judge these men and women of my creation according to their value systems. To me such a judgment is an outrage. The characters have their roles on which the whole play rests. Success of the play as a whole is all that matters. Why blame the characters?

That must surely be infinitely more true of the Great Designer, Who created the world and me, I imagine, as an outpouring of His Joy. With Him, too, at the beginning was the Word. Good and bad according to our moral values can surely be of no consequence in His eyes. It is His Play. Our own literature consists, at best, of only feeble copies of His Cosmology.

With this kind of inner attitude, I have always reacted sharply against the fetishes of sin, repentance, purgation, hell, perdition and such other dogmas. All these fetishes are so many bottlenecks stemming the free flow of life. I imagine the true Messiah to be All-embracing, displaying equal love for the saint and the sinner.

And, I have felt for a long time that the Messiah must be round the corner. For, these are the worst of days in human history. And if therefore, the Redeemer must make his appearance, then these are also the best of days. What a Soul-stirring beatific experience to find myself in his arms so unexpectedly one day! He suddenly took me by storm, breaking through the portals of my heart and filling my being with the omnific sound.

Yes, Dadaji, that enigmatic personality, annihilating all personality cult, that omnipotent nobody, came to me in flesh and blood as a Christ of Love, a Buddha of Wisdom, a Krishna of Supreme Yogic Power, a Chaitanya of the profoundest emotional abandon, and a Govinda of the most deliciously amorous masculinity. And, he conducted me to Mahanam, the be-all and end-all of my existence. I have thus been made aware of the Divinity within my core. I have found the omnific word inside me. And, Dadaji himself is identified with this inner divinity.

Who is he then? He claims to be no more than my Elder Brother, Dadaji. How fascinatingly he assures me about the principles that guide my life and vocation!

"Don't you bother yourself with virtue and vice. They are all mental constructions and have nothing to do with Him, the Infinite Ocean of Love. They are just actions and reactions ruling mental function. The entire world process is One. Only you take it in fragments.

"You are a role set by the Great Designer. Do play your part well, alive to the fact that you do whatever He chooses you to do. He is the Pilot of your life and you have come here at His Will to taste of His overflowing Love.

"Flow with the stream of life, without attempting to stem its tide. You are One with Him and yet separate so that you may Love-Play with Him. You can miss this Supreme Relish only if ego is allowed to wallow in self-importance. So, merge yourself into His All-engrossing Love."

So goes his reassuring message. He goes even beyond, from Love-Play to pure Consciousness and then on to the Void of structureless Integral Existence. But, he repeatedly comes down to draw his brethren into his arms. He continues his liberating message:

"No human being can ever be a Guru. The Mahanam, which is your True Self, is the only Guru. You have come here wedded to that Mahanam, which is the Life Principle at the source of your respiration and is the warp and woof of all Creation.

"Submit to Him in love and confidence. Shake off all shackles of superstitions and taboos. Don't go against your nature. Let your inner drives lead your sense organs wherever they will. Be a passive spectator of the drama.

"No asceticism, no austerity, no penance, no physical calisthenics, no mechanical muttering of mystic syllables. All these are egotistic activities.

"Your inner fullness can dawn only when the ego is fleeced off. Only then are you in the wantless state. It is the limited mind that constantly suffers from wants."

Dadaji thus removes the sense of limitation from which people suffer. There is only one Supreme Existence. Only One Truth. Why then should there be any divisions in humanity? The same Mahanam rings in every heart. Hence, all humanity is One. All logic chopping stops in front of Truth that is outside the reach of the mind, but ever approachable through love and self-surrender.

15 Dadaji: A Miracle
by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
former President, Republic of India

For many, many decades I have seen the quizzical world and its ways, and life I have drunk to its dregs. I have planted myself with a song upon the crest of its titanic waves, and I assured myself I was the captain of my ship, which had weathered the storm and stress of life, and had at long last reached its anchorage. Life seemed like a spectroscope that displayed a multi-colored pageantry of reality before me. I yielded to their irresistible beckoning, won them, and made them of a piece with me.

My Soul, however, I did not sell out to them. A thirst for something goaded me from within, I explored the whole world, but in vain. My Soul implored the vanity fair for a way to the pierrian Spring, to the Life Eternal. And, it proved telling at long last.

The entire experience seems fascinating and gripping like a dream fantasy. The whole of Madras, India, seems to have been ploughed through and through. The titanic talents lie prostrate, the great dictators of men and money are dazed and emotions are running riot among the elite and the laity. A mighty nor'easter has shaken the whole of Madras to its roots; the traditional moorings have been cast asunder. And, the city, nay the province itself, seems gliding toward an anchorage, the resurrection of Sanatana Dharma which brooks no caste, creed or clime. Madras seems to be the fated scaffolding for preaching the gospel of one world, one language, one human race and one Religion.

It is really a superbly unique experience to meet Dadaji, even for a short while. It is in fact, no meeting, but mating as he often explains. To see him is an occult vision, to go near him is a Soul-stirring pilgrimage, and to listen to him is to be bathed in the musical cadences of the Omnific Word.

His star-bespangled smile is a miracle the worlds cannot contain or comprehend. And, his eyes? Their bewitching beauty, their fathomless depth in stillness, their aromatic incense of compassionate Love have no compeer. Yet, Dadaji is a man giving out airs of simplicity and normalcy to his very marrow. A picturesque figure, he dons a Dhoti or Lungi and a half-sleeved Kurta. He wears no matted hair, nor is his body or forehead besmeared or marked with ashes, vermilion or sandal paste. Yet, his body constantly emits a variety of Fragrance never dreamed of in a perfumery.

Now Dadaji is playful, and then he is serene and lost in Infinity. He plays with fantastic miracles like a child with toys. And, he constantly reminds his audience that he is nobody. It is the Supreme Divine Will that manifests Itself as and when It chooses. His insurrection against Gurudom is vitriolic in its vehemence.

No human being can ever be a Guru, Who is but Eternal. And what, indeed, is the necessity of a Guru? The Mahanam is constantly being chanted within my heart. I have forgotten it through Maya, which is but my egoism. One has to drain off the last vestige of ego and the Lord will surely make such a one full to the brim with self-abnegating Love. The Lord is my Dearest and resides in my heart. No manner of penance or ritualism is necessary to achieve Him. Our only duty is to submit to the Mahanam ringing spontaneously within us, and to bear Prarabdha with fortitude.

What a new dispensation! My life is the way to immortality! Religion then, is neither a magic, nor a witchcraft, nor the opium of the people. The greatest spiritualist is notwithstanding the greatest of materialists. Dadaji is a miracle wound up in infinite miracles that defy the comprehension of the greatest seers of all Ages.

16 What is Truth: Dadaji Answers
by J. Krishnamurti
Bombay, India

This article appeared in the Free Press Journal, Bombay, India, February 4, 1972.

A great movement for the revival of Sanatana Dharma and Sadhana to reopen the channel of our spiritual life, which has been obstructed for long by the sands of formal exhibitionism, taboos and superstition, has been launched by Sri Dadaji from Calcutta.

His chief mission is to regenerate Truth Consciousness or God Consciousness. He wants us to realize our own true nature which is Divine and Blissful. Man is the immortal child of the Immortal Father. He is born Divine, an irradiation of the Divine Consciousness and Bliss. The Supreme Lord lies within, in the form of Mahanam; we are born with our Guru, the Self or the Lord and the Mahanam within. He is anxious to embrace us, to guide us to our final destination, Self-realization. No mortal being can be a Guru. Your Self or God alone is Guru.

This is the Divine message of Sri Amiya Roy Chowdhury to the bewildered man of the modern agnostic era.

Truth is Basic
Contradiction is the child of ignorance. A wrong angle of vision breeds contradiction or the idea of difference. Things conceived in the right perspective, realized through the right angle of vision, do not leave any scope for contradiction and a healthy relation is established between the material and spiritual life charged with blissful harmony and rhythm within the framework of one fundamental principle of life....the Truth....the perennial prime source of our existence, of the existence of the whole of the universe.

There is only one Truth, the Self or the Almighty. It envelops us from without and is immanent within us. The aim of our life is to realize this great Truth. This Truth is our true nature, our true being, our safest stronghold.

How to realize our true Divine nature, our Self? We are born initiated. We have simply to realize that we are born initiated. The enlightened Soul realizes the whole of the creation as Brahman or Truth. Initiation conducted at the level of the senses by mortal beings can never lead to Truth which is much beyond the range of the senses.

Guruism, as we find it prevalent today, is the most abominable stigma in our spiritual life. It is the source of exploitation of the innocent masses by the self-seekers for mundane values in the name of religion.

Sri Dadaji, therefore, has launched a crusade against the evil practice of Guruism and the associated evils in our current spiritual life.

Those who undergo spiritual initiation in the presence of Dadaji get Mahanam directly from their own Self or God. He does not conduct initiation. During initiation, the veil of ignorance is removed for awhile and the Mahanam appears on a plain piece of paper by the Divine Grace on a supra-sensuous plane. After the aspirant has read it, it disappears. It is also heard by the ears from within. This is real Diksha, which introduces the aspirant to Self and makes the inward journey begin.

To bear Prarabdha (destined events of life) or the compulsions of the mind with patience and resignation is penance.To have desireless awareness of Him with absolute self-surrender, unfaltering faith, single-minded love and devotion is meditation. To be in tune with Him is Puja. No other penance except Mahanam jap with devotion is required for Self-realization.

Practice of penance as we do it today is a body-mind behavior and causes further bondage due to the piling up of impressions of the actions performed. Self-surrender is the real Yoga in which the Lord is realized as the real Doer and the aspirant plays into His hands as His instrument. Thus, the Lord Himself steers the ship of our life to the final harbor of Self-realization.

We witness so many inexplicable supernatural events taking place in Sri Dadaji's presence. Nature behaves according to His Will. Material objects like silver or gold trinkets appear out of unknown sources. His multiple manifestation at different places at the same time and his ethereal presence felt through a unique Aroma at far off places, is all the more inexplicable.

But, Sri Dadaji says that he does not do all these things. This is not the outcome of Kriya Yoga, etc. These are the manifestations of the Will of the Lord, and hence, have no limit; whereas the creations of Kriya Yoga have limitations.

These events make the atheists and skeptics aware of the existence of some supernatural Reality. After the public is baffled by such events, Sri Dadaji, himself, condemns these things, describing them to be extraneous and superfluous for the Truth-seeker.

The same Divine Truth throbs in the hearts of all human beings, and hence, Dadaji holds that mankind is one. Originally language was also one, which has evolved into different forms due to phonetic changes.

At this juncture of our spiritual crisis, it is our most sacred duty to respond to the great call given by Sri Dadaji to eradicate the evils which hamper our advance, and to inculcate new values and attitudes under his courageous guidance to quicken the pace of spiritual regeneration for a brighter life ahead.

Part IV, continued

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