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It was wonderful to see Dadaji on the Net. In fact I would like to confess I was foolish enough to think that he might not be there. After all it is by His Will that this wonderful phenomenon of Internet has evolved to bring the world together shed their ego and experience His Love. This October (1997) my father and mother and my sister had gone to Dadaji's Puja in Calcutta. My mother was doubting whether the Puja would be the same without him being present physically. But no, everything was the same. In fact they got back bottle of Charanjal (fragrant water), that same Fragrance, and it reminded us that we could never be separated. --- Rudrashekhar Das, New Delhi INDIA Dec 3, 2000. Thank you so much for sending me the two books, LOOK WITHIN and FRAGRANCE of the HEART. When I started reading the book LOOK WITHIN, I felt like I was talking and listening to Dadaji. I was feeling his presence. Thanks a lot!!!
--- Sweta Patel, Norcross, Georgia USA

(11:33 minutes) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.

by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part VII
Extraordinary Experiences

1 In Dadaji's Presence Read documented first hand accounts of remarkable experiences many people had in Dadaji's presence.


1 In Dadaji's Presence

Benares silk Sari pulled from under Dadaji's fingernail
Dadaji was invited to come to Bombay for the wedding of the daughter of the a famous journalist who documented the extraordinary appearance of rainbow colored ash and a silk Lungi while in Dadaji's presence (read below). The journalist had also invited his Guru Satya Sai Baba. When the Guru was informed that Dadaji would be at the marriage, he said, "When Dadaji, the Elder Brother of the universe is present, there is no need for me to be there. When Dadaji is there, everything is there."

Dadaji arrived at the house where the marriage was to be held and came in casually. He said, "Oh, what a fool I am. I didn't bring any present for the bride." The journalist said, "Dadaji, you have come, what more does she need?" "No," Dadaji said, "it was bad of me to forget it." He walked up to the bride and offering her his hand, he asked her to pull on a thin silk thread coming out from under one of his fingernails. She pulled it until she held a gorgeous Benares silk Sari in her hands. Her father was so struck by this occurrence that he immediately removed all the photos he had of his Guru in his house.

Silk lungi in Bombay pulled from phone receiver in Calcutta
In 1978 a renowned journalist, who was a great devotee of a famous south Indian Guru, Satya Sai Baba, heard about Dadaji and he came to Dadaji's house in Calcutta to prove to the public that his Guru was the Supreme and that even Dada would bow down to his Guru. The journalist was telling Dadaji about all the miracles that his Guru had performed. One of the main things was called Vibhuti, which is the miraculous manifestation of a fine blackish-gray colored ash.

Dadaji told the journalist, "Ash? What is there in ash? If you interpret that ash as something for deciding the God in someone, well here it is...." Dadaji stretched out his hand and turning his palm downward ash of various colors started sprinkling, then pouring out of his hand. The stream of rainbow colored ash continued until the baffled journalist shouted for Dadaji to stop.

Then Dadaji asked the journalist, "Did you meet Abhi (Dadaji's long time companion and famous actor)?" He replied, "Yes, I have met Abhi." Dadaji continued, "Abhi has gone to Hong Kong for some film shooting and he has promised to bring back a Lungi for me, a silk Lungi. Well....I can see Abhi now, he has just come back. He has just reached his house in Bombay from the Airport. And....yes, he has got the Lungi. You can contact him on the phone now and see."

The journalist placed a call to Abhi in Bombay (1,500 miles away). Abhi confirmed that yes, he had just arrived from the Airport. The journalist said Dadaji had just asked him to call and ask Abhi whether he brought a silk Lungi for Dadaji. Abhi replied, "Yes, I have brought a silk Lungi from Hong Kong." Dadaji said, "Is it not possible to fetch it immediately? Well, here it is!" He reached to the phone receiver and pulled on a very thin thread sticking out of one of the holes in the receiver itself. Dadaji continued pulling it until the entire silk Lungi (two and a half yards of silk) came out.

The journalist shouted at Abhi, "A silk Lungi has just come out of the phone receiver! Dada is asking you to search your luggage for the Lungi you brought from Hong Kong." Abhi searched his luggage and couldn't find the silk was in Dadaji's hands in Calcutta. The astonished journalist said, "I am finished. If I stay here another five minutes I'll go mad."

Dadaji warns against Tantra & restores a tree to wholeness
A very famous Tantric, who had developed many Tantric powers and could do many things like make objects move about with his stare, came to challenge Dadaji.

In front of Dadaji's house there was a Neem tree. When Dadaji came out, the Tantric with one signal of his finger split the tree in half. Dadaji said, "This is all you can do? Why don't you ask the so-called spirits to put the tree together? Why misuse your power?

In fact all there is One, otherwise there would be no Power. In His Name you have been doing these things? But, He is also great, see what He can do." At the mere signal of Dadaji's finger, the tree rejoined and became whole. The Tantric fell at Dadaji's feet crying. Dadaji said, "You should beware even now. Don't do all these things. This Tantra is a very harmful practice."

After a couple of months, very early one morning at around three-thirty, this same Tantric came banging on Dadaji's door asking Dadaji to save him from the spirits. Dadaji asked him what was the matter and the Tantric said, "I don't know, but bricks are falling on my head and the clothes cabinet keeps coming at me and hitting me. I am not being allowed to sleep, to sit, to stand, anything."

Dadaji took him into a room alone and from that time on, the man was free. He immediately started living a normal life and Dadaji gave him money to start a business of his own which is now doing very well.

Dadaji's warns about using Tantra
Vishudananda, a great Tantric, visited Dadaji in Calcutta. Dadaji warned him to beware. "When you get hold of and utilize spirits to do jobs for you, they do it very unwillingly. A time comes when they master you. You become their slave. They harass you in a very bad manner and even kill you ultimately."

The Tantric was quite old and Dadaji said, "Even today, I am telling you to beware of all these things (Tantric practices). Stop doing all these things. There is still time. Because these things will kill you." Vishudananda paid no heed to what Dadaji said. The next morning when Vishudananda went into the bathroom, a group of his devotees were waiting near the door.

After half an hour they heard strange sounds like someone choking, coming from the bathroom. They thought their Guru was talking to Lord Shiva, to God. So, they remained sitting outside the bathroom door for another hour. Being afraid, they broke open the door only to find Vishudananda strangled to death.

An egg for a 158 year old yogi
There was a famous 158 year old man named Bhagawan Ramdas Paramhamsa Annatyaji, who had tremendous Tantric and Yogic powers. People said he was the incarnation of Lord Shiva. He could do anything he wanted or wished to do. One day Ramdas came to Dadaji's house with several of his disciples. Dadaji was in his usual simple attire of a cotton Lungi and t-shirt, casually smoking a cigarette and talking to a small group of people in his room in the second floor.

Somebody informed him, "Ramdas is coming to challenge you!" Dadaji didn't pay any heed at first, then he said, "Is it? Ramdas has come to me? Is he coming? I am feeling very nervous. What should I do? What will happen? Shall he give me a curse? Will I be converted into a mouse? Will I be converted into a cat? What will he do with me? Oh God, is there somebody who can save me? He is a very big man, a very big saint. He is God Himself. I am a simple householder."

As soon as Ramdas entered the house, Dadaji sat up and lit a cigarette. His total appearance changed within a fraction of a second and Dada appeared intense and All-powerful. He called, "Ramdas, come up!" Ramdas was a man who got very furious for very small things. If somebody upset him, for example, if somebody didn't bring him water a second after he asked for it, he cursed them.

This very old Yogi came upstairs and stood in front of the door to Dadaji's room. Dadaji said, "Ramdas, remember you have come to the Ocean. You are simply a drop of water. You are nothing. The things for which you have come, the things which you did in front of my house, never do them again! By the way, come here." Ramdas was standing in the doorway to Dadaji's room. He tried to move but discovered he was stuck. It was as if his legs and feet were rooted into the floor. The Yogi was moving wildly trying to release himself, but he was totally stuck there. Dadaji looked at him and said, "Walk! What is this farce? What is this matted hair you have? Leave it!"

And as Dadaji pointed his hand toward the Yogi's head, his entire Jata (matted hair) fell off and landed at Dadaji's feet. Then Dada said, "Now, enough! Come!" Instantly the old Yogi's legs and feet became free, and he sat and offered his Pranam before Dadaji. The Yogi was so moved, he was stunned, almost as if he were in a trance, he couldn't speak, he couldn't weep, he couldn't laugh, he couldn't do anything. Then he started muttering Mantras which are usually said before Lord Krishna, as he touched Dadaji's feet.

Dadaji said, "Wait!" It was well known that the Yogi had been strict vegetarian since his childhood, never having taken meat or drink. Dadaji extended his hand, and from nowhere appeared an egg. He said, "Eat this egg." And, like a scolded child who does things automatically the Yogi obeyed, eating an egg for the first time in his life. Dadaji asked him, "What's the use of keeping this body for 158 years? You have not attained a single thing, because you have not got the Prema within you. You don't have Love. You don't have Prema. You have not got anything. There's no salvation for you now.

"You'll be here in this world another year and a half. During this time try to be your normal self. You'll have to go after one and a half years. You'll have to come back again to this world. And, don't do all these Tantra and Yoga things because these are things which will end your life." The old man fell at Dadaji's feet and offered his Pranam.

Sweets for an ascetic & Mahanam (God's Name) appears on Dadaji's hand
At a large gathering in Orissa, India, in 1972, a 107 year old Sannyasin, Swami Brahmananda Paramahamsa from Orissa, entered the room with staff in hand and sat on the floor before Dadaji. Dadaji was talking about the unassailable Supreme Will. He instantly looked straight into the eyes of the Sannyasin and beckoned him to come nearer. The old man obeyed like a child, his sturdy egoism gone. His scholarship and eminence as a writer, his fame and renown as a great Siddha ascetic, his incontestable Lordship over a legion of his disciples, disappearing.

Dadaji said to one man nearby, "Let me first of all put an end to him, then I shall negotiate you." Dadaji passed his finger tip from the chin of that ascetic up to the lower lip and thrust something into his mouth like tiny particles of Sandesh (Bengali sweet) which he ate. Placing his concave palm before the gaping mouth of the ascetic, Dadaji thrust something into it, which the Swami also ate.

Then Dadaji most unceremoniously pulled the ascetic by his head and delivered Mahanam to him and let him see that Mahanam written in Dadaji's palm, even as all around were looking on. The hall was still.

A few seconds and the ascetic started reciting scriptural verses for five minutes, while his right hand waved and his body trembled. Someone questioned him about the pertinence of the verse. But, there was no answer.

At long last came the reply from quivering lips, "This is the Primal Religion." Someone asked him of his experience and the old man replied sharply, "Can vision of Brahman (Divinity) be expressed in words?"

Dadaji breaks traditions around Shiva Lingam (carved stone phallic symbol of the Hindu God Shiva)
One time in the early years Dadaji went to a famous Viswanath Temple. The priests told him that Lord Shiva stayed there. Dadaji said, "Is there only one place where Lord Shiva stays? He's not anywhere else?" It was early in the morning and traditionally someone rang the temple bell to awaken Lord Shiva.

Dadaji started clanging the bell and went on ringing it until the priests came out and asked what he was doing. "Your Viswanath (Lord of the Universe) is like a man, I am trying to wake him up. He's Lord of the Universe, but he seems to be sleeping. I am giving the alarm to wake him," Dadaji said. He then went to the well-like place where the Shiva Lingam idol was supposed to be.

Putting his hand down in, the idol was nowhere. Dadaji then got up and put his foot in. There was a great commotion and huge cry as people rushed trying to see who would dare to do this to Viswanath. They told Dadaji he was cursed and within twenty-four hours his leg would be paralyzed and he would die. The news spread through the town like wildfire, and reached the ears of the great scholar in whose home Dadaji was then staying.

Dadaji's host did not dare to say anything, and the next morning a large crowd of people gathered in front of his house. Dadaji came out and everyone was looking very closely at his leg to see if it were paralyzed. Dadaji said, "Unfortunately nothing has happened to me. Curses have no effect for the Protector is within you. The Doer is within you, what He wishes will be. His Will prevails, not the will of any human being."

His Divine Fragrance

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