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Coming from his contrarian perspective, Dadaji serves a purpose in urging us to look beyond the physical presence of the guru, drawing us on to the highest repository of faith: God within. LOOK WITHIN is a worthy addition to the library of books that have been issued since the mid-1960s... --- India West

(6:57 minutes) Bruce Kell, a meteorologist from Strathfield Australia details his experience in the Puja Room during Utsav 1975, Calcutta India. In 1977, Bruce Kell wrote to Dadaji referring to his Puja experience: "I shall enclose a decorative plate which depicts the sort of vision of spiral nebulae which was given in vision through the grace of Sri Sri Satyanarayana. This vision was seen through the 'third eye' when seated alone in meditation in the Puja room, in Calcutta with Dadaji seated in another room and carrying on conversations with the party of people present on that occasion. If you have original despription of that event, then you will understand that first these nebulae would appear and then move towards me and then disappear in a kind of soundless explosion as they impinged upon me but their disappearance was accompanied by the smell of cordite, and explosive substance."

by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part VII
Extraordinary Experiences

8 Supernatural Phenomena

Satyanarayan In 1972, Mr. A.D. Mani took a photo of Dadaji and asked him to autograph it. Dadaji said he would not do so and pointing to himself said, "This is a useless body. Why do you want my autograph?"

Dadaji then asked somebody in the room to bring a book titled, "On Dadaji". He opened it and blew his breath over the first page and Mr. Mani's name appeared, followed by the name Dadaji and the date.

Dadaji then took out a small picture of Satyanarayan (representation of Truth within) and said, "You have this instead of my photograph."

"Would you believe it that I do not know how do these miracles happen, nor have I any desire to know them. They simply happen without my willing them."
8 Supernatural Phenomena

BlissBliss the Cat sleeps near Dadaji's Photo
In Seattle, Washington USA, a cat named Bliss was often seen resting or sleeping by Dadaji's picture.

King Cobra touches Dada's feet
There was a king cobra snake that used to guard Dadaji's garage. Nobody knew where it came from and it was very poisonous. It used to live in his garage and everybody used to advise him to kill the snake. But Dadaji said, "Why? Why kill the snake, he has come here for a greater purpose. He won't do anyone any harm."

The cobra used to be there in the morning and Dadaji used to say, "Please come out, I have to take out the car." The snake would simply come, go very near to just touch Dadaji's feet and then go out into the garden.

Dadaji would then take his car and the snake would not come back the whole day. As soon as Dadaji returned his car to the garage, the cobra returned also.

Bat circles Dada's feet
Some people were gathered to hear Dadaji speak informally in a private home in Calcutta. While Dadaji was talking in his fully absorbed state, a bat flew into the room. So many people were there but the bat chose only Dadaji and started flying in a high, wide circle over where he was reclining on a divan. The bat continued circling and gradually its path became smaller and smaller and lower and lower, flying over Dadaji only, no one else.

Some people brought a tennis racket to drive the bat away, but Dadaji sat up and signaled for them to wait. Again he reclined on the divan and stretched out his legs and feet as if he were asking someone to offer Pranam. The bat came very close to his feet. The circle became very small as the bat flew just above Dadaji's feet. Four or five times it circled extremely close to Dada's feet and then it died on his feet. Dadaji picked up the dead bat, took it out and covered it with some soil.

Image appears on forehead
Satyanarayan In 1970 while visiting Lucknow, Mr. M.P. Jain went to visit Dadaji. Dadaji gave Mr. Jain a warm reception and lightly patted his forehead. The people sitting in the room saw that a miniature image of Sri Satyanarayan then appeared on Mr. Jain's forehead. He ran to look in a mirror and saw the image of Satyanarayan on his forehead.
Dada inscribes book with finger
One day in 1972, Mr. R.N. Goenka walked into Dadaji's room and sat down before him. Dadaji presented him with a book titled, "On Dadaji", and asked him whether he wished his name written on the fly leaf. Before Mr. Goenka could take out his pen, Dadaji's fingers moved on the blank page and the name appeared on it in red ink, correctly written, along with Dadaji's signature and date.
Phone calls without a phone
While riding in a car without a telephone in the early 1970's, Dadaji often said he has just made telephone calls to numerous places. "Isn't it possible to phone from the car?" He would ask. After becoming silent for some moments, Dadaji would say, "Note the time, I have just called five places." Upon arriving at the destination, it was confirmed that Dadaji made five calls simultaneously to various places at that time. On asking, Dadaji would say, "A wish rose up in Him. There is no credit or authority of this one (indicating himself). It just happened."
Train halted in face of danger
During a 1969 train trip to Allahabad with a group of those close to him, Dadaji all of a sudden said, "Mahakal (Eternity, here meant as great danger) is standing in front. It is necessary to stop the train." Within a few minutes, the train slowed to a halt. During the next hour the engineer and mechanic, despite much effort, could not discover why the train had stopped. It was the middle of the night and everyone was extremely worried. After nearly an hour Dadaji said, "Now the train can start." As soon as Dadaji indicated the danger was past, the train started up immediately.
3 Images appear in photos
Mr. Gautam Mukerjee tells his experience: Dadaji didn't visit Ram Thakur very often. Ram Thakur was a very quiet sort of a person, but whenever Dada went Ram Thakur used to jump up and recite the Mahanam loudly. He knew Dada is the Name, He is That. He is the Name and the Named both, in person. Ram Thakur felt very happy upon seeing Dada.

One day photographers asked to take Ram Thakur's picture and he said, "This body is meant to perish. Why take my photograph? What's the use of running after this body?" They persuaded him and he said okay. When the film was developed, three different pictures came out. One was a picture of Satyanarayan. The second was Kaivalyanath. The third was of Ram Thakur as he actually appeared.

Dadaji says the first state is Krishna. That is Prema (Supreme Love). After that is Vrindavan Leela (Divine Love Play), where there is sorrow, joy, happiness, unhappiness, all with Him of course, not with the world. That's why they say He plays, He is playful....the joy, happiness, quarrels, all these things. Kaivalya is the stage after Vrindavan Leela, where there is some sort of vibration, of course, some sort of feelings, but not to a great extent. It's much calmer. And, Satyanarayan state is the Absolute state, where there is no vibration, no good, no bad, no evil, no joy, no sorrow. That's the Supreme State where it is Zero.

Dadaji the Playful
Dadaji was very mischievous in the early years. In the home of Dr. Mukerjee and his family, who have all been close to Dadaji for many years, there were many photos of Dada on the walls. Often when they used to go out, they would return to find the photo's moved and rearranged, although nobody was in the locked house during their absence.

* * * * * * * * *

Dadaji was often very playful in the early 1970's and was usually in a very jolly mood. However for some days while the case against him was in progress, he was continuously in a very nasty mood, very serious, very quiet. He spoke very rarely. At that time, those close to Dadaji were not accustomed to seeing him in such a mood.

Mr. Gautam Mukerjee found a photograph showing baby Krishna being scolded by his mother who was pulling his ears. Krishna was looking at her and crying. Gautam felt desperate about Dadaji's dark mood, took the photo to him, saying, "This is your photograph in one of your previous births. I hope you recall how your mother used to pull your ears when you were very naughty. You are being very naughty and very moody now. I think we have to bring someone like this lady here, who can pull your ears and bring you back to your own Light." As soon as Dadaji heard this, he started clapping joyfully and laughing.

Time Travel
One day in 1970, Dr. B. Sarkar had been invited to go with Dadaji to attend a lunch at Roma Mukerjee's house. Together they left Dadaji's toy shop at New Market in Calcutta, to drive to another location in the city. There was only fifteen minutes before they were supposed to be there for the luncheon engagement, and they had to negotiate a difficult crowded area where there was always a traffic jam.

Dadaji said, "More delay won't do." He was driving the car and as if he were deep in thought, Dadaji asked which way would be the quickest. Right after saying that, he said, "See where we have come." Dr. Sarkar was stunned to see that they had then and there arrived at their destination.

Before mobile phones Dada calls
Dadaji was riding in a car in Calcutta one day in 1970, and he whispered in the ear of Dr. B. Sarkar, "Your home has been called on the phone." Later, Dr. Sarkar learned at that precise time, his wife had received a call from Dadaji. After he and Dadaji arrived at their destination, Dadaji once again leaned over to him and whispered, "I have just telephoned Roma Mukerjee, who has received a certain letter and she has just now finished the reply. You can phone her now to find out."

Dr. Sarkar called Roma and asked, "Did you receive Dada's phone call?" She replied, "Just now Dada phoned and asked what I was doing. Where is Dada?" Dr. Sarkar said, "Dadaji is right here. Did you receive a letter to which you have just finished the reply?" Roma replied, "Yes, but how did you come to know that?" To which he replied, "Dadaji told me. That is why I wanted to confirm it with you."

Photo changes
Dadaji's appearance in a certain group photo was a favorite of Mr. Gautam Mukerjee. He took it to a studio and asked the photographer to crop the photo and make a separate picture of Dadaji only. The photographer had great difficulty reproducing the image of Dadaji alone and he touched it up himself. The resulting picture did not resemble Dadaji in any way and Gautam was annoyed and dissatisfied. The photographer apologized, would not accept payment and gave him the picture anyway.

The young man had it framed and kept it hidden behind a curtain in his home. One day Dadaji was at home talking with a young woman, and was telling her the exact floor plan of Dr. Mukerjee's house (although Dada had never been there). He said, "You'll find all my photographs and photographs of Satyanarayan there."

Later that day when she accompanied Dadaji on his first visit to the Mukerjee's house, she confirmed Dadaji's description of the house was accurate to the last detail. All of a sudden she said, "There is another photograph. There should be a photograph behind a curtain." Without being told, she went directly to the picture hidden behind the curtain and brought it to Dadaji.

Dadaji smiled at Gautam, who protested, "Why did you bring it? Keep it away. It is not Dada's photograph. It does not resemble Dada." Dadaji said, "Why? I see nothing bad in this. It's a beautiful photograph. Put it in front of me and you all leave." They left the room for about three or four minutes. When Dada called them back, he had transformed the photograph into a beautifully perfect and radiant likeness of himself.

Dog serves as guardian
One day Dadaji was visiting a second modest rental home he owned near his residence. He was having a second floor constructed there and everyday he visited the Dr. Mukerjee family living on the first floor there. Dadaji customarily took his afternoon tea there. One day, he expressed concern that the bricks and sand used for the construction might be stolen. "Is there no one who can guard these things at night?" Dadaji was quiet for some time.

Later when he was leaving the house a dog was waiting outside. Stretching out his legs the dog came very near Dadaji, as if he were offering Pranam at Dada's feet. All sorts of sounds were coming out of the dog's mouth as if he were saying something to Dadaji. Dada stood there absolutely calm and said, "OK friend, you need not worry now. I assure you, you have got Mukti. You remember the Mahanam, that is all. And, don't worry."

Dadaji turned to the person next to him and said, "He is a great devotee." The dog looked up at Dadaji so happily as if he didn't know how to express his joy. He was licking Dada's feet and licking Dada's toes. With his paws he was trying to play with Dadaji. Then Dadaji again patted the dog and he said, "Friend, you'll do me a favor? Will you come regularly and guard these bricks and sand which are lying there?"

The dog, just as if he understood each and everything Dadaji said, looked at Dada and went over near the bricks and sat on the sand. Everyday, until the entire construction was finished, that dog came at exactly the time Dada came to the house. The dog would sit at the entrance to the house until Dadaji came out. He would let Dadaji pass, come and just lick his feet and stand back as Dadaji got into his car.

And from there the dog would go and sit by the sand and bricks until the morning. At six-thirty the dog was fed and he left for the day to return later when Dadaji arrived for afternoon tea.

Mr. Gautam Mukerjee describes his experience
Many people have their own view of Dadaji, for me he is always playful like a small child. Whenever I offer Pranam (traditional greeting of respect given to an elder), I just give soft pinch and shake his feet a little. Dadaji used to love it very much. He relished it quite a lot, and would smile and laugh gleefully whenever I used to do it.

One day several of the people who used to come to Dada were not very happy about my Pranam. So they told me, "You do this thing to Dada and he feels very annoyed. You are hurting him. He might get hurt and then we'll hold you responsible." They said it in such a way that I felt very bad and, of course, I was feeling guilty.

Dadaji used to come downstairs around nine in the morning to the large room on the first floor of his house where people would gather. That day he didn't come down until eleven-thirty. When he came down, he sat there looking directly at every person who had told me all these things about my Pranam. Dadaji looked at me and said, "It has been more than 24 hours since you did Pranam to me. Come and do Pranam."

I couldn't control my tears, so I just went up to him and without touching his feet even, I just put my head on the divan and came away. Dadaji had a very pained expression on his face. He smiled a pained smile and said, "I didn't relish your Pranam today. I am not happy about this Pranam. Don't worry for people who are jealous of you. Have I told you anything? You will come just now and do the Pranam as you do it. And, if you don't do it, I won't accept Pranam from any of these people. May we do that Pranam again?"

I offered my Pranam the playful way I usually did and Dadaji was again very happy.

Dadaji teases & steals cheese
Gautam A woman who was very fond of Dadaji and whom he called his mother, used to make cheese for Dadaji each day. She lived a long distance from his house. One day Dadaji said to Gautam Mukerjee, "Henceforth you will bring the cheese from her house. You will walk the entire distance, but you will bring it."

LEFT: Gautam Mukerjee & Ann Mills, Calcutta 1986

On several occasions, after the woman handed the young man the metal container of cheese, he noticed that as he walked to Dadaji's house, the container became lighter and lighter. Halfway there, it was so light it felt as though it was empty. When Gautam arrived at Dadaji's house, he observed that Dada was not talking to anyone gathered there. He was sitting with his hand covering his mouth. Not speaking directly to him, Dadaji said, "I am feeling very hungry. Give the cheese immediately. It is very late!"

Gautam handed the cheese container to Dadaji, who opened it and said, "You have stolen the entire thing! You have eaten the entire thing!" The container was totally empty, with just a few crumbs of cheese remaining.

Dadaji was still not looking directly at Gautam and still had his hand covering his mouth as he said, "He knows that Dadaji eats nothing else in the evening except his cheese. Why does he have to steal this thing? You could have asked me, I would have given it to you also."

Dadaji would not let him see his face fully. Getting suspicious, Gautam reached for Dadaji's hand and pulled it away from his face, saying, "Open your mouth." Dadaji playfully tried to turn away and keep his mouth closed. "You have to open your mouth!" Dadaji reluctantly opened his mouth which was full of cheese.

It happen several times and Dadaji used to tell the young man's father Dr. Mukerjee, "He's coming with my cheese and he'll get wild at me. I'll take the cheese. Don't say anything. Don't laugh. Make a very grim face. You shouldn't let him know that I have done this." His father watched as Dadaji somehow ate the cheese out of the container his son, Gautam, was carrying in his hand some distance from Dadaji's house.

This continued to happen and everyone used to laugh at the embarrassed young man. Even Boudi (Dadaji's wife) used to say, "See this container is absolutely empty." One day the young man finally said, "Dada, I am not going to take false accusations when you are calling me a thief. I will eat the cheese and then I'll be called a thief. So, if you try this again, I will eat the cheese!"

One day when Gautam was to take Dadaji his cheese, he and his father and mother overslept their customary afternoon nap. Mrs. Mukerjee got up around 4:15 p.m., and she shook her son and husband saying, "You rush immediately to Dadaji's house." Gautam was quite concerned as it was very late and he feared Dadaji would be waiting for his cheese. When he finally arrived at Dada's house with the cheese, it was at that very moment Dadaji woke up from his afternoon nap.

A lady was there and in front of Dadaji she said to Gautam, "You are very late today." Immediately Dadaji said, "It is my fault. I forgot to wake him up."

Part VII, continued

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