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I have received a copy of THE TRUTH WITHIN, which is really wonderful. While reading the book I almost felt that I was with Dada listening to Him. The book has been highly appreciated by the people in India and there is a great demand for it. Dada has highly appreciated your book and says that you are merged with Him. He says that it is unnecessary for Him to speak to you in the worldly manner, since He continuously speaks within you. Whatever you do or say is done and said by Him.
--- G. Mukerjee, Calcutta, INDIA

(11:33 minutes) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.

by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills
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Part I
Remember Him

"Simply remember Him as you
go about your work, immersed
in the life of this world."

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12 You are the Temple of God

13 The Only Sin is Ignorance

14 Good & Evil are Reflections of Mind

15 Take Refuge in Mahanam

16 Patience is Strength

17 Ego Separates You from Truth

18 Intellect Cannot Understand Truth

19 Truth is Beyond Your Mind

20 Divine Will Moves You to Perfection

21 Divine Consciousness is Within and Without

12 You are the Temple of God

Become a disciple of God. If you are One with Him, you are the Temple, the world is the Ashram.

Do you know what is meant by Ashram? Actually, Ashram is one's body, the real Ashram.

All those saints, Yogis, Sadhus, Gurus, they are hankering after their businesses. Ashrams, temples, churches, this, that. What is the utility? We have taken the Ashram, the body. He is within us. All these buildings and institutions, that is business exploitation.

He is within you. It is futile to seek Him in the exterior world, in holy shrines and holy places, or in Maths (religious institutions), Mandirs (temples) and Ashrams.

Your Tirtha (holy place) and Atirtha (unholy place) are the same. Countless Tirthas always accompany all of you. Ignoring that Tirtha, we are giving vent to such stupendous lies. Running hither and thither, through thick and thin.

Why should one build a Math or Mandir to have communion with the Absolute? Wherever He resides becomes a Mandir and this body where He resides becomes a Mandir too. This universe too is a Mandir. And, one can have communion with Him in this Mandir without building a Mandir outside, which only demonstrates the ego of the person.

People say Jagannath (Lord of the Universe) is sitting here (in the Jagannath Temple in Puri, in the state of Orissa, India)! How can that be? How can you confine the Lord of the Universe in a little spot and do all kinds of things in His Name?

Your body is the Shrine of God. Mosques, churches, temples, and synagogues make Him into a dead matter.

Maths and Ashrams are another name for building up property.

Churches are one kind of business for collecting money. Christ was not a Christian.

Ashram is this body. That is the main Ashram. Because Govinda is staying with us, a moving Ashram.

13 The Only Sin is Ignorance

There is no original sin you have come here to expiate for.

If there is any sin at all, it is ignorance.

The only sinners are spies of this Kali Yuga. Charlatans who go about deceiving innocent fellow human beings by practicing the Guru business (religious business), by putting on deceptive garb. The Lord alone is Guru.

Good, bad, virtues, sins are all in the mind.

Superstition and ego these two are, in your language, the great sins. Before all else, you have to obtain release from the hands of these two. Your Kali's spies (Gurus, priests) indulge in these superstitions and ego self-aggrandizement by decking themselves as spiritual intercessors for the sake of their self-interest.

Therefore, to get Him you have to keep these two sins at a distance. All kinds of superstitions have kept us overwhelmed. The ones you call Guru and priest have kept you in darkness. They themselves have no clue and they will show the way to others?

14 Good & Evil are Reflections of Mind

The fundamental substance is One only and that is Eternal. It has no end or beginning. There is only One Entity. If we can understand the real Essence behind truth and falsehood, Religion and non-Religion, virtue and vice, good and bad, then, in the worldly sense we shall see no difference in these. The reason is that His Nature is All-merciful and All-graceful. The Grace and Mercy constitute the real form.

From very ancient Ages there are writings about God and demons in the Vedas (religious doctrines). Whatever you say about bad, evil, demon, etc., unless the reverse feelings of good, piety, etc., are there, how can either exist? Actually, good or bad depends on certain stages or conditions. What you now call evil, who knows it will not lead to better? Love alone can make both good and evil merge into values of One. Friend and foe are the same to Him. Everybody is equal before Him. If you are good, then all are good.

Whatever you are doing, don't bother for evil and good, truth and lies. That is mind function. That is nothing.

Vice and virtue, good and bad, honesty and falsehood, for the purposes of society, family and nation, all these are required. But, to find Him one has to go above all these.

If you have faith in Him, no problem. Good, bad, don't look after all these things. Because, is there any good? It may be opposite or not. Who is good? Who is bad? We do not know. The idea of sin or virtue, good or evil are only the creations of mind. They reflect the needs of society and therefore bear no value. Correct or not?

He is bad. She is a good. He is rich. She is a poor. It's temporary. That's His Leela. Leela means play, His Play. You need not concern yourself with virtue and vice. Go on doing everything while enshrining Him in your mind. All responsibility revolves on Him.

We are telling bad. We do not know what is bad and what is good. Because we are functioning within the mind. We are the most foolish of fools. Who is good or who is bad we do not know. Today I can tell you he is good. Tomorrow I am telling you he is a bad man. What is good and what is bad? Don't go for judging I am telling you. Just try to take Name.

Man is bad and good. One day you say, "I love you." After three days, (you say) something different.

The vices you have done are virtues you have achieved. But, don't you be doing either vice or virtue now.

What do you know about what is bad and what is good? What you call bad one day, you call good the next day and visa versa. A person is so helpless. You can do nothing on your own. All this is mere mind function. How can you judge anyone? Think of a young woman, mother of a small child. She has no money or means of earning. The child is hungry and crying for food. The Lord has given her the child and also the heart of a mother. To feed the child, she sells her body. Would you call that bad? Who are you to judge? No, no, He does not see any faults of anyone. He is so merciful. He is only touched by inner love and devotion. A man may go to the brothel, but if he sees only the Lord, even there, and remembers Him with love, such a man is truly His devotee. Salutations to him!

Virtue and vice are not. There are only action and reaction.

If virtue and vice are the same, or if one is totally unaware of all these, then who will murder whom? Does the object of murder then remain? These are all matters of mind function. Virtue and vice are all committed by the mind. Mind is taken up with the senses. Animals are not pestered by mind, the same is the case with trees. But are they above human beings? If there is mind, there are senses. Without them how can there berealization? Mind has to be turned inward. Then inside and outside will become One. Then will you be awake. By His Grace you will do everything and then also do nothing.

Intellectuals quarrel on the question of virtue and vice, good and bad. These ideas are reflections of mind. He is above all these things.

There is nothing called evil curses. You shouldn't even think of such a thing. He has destined your Prarabdha; what is to happen will happen. When He is driving this chariot of yours, there's nothing called evil or good. He is driving the chariot in the way He wants and He is not affected by the surrounding environment. You may feel the time is bad, but He might be thinking that it is good for you. You might think someone has cursed you, but it is not that. You yourself bring your Prarabdha. That is, when you curse others, and the charioteer within is making you do this, the bad time is fast approaching you yourself.

Why pay heed to the curses of others? If you believe He is the Master, He is the Supreme, He is making all things run, He is the breath within you, He is your very life....if you believe that the Supreme is All-pervasive, He is everywhere, in everybody in the same way, then you are not bothered by the idea of good and evil. The curse comes from the mind and is based in anger. It's simple anger. No need to pay any attention to it.

Curses have no effect for the Protector is within you.

15 Take Refuge in Mahanam

The smiles and frowns of life are His tokens of Love. Bear them with loving patience, you have to forsake nothing. Neither indulge, nor restrain.

You ask then, why are some poor, some rich, some in good health and some in distress? You think troubles come as a result of sin? What nonsense! It is all a role that one has to play for a limited span of time in this Divine Play. Nobody can change the destiny. Have patience! Just remember Him once, then you see, you will enjoy His Love no matter what the situation.

Human beings born with body inevitably bring various types of destined sufferings. But, we aggravate them further by our mentality, intellects, thoughts, actions and reactions. If we analyze the misfortunes, it naturally comes to our mind to ask whether any way exists to avert or to get rid of them.

The only answer is that through all the afflictions of life, one can live in peace and happiness, when one can surrender all fears, thoughts, desires, and expectations of loss or gain to the Will of the Supreme Lord. It will be a great mistake to blame any particular person or make anybody responsible for the untoward situations which trouble us. All these are destined. What has to happen happens, and none can avert it.

But Guru, the Lord, is taking you through all these problems for your future welfare so that you may not fail to brave much greater misfortunes, blows or jolts in the future that are unknown to you. So, you are getting Him and keep peace. Accept this challenge gladly. Do your work with Him.

He gives us jolts so that we can be ready to taste real happiness with Him, and to make us free of Maya of mind and attachments.

Take refuge in none but Him.

If one is not at cross purposes with Him, one finds His manifestation in every happening. But, one has to bear with patience the onrush of the forces one has let loose. Yoke yourself unto Him and He will bear the brunt. Efface yourself out and enshrine Him in your body.

Taking on a body one has to accept suffering. There is release from it only when your angle of vision is changed.

If you have devotion, you need fear nothing.

Devotion is never devoid of strength. Those who try to explain devotion minus strength, they make a mistake in the root.

There is a constant flow which takes the garb of a constant change, with a view to knocking the bottom of our egoistic, frigid stance. Our limitation, our finitude gets a pleasant jolt through this flux and gets the booster to break the bonds of finitude.

Human beings will enjoy three-fourths of life and one-fourth part they will suffer. But, we lose our patience and do not accept even that one-fourth part of sorrows given by Him. Patience is the highest penance.

Guru (God) or His Name is the sole strength in living against all odds and uncertainties. Dependence on Him makes one fearless.

The events which upset and hurt you, you should consider as His Blessings. Parents with strong hands control and command their children for their welfare. But, the children in an emotional state consider the parents to be harsh. Yet these children when they grow up feel that parental control was a blessing in disguise.

The Supreme Father's Love and Affection are a million and billion times more superior than worldly parent's love. Because, in His Love there is no mind, no expectations, no judgment, no narrowness of a relationship of give and take. So, in facing the blows in life from anyone, any corner, any sphere of life, be certain that it is only His Supreme Will in operation, people being merely instruments.

Love excels in fragrance and depth when, even while one is embodied, one transcends the sense of body. Whoever feels this sort of love for Him, his or her body sense and sufferings diminish. It is only possible with His direct touch. Worldly involvement?s become less. Worldly afflictions and the impact of external influences on our mind become greatly reduced.

The bipolarity of Life manifests the extremes of weal and woe. They are the billet deux (love letters) of the Supreme Beloved. Brave them with love and resignation. Be prompt in exporting your life's merchandise to Him and your business will thrive beyond bounds.

Don't be obsessed with any wish. Shake off sadness.

Unhappiness is part of the ego. Beyond it, no such thing exists.

So many varied problems and hindrances must come, otherwise people won't understand and realize how and why He is the best of all friends and companions. He is the Dearest One, Who keeps us protected in all calamities and adversities, which are unpredictable.

Love Him. Hazards will take care of themselves.

So resort to the Mahanam only. Be not bewildered in search of worldly pleasures or happiness. On completion of one's sufferings of pains, the Lotus Feet of the Divine Being are guaranteed.

Nothing is to be shunned or assumed to have the Truth. For you are all the while in It. That you have forgotten It (Mahanam) is the root cause of your misery. So live in It and bear with patience your Prarabdha, the vicissitudes of your life.

Be happy. Let Him enjoy His doings. No planning. Everything He will do.

Actually, we don't understand what real happiness tastes like, so we remain ever deprived of that taste. Our natural tendencies are to get involved in the cycle of births, deaths, and calamities.

Often we hear the remark that birth is the result of the actions and reactions of our previous life, and there is a continuity of birth and death until it is relieved of the bondage. Hence, our sufferings also continue until the end of bondage. That the sufferings are the results of the bygone births is a wrong conception, because it is not only the individual who suffers but the society and even the state suffers as well.

Weal and woe will come by turn. Why go in for reasoning on them? Why do you drag in previous births? Think, you need not.

Those will get the realm of Truth, who will be in His company in weal and woe.

People falter in life and suffer by discarding Him. But, they can't do anything without Him. Have faith in Him, unflinching faith. Remembering and depending on Him makes one fearless in life, whatever may happen.

Numerous thoughts, problems, anxieties, worries, fears, etc., are there all the time to dislodge us from the goal of being with Him. One-fourth of our life is spent in these thoughts, problems, and worries. So Mahanam is the safety shield which definitely leads us to the fundamental goal. Do you know the reason? Nectar does the job of Nectar. Poison works like poison. So depend on Him when it has been your fortune to have once tasted that Nectar.

My dear child! I am afraid you are very much worried over the health of your dear wife. Can't it be, if you two do not shut out the flow of His Imperious Will that she will become well very soon? And, if He so wills, even without any surgical operation? Let your wife take her pain and discomfort as His rowdy Advent, as He Himself! Let His Will be done. Make yourselves void in stark nudity. Can't she feel the body is His, not hers? Can't you two be united in complete resignation to Him? Then, you two have Him in full, in body, mind and spirit.

A painful blow becomes bearable to a great extent by His remembrance. Just think what a heavy blow would do if you did not have His contact. As He is inflicting blows on you, so also is He giving you the capacity for bearing the suffering. Otherwise, one would go mad. As one tolerates these unbearable situations of life with patience, a time comes when He Himself resolves all life problems.

When one feels, "I am helpless, my strength fails," He comes to hold the rudder. Being always in the midst of people with their selfishness, jealousy, and hatred, the mind is afflicted with pain. But, these afflictions are shaken off like dust through devotion and remembrance of Mahanam. This Divine Touch not only lays the golden path, it also makes the entire process of life extremely refined.

He can extend His Love from any distance. Few realize it, and few understand, in spite of blows and counter-blows. But some, after remaining involved for birth after birth in the net of attachments, ultimately become fed up and seek Him to save themselves from involvement?s and miseries. "Save me!" they say today or tomorrow. "Oh, God, save me!" Path and goal are the same in the final analysis.

In pursuit of our activities in life, so much sorrow, so much humiliation, narrowness, meanness make our hearts heavy with pain, and our progress or movement gets retarded. But, when we become inspired with thoughts of Union with Him, the Dearest of Dearests, or when we get reinforced by His Love's Touch, no hindrances can block our way because attachment is for Him, the Nearest and Dearest.

A time comes for difficult situations to change. Truth wins. It is established and proved. Whenever you have tumults in mind, try to remember this very often. One can do this much. The key is with Him, the Guru.

To live life successfully is a great challenge. Every moment in different activities of life we are enhancing our problems, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Results of such actions gradually become unbearable and fill our mind with despondency, a sense of insecurity and failure. Worldly affluence and wealth are of no help. Everyone faces this challenge individually, in his or her own individual capacity. But the one who can completely depend on the Guru or God residing in one's heart, will find that the Lord carries the burdens and eases all difficulties.

Why feel despondent? You are so dear to me. We are born to undergo our individual destiny. One who makes that life splendorous in Divine Consciousness becomes a pilgrim to an Inner World and can happily bid adieu at last to this beautiful world. Within you there is a priceless wealth, your companion is Satyanarayan. The work to which you are devoted fully will fill your inner Self with that Divine Splendor. One who is fortunate to achieve it has to tolerate lots of humiliations and pains. You can assess it to a certain extent from my life. These afflictions are all superficial dust flakes that drop off, but do not touch the inside.

Your inner suffering touches your Dada, too. If He is your inner Self, residing within you, then you do not have any Existence of your own apart from Him.

We do not know His Will, so we grieve over all He does. But, He always does for the best. Do not worry. Never try to understand. Only accept as gifts whatever He gives. Take it as His Blessing.

For your present griefs and afflictions of mind, just keep patience. Then one day your feelings will transcend to a finer state which will keep your mind full in various ways with inexplicable Truth. Unaffected by worldly tensions, you will be nicely doing your duties. That is the taste of Supreme Bliss brought by Him. Truth seems to be too hard, but It is Blissful. His ordeals, commandments, dictations are flawless. With this faith go ahead.

He is your shield. Destiny still comes, but He eases the suffering.

I am repeatedly telling you, when you have the shelter of Satyanarayan, He will test you in various ways. So, your duty is not to get agitated when these sorts of events hurt you. There is a saying of Him, "Whomever seeks Me, I shall pull them down (in dire adversities). Even then, if they do not leave Me and still seek Me, I then become their humble Servant." The Almighty, by His Wish and Touch takes away the worldly attractions gradually to bring one to a blissful, peaceful state. A person cannot realize this state on their own due to the intensity of illusory worldly desires. You do everything, see everything, listen to everything, but do not get so deeply involved as to invite sufferings through them. Of course, He will ensure this, you don't have to make effort for it. Just keep Him in your remembrance.

16 Patience is Strength

Patience is the highest of all penances in the world.

To be born as a human being, the greatest and foremost qualification is to learn restraint and patience.

Patience (Dhairya) is to be practiced not by force, but by adjustment with the circumstances of natural life.

In the worldly life, full of stress and strain, the best medicine is to have patience. And, forgiveness is the highest virtue.

To bear mental compulsions with patience and fortitude is alone called Tapasya (penance). In following that exercise of patience and fortitude, the Name of God is implanted in your mind and it (mind) is then freed and purified.

Patience begets strength, and Bliss comes through strength.

Patience is the only sustenance.

There is no escape from Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life) and one has to bear it with patience.

If one is not at cross purposes with Him, one finds His manifestation in every happening. But, one has to bear with patience the onrush of the forces one has let loose. Yoke yourself unto Him and He will bear the brunt.

Know it for certain, that as soon as this suffering is over or reduced, another problem will start. So patience results in strength, there is no other way.

Remember, every human should have patience, and then only one will find the Ultimate. Impatience leads to destruction.

Keep patience and let God do the rest.

17 Ego Separates You from Truth

The ego keeps you apart from Mahanam. Ego, that is, suppose whatever it is you are doing you say, "I am doing." He (Dadaji) cannot do anything other than Him.

Anybody who thinks he's anybody is full of ego.

Don't go pretending to be the doer. Life is like the waves in the sea. For how few moments is the vanity of the I-sense? Can you comprehend it? Like a wave, I shall merge in the sea. At one time there shall be death. In the endless stream of the Infinite ocean of Life, we move. There is no beginning nor end of it. Everyone has to do what little must be done.

Ego, in your language, is death personified. Why do you hunt after death? Try to know your birth, why you have come here, and what is your purpose. The Almighty has never created us for suffering or bondage or agony. Rather, He suffers for us that when we are born we forget His Purpose. The ego is the root cause of our sufferings and bondage. Complete surrender to Him is the only way to get rid of ego and then to know one's purpose, which is to enjoy this Play of the Divine. Then we understand what is birth.

Superstition and ego these two are, in your language, the great sins. Before all else, you have to obtain release from the hands of these two.

He alone is our Param Guru (Supreme God). Immortal, Eternal He has no birth or death, no bondage even. The question of bondage is our ego only.

Cast off egoism or else there will be no Kingdom of Truth.

You compare and examine due to the compelling force of the ego. You must understand, without surrendering to Him nothing will happen. The herd of cows does not understand this simple thing! What shall I say? This time also no one has understood. All are continuing to remind blind! The root of blindness is the ego.

You have His Love. Know full well that the ego can achieve nothing except going out of the track. Of course, He is in all tracks.

Come, come! Your ego also is His Creation, is it not? How will you carry on your work, deal with your relationships, without it? Remember Mahanam, He will do the rest.

Shake off the sense of ego and be a servant of Name.

Vanity or egoism has divorced us from Truth.

Try and find Him in your own heart, within yourself. Try and get rid of the small i (ego) and you will feel His Presence. Everybody is He, everything is being done by Him through you. Leave everything to Him and there will be peace.

You are nothing other than Him. You have got no right to do anything. A person can not do anything.

The ego intensifies Prarabdha (destined unfolding process of life).

Those who have come along with Him will have to harbor a modicum of ego for His Work.

Divine Grace will descend spontaneously as soon as you will be bereft of your ego.

It is only the individual sense, the ego, that shuts out the awareness of constant communion with Him. A person cannot do anything, cannot sacrifice ego. Just try to surrender to Him. Just try to Love Him.

18 Intellect Cannot Understand Truth

Bookish intelligence, Vedantic (knowledge of religious doctrine) intelligence could not fathom Him.

Supreme Essence is neither true nor false. To try to expound or interpret It is sheer impertinence.

Listen, do not try to understand with your intelligence. The moment you disturb yourself with your intelligence, mind becomes supreme and it will create confusion. Quarreling on questions of virtue and vice, good and bad....these ideas are reflections of mind. He is above all these things.

Truth is within you. It is your True Nature. You can't realize It through th e agency of your intellect and reason, or through the ways and means of science.

Do not try to measure Divine Wisdom by the yardstick of your limited mind and intellect.

These intellectuals are completely blind. They want to follow their books and Truth is something else.

You are in a state of befogged intellect, in the state of mental modifications. You won't get Him this way.

Argument has no place. Don't try to understand Him. Try to love Him. He is the Father. Don't try to realize Him. Do your duty.

Do not try to understand Him. He is beyond comprehension and scholarship.

All these medical doctors, lawyers, scientists are all mental. In any circumstances, they cannot go beyond mind. They have got no right.

It is better not to try to understand Him by your intelligence. You will ever miss Him.

Whom would you understand? Who are you trying to scan? Him, the philosophy of a single word? He, Who is not grasped by anyone in the world? Nobody can do Prema (Love) except He. For nobody's perspective is absolutely innocuous. You are eating, doing this and that, still, you are doing none of them. What we see, we see wrongly. If you can keep company of That (Satyanarayan), then That is beyond Vraja. But, we keep company of this (body).

Why do you want to realize? Don't go for understanding. Don't go through arguments or through anything. I tell you don't try to argue. If you argue, you won't be able to realize Him your whole life long. You have received (Mahanam) at the time of birth, by Maya you have forgotten. Again now, you have received. That is enough. Do your work, and try to establish that Truth. Not anybody's Truth, not Dadaji's also. Try to love Him. He is within you. You are talking, moving, so He is with you. When He is off, that body will be finished. So, Who is He?

Truth is Eternal but remains shrouded in a mystery. And, know that mind and intellect have no power to pierce that mystery. The stupid intellect's perception of differences confounds people in a variety of ways. See how material science keeps changing from Age to Age. What is at one time established as true, gets overthrown sometime later. Don't you know Nature moves at a furious rate? There is no beginning or end of this movement. It is Eternal.

Intelligence, what do you mean by intelligence? That is also one kind of ego.

Nobody knows anything whatsoever.

Skepticism, if not honest, is the trait of a weak mind. Skeptics try our fidelity to Truth and are our friends on that score. To understand is to stand apart. Truth can only be lived. You are inspired when He breathes into your being and you become a vehicle of Truth unawares.

Limited knowledge cannot lead to perfection.

Without His Grace, nothing can be understood. Can you say to what extent your science is able to understand?

Science does not have the key to all human problems.

Teachers and commentators even today have not been able to free us of doubt. The reason is that each person explains according to his or her own mind. On seeing with unfragmented vision no such divisions and differences remain. Before work or action there arises a desire. After that, through action, one attains different kinds of knowledge. The light of wisdom comes from action and the light of action comes from wisdom. Where is the conflict? When action and wisdom become unified, then one is drowned in Supreme Bliss. In that state, one comes into an extraordinary experience. This then is called Divine Love.

Wisdom is knowing you are only an actor. Ignorance is when you think you are not.

Wisdom leads to virtue and moral excellence.

How will you get at the Truth? How will you reach Supreme Knowledge by empiric knowledge? What is manifested through undivided attunement with none but Him is called Supreme Knowledge.

The Divine Truth that throbs in the hearts of all individuals, reveals Itself not through intellectual inquisitiveness or speculations, but through Love and Love only.

Where is the conflict between philosophy and science? All is One. One person experiences, another sees. One person decorates the world within. If one is able to unify the inner and the outer, all confusion will be dispelled. Seeing as separate is fragmented knowledge. All must be seen, all must be understood with undifferentiated perception. You will be able to do it.

Just live with Him. When you find Him, you will realize that there is no distinct Existence to be felt. Neither He nor you will be there. He neither comes nor goes. There is then no intelligence, no understanding business.

19 Truth is Beyond Your Mind

Don't try to understand Him. The Truth is beyond the plane of mind and is One.

Is it ever possible to know the Supreme Being with the mind and intellect? On being called ardently, with complete surrender, He embraces the devotee immediately. On your advancing one step toward Him, He advances a hundred steps toward you. He cries all the twenty-four hours for His devotees.

When your heart is in love with Him and entwined with Him, why do you worry about your mind? When the time comes, He will control your mind. Now, let the mind be as it is.

People always want God, Bhagawan (Lord), or Truth to suit according to their mental pictures or images. Where there is mind, there must be actions and reactions and waves of desires. Satyanarayan (Supreme Truth) is beyond mind and intellect, beyond one's reach but Dearest to all, residing within as pure Existence, as Life. Those who don't try to understand or assess Him, He holds them firmly by the hand. He remains far, far away from those who try to understand Him.

Unless you are shorn of your ego and are beyond your mind, you cannot be in tune with Him. Where there is mind, there is meaning. So, don't try to understand Him.

He alone is but Brahman (Essence of Existence). All else are Candalas (outcasts, consuming the dead). The mind is a Candala.

Your means of comprehension does itself shut out comprehension. By which means will you grasp Him, Who is Unlimited, Infinite? Do not try to understand Him.

My mind is talking something. His mind is talking something. Her mind is talking something. But, we do not know the A B C D of anything. Nobody knows anything. Nobody can say anything. He (Dadaji) can write you, he can tell you, he can show you that a person has got no power. But, a person has got full Power, Absolute Power within. We are moving, so there is Something within.

The mind cannot see the things of the world by itself. It has always to depend upon the five senses and they present a babble of pictures to it. Then the laws of physical Nature impose diverse restrictions on the mind. Thus the entire spectacle, the world, is veiled from the mind. Where there is mind, there is meaning. The mind sees the pageantry of this world, but in fact it sees nothing. The mind itself is a penetration of opposites. It is the matrix of all polarization and contradiction.

Unless one is free from the covers of mind's compulsions (in relation to one's bodily and external attachments), one cannot come closer to Him, to the state of Vraja (Supreme), where physicalities don't exist. Covers of mind are hindrances to being in Vraja. So, those whom He Loves, He does not allow them to keep the covers of mind. Your duty is to keep patience only.

A person has no vision, no eyes, cannot distinguish between right and wrong, true and false. A person is the slave of mind, which is crammed with age-old Sanskaras (superstitions) through which the person acts and reacts.

When one becomes prompted by the restless waves of mind, as a natural reaction one invites more Prarabdha, and therefore gets more and more estranged from the potential flow of one's true Divine Nature.

Don't disturb the mind.

People generally tend to swing between two extremes. That is the result of action and reaction on the mental plane. You be with the Whole.

A person's mind runs like a horse. Every moment millions of thoughts rise and fall in the mind with tremendous restlessness. Again, when one's mind says, "Oh, Govinda," and takes His Sharan (remembrance), it gets calmed down and the heart gets filled with a unique sense of Love.

The mind should have a taste of suffering.

Since a person's actions are generally prompted by the dictates of an unstable mind, God ignores the lapses.

When the mind becomes controlled through muttering of Nam (Divine Name) one attains some Vibhuti (miraculous powers), but that too withers away. But, when one finds Namall about, finds that yonder woman, man, the flora, the vacant space are all Name immersing in and emerging from the Infinity, then where is the mind?

The mind is fickle but the Vital Principle is steady and does not waver either way. Truth Itself reveals Truth.

It is the mind that is female. When one goes beyond mind, no sense of masculine or feminine persists. So long as the mind persists, how can one be a male?

Mind is female (Prakriti). He alone is Male (Purusha). Purusha is beyond you and me.

Mind is Dhritarashtra, the blind King (character in the Bhagavad Gita) and fickle. One should not trust the mind always.

You cannot see because mind intervenes.

Mortal being is diverted to various directions and is enslaved by different confusions arising out of compulsions of mind, senses and intellect. This creates feelings of happiness and misery, profit and loss, near and distant relation, good and evil. To bear these compulsions with patience and fortitude, and the Name of God implanted in your mind, will naturally bring about freedom and purification.

What arises from the mind is a distortion of Truth.

Mind itself is the bondage. Mind is unlimited in wants. Mind means wants. No question of subconscious mind. The whole body is full of mind's nature. In the brain which in Tantra is called Sahasrara, is the mind, King of the senses, which moves the body. His Mind moves the Creation. And a time comes when a person's mind automatically becomes Zero, freed. How? He comes. And through Mahanam, by His Presence, that is Satyanarayan, mind automatically starts loving qualities. The mind when attuned to Him is Radha (consort of Lord Krishna).

The mind enchains the ubiquitous (existing everywhere at the same time) Soul.

Happiness that is perceived by mind is only a diversion from the true path and it is only a temporary phase.

World of mind has no stability, no selfish.

Mental love is worth nothing, for the mind is fickle. Today it is after one thing and tomorrow after another. But, His Love is Infinite.

Don't you worry. Worry makes you the doer. He is doing, so don't bother for anything.

Mind and matter are nothing but One.

Rise above the mind and intellect. But how? Nature will do it. You put in effort and He will invariably confound you.

He sent us here to relish Rasa (tasting His Love). That is why He gave us the mind. He, Himself, is holding us fast all the while. The seat of mind is Sahasrara and Govinda resides in the heart. When the mind slowly moves down to the heart, it becomes Radha. Then starts the Leela of Radha and Govinda. In the vacuous region which is Infinite within, two sounds are constantly sounding. When these two sounds go off, the mind shrinks and a person dies. When the mind can resort to another body, it buds forth again. When those two sounds of Mahanam stop, it is death. Then the mind shrinks and the person is merged in pervasive Existence.

Divine Grace will descend upon you only if your mind is bereft of ego and your heart void of desires.

Mind must come in a natural, effortless, spontaneous way to Him.

Mind's tendencies and nature, if indulged, drive a person like an unbridled horse. Unless the mind is at rest or brought to rest, a person cannot taste the Nectar of His Love. By remembrance of Mahanam with loving submission, the bridle of the mind gets automatically controlled and the sense of happiness, sorrow, reputation, fame and defame automatically drop off, or slip out, even though its sting be present to begin with. Be with that Dearest Friend, then there is nothing to fear.

It is the nature of the mind to run and run. Even Sadhus (holy men), Yogis, Sannyasis (renunciates) and Rishis (sages) cannot check or control the mind by themselves. Only by doing one's Karmas (daily activities) with Nama Sharan (remembrance of Supreme Name), for His Name and He are the same, can one get one's mind stabilized. Let mind follow mind's compulsions and dictations. You doyour work.

Sadhu, Yogi, Muni (seer), Rishi even doing hard penance for Ages, cannot restrain the mind. So, let mind be your friend to take you to natural courses. Then you will feel life will be so joyful.

When you sleep, mind function and ego cease to exist. Suppose you are going to work, mind function exists. When you start that work, you go beyond the mind.

Moksha (liberation) you will not get, other than Him. Mind cannot be liberated without Him. Follow me or not? Don't bother for Him. He is within you. Just do Name and do your duty. That is your Karma.

Practicing full faith and devotion to Truth, mind gradually gives up superstition and gets composed in time to be freed of external illusions. To complete the endless journey of the mind is called the end of Yajna (sacrifice). Then only, Yogeswar or the Supreme Lord takes a person in His lap and the mind is freed from the tiring and helpless living in the world that causes endless sufferings.

Mind is taken up with the senses. Animals are not pestered by mind, same is the case with trees. But, are they above human beings? If there is mind, there are senses. Without them, how can there be realization? Mind has to be turned inward. Then inside and outside will become One. Then will you be awake, by His Grace you will do everything, and then also do nothing.

Mind and senses must be there when you have come with the body. The mind will be purified only when, while staying on the fragmented ground, it is illuminated by the Light of the unfragmented Being. Then, what is fragmented and what is unfragmented, what is full and what is void, intelligence and intuition, all become united into Oneness. Right then, the mind experiences the swing of devotion.

Everything must be done in a natural way. Mind must follow its own nature. Any effort to control the mind makes it all the more restless. Let the mind follow its own course and remember Mahanam. This Eternal sound smoothes up the artificial barrenness of life with a shower of Divine Grace and in course of time it is this mind, but transformed, that leads the seeker to realize his or her true Divine and Blissful Nature.

When the introspective mind deeply contemplates God and comprehends the Divine Mystery, then it is Bikasha (budding forth). In the next stage, when the mind loses its own identity, becomes fully submerged in Divinity and is in full communion with Him, then it is Prakasha (blossoming).

Mind merged in thoughts of Him, merged in His Name, becomes Manjari (blossoming in His Love).

If the mind is not, even for a short time, the Almighty is.

20 Divine Will Moves You to Perfection

The Divine Will, which is the outward manifestation of Sri Satyanarayan, is the sole creative and sustaining principle in this universe. As Divine Power or Energy, It (Mahanam) is revealed to our senses in various forms.

Let His Will be done.

There is difference between His Permission and His Will. Permission is profaned by seeking, while His Will is free. All declaration or announcement is sound only when it is dictated by the inner voice of Truth.

Human beings have their individual shape (male or female) according to the Divine Will of the Lord. In spite of the fact they originate from the same natural elements.

Don't forget His Will. He is doing everything. Just depend on Him, which you have received (Mahanam).

When this Mahanam is firmly set in the mind, our desire or the cover of compulsions is torn asunder and Self then resides in Supreme Bliss.

Thoughts possess no personal stamp. They are the product of the human race. Philosophy means a system of thoughts, a creation of the mental plane. Beyond this there is the Divine Will, unconditional, free of any system or any limitation.

Cannot by His Supreme Will by which crores (ten millions) of universes get created; cannot it be come possible to go around the infinite space in an instant?

Amidst universal flux, His Will alone is indeterminably active all the while.

The Supreme Will can make anything possible.

The Doer is within you. What He wishes will be. His Will prevails, not the will of any human being.

A person can claim no credit or authority. He is the sole Doer. All things happen at His Will.

It is the Will of the Creator to help the conscious mind to move toward a flawless perfection. But this cannot be achieved through a particular process, which is an external affair and is called extrovert. Actually, when Consciousness turns inward or becomes introvert, it merges with the fathom of bliss in the heart. And then, and only then, does one realize His Divine Play.

When one goes beyond mind, one's will is in tune with the Will Supreme.

By doing our duties, which come from His Will, we relish His Love and Bliss.

21 Divine Consciousness is Within and Without

Choose your center of coordinates properly. If your Consciousness has its center of coordinates in Him, all manifestation and non-manifestation appear as your own Self. Only One Existence is perceived. But, if you do not reside in Him, if your center of coordinates is in Energy, variously known as Maya or Prakriti (physical Nature), you conceive yourself as a separate entity divided by the walls of body, concrete matter and ego.

If that Consciousness once grips you, your entire life instantly molds into a Rasa-Leela (Divine Play of His Love). You discover yourself as a delicious damsel of matchless beauty, being nurtured by the tours de amour of Lord Krishna.

It is an absence in presence that is Vraja-Leela (Supreme Play). A sharing of Consciousness is the acme of it. Being in tune with Him you create the Eternal Truth of your life. You can create because it is right there in your insensitive heart eternally. You create the uncreated to recreate your body, mind and senses with it. You immerse yourself thereby in the water of Ganga (Integral Consciousness) and are nestled in the point of the Lotus with a dying Ecstasy never experienced before.

The senses have an essential role. Unless they are satisfied, we can hardly expect their cooperation in helping us to rise above this physical level of body consciousness. The senses may be suppressed for the time being, but the time will come when they will take the inescapable revenge. Those who are conscious of their role know that these very senses will turn inward in time, and will become the internal ladder to help them climb to the plane of Divine Consciousness.

Whatever is, is within. But, that does not brush off the outside world. Whatever is within must also be there in the outside before me. The cycle must be completed. Otherwise, I shall suffer from a cleavage in Consciousness. If one says, "I always feels His inner Presence," then one has to admit the feeling of His outer Presence also, or else one is a fraud or it may be one is defrauding oneself.

You know full well that Gopis (people whose minds are void of all but God) have such inner and outer experiences. Here even in the Rasa (tasting Divine Love), the state of conscious existence though persistent, is not. Neither I, nor you do exist. He is enveloped in Himself. The Fullness is the Void. It is like infinite space. There is no existence then, nothing is. Only the Infinite is. How can there be any felt Consciousness at that stage? You meet with Consciousness in Vraja and below Vraja in the realm of Maya you find full Consciousness. When the mind turns into a sheaf (full of Him, like full stalks of harvest-ripe grain), then is the stage set for amorous Love.

Ananda (Supreme Bliss) is beyond the plane of the Gita. Further up there is no Ananda, only Consciousness. Beyond that, there is no Consciousness even, only Existence. And still further up, there is no Existence even, all are undifferentiated.

The only Guru is Supreme Consciousness. He is within you, along with Mahanam, since your birth.

I find no difference between your essence and anything else's essence. This one too (pointing to a cot) is the Absolute, but it lacks Consciousness.

The Divine lives in everybody's heart. That Divine Consciousness can be possible only in the human race.

Mahanam comes from deep within a person's Consciousness. It's two rhythmic sounds manifest the bipolarity of human Existence. They harmonize the duality between human beings and God, Atma (individual Soul) and Paramatma (Supreme Being) in Satyanarayan, the highest Truth of Cosmic Consciousness.

One experiences that Mahanam, then It does not disappear. There is no place to disappear. There is only One place. Nobody comes or goes. It is already there. What is called momentum, it is the manifestation of Time Eternal. You have no such Consciousness. Consciousness does not depend on time. A spark of lightning removes all darkness in a fraction of a moment. The Consciousness of Light awakens in the midst of darkness.

When we walk daily with the conscious companionship of the Dearest, the Nearest Supreme Soul, then only our inner Divine Consciousness is awakened.

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